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Tidbits: Memphis Wrestling time change, Dustin Starr and D'Amore

----As reported here earlier today, Memphis Wrestling will be moving from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Saturdays. I was surprised at all the response that I got from this announcement. All of it was negative. The show will still air live on the UPN Jackson station @ 11:00 AM, but Memphis UPN, which will become part of the CW Network has decided to move it to 10:00 PM. Talking with a few people in the business today, we mostly agreed that if it was any other wrestling TV show, then we would be happy booking a 10:00 PM show on Saturday nights. But, the tradition of Memphis Wrestling being on at 11:00 AM for so many years will hurt the product. For those viewers that just watch it because that is what they have done for so many years – they will stop watching it. A few of the workers that I talked to feel this is the end of Memphis Wrestling. I guess we will have to watch and see if they can draw a big house in Southaven with a late night show.

----Dustin Star seems to be happy these days. He worked the TV shows for WWE this past week. WWE were impressed with him and have told him he is welcome to work any dates as an extra. He was scheduled to do the police part that Alan Steel got, but WWE favored Steel because of Dustin’s hair. So, Dustin got to work in Steel’s place on Heat, but they still listed him as Donald Lamb [Steel’s shoot name]. He stated that he did what he was told and he will be making as many WWE dates as he can that are driving distance.

----From today’s

"Scott D'Amore will be doing a training camp on 9/16 in Streamwood, IL from 2-4 p.m. For more info you can call Ed Chuman at 630-539-4541. Camp is open to all wrestlers looking to be seen by D'Amore and evaluated. Cost is $50."

----Local guys that are serious about making it in this business need to make a call to Chuman and arrange to be seen by D’amore.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 8.12.06

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 8.12.06

----Cory Maclin opens the show promising a big announcement later today. He goes over the show and out for commercial.

-----“Too Cool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] interview – “No one can beat us!!” MW Tag Team Title Match: Kevin White/Brickhouse Brown beat Grind/Flex to win the tag belts. Real good start with good shine for the faces. Heat on White. Hot tag to Brick, but ref did not see it. Brick is sent back to the corner and Grind tries to hit White with title belt as Flex holds him. White ducks, but Grind stops before hitting Flex. White then dropkicks Grind into Flex and does a roll up for the win and titles. Brick also dropkicked Flex and pinned him at the same time.

----Big Announcement – Memphis Only!! --- TV show moves to Saturday night at 10:00 PM. September 2, 2006. Maclin announces it as “Prime Time” move?? That is not prime time is it?? It will start airing at 11:00 PM in Jackson, TN on the CW station the same date. What this will do to the ratings and gates time will only show. Not sure why the move is first week of September because the CW Network does not start until September 20, 2006.

----Nate The Rat comes out with Elvis gimmick for the “Elvis” week celebration in Memphis. He claims to be Elvis’ friend and taught him karate. “The Cowboys” [Bill Nasty/Ricky Murcoch] beat “Picture Perfect” V3 [Chris O’Neal/John Michael]. Cowboys jumped them before the bell and ate them up. All the heat on Michael and then a hot tag from O’Neal, who was then totally cut off. Total squash!! Who did these guys piss off?? Nasty/Murdoch didn’t do anything wrong, but both look totally out of shape.

----“Wild & Crazy Clowns” [Mr. Giggles/Bobo] interview with Rashad. Clowns beat Tatt2/Neil Taylor. Tatt2 looked good today. Heat on him—hot tag to Taylor. Taylor set Giggles up, so Tatt2 can do the 169, but Rashad pulls the ropes and he crashes to the floor. Bobo then hits Taylor with the baseball in the sock in the back and Giggles pins him. Good shine for Tatt2 and heat was good for the Clowns. Taylor was in for 5 seconds and did the job.

----Nate comes out with Cowboys to do “greatest impersonation of Elvis ever”. The Cowboys put up a black curtain. When the curtain comes down, Nate is on his back on the announcer’s table with flowers on his stomach. LOL He then says, “Get over it – Elvis is dead!!” This was funny. Jerry Lawler and Renee come out. Lawler says what Nate is doing is bad taste. Nate says, “Bad taste was Randy Orton beating you last Monday night in your own hometown.” Nate then grabs Renee. Lawler grabs Nate and throws him in the ring. Lawler piledrove him and then the crowd chanted “One More Time!!” and he did it again. Piledrivers looked awesome!! Great segment.

----“Hot Topic” [Stan Lee/Derrick King] interview. “Hillbilly” Jethro with Grady Watson/Mr. America beat by DQ Lee/King. Heat on America. Hot tag Jethro. He looked good here with Lee/King bumping all over the place. King got a chain and was going to hit America, but ref Jerry Calhoun stopped him. King hit him for the DQ, then they started beating on America/Jethro. Calhoun then ran over and punched King & they bailed out of the ring.

----Nate The Rat comes out and is screaming. He says that Lawler tried to break is neck like “Randy Kaufman”. [Yes..he said that] Cory corrected him. Nate promised to get someone to break Lawler’s neck and get “that Tramp” Renee.

FINAL NOTE: A good show today. Three matches looks to be the key to having a good show. They wrap interviews around the three matches and everyone has time for the matches/interviews…Lee beating up on Jethro was not believing. Calhoun slugging King was stupid. Make a worker look like he can get beat up by a ref. That just makes no sense to me…Nate, who I usually do not like, was good today. Looks like they might be starting a bounty angle with Nate bringing in people to hurt Lawler. But, who knows?? They never do many angles that have logic, so why start now…Renee looked nice in a tight red leather suit…White/Brick are not a bad team, but IMHO neither one of them needs a belt to get over. I would have put the belts on “Picture Perfect” with a surprise win, but they squash one of the only teams that gets a reaction on TV. They are probably going to put the belts on the Cowboys. Ugh!!... The says “…generally accepted times considered to be traditional prime time are 7:00pm to 10:00pm Central”. Cory is such a goof!!!!...The best that I can figure out is that Memphis Wrestling will be replaced by “Legion of Super Heroes” and “The Batman”, which are two WB’s highest rated toons.

----"Guru" Dave Meltzer also has this same report on his web site every week @


----Big Announcement – Memphis Only!! --- TV show moves to Saturday night at 10:00 PM. September 2, 2006. Maclin announces it as “Prime Time” move?? That is not prime time is it?? It will start airing at 11:00 AM in Jackson, TN on the CW station the same date.

8.11.06 MCW Osceola, AR Results

----Hillybilly Nate vs Loose Cannon with Rashad – TL Draw; Thunder beat Biscuit with Sam Dollar; Big Daddy LaFonce/Gary The Medic over by DQ Heartbreaker/Hamhock with Rashad; MCW Mid-Wt Title: White Lighting beat San Francisco Treat to win the belt; Motley Cruz/Frankie Tucker beat Derrick King/Big Jim Wade and Main Event – Moondog Rules – MCW TT Title Match: East Coast Bad Boys vs Hambones was no contest.

----Crowd was nearly sold out. Probably around 120 with a $700 gate…Seen backstage were Simon Reed, Pokerface, and Ron Rage…”Rockin” Randy was also backstage letting everyone know that he will be out for a couple of months due to having hand surgery…Treat came in to drop the belt as he will be taking some time off due to his “real” job…Apparently it seems that Derrick King is getting heat all around in the dressing room. He was giving Big Jim some advice that made others just roll their eyes. But, hell, Big Jim needs ANY help he can get!!!

Cory Maclin - Big Announcement

--------A commercial aired before Smackdown last night for Memphis Wrestling today. Cory Maclin goes over the history of Memphis Wrestling saying it has always aired at 11:00 AM every Saturday morning. He then said that today there would an announcement that would change the face of Memphis Wrestling. This could just be BS, Memphis getting a WWE developmental or probably he has decided to just air old clips again. It might even have to do with a time change or something. I will have my usual Memphis TV report, but during the show I will put up the big announcement.

Friday, August 11, 2006


----TIWF will be at the NEW National Guard Armory in BrownsvilleSaturday night. Bell time 7:30. See the New TIWF RegionalHeavyweight Champ Steven Rampage, The TIWF crusierweight Champ PKRipper, Wildside, Hustle and Flow, the Midnight Society, CarnageAntwane, Kaut!on, Ravishing Randy, Albino Rhino, Maxx Corbin, TheEnforcers and others.

----Saturday night@ Creative Life, Inc (1222 Riverdale Blvd) in Memphis, TN..TCW Championship Fatal Four-Way Tatt2 vs Big ACE vs Chris Lexx vs Reno Diamond(TCW Champ);2/3 Falls MAW Southern Title vs TCW Television Title Marcus O'Neil(Southern Champ) vs "God's Gift" Jason Richards(TV Champ);Sicilian Street Fight:"The Poison" Jason Skylar vs Gabriel Stalker;Grudge Match Pimp Glorious vs The Crime; Also in action: The Black Out Squad, Peechiz, "Pimpin" Antoin Smooth, Devin Slim, Scotty C, Brian Smith and MORE!!!!--

----Saturday night in Boonville, MS for SWGA with Buzz Harley, Bonecrusher; Chris Styles; Izzy Rotten, 24/7; Rated X; Dalton Storm; Tysin Starr; Cassanove Kid and more. ----Saturday night with VCW in Savannah, TN @ the National Guard Amory with Moondogs vs The Cowboys; Kamala vs Dirty White Boy – loser eats Raw chicken; Psycho/Billy Ray Hickerson vs LC Dice/Doink The Clown; and featuring Nick Grymes; AJ Creed; Kaleb Kastle; Void and more.

8.10.06 TIWF Trenton, TN Results

TIWF results from action Thurs. Aug. 10th-2006 Trenton, Tn.

At the Gibson County Fair
*Redman def. Exodus
* Dr. Doom def. JR Rich
* The Big Boys def. Albino Rhino & Ernest T. Fletcher by dq

TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match

* Steven Rampage def. Weasel to recapture the TIWF Title

* JR Rich/Wildman def. Driveby & Gaylon Ray

* Tank Turner & Kilo def. Hardknocks Hooligan & Bobby Butcherman

BT NOTE: There is always a good crowd at the Gibson Country crowd. JR Rich is still wrestling?? Is he as bad as he always was???....Kilo/Tank probably made a good tag team.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

"THE GOLDEN CIRCLE ONLINE" with "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony

"THE GOLDEN CIRLCE" with "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony

Would the real champion please stand up.

There are currently 6 World Champions competing in the US. Edge(RAW), King Booker(Smackdown), Big Show(ECW), Jeff Jarrett(NWA), Bryan Danielson(ROH) & Ric Converse(AWA). Now since the early days of pro wrestling their has always been more than one world champion. In the territoral days each big market had its own version of the world title, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York being the biggest. In that era, fans didn't know that their was a world champion in Chicago if they lived in New York and visa versa. Now with television and the web everyone knows who and where people are claiming to be world champions. So what would happen if on one magical night all the companies got together to crown the first real World Heavyweight Champion? Well, since this is my column then I'm booking this show... so this is how it would go.

First Round Match One
King Booker(Smackdown) vs Ric Converse(AWA)

Now I'll be honest I've never seen Mr. Converse work. So on that fact alone, I'd have to put Booker over strong in this one with the scissors kick.

First Round Match Two
Jeff Jarrett(NWA) vs Bryan Danielson(ROH)
Now I can see this match as a sleeper.. some may not think its good on paper with the different in styles but I think thats what would make it great. Finish... The Stroke reversed into Cattle Mutalation for the submission victory for "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson.

First Round Match Three
Edge(RAW) vs The Big Show(ECW)
Big Show cut promo about how he's an extreme giant and since he's the ECW champ, he wrestles on a different level than the other champions so... this match is Extreme Rules! Edge being the newly proclaimed "Hardcore Legend" goes over with a violent spear through a barbwire infested table.

Since we have 3 wrestlers and this a "world" title tourny then I would use the European Coin Toss with the odd man out getting a bye to finals while the other two battle it out in the semi-finals.

Edge flips coin.... heads
Danielson flips coin.... tails
Booker flips coin.... tails

King Booker(Smackdown) vs. Bryan Danielson(ROH)
I'd love to really see this match. Booker has become an underrated catch wrestler over the last couple of years. I think a 5 star worker like Danielson could really bring out that in King Booker like Chris Benoit did almost a decade ago. Great 20-25 minute match when Booker hits the scissors kick and as he covers Danielson 1...2... Danielson slides out and ends on top with Cattle Mutalation locked in... Booker has no choice but to submit.

Edge(RAW) vs Bryan Danielson(ROH)
Well here we are. This would truely be a dream match for me and since this is all a dream then score one for me. Excellent back and forth match Finish.... after teasing Cattle Mutalation all match Danielson locks it in and is grinding Edge down when Lita draws the ref... Edge low blows Danielson and hits the spear 1...2... Danielson kicks out. Edge livid gets back up and calls for yet another spear.... Danielson moves out of the way as Edge runs head first into the turnbuckle Danielson hits Edge with a Tiger Suplex and keeps his hands locked and rolls directly into cattle mutalation.... Edge ready to quit on the spot with Lita is back on the apron.. John Cena comes and carries off Lita with the refs attention still drawn towards Cena/Lita Triple H slides in from the crowd and hits Danielson with a Pedigree. Triple H slides out and Edge slides on top 1....2.............3!

So there you have it Edge is your one true world champion. Why did Triple H interfere? Is Danielson going to retaliate? Well tune into RAW.... I mean if this wasn't all just a Dream!

If you have your own tourny or thought on mine email me @ with the subject title REAL WORLD CHAMPION!

The Verdict Is In..........

----The verdict is in and everyone hates the new way I am posting the news. Well, not everyone. And, I guess hate is too strong of a word. I just wanted to let everyone know that I went to this way of doing the news for one reason -- it is sooooooooo much easier. It takes about a third of the time to do one story and I can update the news no matter where I am. I have decided to keep with this style unless I find myself with tons of time, which I doubt. I do plan to do some more slight changes this weekend, so it will be easier to go back and forth, but you guys/gals are just going to have to learn how to open and close the news items..LOL Thanks for the support and all the nice compliments since starting this little online rag. We will be celebrating our 3 month anniversary this Sunday and has already been a fun ride. Thanks again.

Shows For The Weekend 8.11/8.12.06

----Special note: Please contact me if you are a promoter/worker and want to be included in the Shows For the Weekend. Also if I missed you this weekend, just e-mail me – I can do an update on Friday or Saturday!!!!

Shows For the Weekend

----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes Motley Cruz;; TheHambones; Loose Cannon; Chris Hollywood; Big Daddy LaFonce and more.

----Friday night in Tupelo, MS for TFW has Tony Dabbs; “Pure Destruction”; Marcus O’Neil; Scott Porteau; and more.

----Friday night in Corinth, MS for USWF has Keith Haynes Jr. Prime Time Nick Grymes, Chris Rocker, Neil Taylor and more.

----Saturday night in Jumpertown, MS for JWS with Jumpertown MS - Devon Raynes, Kage, The Hitman, Bless, Mark Mayhem, The Xecutioners, and many more.

----Saturday night at Peppermint Pond in Dyersburg, TN will have Motley Cruz; TashaSimone; Kilo; 187; Frankie Tucker; Chris Hollywood and more.

----Saturday night in New Albany, MS with XWO will have Storm; Scott Porteau; HollywoodJimmy ; "Pure Destruction", "Asylum" [Psycho/Wraith], "Family of Pain" [MickeyRay/Sarge O'Riley] and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW -- Alex Krisis; Rude; Seth Knight; "TheGolden Boy" Greg Anthony; Matt Boyce; Chris O'Neal; andmore.

---- Saturday night Batesville, AR at the Old Miller Gym for Main Event Wrestling. Admission is free Crazy Luke Graham Jr. & Gerry "Chubby" Graham also Skandar Akbar, Doink, Mr. Wrestling 3, Koko B Ware, Brickhouse Brown, Joey Grunge, Adrian Steel, Casino Kid, Scott Fury, Austin Lane, The Hillbillies ( Plowboy Hays & Hillbilly Tiny), Daniel Flynn, The Danger Zone ( Hotrod Ellison & Danger Dave Foxx) and many more.

----Saturday night in Luxora, AR for MCW – Benefit Show – with Loose Cannon; The Hambone Express; Big Daddy LaFonce; Chris Hollywood and more.

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Tidbits: Cena record, Starr on Smackdown, RAW getting raw and upcoming feature...


----These two bits came from

“Useless stat of the week. With his win over Viscera on Monday, John Cena picked up his 100th victory already in 2006. He has a 100-14-1 record in 115 matches. 30 years from now people will cite that as a Hall of Fame qualification (thanks to Stefan Gorges)”

----Cena is the man..LOL

“Terkay squashed Dustin Starr afterwards him and Burke beat him up some more”

----Congrats to Starr for an appearance on Heat and Smackdown. Good to see a local guy get a break. And before anyone writes anything about him just being a job boy – remember this – he was on TV and you were at home watching him. LOL

----I was told that most of the RAW guys went out to “Platinum Plus” a strip club in Memphis. Good club and usually has some very pretty ladies. Not that I have been there, but I have been told about it. Wink..Wink!! They only stayed for about an hour because everyone was real tired after the trip from Australia.

----I got a few really strong letters on Lawler doing WWE jobs and wanting to be taken serious in Memphis. I am planning a feature sometime in the next week or so called “Jerry The Jobber”. You think that will get me any heat?? LOL

"Picture Perfect" Not So Perfect

“Picture Perfect” Not So Perfect

----Talk about the bad luck. Christian Jacobs in the last 10 days has had a sinus infection, a spider bite and now he is scheduled for a hernia operation. Jacobs has an umbilical hernia and after Googling it, I found the following…

“Umbilical hernias often occur in adulthood because of progressive and significant tension on the congenital area of weakness beneath the navel. This develops through the normal stresses and strains of daily activity. Standard techniques still widely utilized today attempt to repair these hernias by simply closing the muscle defect with sutures placing the muscle tissue under significant tension. Often in these older method repair techniques, muscle layers are overlapped. Such suturing not only recreates the muscle layer tension that originally created the hernia defect, but too often this process also weakens adjacent tissue layers as well. Moreover, this leads to unnecessary pulling of the tissues at the hernia area. We know that any tension on sutured muscles inhibits normal healing and causes swelling, pain and prolonged recuperation. These older suture-only techniques have been shown to be less effective than Tension Free mesh repairs with a significantly higher recurrent hernia rate later on.”

…I just got off the phone with CJ and he says he is scheduled for surgery on Monday. The doctor also told him that he will be out of action for at least four weeks. Well, at least it will give him time to play the new Madden coming out, watch movies and spend rest of the time on MySpace.

----Chris O’Neal suffered a severe laceration on his back in Ripley,TN on July 29, 2006, so the team’s luck is not too good. Apparently O’Neal is going to try to return on Friday night in Corinth, MS for USWF and is going to try his best to work Memphis TV.

----John Michael, who usually is the one injuried, is in perfect health.

Arena Ramblings from RAW in Memphis with Clinton Boyland

Again, sorry these are late, but I had to jog my memory.

No pre-show notes here, we couldn't find any wrestlers giving out autographs, and they just drove off after the show. A few Memphis guys were in the crowd on the camera side, including Derrick King (after his match), Tatt2, and Chris O'Neil. We also saw Vanity and Carnage Antwane after the show.

Dark Match: Shad Gaspard & Da Neighborhoodie def. Rob Conway & Charlie Haas.
I'm not sure if I heard it correctly, but I couldn't sworn Gaspard and Neighborhoodie were announced as The Gangsta Studs, or something to that affect. I surely hope they change that name before they hit TV. They look great and the crowd seem to be into them, but only a few of us Memphis fans recognized them from OVW (Gaspard also went by "Da Beast" in OVW).

Heat tapings:
Matt Striker defeated Dustin Starr: Striker came out and cut a promo about how he can't wait to see everyone back in class in September. He should do a little research about the town before cutting a promo, school starts in August in Memphis! If I hadn't known any better, I wouldn't have recognized Starr. He has dyed his hair, so there's a lot more blond in it now. Good showing by Starr, I hope this leads to something.

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch defeated Val Venis & Snitsky: Nice back and forth match with Venis & Snitsky in charge for most of the bout. Snitsky actually got a big reaction...this team is truly an odd couple.

The Spirit Squad (Kenny & Nicky) defeated unknown tag team: I know these guys were from Memphis, but I didn't recognize them and didn't catch their names.

Eugene & Jim Duggan defeated Charles Evans & Derrick King: Once again, another good showing by a Memphis wrestler. This was mostly a squash, but still get to see both an OVW guy and a Memphis guy getting a shot.

Not much to report on during the show itself, other than what was shown on TV. Normally during commercials or promos, the crowd gets to see it on the Titantron. We didn't get to see the Jeff Hardy promo, and I didn't know about it until I saw the tape later.

A small "Whoop that trick" chant tried to break out when Trish said it, and when she first got into the ring with Lita.

After Vince and Shane went back up the ramp at the end of the show, they did their Elvis poses again. Triple H was carried up the ramp, then turned again and gave a weak crotch chop before being carried to the back.

Post-taping Dark Match: WWE ChampionshipJohn Cena defeated WWE Champion Edge via DQ. Cena had Edge locked into the STFU, but the ref was down. As he was getting up, he saw Edge hit Cena with the title, and called for DQ. Cena gave both Edge and Lita the FU before leaving.

Raw Ramblings 8.07.06 along with an extra special feature..LOL

Raw Ramblings 8.07.06

----Edge was tremendous!!! Trish has lost so much weight, she is becoming unattractive also. What is it with these girls?? I like ladies with a little meat on their bones DAMMIT!!!...Well, I seen Alan Steel!! A speaking role!!! If anyone knows all the other guys there, then let me know??...Kane vs Shelton – nothing special…Cena interview was awesome and his match with Big Vis was not as bad as I expected. And, that FU!! Oh my!!...Trish kisses Carlito – that is kewl. I just couldn’t resist…”Edge is Gay” was a fun chat. Girls were in the match too long with Edge/Lita vs Trish/Carlito. Edge spearing Trish looked awesome!!...Flair looks like he is trying to grow an extra eye with all those veins in his head. BTW, have I said how great Foley has been on the mic all year long?? Flair has lost it – “May one of us bleed 2 death in Boston!!!”…I actually liked the Lawler vs Orton bout. I didn’t think it made Jerry look too bad. I like Umaga and liked the match with HHH. They have built this guy up so big he needs a belt.

Now an extra added special Ramblings……..Smackdown 8.04.06...I know it took forever to put this up, but I had forgot about it. ..It was Regal vs Finlay – what did you expect??...I like the Tekay/Burke duo. Meltz pretty much shit on Burke’s bouts in OVW, especially his feud with Matt Morgan. I always thought the matches were good and the crowd loved them…I could care less for Tatanka and Sylvan..Don’t care about the girls…Batista looks good—Kennedy does a good job also…Vito – oh me – is that Perry Saturn???...Kept calling James/Stevens “Picture Perfect” – good to see James/Steven get the break…I can’t believe I am saying this, but I liked the Chavo interview and Rey angle. I hate it that they are still using Eddy to do an angle, but it actually makes a bit of sense now. Chavo/Rey will at least have real good matches…Booker vs Taker was ok. Nothing wrong, nothing great…Like the idea of the new guys being called up and used. Look forward to seeing what they do with them. …The only reason I wanted to publish this anyway was to rib the real “Picture Perfect”..LOL

Arena Report : ECW Jackson, TN 8.06.06 by Clinton Boyland

BT NOTE: This has been different in that other people are doing Arena Reports, but I felt since these shows either featured Memphis Wrestling workers or that the arena had some Memphis area history, then I would publish them. I always love reading the interaction of the workers with the fans.

Arena Report with Clinton Boyland
ECW House Show
Oman Arena, Jackson, TN 8.06.06

Before the show: When we first arrived at Oman Arena, we unknowningly parked in the back of the building. There were a few cars and a bus there, later revealed to be the wrestlers' cars. We waited for the doors to open, and out of the bus comes Rob Van Dam. We freak out and go to get pictures and autographs, which he gives with no problem. We also saw Sandman in the back of the building listening to his iPod while smoking a cigarette. He also was more than happy to take a picture. So was Tommy Dreamer and Balls Mahoney. Sandman is actually the nicest guy in person, you'd never tell by his TV persona. The only person who didn't sign autographs was Kurt Angle. He pulled up in his car, just waved to the fans and went straight inside.

The show: Rene Dupree vs. Balls Mahoney Dupree looks so different, he has longer hair now, and the facial hair is gone. Several "Balls" chants and a short "We want Axl" chant during the match, and "You are gay" or "You suck dick" chants at Rene. Dupree took control for most of the match, but Balls fought back and hit the Nutcracker Suite.
Winner: Balls Mahoney

Derrick Neikirk & Ryan O'Reilly vs. The FBI A small "Where's my pizza" chant started the match, followed by "Who are you?" at Neikirk and O'Reilly. I swear one of them, I don't know his name, resembles Charlie Haas. The new guys had control of most of the match, and a chant of "You're not worthy" broke from some of the more hardcore fans in the front row.
Winners: The FBI

Kevin Thorn (w/Ariel) vs. CM Punk ECW faithful tore into Thorn, but I have to admit he has a cool entrance. CM Punk was extremely over. We started a nice little "We love Pepsi" chant. After starting the match with a few wristlocks, Punk escaped into the corner and made a crucifix with his fingers. Thorn actually sold this and complained to the ref to make Punk stop, then sold crosses that the audience made! Talk about fan interaction! Thorn hit a crucifix powerbomb at the end, but Punk kicked out and won with the modified Rock Bottom/Keylock as the crowd chanted "Tap, tap, tap!"
Winner: CM Punk

The announcer was about the announce the Extreme Vixen Bikini Contest next, but Lawler came out. After being booed heavily, he said that he did think that ECW had some hot vixens, and he would judge the bikini contest between Francine and Kelly Kelly. Both looked good and got a nice pop, although Francine got a "She's hardcore" chant, and Kelly got "You can't dance." Kelly won, followed by Francine attacking her and starting a catfight. Lawler tried to pull Kelly off Francine, but Mike Knox came out and attacked him. This brought out the Sandman...

Sandman vs. Mike Knox Sandman did his entrance all over the crowd, and cracked open about 4 or 5 beers. Decent match ending when Knox went for Sandman's cane. Lawler ran out and took it from him, and Sandman hit the White Russian Leg Sweep for the pin.
Winner: Sandman


Intermission seemed to go by too quickly, due to the line at the bathroom. Tommy Dreamer comes out and makes mention of the legends who have come through Jackson, mentioning Lance Russell, Bill Dundee, and others. He seemed to know his stuff, even quoting Russell ("Wait'll Lawler hears about this"). He says that Heyman and Vince don't pay his salary, the fans do, and he's gonna kick some ass for us.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Test Test gets a "Steroid Test" chant, to which he responds by looking at the crowd and just shrugging his shoulders. Decent back and forth match, and for a while we really think Tommy's gonna pull it out. Crowd calls for a Spicolli Driver, and he goes for it, but Test escapes and hits the Pumphandle Slam for the win.
Winner: Test

Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle RVD got the pop of the night, and a huge "Welcome Back" chant. Angle got a huge "You suck" chant. Probably the match of the night. RVD went for the 5-star, but Angle dodged it and went immediately for the Ankle lock. RVD got a nice applause after the match, and still did his thumb-pointing pose before going to the back.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Main Event for ECW Title Big Show vs. Sabu Great match and probably match of the night. Show was bulldogged through a table and got hit with several chairshots. At one point, he knocked the chair out of Sabu's hands, and stomped into the seat to break it off, followed by a funny "cheap ass chair" chant. Sabu brought in two tables and hit a DDT through the first one. Show lifted him for a chokeslam though the second, but the table leg broke. Show shrugged, and chokeslammed Sabu through the slanted table.
Winner: Big Show

After the show: Dreamer, Sandman, Big Show, Francine, and RVD all came outside and took the time to sign autographs and take pictures. Angle, again, went straight to his car and took off. Test also refused autographs. On a few funny notes, when asked what he thought of Test, Sandman said "pssh, fuck Test." When also asked if he was getting drunk after the show, he responded, "not in this company." Big Show, while getting on the bus, shouted to Van Dam, "hey, R-V-D, you got the Ma-ry Jane?" We got a nice laugh off that. The ECW show was a very enjoyable fan experience that I'd recommend to any diehard fan, and more fun then Raw the next night...

Monday, August 07, 2006


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ASWF IN TRUMANN, AR Results 8.05.06

8.05.06 ASWF Trumann, AR Results—-2 out for 3 Falls For ASWF “Beyond The Limit” Title – Tommy Wayne vs Morgan Lane ended with the title held up. Wayne won the first fall, then Lane won the second fall and the third fall ended in a draw. They held up the tile; Big Al beat ??? [not sure who it was] – Austin Lane did a run-in on that match to set up the next match; ASWF Title Match: Austin Lane retained his belt beating Big Al; Ray Ray won By DQ over Midnight Special with Sam Dollar, when Dirty Little Dave jumped in – Austin Lane made the save to set up main event; “Rookie Sensation” Jamie Jay beat Sgt O’Riley with Dollar and Main Event—No DQ/No Time Limit/Falls Count Anywhere – Austin Lane/Ray Ray beat Dirty Little Dave/Midnight Special with Dollar – big brawl in the end with O’Riley jumping in and Jamie Jay to set up a 6 –Man Tag for Walnut, AR on 8.26.06.

—-This was a benefit show for Ray Ray’s aunt Penny Pickrell. Pickrell has a brain tumor and is going for surgery on August 11, 2006. They had a crowd of around 80 people and raised close to $1,100 to help her out…Told the finish of the 2out3 falls was a little weird?? Doesn’t the champ always keep his belt on a draw??…Austin Lane made more than his share of appearances…Even though the main event was suppose to be No Dq & all the other stips, the heels kept doing false tags and drawing the ref for cheats??…Neil Taylor no-showed, but that might be due to him being in a car wreck Friday.

Arena Report ECW Poplar Bluff, MO 8.05.06

Arena Report
ECW Live!
Black River ColiseumPoplar Bluff, MO

Memories! Oh memories!
For the first time since January 2003, I visited the Black River Coliseum in Poplar Bluff, MO, for the ECW house show at the venue. For local wrestling fans who do not recall, this building holds some interesting memories for yours truly.

First, in 2001, the original ECW ran its next to last house show there drawing approximately 1,500 fans. That night was special for more than one reason. Owner of this very website, Brian “Coach BT” Tramel was able to secure a tryout for two of his tag teams. This tryout took place in front of the ECW locker room following the night’s events. Unfortunately, one night later in Pine Bluff, AR, ECW held its last show . . . or at least what was thought to be its last show.
Later that year, as part of Memphis Championship Wrestling, I was able to be a part of that company’s June show at the same arena. Around 1,300 were there for it. And I guess as the curse held true, less than a week later, MCW lost its developmental deal with WWE. Maybe people shouldn’t book this building!

In January 2003, as a co-owner of Lethal Attitude Wrestling (LAW), I helped promote Black River Brawl, a show featuring a number of big name talents and local stars. We had around 1,100 there with about 650 or so paid.

Last night, more than 2,500 fans attended the new version of ECW’s house show. My wife Nichole and I made the 100 mile trip from Newport, AR, to see the event. We didn’t buy advanced tickets. I knew this wouldn’t be a sellout, so I just decided to buy at the door. When we arrived a long line flowed from the entrance of the Black River Coliseum all the way to the street. I was impressed and thinking how much money I could be making if I were promoting this show. Just kidding! Well, actually I’m not, but anyway, despite not having a ticket, we were able to get third row floor seats. Somehow a pair was left and I guess we somehow ended up with them. We had to rub that fact into a few friends face. Heels!

Prior to his match, Tommy Dreamer made note that tonight’s crowd was the largest ECW attendance since they started their new tour. Of course, the cynical person in me said, “Yeah. I bet you tell that to all the towns.” However, this has been verified by They said that approximately 2,600 were in attendance. I was close with the guess of 2,500. At a ticket price of $25, that’s a $65,000 house. Not bad at all.Four events have been promoted in the history of the Black River Coliseum, which was built in 1999. The first was the ECW show in January 2001. Then, the MCW show in June 2001. Then, January 2003 was the date for the LAW show and last summer, Harley Race’s World League Wrestling held a show there featuring a special appearance by the “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.

Looking back, hindsight is always 20/20. The first two events were sold shows, so the promotion had nothing to lose. By the time, we (LAW) tried, the sold show option was out. We had to offer a percentage of our gate, which was good because there were no upfront fees, but bad since the percentage was relatively high.

The first three shows there had too high ticket prices. Front row for the ECW and MCW shows were either $40 or $50 and the LAW front row was $40. These included meet and greets, but in an area that is not the richest, $40 or $50 per head is high. I think the $25 ticket price was perfect. That, in my opinion, is a big reason that ECW drew 2,600 people.ECW, this time, also had the advantage that we (LAW) didn’t. The venue now charges a small, flat rate for arena rental. Let’s just say that ECW cleared nearly 98% of their gate money - that is if they were charged the rental rates that we’re set forth for the coliseum. I’m sure another deal could have been made, but I doubt it. The arena also charges a $1 per ticket service fee. So they got $2,600 right off the bat, plus a base rate. And the arena takes 100% of concessions and 25% of merchandise (30% if they provide the workers).So it was a very good night for both ECW and BRC. Now, I’ll get down to who wrestled who and what not.

Rene Dupree vs. Balls MahoneyIn the opener, Rene Dupree faced ECW Original Balls Mahoney. It was a fun little match. Balls was way over as the crowd chanted the “Balls, Balls, Balls” catcall every time the former ECW Tag Champ hit a punch. A poor front row fan was tossed before the match even started. Dupree came over to him and knocked his hat off. From my viewpoint, I couldn’t tell if the kid touched Dupree or what, but security got rid of him, so I’m assuming he did. What a poor sap. Thirty seconds into the show and he’s out in the parking lot. One more pre-match note, ring announcer Justin Roberts came to the ring and his microphone wouldn’t work, so he had to wait around for someone to bring him another one. Personally, I’ve been there and felt that situation!Match was good for what it was. Nothing fancy, but some nice wrestling by Balls. Some of these “hardcore” guys can actually work when they want to. Interesting chants during this one like “You Suck D***,” and “You Take Roids.” Obviously the steroids chant was directed at Rene.Balls hits the Nutcracker Suite for the win.

Winner: Balls Mahoney

Derrick Neikirk & Ryan O’Reilly vs. The FBIThe Full Blooded Italians of Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke faced Derrick Neikirk & Ryan O’Reilly in tag team action. It was a fun little match. Biggest thing I noticed – use of the old school tag rope!

Winners: The FBI

Kevin Thorne (w/Ariel) vs. CM PunkAriel is hot! Something about that gothic gear makes me . . . want to report on this match. Thorne is, of course, not stranger to fans in this region. He worked as Seven for MCW and has actually competed at the Coliseum twice before. He was on the June 2001 MCW show and teamed with Gangrel against Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore and Flex (Too Cool II) at the LAW event.

One funny spot saw Thorne whip Punk into the ropes, miss a close line and then Punk flashed him a cross sign with his fingers. Thorne and Ariel freaked out and then a fan in the audience actually brought a cross and a jar of garlic with him to the arena. Classic!I must say that I was shocked with how over Punk was. I guess most of the fans in attendance are internet marks, because Punk, to my knowledge, has never worked anywhere close to this area during his career.Winner: CM Punk

“Extreme Vixxen Body Contest”Next up was an “Extreme Vixxen Body Contest” between the “Queen of Extreme” Francine and Kelly Kelly. Both looked good. Crowd gave it to Kelly. Kelly and Francine had a weak catfight. Then Kelly started to strip, Mike Knox came out to cover her up, Brian Thompson went for a pee break and then Sandman came out to start . . .

Sandman vs. Mike KnoxNothing fancy here. Entrance for Sandman was great, although I still miss “Enter Sandman,” but wouldn’t spend the money to get it either if I were Vince. Match ended with Sandman hitting Knox with the Singapore Cane for the DQ. He caned him all the way to the back, then came back to the ring to celebrate before intermission. Quick note that I didn’t mention during the Thorne/Punk report: Scott Armstrong was in the house referring. Good to see him getting work. The Armstrongs are a great wrestling family.

Winner: Mike Knox

Tommy Dreamer vs. TestWe’re back from intermission. Tommy Dreamer gets on the mic and puts over Poplar Bluff as being hardcore and then makes the statement about the ECW attendance. Then he says they need to do TV or bring a pay-per-view to Bluff. That got big ol’ pop.Decent match. Fans started the “steroids” chant on Test. Test went over with his new “Diamond Cutter” looking finisher.

Winner: Test

Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt AngleRVD got the loudest pop of the night and was in the midst of a nice match with Kurt Angle, when Angle hit a “German Suplex,” on Van Dam. Unfortunately, RVD looked to have landed on his neck. Was a scary moment. Agent Steve Keirn, who was at ringside all night, looked concerned. RVD was able to move, but was slow. Reports on have indicated that Van Dam is alright. Thank God. That was one of the scariest moments I’ve ever seen live. Only other thing I can remember as scary was when Thorne (as Seven) hit Stan Lee with a clothesline that broke his jaw in Dyersburg, TN. That was brutual.Angle ends up going over with the ankle lock.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Main Event: ECW Title(Champion) Big Show vs. SabuIt’s good to see Sabu getting a good run at this stage in his career. He has put his body through HELL! Sabu and Show worked the “David vs. Goliath” type story here. Sabu ended up hitting show with the chair a few times and ended up brining out two tables. He DDT’d Show through the first one and was then choke slammed through the other one as Show got the 1-2-3. Overall a fun match to end a fun night.Winner: Big Show – Still ECW Champion.

Final Notes:It was nice to see Poplar Bluff wrestling fans come out. Southeast Missouri doesn’t get much wrestling these days. Since CCW is no more and LAW sticks to Northeast Arkansas there is hardly anyone running that area of the state. WLW comes through on rare occasion and I understand that ICW is in Puxico, MO this Saturday for that town’s annual fair. Other than that, you have to drive to St. Louis for WWE or Gateway, which also comes to Cape Girardeau here and there.

Indy workers in attendance last night should note a few things. The guys weren’t all in t-shirts and jeans, unless it fits their gimmick (Balls, Sandman), they all looked in good ring shape and they used some simple psychology (not high spot, high spot, high spot). Food for thought.

Thanks for reading!

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 8.05.06

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 8.05.06

----Cory Maclin opens the show. Show was taped last week. He promises an up close look at the “Wild & Crazy Clowns” and he mentions an interview from Lawler with WWE coming to Memphis on Monday.

----“Too Cool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] do an interview about “Picture Perfect”. TC2 beat “PP” V3 [Chris O’Neal/John Michael]. Maclin calls Michael “Christian Jacobs” AGAIN!! LOL Those two guys do look a like, but it does make Maclin look like a goof. Real good bout with heat on O’Neal and the hot tag to John Jacobs [lol]. Jacobs had Flex pinned, but Grind hit him with the title belt with the ref’s head turned.

----Nate The Rat with “The Cowboys” [Bill Nasty/Ricky Murdoch] interview. “Cowboys” are doing the Stan Hansen gimmick as Nate said they were beer drinking tobacco chewing crazy cowboys. Nate is not in the Elvis gimmick anymore, which is a good thing. Interview was a little too long. Both guys had tobacco juice running down their chest.

----“Opening The Vault” classic clip – Jerry Lawler vs Humongous. Lawler came to the ring with a Huey mask. Not sure, but this Huey could have been Mike Stark?? Lawler got out of the shendomauke and pulled down the strap!!

----Rashad with “Clowns” interview. They were finally named today – “Mr. Giggles” [Poker] and “Bobo” [Rude]. Giggles/Bobo beat Drew Donavon/Bishop. Good match. Got the heat on Bishop with a hot tag from Drew. Donavon is not believeable with the hot tag. Ref’s head turned and Giggles rakeed a cut lemon [yes you are reading that right] in Donavon’s face and got a roll up for the pin. Giggles also had a banana out and it scared me when I wondered what he was going to do with it. Here is you a finish – throw down the peel and let someone fall. LOL After the bout, the Clowns had a remote car and had some kids get in the ring. They were going to give the car to one of the boys. Then Giggles just stomped it doing his best Ted Dibiase imitation along with Bobo elbowing it.

----Lawler interview plugs his personal appearances, action figures and his new DVDs. Lawler talks about ECW in Jackson, TN Sunday night. Lawler reads an “e-mail” that says wrestling is predetermined [Lawler says, “It is??”] and everyone knows Lawler is going to be beat by Orton. Lawler then pretty much said that WWE writes stuff like that when people go to their hometowns like when JR got beat up in Oklahoma. Lawler said that might be what they have in store for him. WTF?? Kayfabe!!! Kayfabe!!! LOL

----Mr America video package aired. This is good for all the young guys. America is over big time with this gimmick. Not as good as the Kevin White video last week, but good.

----Bill Dundee/”Hot Topic” [Derrick King/Stan Lee] interview. Dundee says he has been wrestling in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. I loved that. He admits how old he is and Lawler tried to hide his age. Kevin White joined Cory for commentary. He did a good job, even though he is a bit “country” sounding. That doesn’t matter around here though. King/Lee/Dundee beat Hillbilly Jethro/Tatt2/America. King got on Lees’ shoulders to make himself as big as Jethro, which was funny, but then Jethro just punched him and Lee also. Babyface shine looked good for all three guys. They get the heat on America. Hot tag seemed flat. Tatt2 got it and Lee caught him in airplane spin, which also hit the ref for a bump. Lee dropped Tatt2 and they both were dizzy. Tatt2 fell on Lee for the pin, but DK hit Tatt2 and put Lee on top of him for the pin/win when a new ref came in.

FINAL NOTES: Tatt2 did the “169” and Cory never calls it that. Ok, I hate when indy guys steal big time moves, but if he is going to do – either call it 169 or something. Cory favorite though is “whatta move!!!” or “big move”…Real good show today as the sound was fixed, three good bouts and the video of America. This is the kind of show that helps get everyone over…Still not sold with the Clowns, but they are making me laugh. And, they are two good workers.

—-This report is seen every week — same Bat time/same bat channel @

8.04.06 USWF Corinth, MS Results

8.04.06 USWF Corinth, MS Results

---Danny Morris beat Prime Time Nick Grymes and afterwards attacked Nick with a chair tearing some legiments in his arm (its a work, that was just his last USWF match) , Psycho beat Izzy Rotten by dq when Omega and Justin Rhodes got involved ( it was kinda like sgwa vs. xow cause Izzy works sgwa and Psycho works xow and they both run saturdays in northeast ms) tatt2 beat oz, buzz harley and reno diamond beat mitch torreta and brian steele w/ nikki lace, keith haynes jr, chris rocker, and psycho beat justin rhodes, omega, and izzy rotten ( justin rhodes cracked his ankle during the match and left, he tried to come back but had to leave again due to the injury - THIS WAS LEGIT ]and in the Main Event - Bishop won a big battle royal w/ Rocker, Oz, Tatt2, Izzy Rotten, Steele, Torreta, Danny Morris, Keith Haynes Jr, and others to win the USWF Championship — last two in the ring were Rocker/Steele — Rocker eliminated Steele, then Bishop slid in [waiting outside the ring] and threw Rocker out to be the new champ.

Our Condolences

—-I just got word from Brian Thompson about the below. He was nice enough to write up a story for me to put up on the site. My condolences to friends and family.

—-The professional wrestling scene in the Newport and Jackson County, Arkansas, area lost a true friend Tuesday, when Sharon Burnside passed away.—-Sharon was the co-owner of Wrestling For A Cause (WFAC), which promotes events each Friday night in Newport, AR, at the WFAC Arena, which is located across from the Newport Sonic. Sharon’s son Chris Bryant, who competes as wrestler Lineman, is the other owner of WFAC. The company has also ventured into other markets with past events in Wynne and Mountain Home, among other locations.—-Most fans and wrestlers were sure to be greeted by a big hug and a smile by Ms. Sharon at each WFAC event. She and Chris made sure that when someone was in need, they did their part by holding benefit events for special needs children and families who just needed that extra special helping hand.

—-Ms. Sharon’s funeral was held Friday morning at Jackson’s Funeral Home in Newport. Ms. Sharon was very generous to her community and now that same community has a chance to give back to her. To help with the expenses of her funeral, a Sharon Burnside Memorial Fund has been set up. Anyone wishing to donate may do so at Merchants & Planters Bank or Jackson’s Funeral Home in Newport. Anyone seeking more info on the fund may call the bank at 870-523-3601 or the funeral home at 870-523-5822.

—-On a personal note, Ms. Sharon will be missed by myself and “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton. Bobby and I first worked for WFAC in June 2004 and have continued to maintain a relationship with the company ever since. Bobby and I last appeared in WFAC on March 24th of this year, one night before my wedding. Ms. Sharon was a good person and I am glad that we got to know her. I can only ask that everyone keeps her family in their thoughts and prayers.