Monday, October 09, 2006

Tidbits: RassleTube, SC results, VCW, Kilgore, CWA, TLCW and Secret Show

----First of all, there is no RassleTube tonight due to technical difficulties. YouTube is having some “growing pains” and I am about to scream!!! So, as soon as they get their stuff cleared up, then I am going to post the new edition.

----I got these results off and thought I would pass them along, because they featured some of our local guys. Lark is an old time friend and was a subscriber to my original zine some 15 years back. I have seen Mo recently and Dan; he is no where near the size of Viscera!! And, I am also being told that Brad Thomas is a good worker and needs to be seen.

C-Pro Entertainment from last night in Walhalla, SC before 175 fans: Backdraft b Havoc, Wayne Adkins b Beau James, Tommy Gibson won three-way over Bubba Jones and Black Angel, Alan Steele & Rob Harlem (Mo from Men on a Mission, who is now almost as big as Viscera) b Brad Thomas & Bobby Eaton (billed as the Midnight Express), Kishi Fatu (Rikishi) b Coach Holman-DQ (thanks to Daniel Lark)

----I got word that VCW will not be running Savannah this month. They were having problems with the sponsor and have said it has nothing to do with CWA having such a big crowd. Speaking of VCW, they have a statement about the fake Moondogs working their shows on the front page. Thumbs up to them for not using the Dogs anymore.

----Chris Kilegore is actually Chris Kilgore. I was spelling his name right in results from when he won the belt, but Grimes was posting it as Kilegore on his plugs, so I started spelling it wrong. And, yes I have been told he is the same Kilgore that worked as one of the “Flyboys” in IWF.

----Speaking of CWA and Kilgore. The finish of his title change the other night had Neil Taylor jumping him and hitting him with a cane. Kilgore went home with some nasty looking marks on this arm. Their Lt Wt Title is now the TV title, which Rocker holds. CWA also will start TV on Charter Cable Channel 22 at 10:30 AM. I am not sure who it reaches in Tennessee, but I will try to get more details about it. Their next show is 11.04.06 in Selmer with Diamond vs Rocker rematch and Kilgore vs Taylor.

----TLCW results from Ripley, TN were sketchy with me only getting a few: Chris O’Neal beat Tony Gunn for the #1 contender spot for the TLCW Title; Christian Jacobs/Stan Lee/Derrick King vs Oz/Bishop/Big Steve – not sure of the result, but the finish had them doing an injury angle on DK and Flash Flanagan beat Dustin Starr in the Main Event. They did an angle at the end where O’Neal made the save for Starr after Flanagan beat him, and then O’Neal challenged Flanagan. Starr said he wasn’t done with Flash, so it set up a match with Starr vs O’Neal with Flash as special ref.

----Oh yea, there was a show Friday night in Dyersburg, TN at the National Guard Armory. I never got word there was ever a show and no one I talked to said anything about it. I was finally told about it last night. Promoters wonder why they do not draw?? “Picture Perfect” [Chris O’Neal/Christian Jacobs], Brian Steele, Nikki Lace were all on the card. Rocker booked the show, but did not even show up. LOL