Monday, December 04, 2006

RassleResults: MAW New Daisy Theatre Memphis, TN 12.03.06

----Blalok The Blazer (w/Big Ace) def. Void at 8:21 with a 3rd Degree Burn;Jason Skyler def. Shawn Reed (/w Anita Page) at 4:13 with a Skyliner to retain the TCW Television Championship.;Gabriel Stalker (w/The Movement) def. A.J. Bradley at 9:25 to retain the Jr. Heavyweight Title;In a Knockout/Submission match, Reno Diamond (w/Big Badd Steve) def. The Crime at 14:31 to retain the TCW Heavyweight Championship; Raven def. Big Country at 12:42 in a Raven's Rules match.;MAW Tag Team Champions High Society, consisting of "God's Gift" Jason Richards and "Pimp Glorious" Jeremy Killz vs "Juicy" Johnny Morton and "New Blood" Dave Anthony ended in no contest; "Punisher" Dre Black def. "Big CA" Carnage Antwane at 10:42 to become the new MAW Heavyweight Champion and in the Main Event: Chris Lexx def. Big Ace at 11:54 in an Anything Goes match.

----Paid crowd was around 50 with a gate of around $500 and there were at times around 100 people in the building. A lot of freebies and hate that for this crew. I was wishing 200+ for Raven…They ran an angle most of the night with KC Gold and Antoin Smooth. The Crime and Jason Skyler accepted Gold’s offer to be with TFO [The front office] & MAW. After that Smooth jumped Gold with a chair. After the tag team title match, K.C. Gold comes out and attacks Smooth with punches and clotheslines, and one of the TFO girls executes a running double handspring low kick. Smooth is then beaten with a boot by Morton, and gets spanked with a belt by Morton. KC stated he will wrestle Smooth on the next show… During the Diamond/Crime bout a table did not break on the first try, but as Diamond stood to his feet on the table, he was caught with a Diamond Cutter from the top rope by Crime, putting both men through the table. Heatwave, Inc (Blalok and Big Ace) ran into the ring and attacked Crime, and Reno locked in the Crossface. Smooth immediately called for the bell, and TCW VP Scotty C announced Reno as the winner.Reno says that the surprise is the arrival of Heatwave, Inc in TCW, and says to either "like us, love us, or fuck you all!"… Big Country came out and said that he issued the challenge to Raven but he has been too scared to face him. A few months back, he sent Rick Steiner to take his place, and Steiner got pinned. Country calls the ref out and says that even though they were supposed to meet later in the main event, he knows Raven won't show up and wants his hand raised. The lights go out, and Raven appears at ringside. The crowd breaks out into a "TNA" chant, but Raven says that the only "T&A" are Big Country's man-boobs. Country tries to attack Raven, but gets beat across the head with the mic. Most of the action took place outside the ring, and saw use of chairs, trash can lids, cookie sheets, a cheese grater, a skillet, fluorescent light bulbs, and various weapons from the crowd, including a cane and a broomstick. Near the end of the match, Raven was whipped into a trash can placed between the top and middle ropes, and the resulting collision tore the middle rope off the ring post! Country took advantage and used the rope to strangle Raven, but Raven was able to escape and executed a drop toe-hold to a chair in the middle of the ring. After another chairshot, Raven finished the match with an Evenflow DDT into the chair.After the match, Raven thanked the Memphis fans, as well as "MAW, CIA, FBI, ABC, your mom's phone number, whatever." He says that he started his career in Memphis, and now works for Jarrett, who also started in Memphis, so the city has been wonderful to him, and he plans to come back sometime. He ended with "Quote the Raven, nevermore."…During the Lexx/Big Ace bout, Lexx was smashed across the back with four strapped fluorescent light bulbs, causing blood to pour down his back for the rest of the match. Check out these pics!! As the show came to a close, a package was placed at the announce table for the Front Office. Since no one from TFO was available, Scotty opened the package. Inside were four pink flowers and a red rose. Ok that got me to wondering WTF?? LOL