Sunday, August 20, 2006

FEATURE ARTICLE "Daddy's Little Girl - Stephanie McMahon"

----September 24, 1976 the beautiful Stephanie McMahon was born into the wrestling business. She is a McMahon dammit!! Not only was this her day of birth, but the new “daddy’s little girl” was officially something Vince could use as an angle. Her official TV debut was when she was only 10 years old and Vince put her in front of the camera for a Roddy Piper Halloween party skit. When she was 13 years old, she was then recruited to do ads in the WWE magazine. You think this girl was spoiled?? Nah. She attended Greenwich School and then later graduated with a college degree from Boston College. Even though most people have said that the family wanted Stephanie to do something else besides wrestling, which I think is just a work, she wanted to help in the business. I am only speculating here, but Vince was probably just so happy that “daddy’s little girl” was going to be part of the business.

----In 1998, Stephanie began her official job at WWE as an Account Manager. It was later in the year that she began appearing on TV. Her first major angle was when the Undertaker abducted her and it was later revealed that her daddy had paid Taker to do it. This lead to her almost being married to Taker, but it was stopped by Steve Austin. I liked this angle and always found Stephanie entertaining, even when people were giving her a hard time for being on the TV show too much. She is a good looking lady and has tons of charisma. She comes off sexy and a total super bitch.

----Stephanie continued to be involved with tons of what I would considered “over the edge” angles. Let’s take a look---

*Abducted by Undertaker.
*Brother’s jealous over her “boyfriend” Test feud.
*Married HHH in Vegas when she was drunk & drugged.
*Said to be responsible for “ok’ing” the Kate Vick storyline.
*Feuding with other family members – slapping her mom.
*”I Quit” Match with her father.
*Falsely told HHH she was pregnant
*Help drug Shawn Michaels in March of this year for him to lose to Shane.

----As you can see, Stephanie has not been one to step aside from doing a controversial angle. I guess that is part of the McMahon in her coming out. I do understand being a wrestling promoter that you would want to push the envelope just a bit. I have always liked the edgy storylines.

----I remember writing a storyline for ICW out of Malden, MO that when I ask my announcer Jeff O’Dell what he thought of it, he said “Not my kind of angle, but it did get over.” But, what would O’Dell know right?? LOL I had a heel team called “InHumane Society” [Krusher/Tony Diamond/Rod Dent III], which were getting more cheers than some of my babyfaces. I am not against heels getting cheered, but I felt that later on in the storyline that I had written, they had to be heels for it to get over. The angle I wrote had Krusher’s real life [Tammy] wife come out to do an interview. I just told her to get over the fact that she was tired of Krusher being a heel. She went out and did a fabulous interview and very believable. Krusher then proceed to jump his wife and bust her head open. He bladed her and she bled buckets!!! The marks totally got on her side and actually hated Krusher for what he had done to her. All 40 people booed him then. LOL I only bring up this angle, because I don’t want you the reader to think that I am little mister innocent when it comes to wrestling angles. If you look at that angle as being real, you would see a husband beating his wife so bad she almost bled to death.

----Did I cross the line?? Crossing the line in wrestling is defended simply by saying “Well, it is wrestling.” and most people will just take it at face value.

----One of my favorite message boards to visit is Death Valley Driver Video Review Message Board. The only thing that I hate about this board and it is also my bitch about others is that people do not use their real names. But, other than that, the board has a motley group of workers, smarts and marks that make it enjoyable. I am doing my usual reading and scanning of stuff when I come across an entry titled “I really, really, hope this is a joke, Mr. McMahon DVD review from pre-release copy”, so I went to it. I think that Vince McMahon has finally lost his mind. I thought, “ Is this for shoot?” And as Dave Meltzer said in response to that question in an e-mail, “Yes, and I think he was trying to make sure he lost all his sponsors.”

---I linked myself to the DVD Talk Forum to see for myself and here is what the poster Shacmasta said about his advance copy of the Vince McMahon DVD..

“The Get the F' out of here moment of the DVD....Stephanie tells us about how vince wanted to do an "incest" angle. You still there?Vince wanted to be the father of Steph's baby, She thankfully rejected that idea, but then threw her the possibility of Shane being the father instead. She again said no.”

----Vince McMahon you are completely nuts!! You are truly a sicko. Does this fall under the lines of “It’s just wrestling!!”??? This is a real life father wanting to portray he is the father of his DAUGHTER's baby. I know the line that Vince would probably give – “It is just a storyline – just like a movie or TV show.” You know I might watch “Law & Order: SVU” and hate the incestuous character, but guess what?? He is not using his real daughter!!!

----The DVD board was full of responses and I reprint them here, because I could not have said any of these things any better than they convey.

“….I have thought for a while that Vince is not a character anymore that he is just this insane energy powered psycho running around on live TV that has no idea where the line is. I guess I was right” wrote Collateralxxx

Mark Target wrote, “Since nobody has mentioned it yet, I'll throw in how godawful it is that he'd subject his grandchild to a life of humiliation for the sake of an angle.Do you think for a second anyone would have ever let that child live down the "product of incest" stigma? People on television have been ruined for life, playing out completely fabricated stories having nothing to do with their own lives. This would have been the case of an innocent child forced to start his/her life as the punchline of her grandfather's sick grab for ratings (that would never materialize).I actually have more respect for Stephanie and Shane now. Thank god they didn't inherit their father's complete lack of common sense and forethought.”

“I hope the things like this will convince people that there are much better things to put their money into than the E. Whether it's old tapes or puro or whatever. This guy will continue to drag wrestling into the ground much further than it's ever been. Angles like this, the god angle, etc. are plenty of reason to stop watching. That's what I did and I haven't heard of one thing that has happened to make me regret it and I doubt I ever will. It almost leaves you speechless to hear these kinds of things about the CEO of a multi-million dollar business.”
wrote NateroB.

Screwtape had a totally different view about it, but I do see what he is saying…..

“It surprises me that people are stunned that Vince McMahon wanted to do an angle where he would have impregnated his own daughter. You people are astonished. You people are shocked. You people can go fuck yourselves.You people watched Eddie Guerrero's death be used for ratings and said "It's only wrestling"You people watched Sandman smack a stripper on the head with a cane and said "It's only wrestling"You people watched Hassan mimic an actual beheading a week after the fact and said "It's only wrestling"You people say that a particular match was classic because of how bloody it was - because "It's only wrestling"You people made a hero out of someone with a borderline abortion gimmick and said "It's only wrestling"You people excuse everything in wrestling because it's wrestling, and you have the gall to act surprised when the barrel bottom gets deeper? Fuck you people. Vince wants to tell the world he fucked his daughter? It's only wrestling.”

Sek69 wrote, “I just pictured Steph in one of those horribly awkward "hot WWE chick has to pretend she's sexually aroused by Vince's 60+ year old steroid bloated physique" skits that pretty much every female in the company has had to take part in at one point or another, and I think I just threw up a little. Count me among the "not really surprised Vince would suggest it, but surprised he'd let people mention it on a DVD" crowd. You don't have to be Sigmund Freud to figure out Vince has some real women issues that we get to watch him work out every Monday night.”

Woodoo wrote, “Vince ogling Steph's tits constantly was no mistake. It was like clockwork. It seemed like they were going to do an incest deal when Steph did the thing about Vince pimping her out to business associates. They were so primed to go with a "Vince broke her in/turned her out/took her virginity" type thing but thankfully they shyed away.”

And finally Scott wrote, “We're talking about the GENETIC JACKHAMMER here. Why wouldn't he want to bang his own daughter? Just think, he could come on TV and talk about the product of his semen AND his daughter's ovaries! And the storyline would be, he wanted to make a "super McMahon" and not have it's genes soiled by inferior DNA.”

---Scott might be on to something here. Most people that try to make you think incest is ok, will write about how history shows us that incest is ok. I took this from the Google groups.

“a common thread throughout Egyptian history was intermarriage between brother/sister and some other close marriages. Even one instance where a brother/sister marriage produce a male child who was later married to his monther and they had a child together - the implications of that are enormous, but there is no talk about emotional/psychological scarring as a result of the incest. It was accepted as quite normal and in the case of Egyptian royalty it was expected since they didn't want to bring commoner blood into the royal linage.”

---Damn, I am not one to look down on someone that has a fetish or not “norm” sexual preference, but this all is just sick to me. I actually had a friend tell me a few months back that she couldn’t believe how many sex stories were getting into incest. She is an avid reader of “Penthouse Forum” type books. And she said, right beside the Forum books are books dedicated solely to incest stories.

----My props go out to Stephanie for refusing to do this angle. I do think your daughter will thank you when she learns of this down the road. Thank you for not being “daddy’s little girl” this time. And, Vincent Kennedy McMahon admitted to being molested himself in a Playboy interview. Do you give that as an excuse?? Hell no!! Here is what Vince said about people that have excuses in Playboy.

“You know, I'm not big on excuses. When I hear people from the projects, or anywhere else, blame their actions on the way they grew up, I think it's a crock of shit. You can rise above it. This country gives you the opportunity if you want to take it, so don't blame your environment. I look down on people who use their environment as a crutch.”

----It took me a few months to get that bad taste out of my mouth from the Guerrero angles. Then when I started this online zine, I felt I needed to watch the product to review it. Well, Vince you can go fuck yourself. Ok, don’t do that as you would probably like it. I am just going to do the right thing here – if you don’t like what is on TV - change the channel. Well, RAW will be replaced this Monday with either a movie or Monday Night Football.