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RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 12.30.06 KILO WINS THE TITLE!!!

---- Jeremy Moore by DQ over Bigg Money Gripp; Strap Match- Gunner Thompson def. A.W. James ;Big Red def. Tim Edwards; Jerry Weezy def. Loose Cannon; Fatal 4 Way “Risk Taker” Championship Match ended w/ the belt being held up with Gaylon Ray vs Jeremy Moore vs Phoenix X vs Gryffon X and in the Main Event: NBW Heavyweight Championship Match- Kilo beat Tank to win the title.

---- 90 to 95 paid with over 100 in the building with a gate close to $500...Show opened with Sir Mo talking. Then Commissioner Allen Walker said the match between AW James and Gunner Thompson would be a fans strap match, and the loser left for 30 days. It was announced that Kilo was hurt and that the match wouldn’t happen, but Kilo came out and still wanted the match. Tank came out, so Kilo said he would sign a contract that would leave only himself responsible for what happened to him. So Tank signed it and then hit Kilo w/ the clipboard [Coach BT!!!] and signed it in blood, w/ faces making the save....Moore cut some of BM Gripp’s hair during their match and crowd popped big. “Cash Flow” made the save for Gripp as they beat up Moore...Edwards challenged anybody in the back for a No DQ match and Big Red came out to answer the challenge...The strap match had only women marks around the ring with straps...In the “Risk Taker” match,the belt is being held up because Gaylon Ray had both arms across Team X, but Moore was pinning Gaylon. One ref raised Moore's hand and the other raised Ray's hand. Crowd was very hot for this with chants going for Gaylon and Moore as who the crowd wanted the winner to be. Moore and Ray were shoving and the ref were into it with each other. So next week Moore vs. Ray for the title, except Ray will have his own ref and Moore will have his own ref! This match was crazy with people flying everywhere, Gaylon flew off the top out on the floor on Moore and Gryffon X...This match went into the crowd and outside, and moore siplexed pheonix x on the stage where the announcers stand is, then pheonix dived off the stage on the others,.. lots of high flying, even a tower spot w/ a superplex, german suplex, powerbomb! crowd was into this match. In the main event, Tim Edwards entering the ring with everyone thinking it was going to hit Kilo with a chair,but he hit Tank. Not sure if that is leading to a Tank or Edwards babyface turn. Good end to the feud though...I was told that the crowd was real hot all night and the show had a “big show” feel.

RassleResults: MEW Batesville, AR 12.30.06

----15 Man Battle Royal – Winner get MEW Title Match – Gravedigger threw The Lineman over to win; “Crazy” Luke Graham Jr/Scotty Graham beat Rozzi/Idol Bane; MEW Tag Team Title Match: “The Playboy Club” [Ray Ray/Tommy Wayne] beat and retain the belts over “Righteous Punishment” [Byg Daddy and Jack”Lockdown” Johnson]; MAW Cruiserweight Title Match: Kid Krazzy beat “Hot Rod” John Ellison with Johnny Harper to retain the belt and in the Main Event: MAW Title Match: Casino Kid beat Matt Boyce [pic above ] to retain the belt.

----This show drew 243 fans...I was told that this group actually has sponsors that pay for the talent, so they put the show on for FREE. One of their big sponsors is Po Boy Furniture...I commented last week is was all about their concession money not knowing about the sponsors. But, I bet they had a huge concession profit on a show like this.

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 12.30.06 - Loser Leave Town Signed!!!

----TGB beat ‘Lil Chris; Tatt2 beat Jameson; Krisis vs Cruz-- Shannon Lee/Tucker came out– all fight to back; “Jawbreaker” Jones beat Simon Reed; “Black Out Squad”[Oz/Bishop] beat Tim Alfonzo/SethKnight and in the Main Event: “Hot Topic” [Stan Lee/Derrick King] vs Flash Flanagan/”Rockin”Randy ended in No Contest.

----Gate was in the $800 range with 160 people in attendance...“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony had put a portrait up of himself earlier in the night to be revealed for his “Golden Circle”, but Simon Reed had painted a big P on it. When TGB came out for his “Circle”, the “Posse” were outside the ring laughing at him. He later used a skateboard to help Jones beat Reed. I think TGB might be watching Eddie Gilbert tapes...They did a contract signing with Dustin Starr/Chris O’Neal. Starr did not want to agree to a barbwire match, but finally O’Neal presented an “incentive” as if he lost he would leave town. Starr signed and agreed with O’Neal pointing out after the signing – if you lose you leave town also. Crowd was real hot for this. There is a lot going on backstage with what the result of this match will be?? I will have an analysis of it later this week...Brian Steele with Rick The Stick did an angle as he came out as the singing cowboy. Steele is a good singer for shoot. Buckwheat came out and told him that they sucked...BO Squad were putting Alfonzo/Knight on stretchers when “Picture Perfect” made the save...No finish on the main with everyone jumping in...Matches for 1.06.07 – the first big show of the new year - Triple Threat for Jr Title – Tatt2 vs Randy vs DK; TGB vs Simon Reed; Ambulance Match: PP vs BO; TLCW Title Match: Lee vs Flash; Hardcore Match with Cruz vs Krisis vs Tucker vs Shannon Lee and Main Event: “Barbwire Loser Leave Town” Match: Starr vs O’Neal...The barbwire will be outside the ropes and is designed to keep people in and keep Starr/O’Neal in the ring. It is not the typical no ropes barbwire that many of the promotions use these days...I will be at the show and it should be released on DVD on 1.24.07.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 12.30.06

----The show aired from Corey Maclin’s home. He promises the best of 2006. He says clips of “Legends” show is airing, but it does not. The first thing I get is that horrible Jackie Fargo interview as the first segment. I really do think he was drinking and then Corey tells Fargo he loves him – this is classic for all the wrong reasons.

----The show comes back with Corey in his kitchen eating ham – I am not kidding. Jimmy Hart is on the phone pushing the Hulk Hogan/Jerry Lawler match. Corey says he hopes the match will take place in Memphis. Hart then starts talking about Andy Kaufman as Corey eats. Hart then says, “Corey use to make me sleep on his couch, instead of getting a hotel room, when he brought me into town.” And Corey said, “kayfabe” and laughed. I could not make this stuff up. Andy Kaufman clip of him being live at TV studio, which was so good, but how was this “Best of 2006”???

----Jerry Lawler interview from his house. Lawler advertises his “King Lawler” fireworks for New Year parties. Lawler talks about Hogan. Lawler says that everyone thinks this match is “on”. But, Lawler says that they are negotiating, but it is not a done deal. Lawler says they are going to work very hard to make this match happen.

----Maclin is playing pool with his kids at his house. Lawler vs Hogan airs next. Lawler came out on a horse to the ring. How is this part of 2006?? Jim Cornette was ringside taking pictures. Brooke and Hulk Hogan interview from a few weeks ago airs again and promo from TV news. The TV interview of Lawler talking about the Hogans airs next.

----Maclin vs Koko Ware feud clips air next. Included was the angle of Koko putting chocolate syrup and flour on him. Maclin’s interview was the best thing I think he has ever done. This show drew only 300 people!!!! Signing of contracts for Cage Match of Corey vs Koko.

----The last 10 minutes of the TV show was just a bunch of real old clips featuring a bunch of the old guys like Jackie Fargo, Tojo Yamamoto, Jerry Jarrett, Lawler, Dundee, Monroe and more.
RassleNotes: I think they are wishful thinking on Hogan vs Lawler. If this match does not happen, Maclin will look worse than ever...The Kaufman segment was better than anything they have done on TV in all of 2006...The only stuff that aired from 2006 was the Maclin vs Ware feud and the Hogan interviews. This was a horrible show. Why would they promote something as “best of 2006” and do a show like this??...Maclin did not give a price, but you may get a copy of “Best of 2006” and I am not sure it is this show or not?? But, you can call 901-794-7771 to order your copy!!!

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"Rant of The Week" with "Phantom Lord" Joseph Davis

----I am happy to have THE RANT OF THE WEEK joining our web site. The Phantom Lord has a "riot" outlook on the business and I think the readers of the site will enjoy his columns.

Greetings conversationalists all across the fruited plain it is I your personal Harvester of Sorrow Phantom Lord and this is your year end edition of The Rant of the Week. As always I am coming to you from the good end of Long Island otherwise known as Brooklyn, New York and Christmas has passed and New Years is upon us and I hardly even notice. I mean really what is the deal with this weather. We should be getting snow but all we’re getting is rain. Now I don’t mind the rain. I’m actually happy when it rains (I love that song even to this day). But this is winter damn it. If this global warming stuff isn’t for real then I want my snow. Colorado is getting all my snow. I should have snow drifts 5 feet high in my front yard right now. Ah well I guess it is for the best. People around here drive bad enough as it is with rain. It’s not pleasant when these people have to cope with ice covered roads.

Ah well as I said the year of 2006 is coming to an end and honestly I’m glad the year is over. When it comes to a year for pro wrestling I can’t remember the last time a year made me go OH WHAT THE FUCK over and over and over. As a fan it’s annoying when you see something good turn into something bad, but when you see it over and over it makes you question why you even watch to begin with. But as I say with the good there is the bad. Besides there isn’t much else on television anyway so the WWE and TNA specifically get a free pass when it comes to that. God forbid if they had REAL competition.

For me personally as a fan there were two people that stood out the most. Rey Mysterio and Sting.

The year started off simple enough for Rey. We were still mourning the death of Eddie Guerrero so we all got behind Rey Mysterio as he put aside that whole Dominick thing from the summer of 05 and dedicated every match and moment to Eddie. His big moment came when he was in the Royal Rumble. To further build up the drama aspect Rey drew number 2 and started off the Rumble with Triple H who drew number 1. I didn’t watch the Rumble when it aired but Smackdown was kind enough to show it in clipped form on Friday night and I have to say the prospect of a Triple H/Rey Mysterio match is an interesting one. One interesting enough that I would be inclined to order a show just to see it. We say what we want about Triple H, but the guy honestly doesn’t get nearly enough credit as a wrestler. Yeah sure there’s all the political stuff with him being the son Vince never had, but still the guy bumps his ass off no matter who he’s facing. It must be the inner mark in me who enjoys seeing him take head scissor take downs. Of course if the match ever happened we all know HOW it would go down but still it’s an interesting one never the less and the WWE doesn’t have to many of those these days.

But back to the Rumble as Rey and Triple H ended up going the distance and it and it came down to them and Randy Orton. Triple H ends up getting eliminated by Rey and then Orton ends up getting eliminated by Rey and Rey wins the Rumble. Rey is going to Wrestlemania. Of course lead it up to the WWE to do the old “loser of the rumble demands match where the winner gets the shot at Wrestlemania” angle with Orton. I personally never understood why they do this since it defeats having the Rumble in the first place. The match for Wrestlemania was going to be Rey vs. Kurt Angle for the World Title (Shawn Michaels was supposed to go to Smackdown but he was to good for that so they gave the spot to Angle). Orton takes on Rey and he wins by holding the ropes and Rey is robbed of his dream. After that we had the first of many “well what the hell did they have the ppv moments for” moments as on the next Smackdown Teddy Long declared that since Orton won he couldn’t take him out of the match. But since he cheated he’s throwing Rey in there so Rey gets his Wrestlemania match anyway.

They could have spent the whole month building Angle and Rey but as we know God forbid those lowly Smackdown guys outshine anyone on RAW. So the match was set as Angle vs. Orton vs. Mysterio for the World Title. I didn’t watch Wrestlemania this year because honestly there wasn’t one match on the card that said I had to order this show. From what I remember everyone was disappointed with this match since one it wasn’t the main event and two it was under ten minutes. The whole point of winning the Rumble was to be in the main event but the real main event was set aside for John Cena doing a piss poor impersonation of a Chicago Gangster (complete with C.M. Punk as a guy number 2). Triple H’s Conan intro amused me when I saw it on Youtube. The look on his face really said it all. You figure the Princess must have thought up that one.

But as for Rey’s match, it was good for what it was worth and Rey ended up beating Orton to become to World Heavyweight Champion and from there it was ALL down hill for him. For starters they couldn’t call him a Heavyweight so he was just the World Champion. Then the WWE saw fit to job him out to every monster they could every single week just to rub it in that a cruiserweight can not beat someone like Khali or Mizark Henry. It always amazes me how the WWE takes something good and manages to ruin it for their own selfish reasons. Rey winning the title was a good inspirational story as he did it for Eddie. Rey as an inspirational champion sure as hell would have been a better gimmick then he was lucky to win it and he’s lucky to continue to hang on to it.

Rey would eventually lose the title to King Booker thanks to Chavo Guerrero and that would lead to an angle that some say is tasteless even by WWE standards. The jist of the angle is Chavo says Rey stole Eddie’s legacy and they got Vickie involved with it. At first she didn’t want them fighting but in the end she turned on Rey to side with Chavo to become his “business manager”. Now some wonder why Vickie is even doing this. Well the obvious answer is money. See the WWE claims all the royalties of all that Eddie memorial merchandise was going to her but as in the case with everyone else the percentage is so small its no where near what is needed to cover her bills since Eddie’s death. She was going to lose the house they just bought and even the WWE isn’t that heartless so they gave her this gig of being Chavo’s manager on television. Of course now the big issue some people have is they seem to have dolled her up making her look all glam.

See now that makes me laugh. Would people prefer she be on television looking frumpy? I personally believe she looks great and as long as she’s getting a really good pay check to do this so she and her kids don’t lose their home in the end it balances out. But I just wish they wouldn’t have her physically get involved in the matches. They have an angle with her wearing a neck brace because she got pushed off the ring apron by accident by Chris Benoit. It honestly reminds me of what Cyndi Lauper said of her time in the WWF back during the whole rock & wrestling angle.

She said to the effect that the reason she left when she did is because they started treating her like one of the boys and she sure as hell wasn’t one of the boys. Now I know that’s not the case with Vickie when she’s at shows, but still the widow of Eddie Guerrero shouldn’t have to be bumping for anyone. Of course things could be worse I suppose. Before Rey lost his I Quit match they could have had his wife Angie get involved and had some sort of diva’s match with Vickie and her.

As I said Rey lost his I Quit match and now he’s on the shelf because he needed some major knee surgery. According to a post Bob Barnett made on DVDVR he says Rey needs a new knee all together. With Rey’s contract up around the same time he’s supposed to come back the Observer said Kurt Angle will make a pitch to him to come to TNA. It would be a lot easier on him schedule wise plus he could go back to wrestle in Mexico more often. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing him in TNA. Sure TNA is a place for WWE cast off’s but if it means Rey won’t be used like a human lawn dart for the hosses then it’s worth it in the end. Plus he can go back to being Rey Mysterio Jr like he’s always been.

So for the WWE that was the most memorable thing for me in 2006. Watching Rey Mysterio’s career go up and down like a roller coaster was amusing especially considering how much more money they could make off him then John Cena. But hey Cena’s got that whole wanna be jarhead thing going on right now. Why ruin that.

Moving along we go to the polar opposite of the WWE in TNA. TNA did one thing right this year and that was bring back Sting. Well I should say they almost did one thing right because after he came back in a tag match with Christian Cage against Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown he “retired” and promptly took two months off. While he was “retired”, Jarrett sent a young kid named Alex Shelley out to California to stalk Sting to get him back to TNA so he could retire him the Jarrett way. During all of this we got what would become TNA’s best thing ever in Paparazzi Productions. Alex Shelley shined as the video voyeur of Pro wrestling. Sting finally got fed up with him and he walked over to him and grabbed him and told him to tell Jarrett that Sting wasn’t coming back...Steve Borden was. At the Against All Odds PPV Steve Borden did indeed show up and he cleaned house only for Scott Steiner to show up and attack Sting.

TNA managed to turn all of this into a pretty hot angle it led to a War Games match of sorts at TNA Lockdown with Sting’s team taking on Team Jarrett. Sting’s team got the win and all through this we were left with one big problem. Jeff Jarrett was still the top heel in the company. He mercifully lost the NWA Title to Christian the month before but where Christian should have been the focus of the company, all the heat was on Sting and Jarrett as it was a feud no one wanted to see in WCW in 2000 much less TNA in 2006. But hey that didn’t stop them from continuing the feud because when you’re the head booker of a company who better to put over then yourself.

Jarrett eventually won back the world title in the King of the Mountain match prompting a riot from the fans in Orlando as he won in screw job fashion. Sting set his sites on Jarrett to take the belt off him. They had a match at the next ppv and Jarrett won when Christian turned heel on Sting. Jarrett continued to hold the title and proved every single critic of TNA right. They came up with an idea for one last rematch but Sting wanted it at the Bound For Glory PPV in Detroit. It was Career vs. Title. It should have been career vs. career but we can’t be that lucky. We all knew Sting would win and he did. Personally as a fan I marked out for Sting winning because Sting as NWA Champion made things feel right again. Of course Kurt Angle also being in TNA also didn’t hurt matters especially since a Sting/Angle match is down the road.

But this is TNA so of course they have to screw it up some how and screw it up they did with Sting’s first title defense against Abyss. He lost the title by getting DQ’ed. Sting to his credit wanted to put Abyss over clean since you know that would make him look better but TNA and Rev. Russo (since he’s back) said “Nope we’ll do a screwy DQ finish”. Sting is now involved in an angle with Abyss and Christian Cage where Christian is teasing revealing some secret involving Abyss in prison or a mental hospital and Sting is trying to lure Abyss away from Rev. Mitchell. No word if he’s doing it for his own good or if he’s trying to bring him over to Team Jesus.

That’s where Sting stands right now and he is with out a doubt the best thing about TNA this year. He was the first real big star they got and along with Christian Cage and TNA guys like Samoa Joe, Abyss, A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels, and others they have a real solid card. But TNA manages to always screw it up. Samoa Joe should have been NWA Champion in the summer but they continue to keep the belt off him and they hot shotted him into a feud with Kurt Angle and Kurt beat him to end the streak. They could have hyped a match between them for months but they chose three weeks and it sums up everything I’ve said about TNA.

But despite all that I still have hope for them (despite what Pee Wee Moore told me). As a fan all I know is I’m glad Sting is back. I’ll take Sting in squash matches over any number of WWE guys any day of the week.

So that was 2006 in a nut shell. Oh sure I could have talked about how John Cena went over EVERYONE and how Vince McMahon continues to get dumber with each passing week. But I chose to go with what kept me watching and that was Rey and Sting. I could have wrote about Kurt Angle but I figure I’ll save that for next year assuming he doesn’t die in one of the shoot matches he says he’s going to have. I could have wrote about ECW and how it keeps dying a slow death each week but why bother. I don’t even watch it anymore so Fuck ECW and Vince’s vision of it.

Speaking of his vision of ECW I figure I’ll close off 2006 with some random news stories that have amused me greatly and I hope they do the same for you.

As previously reported, Sabu’s backstage behavior may be leading him out the door of the company, and Sandman may be following him. There has been some locker room speculation that Sandman’s future in WWE is not looking bright. Apparently on the European tour in November, his loud behavior got under Undertaker’s skin. Taker said he could put up with Big Show’s behavior since he’s used to him, but Sandman was just rubbing him the wrong way. The feeling is that Sandman needs to change his behavior, or else he might not last.

Credit to The Wrestling Observer

First off when did The Undertaker become such a whiney little bitch? Yeah I called him a whiney little bitch. The Sandman is The Sandman. What you see is what you get. But I guess since The Sandman isn’t one of the WWE boys he has to watch his behavior? I believe the expression one shouldn’t throw stones in glass houses applies to The Undertaker. Mr. I only work when I have to. Mr. I get to phone it in with every feud I’m in now. You get where I’m getting at? The Sandman could actually make some money for the WWE if they actually used him. But I just find it funny that The Undertaker doesn’t like his behavior. But like I said I guess it helps to be one of the boys in the back. If your not then your rubbing people the wrong way. If the WWE were smart they’d book a Undertaker/Sandman feud.

Now there’s a feud I’d love to see. Have The Sandman piss him off to the point where The American Badass comes back and let them have some good old fashion brawls. It would be better then another casket match or something.

Moving along we come to Princess Stephanie and her never ending quest to give the IWC something to write about.

Stephanie sees Daniel Rodmier as "the new Diesel", and wants to put him with Edge and Orton. There are already House Shows being advertised with DX .VS. Edge, Orton, & Rodmier in 2 .VS. 3, Handicap Matches.

Credit to The Wrestling Observer

Stephanie, you ignorant slut. There is only one Diesel and that’s The God of the X Division Kevin Nash. This Rodmier fellow is one of the Tough Enough rejects.

That’s Daniel Rodmier and as you can see he fits the WWE mold of bland looking college jock complete with gay tribal tattoos. According to reports, most in the WWE feel if he debuted in 2008 that would be pushing it. But since Princess Stephanie apparently has a thing for him (why else would she say he is the next big thing) he’s going to get a huge main event spot as the bodyguard of Rated RKO (considering how they take people out I didn’t know they needed one). By all accounts he can’t work a match to save his life and judging by the goofy look of his face I’d imagine he doesn’t have an imposing look much like Diesel did. But hey this isn’t the first time she was wrong and it won’t be the last and it’s always amusing to watch.

Finally we have this tibit for ECW as if things weren’t bad enough.

Its been confirmed that Gene Snitsky will be moving to ECW. Things are going to be different for him because he is in line for a push. The idea is to make him something akin to the "ECW heel Kane." Furthermore, his look is also going to change. He is going to shave his long beard and change his hairstyle - he'll likely shave his head bald.

Credit to The Wrestling Observer

Aren’t there enough bald generic guys in wrestling? Arn Anderson and Fit Finlay are the ones who want Gene moved to ECW. Now as much as I love and respect Double A and Finlay you have to wonder what the hell they are thinking. Let us not forget that Gene Snitsky got heel heat for a miscarriage. After the novelty of being a baby killer wore off he was the big weird guy who had a foot fetish and well no one really wants to think about that. So he’s been in limbo ever since June when Goldust got canned (it’s a shame since they were having some good skits). Now they want to send him to ECW along with Chris Masters. ECW isn’t becoming a third brand. It’s becoming a wasteland for the people creative has nothing for. Add to that they will send most of OVW there it’s going to be a bad year for ECW next year. Now if Gene gets over then more power to him. But I don’t see how making him shave his head and beard will do that. As it is he looks like a deranged guy with his current look (well minus all the back acne from the umm roids).

So yeah I have to wonder what Arn and Finlay are thinking. Then again it is the WWE. Someone said “hey lets have that fat fuck writer go out in a g-string and dance” and they took them seriously and as my IWC Coast 2 Coast co host Ed a.k.a Dumass says “He’s living the rib”.

Well that’s about it for 2006. I would hope 2007 is better but I kind of doubt it will be. John Cena will still be WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley is ECW World Champion, and Jeff Jarrett no doubt will be NWA Champion again.

On the plus side I would guess things can’t get much worse but we know they always do. I await the Lashley/Test Wrestlemania match. That will put some butts in the seats.

On that not I am done. Hopefully I will be back sooner rather then later but like I’ve said you know how this writing stuff is getting.

On a happy note make sure to listen to New Years Eve from 6 PM to 6 AM Eastern as we’ll be doing our New Years Celebration. If you got a party going simply put the computer on the site and crank the speakers up. We’ll handle the music while you ring in the new year.

Next weekend look forward to the LIVE return of IWC Coast 2 Coast with myself and Dumass. I’ll announce a firm time when we’ll be on so check out my live journal or for more info.

Well I’m done with the shills. Have a good new year and try not to get to shitfaced and until next time remember someone has to give you this information and it DAMN well has got to be me.

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RassleBits: Web site, NBW tonight, Memphis TV and Nominations

----Just wanted to let everyone know that the web site is now finally accessible to me and I have reloaded all the software. I should be adding stuff to RassleTube soon and updating a few other things.

----I had plans to be at the NBW show tonight, but I have been “under the weather” all day long. In other words, I feel like shit and that is why the Arena Report was so late.

---Tonight is the “Best of 2006” Memphis show and we will full details on the show either late tonight or tomorrow morning.

----I heard some groaning last night during some of the nominations about workers from the other areas. And, then I read some on Hollywood Jimmy's board. Take a look and you will see that the nominees are pretty much even from all areas. I had 33 people on my nominating committee from all the groups of this area. Of the 39 nominations, Memphis Wrestling regulars had 17 and 22 went to other areas, so it ended up with a good mix of talent from everywhere. Also guys like FOP and Posse work both Memphis and other areas.

Arena Report: LAW Rector, AR 12.29.06

----“Picture Perfect” [Jon Michael/Christian Jacobs] beat Derrick King/Flash Flanagan in a good opener. Nothing wrong with this match as all four guys are real good. Heat was on Michael with hot tag to CJ. CJ ended it by pinning DK, which surprised the fans. [**]

----“Five Starr” Showcase with Dustin. Derrick King interrupted as him and Flash were leaving for Osceola, AR for MCW. Starr brought out LAW’s Kelly Warner. They worked an angle where Starr said he could beat anyone with a blindfold, so it was Warner vs Starr later with Starr blindfolded. Real good segment. Starr promised blood for later.

----Seth Knight with “Gentleman” Jim Casey [photo above] beat Chris O’Neal. Another good match with only about one mess up, but the fans had no idea. These guys have worked each other about a million times and did a good job. Seth jumped from the top rope and O’Neal caught him with a reverse atomic drop to come out of the heat into an enzuguri. Looked real good. Knight pinned him with help from Casey. [**1/2]

----Kelly Warner beat Dustin Starr by DQ, when Starr pulled off the blindfold. I groaned when I seen this match on the format, but they surprised me. Lots of comedy from Warner and Starr in the start with Warner hitting Starr, slapping his ass and even thumping his penis. Warner turned to the ref and was laughing when Starr took off the blindfold. He jumped Warner from behind and proceeded to beat the shit out of him. It looked good and stiff. Starr then set up a chair in the corner and sent Warner head first, which looked real good. Warner blades and is bleeding as Starr wipes his blood on his boot. Gunn makes the save and a match with Gunn vs Starr for the belt is made for later. Good angle and Warner did lots better job here than I expected. [*1/2]

----“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony beat Stan Lee with the “Goldi-lock” for the submission and win. Another good match, but sort of strange in psychology. They were wrestling like it was going to be a long match going back and forth. Near the end TGB went for a leapfrog and Lee hit him in the nuts with his head. Lee went to working on TGB’s leg and TGB ended it with getting the “Goldi-lock” from that position. [**]

----LAW Tag Team Title Match: “The Posse” [Simon Reed/’Lil Chris] beat Gary Gram/Seth Knight with Jim Casey. Crowd was so hot for “Posse”!! Heat was on Chris with hot tag to Simon. The match ended with Chris pining Gram. Big pop from the crowd. [**1/2]

----LAW Hardcore Title Match: Psycho with Kayte vs Alex Krisis [came out as champion] ended in NO CONTEST. WTF?? Horrible finish to a wild and crazy match. Both guys can GIVE and TAKE. None of the shots were pulled expect maybe some punches. Krisis tried to choke Kayte with a broom, which was funny. Psycho bled real good. Kendo stick, broom, trash can, ceiling fan blades, VCR and probably some stuff I forgot. They kept eliminating and beating up the refs, when finally a ref stopped the match. [***]

----LAW Title Match: Dustin Starr beat Tony Gunn to become the new LAW Champion. They started in the ring and then ended up brawling all over the place. Gunn squirted catsup down Starr’s mouth and Starr even bump falling inside a trash can. Gunn got tons of shine here taking most of the match leading up to the finish. Starr finally started getting some heat on Gunn after Gunn started selling his bad knee in a brace after a corner bump. Ref bump [which Starr hit the ref with a closeline that looked awesome!!] and Gunn put the YTO [Texas Cloverleaf] on Starr and Starr tapped out. Starr gets out and gets a chair that he uses on Gunn with ref still down. Starr covers Gunn and pulls the ref over for the pin. The crowd was shocked and it was total silent heat. Silent heat is the best!!! No one thought Gunn would lose the belt. Starr then beat the hell out of Gunn ripping off his legbrace and destorying his knee with a chair. [***1/2]

----I counted 50 in attendance with close to a $375 gate. Crowd has been down with each show that they do for the last few months. Lots of factors to figure in here, but the last shows have really not been as good as this one as a whole. Psycho also sold maybe a third of tickets he usually does due to fact that last time a “hardcore” match was promised and they didn’t have one. This event also had no “benefit” and sold pretty much on Gunn’s name alone....Some little 6 year old girl was yelling “Derrick sucks!!”..."Goldi-lock" submission looks like a legit hold and it looks like no way of getting out of it...My first look at Gram. He wrestles and looks very old school, which is not a bad thing. He has some real good punches and his facial expressions are good...Best match I have seen 'Lil Chris work...Psycho got the biggest pop of the night – just slight bigger than Gunn and “Posse”. His match would have been match of the night, if it wasn’t for the finish. I didn’t even know LAW had a Hardcore Title and I was told that they are using the TLCW Hardcore Title. It was a good looking belt though...A real good main event and the crowd loved it. The finish was a big surprise. I am being told that Gunn is moving to Fayetteville, AR, so that is the reason for the change...The award nominees were read out loud to everyone in the dressing room. Talk of a “Loser Leave Town” match with Starr vs O’Neal in TLCW, but I am not sure if that was axed or not...The show lasted a little longer than usual and my kids were actually saying, “how many more matches??”, which they never do. By just crowd reaction, if I was Warner/O’Dell I would concentrate on doing solid programs with “Posse” vs good heel tag team, Psycho vs Krisis and Starr vs good babyface. I would work it toward Starr vs Psycho, because fans in Rector would love that match...Good solid work from everyone. I had a good time and treated first class by everyone.

Friday, December 29, 2006

RassleRiot Awards Race 2006

----The nominees for the 1st Annual RassleRiot Awards are........


*”Axeman” Randall Lewis

*Gene Jackson

*Loose Cannon




*Mid-Southern Wrestling Message Board


*Tavian Hart

*Joey Lynn

*Bill Rush


*’Lil Chris

*Matt Boyce

*Will Blanton


*All Pro Productions




*Michael Ward

*Scotty C

*Michael “T-Bryd” Thomas


*”Insane Clowns”

*”The Posse”



*Anita Paige

*Hollywood Jimmy

*Rashard Devon


*Alan Steele

*Derrick King

*Dustin Starr

Tag Team of The Year

*”Cruzin 4 Pain”

*”Family of Pain”

*”Picture Perfect”

Best Damn Tag Team

*”Cruzin 4 Pain”

*”Family of Pain”

*”Too Cool 2”

Best Damn Performer

*Austin Lane

*Flash Flanagan

*Chris Rocker

Wrestler of the Year

*Danny B

*Derrick King

*Flash Flanagan

----Voting will be begin on January 1st until January 10th at Midnight. The winners will be announced on Sunday, January 14th, 2007 with a special 2006 Yearbook that will be printable for the fans and promoters.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


----These results come in a little late, so I am just put him here in the tidbits: 12.23.06 MEW Batesville, AR: Malibu Matt beat Ray Ray; HillyBilly Tiny beat “Hot Rod” John Ellison; Velvet Thunder beat Tommy Wayne; GraveDigger beat Kid Krazzy and in the Main Event: Six Man Elimination Tag for M.E.W. Heavy weight Title: Big Daddy Moose/Jack Lockdown Johnson/The Lineman vs Gerry “Chubby” Graham/Rozzi/Casino Kid - Casino Kid wins and remains the MEW champion...Ellison is the MEW Cruiserweight Champion and was pinned by Hillbilly Tiny, but I think it was non-title...Ray Ray/Tommy Wayne are known as the “Playboy Club” and are the tag team champions...Gravedigger was actually wrestling Wild Bill and Ray Ray jump in and the ref started a match between those two. Gravedigger had just chokeslammed Bill and Ray Ray jumped in...This group runs a FREE show and they had 156 people there this week.. They are making all their money off the concession stands.

----TLCW’s show on 1.06.07 will released on DVD as a RasslinRiot DVD release!! I will have full details after Friday night, but I am excited about putting together this DVD which will feature Barbwire Match: Dustin Starr vs Chris O’Neal, Stretcher Match: “Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael] vs “Black Out Squad” [Oz/Bishop], TLCW Title Match: Flash Flanagan vs Stan Lee and more.

----Speaking of DVDs, I will be at the Friday LAW show in Rector, AR and Seth Knight will be there signing DVDs for all that purchase. I also should have full details of all upcoming DVD releases this weekend.

----The latest word I am getting on the Dustin Starr situation is that Starr has talked with Jeff McDonald and booker Sir MO. Although Starr is not telling anyone what he is doing, I expect him to stay at TLCW. It seems that McDonald/Mo are not on the same page when it comes to the money. I do know that the money that Starr was offered was not in the ballpark of Starr jumping. Why would a guy jump for the same amount?? Starr is working with the top talent in this area, so why would he leave to work less talent?? And for those that don’t think this sort of thing is not news, then take note: most hits in the last 7 days – yesterday for the Dustin Starr story.

Shows for the Weekend 12.29.06 - 12.30.06

ATTENTION: If you are a promoter, please send me the address of the wrestling building. I will then be able to Google map your show, just like I have done to a few of the shows below. I have fans that write this site wanting to know directions to different buildings every week. If I get a street address, then may apply it to Google Maps.


Shows for the Weekend

----Friday night in Rector, AR with LAW “Picture Perfect”, Dustin Starr, Tony Gunn, Derrick King, Flash Flanagan, “The Posse” and more.

----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes The Hambones, Loose Cannon, Chris Hollywood, Big Daddy LaFonce, Derrick King, Flash Flanagan, and more.

----Friday night in Tupelo, MS for TFW has Tony Dabbs, “Pure Destruction” [Brody & Cody Hawk],The Gold Diggers, POPULAR [Shawn Reed/Ryan Williams]with Anita Page, Scott Porteau and more.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN – “New Blood Eve” this weekend!! Tank vs Kilo for the NBW Title; 4-Corners NBW “Risk Taker” Title Match: Jeremy Moore vs Gaylon Ray vs Team X, Grudge Match: Gunner Thompson vs AW James; $1,000 vs BMG’s Hat & Coat – Big Money Gripp vs Moore, Baron Malkavain, The Kid, AC Havoc. Tim Edwards and more.

----Saturday night in Memphis, TN for TCW’s “Final Score” with Chris Lexx vs Crime vs Reno Diamond, Tatt2 vs Gabriel Stalker vs Jason Skyler,Carnage Antwane vs Showstopper, Caut!on vs Marcus O’Neil and more. This show is a benefit for St. Jude Research Hosptial and it will be at the Midtown Church of Christ locat at 1930 Union Avenue, which is located right next to the old Channel 5 studios.

----Saturday night in Jumpertown, MS for JWS with Chris Styles, Little Stevie Davis, Homeless Joe, Mario, Devon Raynes, Dalton Storm, Kage, Cyrus, Chaz, and more.

----Saturday night in New Albany, MS 107 McGill ST [right off the square] with XWO will have Storm, Scott Porteau, "Pure Destruction"[Brody & Cody Hawk],Thomas Knox, Psycho, Brett Michaels, Pappy and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington Street – Christian Jacobs, Derrick King, Stan Lee, Flash Flanagan, Chris O’Neal, Jon Michael , Dustin Starr, Oz, Bishop, Seth Knight, TGB and more.

---- Saturday night Batesville, AR at the Old Miller Gym for Main Event Wrestling. Admission is free Crazy Luke Graham Jr. & Gerry "Chubby" Graham Casino Kid, Scott Fury, Ray Ray, Tommy Lane, The Danger Zone ( Hotrod Ellison & Danger Dave Foxx) and many more.

RassleReview: A Look @ XOW

----I got the chance to watch some XOW the other night. It was a 60 minute DVD recorded for their TV show that was taped on 12.16.06. Let me first say, and if you read this site, you should know it by now, I love Southern indy wrestling. It is my favorite style surpassing the Japanese stuff, ROH and any other brand. XOW runs every Saturday night in New Albany, MS with booker/owner Brody Hawk and his cast of characters. I want to first take a quick look at the matches I watched, then a few final notes.

***Pappy/Colton Anderson beat “Pure Destruction” [Brody & Cody Hawk]. This was my first look at both Pappy and Colton Anderson. Neither one of them are horrible, but Anderson is the better of the two. Brody/Cody were the usual big ass strong men types putting the heat on Anderson. Cody cracked me up when he did a legdrop and bumped almost on his back. Hot tag went to Pappy who set Brody up for a double team pin with a Samoan drop as Anderson did a neckbreaker. Both teams were babyfaces.

***Izzy Rotten beat Jay Webster. My first look at Webster and is a rookie. Not horrible, but he seems to be missing something?? Rotten has always been a decent worker and knows what to do. He had a hard time trying to get a good match out of Webster, but he tried. Rotten has gained about 50 lbs since I last seen him, but that didn’t stop him from working.

***”Extreme” Brett Michaels beat Psycho with Kayte by DQ when “Freakshow” jumped in. This was a pretty good match. Michaels is a lot skinnier since the last time I seen him?? Wonder what that is about?? LOL He is a good worker and Psycho worked good with him. Psycho is on the same diet as Rotten, but still can move, just a bit slower than usual. Michaels did a few hot moves coming out of the heat including an enxuguiri and a superkick. At one point when he should have had babyface fire, he falls over the top rope, when Psycho moved. I cracked up. “Freakshow” jumped in and Tony Dabbs made the save.

***Reverse Battle Royal: 6 wrestlers were trying to jump into the ring to qualify for a tournament. I am being nice here, but it was a total clusterfuck. A lot of times you seen Brody Hawk just walking around the ring. LOL It ended up with Michaels, Psycho, Pappy, Anderson, Webster and Rotten getting in the ring. Funny thing was that they were all in ring together, but were not touching each other. Psycho was playing his gimmick though chasing them around.

***Announcing crew of Michael Thomas known as T-Byrd and Nathan Lee. Byrd had a lot of nominations, so I was looking forward to listening to him. He has a good voice. Smooth and you can understand him very well. The main problem I had with him was that he spent most of the time putting over himself. He even interrupted Tony Dabbs, during an interview. At one point he told Webster that he was stinking and Webster check under his arm. PD even put him over after their match. Major problems when the heel announcer is your focal point. Announcer should get over the show and not step overboard on getting himself over. Nathan Lee was his usual self, but a babyface??

----Final thoughts are that I did like the show. The crowd was small and didn’t pop for the usual things. It has a good feel to it, almost like it could be a fun show, but hard to judge when there is no crowd reaction. For all you guys that worked Malden, MO when I booked, this show reminded me a lot of it. I know Brody puts a lot of hard work into it to have a show every week – I just hope it pays off for him some day.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Five Starr going to New Blood???

----Well, there might be more to the Dustin "Five" Starr story than I first anticipated. I talked with NBW’s Jeff McDonald and he said, “ I would love to have Starr. I promise you I would pay him more than they are in Ripley, TN.” He also said that he wasn’t really a person that would go after other people’s talent, but TLCW is packed. This could get real interesting. I feel Starr is happy working with TLCW and the talent pool there, but if the right amount money would get him at TLCW. He would also have more control over his direction. It will be interesting to see where this story goes.

---For those that might think the idea of a guy from one of the groups jumping is not feasible or just plain ridiculous, then please take notes. A guy working TLCW makes anywhere from $10 to $75. I actually think that since the crew has less people in the last few weeks, but have had the same size crowd, that most guys are making $35 to $50 a show. I do know that when Bill Dundee and Kevin White work, then they are paid more than that. Flash Flanagan and Derrick King has been a major part in getting Starr over with TLCW and might feel it a stab in the back if Starr would leave. But, at this level guys, no promoter or booker should take it personally. If you have more opportunity and more pay, then go for it. Just think of it this way, if Starr is bringing in say $200 a month at TLCW and NBW says I will give you $350 a month, should he take it?? I think he should and would.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

RassleBits: Almost There, Ratings, Lawler & porn, Dustin Starr jumping?? and Poem comments

----I am almost there!! I corrected the mistake on the TLCW post, so if you read the other post you will no idea what I am talking about. LOL I still do not have access to my web site pages. So, I will not be posting RassleChronicle until later this week. Please also give me a bit to get some software that I used to put the matches on That software died in the crash.

----Also, it will be after the first of the year before I get ratings for the last two Memphis shows of 2006. My source is out of the office until 1.02.07, so we will have a double dose of ratings that week.

----On, there is an audio file of Cryme Tyme giving a local news reporter some holiday shopping tips. The reporter asked Cryme Tyme who was on their list, and they named a bunch of people. They specifically named Jerry Lawler. Cryme Tyme, in a joking manner, said that they had to give him his laptop back because it had a lot of kiddie porn on it, and thus they didn't want it. I tired to pull this up on the site, but could not get it to work. I am all about jokes, but Kiddle porn?? Not a joke. I know it is only because Lawler likes young girls, but give me a break. Credit:

----I am not sure if this is pure bs or if he would consider it, but I have been told that Dustin Starr has had “feelers” about coming to NBW. I do know that Alan Steele [who has been working there] and Starr are real good friends. Steele was actually his best man at his wedding. Someone had contacted Steele about Starr coming in, but then Steele said that Starr would need a certain amount of money and nothing else was said. A few other guys in this area have also requested money amounts and turned down. I think for NBW to succeed they have to just treat themselves as a business and invest some money in getting more talent. At that point [not right off], it will pay off in the long run. DCWF was drawing more than them and even though TLCW is doing so well, they are 20 minutes away. Would Starr jump?? Yes..for the right amount of guarantee, any and all would jump.

----For those that wondered about the poem on Christmas Eve, Yes, I bastardized the poem. Hope you enjoyed it!! I had a fun time writing it and from what I heard, all the boys got a kick out of it. For those dickheads that pointed it out – I know the last line does not rhyme!!! It was not suppose to dumbasses!!! LOL

Still Not Completely Up & Running!!

----As you can tell by the post below, I am still not 100% clear of problems. I lost tons of music files [40 gig] and the actual web site files on my computer. I think everything is replaceable, but it might be a few days before I can actual access the web site and do some of the updates. I will try my best to post some news here on the Blog and I have an important story brewing with Dustin Starr that might surprise a few of you. So, stay tuned and read it with the print screwed up..LOL

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 12.23.06


----Tim Alfonzo over Crime; Seth Knight by DQ over Jawbreaker; "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony beat Tatt2; Motley Cruz/Shannon Lee beat Alex Krisis/Tucker; "The Posse" ['Lil Chris/Simon Reed] over by DQ "Blackout Squad" [Bishop/Oz] and in the Main Event: Tim Grind/Derrick King/Stan Lee beat Flash Flanagan/"Rockin" Randy/Dustin Starr.

----Close to $700 gate with 140 in the crowd...Lots of angles building for the January 6, 2007 show..."Rockin" Randy hit Tatt2 knocking him out and TGB put the "Goldi-Lock" on him and Tatt2 passed out....Cruz/Krisis are doing an angle where they are trying to prove who is the most hardcore. Krisis and Cruz were agruing and Lee pinned Alex..."Five Star Showcase" with Starr/Flash/Randy had a video sent in from Chris O'Neal. Then did an angle last Thursday at the Karoke contest where O'Neal was left in a pool of blood. After showing that on the big screen, O'Neal did an interview on the big screen challenging Starr to a "Barbwire" match on the 6th..."Picture Perfect" [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael] did a stretcher job for BO Squad. Both guys juicing bad. This is to build for the Stretcher Match on the 6th between both teams...Lots of blood in the main event also with everyone taking kendo stick shots...They are building for Lee vs Flash for the belt and I look for a title change...I was told that Seth Knight apologized for spitting on Starr and they were seen shaking hands. So, I hope that is cleared up for the both of them.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Technical Difficulties

----Merry Christmas to me -- I am in the process of reformatting my main hard drive due to viruses. I have lost tons of data and may lose more. I am hoping for clean and fast format. Hope to be back online by late tonight or early tomorrow morning. Merry Christmas to all of you!!!


Sunday, December 24, 2006

RassleResults: Arkansas Championship Wrestling Paragould, AR 12.23.06

----Porkchop Express #1 & #2 beat Blakster/Masked Menace; Porkchop #3 beat Brian Pillow; Arkansas Title Match: Loose Cannon with Rottn’ Randy beat Adrian Banks; Arnez with Bate Masterson beat Big Buster Johnson and in the Main Event: Deadly Dale/Idol Bane with Bate beat Cody Daniels/Big Indian

----Crowd was in the 80 range with a $560 gate…They collected 70 toys for their toy drive…Pillow is the son of area wrestler Midnight Cowboy who worked MCW for years…Adrian Banks is the son of late Steve “Snakeman” Banks…Porkchop Express were Hambone Express under hoods. They did an angle where the Hambones got fired…Nice turnout for Christmas weekend and good job with the toys guys!!

Twas The Night Before Christmas -- TLCW style!!

Twas the night before Christmas, low was the house

Someone else turned on Kevin White, it was Brickhouse

In the dressing room, the TLCW workers were drinking beer

Hoping that Bill Dundee would not be there

The fans were marking out of their heads

Waiting to hear what Dustin Starr said

Out from the back came Chris O’Neal

Who swore he didn’t talk to BT; for real

In the parking lot, arose such a clatter

It was Drew Donavan and he does not matter

Standing by the window, it was Flash

Thinking I wished I was in Puerto Rico for a Christmas bash

As I looked outside again at the new-fallen snow

I don’t put anybody over, you know??

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear

But a black man with blond hair holding a beer

He was so lively and loud

His chest pushed out and he said, “TCLW makes me proud.”

Now Picture Perfect!! Now Tatt2!! Now Rockin Randy Now TGB

On Blackout Squad!! On Seth Knight!! On Pokerface!! On Stan Lee!!

To the dressing room!! To the ring!! To the mat!!

Now hiptoss!! Now bodyslam!! Now rat!!

As the man made himself the center of the show

The fans were chanting “ Go, DK , Go!!”

He yelled at the fans and said go home

I would rather be here all alone!!

He was dressed all in wrestling gear, from his head to his foot

And his gear was all tarnished with vodka and soot

He wore a big crown on top of his head

“I will be the KING!!”, he proclaimed, only when Lawler is dead

His eyes—they were so blurry!! His speech so slurred!

His cheeks were red as cherry!! His vision was blurred!!

His mouth drooled like a sleeping bear

“Do you know who I am?? Do you care??”

The straw of his drink he held tight in his teeth

And smoke encircled his head like a wreath

Standing behind him were the Posse, Simon & ‘Lil Chris

They were cutting Alfonzo’s hair they missed

He was colored and blond, a right grumpy man

And I laughed when he said he was the best in the land

A wink in his eye, a twist of his head

Kelly Warner was scheduled to wrestle again, oh I dread

He sprang out of the ring, to his crew gave a whistle

And away the workers flew behind him like the down of a thistle

But I heard him exclaim, as some young boy drove him out of site

“Merry Christmas to all, and I am Derrick King….DAMMIT!!’

RassleResults: USWF Corinth, MS 12.22.06 Psycho wins USWF Title!!!

----Little Steve Davis beat “Prime Time” Nick Grymes w/ Nathan Lee and Cassanova Kidd in a 3 way match; Diamond Daisy beat Miss Heather; Number One Contenders Battle Royal --- Psycho[in action to the right] won, after the match Neil Taylor turned heel and attacked Psycho; Izzy Rotten and Tysin Starr beat Keith Haynes Jr. and Keith Haynes Sr; Cassanova Kidd beat Buzz Harley and in the Main Event: Psycho beat Neil Taylor to become the new USWF Champion.

----Crowd was around 30 with a gate in the $150 range…This is this group’s last show in Corinth, MS. I guess they have finally decided it will not draw. January 5, 2007 they will be in Selmer, TN and then on January 12, 2007 they will start running shows weekly in Hickory Flat, MS. Their shows will be on Friday nights, but this is also real close to Jumpertown, MS and New Albany, MS and JWS and XOW only draws around 75 for both shows…The show in Hickory Flatt will feature a new ring set up similar to the UFC octagon. The ring will still be round, but they will be wrapping it with cage and fan barriers will be cage. At least it will be different.

RassleResults NBW Dyersburg, TN 12.23.06

----Jerry Weezy over A.W. James when Gunner Thompson came out and nailed James;A.C. Havoc over Slim "the Bulldog" Pickens after a "Reeking Havoc"[spin out juvi driver]; Gryffon X over The Sicilian Kid; “Risk Taker” Title Match "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore over "Real Deal" Tim Edwards & Gaylon Ray in a 3 way match to win the belt and in the Main Event: NBW Heavyweight Champion TANK over "Southern Outlaw" Kilo by submission in a non -title match.

----Crowd was in the same range of 60 with a gate of over $300…Isn’t Moore kin to someone in this promotion?? LOL…After the Main Event Tank kept the crossface locked in re-injuring the already torn rotator cuff on Kilo’s left arm. [legit injury/worked angle]…Santa Clause came out with all the babyfaces and handed out gifts to the kids, which got a pop…Where were Alan Steele and Sir MO??...I really did not like the booking of the Kilo/Tank match. I would have kept them apart until next week. But, the fans will get behind the underdog to win the belt. Also, why doa title change for the week before a big show?? The fans have to think the show is bigger than the other shows, so hold the title change off until then…Is the “Risk Taker” division cruiserweights or “X-Division”?? If it is cruiser, then Tim Edwards belongs no where near that title..wait..what “Risk Taker” move does he do?? I am confused…Next week is New Blood Eve and I still only know of one match – Tank vs Kilo.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 12.23.06

----“Christmas Chaos” opens with Corey Maclin introducing the show. Battle of the Brutes” is announced, which is a triple threat tag team match and that make no sense?? “Too Cool 2” [Flex/Tim Grind] come out doing a Christmas rap. “Insane Clowns” [Bobo/Giggles] with Rashard are interview and finally Flash Flanagan/Reggie B Fine come out.

----Flanagan/Fine vs “Clowns” vs “Too Cool 2” ended in No Contest when the ref Bill Rush just walked out. There were only two people in the ring at the same time, but I thought it was a triple threat?? This was a clusterfuck!! The moves didn’t look bad, but nothing made sense. All of them got in the ring and finally Rush just walked out.

----They air the Brickhouse Brown jumping Kevin White angle – just him hitting White, not the whole angle. White/Dustin Starr interview was next. Starr makes a comment about how they might have new tag champs tonight having to wrestle R&R. He was trying to put over R&R, but then Maclin says, “Well, you don’t have much confidence.” Maclin is so bad!! Southern Tag Team Title Match: “Rock n Roll Express” [Ricky Morton/Robert Gibson] vs Starr/White was No Contest. R&R were working almost heel. White/Starr took the beating most of the bout. No hot tag. White grabbed Morton [since R&R had been heeling] and Starr went to give him a punch, but he ducked and White went down. R&R go to Starr and Brick hits White with a chain. Morton refuses to pin White because he hears the fans say something about a chain. White goes after Brick behind the curtain and Starr breaks them up. [pic above] Match was nothing. It would have been much better if they would have just let them work.

----Derrick King interview and he brings out a cane out [pic below] for Johnny Dotson for Christmas. King beat Drew Donovan. Total squash with Donovan only get a few spots. King pinned him after a superkick. Dotson jumps King after the match. King then uses the cane on Dotson leg and Dotson sold it real good. Maclin did a good job here selling Dotson’s recent injury as he just came back from a legit broken leg. Good angle and interview.

----Koko Ware walks out as Dotson is still in the ring and I thought they were going to try to interview Dotson. But, just bring Ware out to kill the heat!!! Ware brings Maclin a DVD player as a gift, but Maclin knocks it out of his hand and it breaks. Ware goes crazy and knocks some Christmas flowers [that were on the announcer’s desk] out on floor. This was horrible!!

----Jerry Lawler interview. He wishes everyone a Happy Holidays and thanks everyone for asking about his mom this year!!

----Fire/Flame/”Hillbilly Assassin” Jethro with Nate the Rate beat Bill Dundee/Chris O’Neal/Tatt2 in the only good match on the show. Fast paced and good bumping from everyone. Heat on Tatt2 after he got dumped over the top rope by Fire [pic to the left]. O’Neal got the hot tag. Nate tried to trip him and he turned around – when he turned back around Jethro hit him with a big boot and the pin.

----Jerry Lawler and Tom Nunnery finish the show singing “Jingle Bells” with the crowd. Nate interrupts it and Nunnery nails Nate with the guitar. The show ends with the crowd singing “Jingle Bells”.

----“Battle of the Brutes”????....Maclin made a comment that if you are Southern Tag Team champions you get a World tag team shot?? What World tag team titles??...It makes you wonder how you can have talent like R&R and Flanagan in the first two matches and they still screw up the booking. Only on Memphis Wrestling!!!...Crowd was almost half filled with this being the second hour of tapings. They need to get people to stay!!... Maclin called a “high knee” a “knee lift”…I wonder if they just sit in the back and see how they could kill any heat that they have?? No one cares about Ware/Maclin – it drew only 300 fans last time!!! They are building Dotson, but then they kill it…Tell me why you get Jethro to wear a different gimmick, but still call him “Hillbilly Assassin”??...This was probably one of the worst shows they have aired all year long. Maclin was horrible – worse than usual and even though they are overflowing with talent, they don’t know what to do with it…Next week is a “Best of 2006” show from Maclin’s house.

----This Memphis Wrestling TV report is also posted every week on,, , Yahoo Mempho Group,,

and new sites added this week --

and Pro Wrestling Resource.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Feature Article: "A View From Afar" by Mark Bravura

----Mark Bravura should be known by many of your in this area. [CLICK HERE for the Bravura entrance video] In his shoot job, he is a Senior Consultant in Video and MultiMedia Production for Booz Allen Hamilton [and international consulting firm] Basically he produces video and multimedia project for internal and external clients like Medicare, USMC, Installation Management Agency, Harris Bank, The Chicago Mercantile Exchange and more. He also does freelance work for various companies and produces films and shorts in his free time. Bravura will be celebrating six years in the wrestling business in April and has been a loyal subscriber to Wrestling Observer Newsletter since 1998.

----I first met Bravura during my last stint in wrestling. I watched his stuff and thought he had all the raw talent in the word, but needed a bit polishing. I sit down with him one night to talk about his match, but I think we ended up talking about movies and the newsletters. Bravura is a very smart guy and would be an asset to any promotion in the world – if not as a worker, but as a writer. I am working on an interview with him for next year, which he will tell how he was hired to work as a writer for the WWE, but actually turned the offer down.

"A View From Afar" by Mark Bravura

"Sometimes you have to step back from a situation to really get perspective."

It's been really interesting observing the happenings in Memphis from nine hundred miles away for the past year. Reading things online. Emailing back and forth. Dropping in every month or so. Calling the guys who's cell phones weren't repossesed.

Some things that have happened have made me laugh. Others have made me shake my head, but the latest big dustup between Dustin Starr and Seth Knight just makes
me say...


Sometimes I just don't get it. Really I don't. Nobody in the wrestling business at our level is making a living at it. None of us are getting rich. Some of us do it because we hope that one day we will make our living with it. Others try to make a little money off it. Others used to make a living at it and want to again. Others don't give a shit if they make a dime, but we all have one thing in common... WE ALL LOVE THE BUSINESS. If we didn't we wouldn't beat the shit out of ourselves every weekend and go limping into work all sore every monday. Doing something you love is supposed to be fun so what the fuck is the point of taking it so fucking seriously that you kill the fun of it. If they ask you to job fucking job. Who gives a shit? You don't like how a guy works. So what? Who gives a shit. If a guy annoys you. Deal with it. Who gives a shit? I'm not saying don't take the business seriously. Everyone who knows me knows that I do. When you are in front of that crowd to respect the business. When you're at the show you respect the other workers. You respect the business above all else. You work your ass off out there every time you perform or you don't deserve to be out there, but when it comes to the little stuff... Grow up.

I've never had a problem with Dustin or Seth. Dustin can come off like an arrogant prick, but in my experience if you stand up to him in the right way and respect the business he'll be cool with you and be respectful back. When I first went up to D-burg and was floundering at the bottom with nothing to do, he gave me a shot and suggested something for me to DK for no reason other than he's a stand up guy. He's a good guy and nobody can say he doesn't respect the
business and didn't work his ass off to get where he is.

Seth talks a lot, but so do a lot of guys. He and I tagged for over a year. We disagreed about shit all the time, but that's what made the team work. There was a contrast. We'd argue about finishes and psychology all the time. I'd call him an idiot. He'd call me a dumbass, but I'd team up with him again in a second cause he's a good guy and a good worker. He works hard and he respects the business. Does he think a lot of himself? Yeah, but so what? If you don't think you're good then what the fuck are you doing in the business? Just cause you think you're good doesn't mean you think you know everything or that you have nothing to learn.

I'm sure Dustin thinks he's good and he is. He wouldn't be doing squashes on SD if he wasn't, but I'm sure he knows there's stuff he can improve on. Does he have an ego? Hell yeah, but you have to have an ego to even be in the business. You have to have an ego to want to go out in front of however many people in your underwear and have them stare at you. It's essential. If you don't have confidence in yourself YOU WILL NEVER BE ANY GOOD. Look at CM Punk when he started on ECW. At first he was nervous and unsure and he didn't look that good, but the crowd started getting into him, people starting complimenting him and now he looks great.

Dustin said in his commentary that Seth can't work. I'm sure Seth would say the same thing about Dustin. Well guess what? They are both wrong. Both of them can work. They just work differently. And there's nothing fucking wrong with that. Flair doesn't work like Austin who doesn't work like Mysterio who doesn't work like Misawa who doesn't work like Foley who doesn't work like Perro Jr who doesn't work like Joe who doesn't work like Hart who doesn't work like Savage, but all of them can work. If everyone worked the same THE SHOWS WOULD BE FUCKING BORING. Dustin works a heavyweight style that gets over. It works for him and he has good matches. Seth works a more x-division high spot style. It works for him and he has good matches. Both are good workers in entirely different ways. That's one of the things that's great about the business. If you don't like the style of match A maybe you'll like the style of match B or C. Instead of shit talking each other see what you can take from each other to appeal to the fans who like that other style of work. Disagree. Argue about it. At worst you'll learn something.

Why the fuck would you refuse to job on an indie show? OK, so you disagree for whatever reason. Talk it over with the booker privately, but don't be a dick and say "I'm not jobbing cause I'm a big star" in front of the locker room. That's just fucking ridiculous. You're just asking to make enemies. What the fuck do you think every other guy on that show who's putting someone over thinks of you right then. Sure we'd all like to win every fucking time, but fuck its a work. That's the beauty of it. You can get over even if you lose. What happens when a mid-major college basketball team nobody thinks of loses a close game to Duke or UNC or Arizona? People think more of them even though they lost. You can get over when you lose so get over yourself and do the fucking job.

All this crap with shooting water on people in the back is fucking stupid. It goes on all the time, but its still fucking stupid. That being said should Seth have spit on Dustin? No. To me it's one of the most disrespectful things you can do. I've fought people for spitting on me before, but if he doesn't have a water gun what should he do? Piss on him? Try to fight him? Like Dustin said he's 225 and Seth is maybe 170. That's a losing proposition, but the guys already blasted you now he's fucking with you in front of everyone so what do you do?Ignore it and don't put it over.Yeah, that's probably best, but things have already escalated so its a no win situation. Frankly both guys were in the wrong.

One last thing about ribbing, how does the fact that it goes on in the WWE locker room make it cool. Guys in the WWE are making their living of the business. None of us are. Those guys are with each other more than they are with their families. We're not. We work the show and go home. There's little traveling together. The only time we hang out, in general, is at the shows. That's a HUGE difference. There's ribbing in NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, and whatever other pro-locker rooms cause they are together all the time, but I've never gotten ribbed on any adult league football, basketball or soccer team I've played on. When you're around people all the time you can rib them and its all in good fun. I prank my best friends all the time. They might be pissed off for a minute, but they know I did it because we're friends and they'll just get me back.

You want to fuck around with your boys... Cool. You want to play a harmless prank on someone... Cool. I've done it. We've all done it, but when you're doing it to start something with someone. When you're not doingit out of fun then you're just being a bully picking
on someone.