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8.18.06 MCW Osceola, AR Results

----Hambones with Sam Dollar beat Pecos/Gary The Medic; Derrick King/Big Jim Wade beat "the Possee" [Simon Reed/'Lil Chris]; MCW MT Title Match: Lighting beat Loose Cannon with Dollar by DQ when JD Rage/Hamhock interfered; Big Daddy LaFonce/Thunder beat JD Rage/Hamhock and Spiro/King over by Dq Frankie Tucker/Heartbreaker with Dollar.

----Probably around 120+ there with a gate of around $660...Motley Cruz was there, but was not booked due to him no showing the show last Saturday. Good to see LaFonce trying to instill some kind of rules...Looks like Cannon is going to feud with Lighting over the MW title. Get it -- he is not a middleweight. It should be fun.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 8.19.06

----Cory Maclin shows Lawler piledriving Nate the Rat from last week and says “Wham Bam Thank you Ma’ma” when Lawler is doing it. Yes, he said that.

----Maclin returned with a Nate The Rat interview. “The Cowboys” [Ricky Murdoch/Bill Nasty] come out and forearm each other on the chest. Murdoch/Nasty beat JD McCain [ JD McKay]/Neil Taylor in a squash much like last week with “Picture Perfect”. Taylor took the heat [no offense] and then hot tag to JD. JD threw a couple of punches and then cut him off for the finisher. Their finisher is Nasty does a sidewalk slam as Murdoch does a running elbow smash for the pin.

----“Too Cool 2” [Flex/Tim Grind/”Hot Topic” [Stan Lee/Derrick King] interview with King complaining about Jerry Calhoun should be fired for hitting him. “Picture Perfect” [Chris O’Neal/John Michael]/Tatt2/Jethro with Grady Watson beat Flex/Grind/Lee/King, when King went to grab Calhoun and Jerry called for backup. Mr. America came from the back and punched King right in front of the ref and Tatt2 rolled him up fast for the pin. Everyone looked real good here. O’Neal did a good series with Grind. Michael had a good spot with King/Lee doing a double neckbreaker to get the hot tag. Jethro did a double suplex on Grind/Flex and then a double chokeslam on King/Lee. They made him look like a million bucks.

----Grind/Flex/Lee/King – interview threatening Cory and Jerry Calhoun.

----Lawler with Renee – interview. Lawler was wearing a real cool cape with his hands going thru the cape. Hard to explain, but it looked like something a super hero would wear. Lawler explains that thru the years he has always stayed in Memphis, but worked WWE. He talks about how the WWE works so many days a week. Lawler says they are building Orton up to work Hogan, so he knew what they were doing. Lawler gets close to breaking kayfabe here. Lawler is good at explaining why he loses in WWE and is suppose to still be a bad ass here in Memphis.

----Brickhouse Brown/Kevin White interview – got a good reaction for the crowd. Rashad with “Insane Clowns” [Mr. Giggles/Bobo] does interview to build match. MW Southern TT Title Match: White/Brown beat Clowns, when Giggles hits Bobo on mistake with the bucket. Giggles slipped trying to go to the second rope to do the move, so he just slugged the bucket. Good match with heat on White & hot tag to Brown. Rude/Poker seem to be getting comfortable in the gimmick and are running with it. I am still not a fan of it.

----Jerry Lawler beat Humongous [Gary Nations] by DQ. Nate came out to promise Lawler going to the hospital. Lawler pulled off Huey’s hockey mask and started punching him. Huey still had a ninja looking mask only showing his eyes and nose. Cory sold on commentary that Huey was weakening because of the mask coming off. [nice touch] Cowboys jumped in to help Huey. Renee slapped Nate during the brawl and then Nate knocked her down. Renee got out of the ring and brought Lawler a chair as he was getting beat up by three guys. Lawler cleared the ring.

----Lawler interview finished the show challenging Nate to bring someone else. Next week will be the last live Memphis Wrestling show.

FINAL NOTES: I took a look at Bill Nasty this week and him/me could be brothers. He has chicken legs, no ass and a big belly. For shoot – he looks like he could be my brother. Now you know why I do not wrestle. LOL…Maclin, I thought, had finally got John Michael’s name almost right [he has been calling him Christian Jacobs] by calling him Michaels instead of Michael. But, guess what?? He called him Chris Michaels. LOL Cory is bad…Not sure, but believe this was JD McKay’s first ever appearance on Memphis Wrestling. Even though, MW is a just a shell of what it use to be, I do know that was always a dream of his going back many years. Congrats JD…I have heard people being very critical of the Nations version of Huey. Thought he did nothing wrong in the match. Nations looks to be too overweight to be Huey, but if you look close he looks like having that barrel belly old weightlifter type body. May need to lose a few pounds, but thought he did a good job…I have liked the last two weeks of Memphis Wrestling tons. Not too many matches and just the right build up. If they could keep doing this and give some of the other guys chances, it might do a turnaround for me…It would been nice of Cory to bring up the history of Lawler vs Huey. Cory needs to get names of the wrestlers RIGHT!!!...Clowns are being called “Insane Clowns” now, instead of “Wild & Crazy” as directed by the King.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

A few things......

----I am having problems loading photos into the news. It has something to do with, so until it is fixed, then I am photo-free.

----I have updated the "Looking For" section. Please, if anyone can help me with any of this, then drop me an e-mail. Also you might have to REFRESH some of the older pages.

----"Jerry The Jobber" has been put on hold for a few more days. I plan to have an article posted on Memphis Wrestling ratings and "Daddy's Little Girl - Stephanie McMahon" sometime in the next few days.

----Thanks again for all the support!!!

Shows For The Weekend - Friday Edition

---Saturday night: OSCW Paragould, AR--Main Event Steel Cage Ladder Match for the "Next Division" Championship (Champ)Kid Krazy vs. "Suicide King" Ray Ray; Semi Main Event Grudge Match Hillbilly Nate vs. Hamhock;Feature Match Heavyweight Title Match(Champ) Buster "HELLRAISER" Johnson vs. Julio Guerreo;Big Indian Coyete vs. Hambone Express #1;The Blakester vs. Loose Cannon and Sergeant Shakedown vs. Hambone Express #2.

----Saturday night: ICW Hardcore show @ The Spot @ 103 BREWER ST. PARIS TN(no one under the age of 18 allowed) bell time 9pm. Scheduled to appear: R.L. Brimstone, The Lost Boys (Xtreme Neal Dream and Ty Blade), Interns, Buckwild Bill, Hostile Brian Michaels,Tara St.Cloud, Moondog Rex, and more.

8.18.06 NWA Mid-South Wrestling West Memphis, AR

----Matt Riviera beat Frank Thornton; Don Bass beat Tatt2;Rebecca Raze beat Chris Rocker in an intergender match; The Cowboys [Ricky Murdoch/Bill Nasty] beat The Posse[Simon Reed/'Lil Chris] Derrick King and Matt Riviera (with Honest John) went to a double-countout and Main Event: Brian Christopher beat Kamala via disqualification.

----I was told this show was first a Don Bass show, then a Memphis Wrestling show and then finally a NWA Mid-South show...I got two reports with attendance being guessed to be around 135 and gate of a little over a grand...No shows included "Too Cool 2" [Tim Grind/Flex]; Lady Vixen; Stan Lee and Bill Dundee. Dundee is suffering from a very sore knee as that is also the reason he did not do Memphis Wrestling last week...Jerry Lawler was there, but did not work[was schedule to work Kamala] due to having nose surgery just a few days ago. It might have been sinus surgery, but he has had some plastic surgery, so who knows....Backstage and in the crowd were one half of the legendary jobber team "Ruff N Ready", Rashad, Rodney Grimes [selling gimmicks] and Guy Coffee. Coffee was selling Lawler gimmicks as he always does...Told Riviera was old school and was trained by Bill Ash....Weird how when Rocker works indy shows most of the time he is Rocker, not Mr. America??

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Shows For The Weekend 8.17 - 8.18.06


Shows For the Weekend

----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes Motley Cruz;; The Hambones; Loose Cannon; Chris Hollywood; Big Daddy LaFonce and more.

----Friday night in Tupelo, MS for TFW has Tony Dabbs; “Pure Destruction”; Marcus O’ Neil; Scott Porteau and more. ----Friday night in Corinth, MS for USWF has Keith Haynes Jr, Chris Rocker, Psycho, “Family of Pain” [Mickey Ray/Sarge O'Riley] and more.

----Saturday night in Jumpertown, MS for JWS with Jumpertown MS - Devon Raynes, Kage, The Hitman, Bless, Mark Mayhem, The Xecutioners, and many more.

----Saturday night at Peppermint Pond in Dyersburg, TN will have Motley Cruz; Tasha Simone; Kilo; 187; Frankie Tucker; Chris Hollywood and more.

----Saturday night in New Albany, MS with XWO will have Storm; Scott Porteau; Hollywood Jimmy ; "Pure Destruction", "Asylum" [Psycho/Wraith], "Family of Pain" [Mickey Ray/Sarge O'Riley] and more. ----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW -- Alex Krisis; Rude; Seth Knight; "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony; Matt Boyce; Jon Michael ; Chris O'Neal; Dustin Starr; and more.

---- Saturday night Batesville, AR at the Old Miller Gym for Main Event Wrestling. Admission is free Crazy Luke Graham Jr. & Gerry "Chubby" Graham also Skandar Akbar, Doink, Mr. Wrestling 3, Koko B Ware, Brickhouse Brown, Joey Grunge, Adrian Steel, Casino Kid, Scott Fury, Austin Lane, The Hillbillies ( Plowboy Hays & Hillbilly Tiny), Daniel Flynn, The Danger Zone ( Hotrod Ellison & Danger Dave Foxx) and many more.

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Show Tomorrow Night!!

NWA Mid-South Wrestling will be in West Memphis, AR at the VFW Tomorrow night August 17 with a 7:30 p.m. bell time and the following line-up:

Main Event: Jerry Lawler vs. Kamala

Semi-Main Event: Derrick King vs. Bill Dundee

Don Bass vs. Stan Lee

"The Cowboys" [Ricky Murdock & Nasty Bill] vs. Too Cool 2 [Tim Grind/Flex]

Ladies Match: Rebecca Raze vs. Lady Vixon

Matt Riviera vs. Frank Thornton


----Edge is fantastic. Heel of the year!! Was that Cena’s real dad?? If it was, then he took one helluva bump!!...I am a Mickie mark, so I hate to see the belt taken away. I am guessing it will then go to Trish before she retires. Thought it was not as good of a match it should have been. I think it might have been because of Lita…Foley interview was good and then when he attacked Flair, it looked like he was trying to open him up…I was disappointed in the Nitro vs Flair match..Umaga!!!—the jobber sucked…DX segment was good and the crowd was really into them. Shawn looked real serious or was wondering why am I here???...Duggan/Eugene vs Spirt Squad – I did not watch – I feared those blue shorts that Duggan has been wearing…Carlito vs Edge was ok, but I was expecting more…Orton was good for the first few minutes and then the segment went wayyyyyy tooooo long. Hogan needs to retire. Orton better go over in this match.

Monday, August 14, 2006

FEATURE ARTICLE: “Memphis Wrestling – Talent, Writing and the Egos”

“Memphis Wrestling – Talent, Writing and the Egos”

----The official statement from Pamela Bridges, Program Director of UPN 30 WLMT is “Memphis Wrestling was moved to 10 PM to accommodate the CW programming on Saturday morning.”

----After over 48 hours of hearing everyone strongly protesting the Memphis Wrestling TV show move, I have more to say myself. Memphis Wrestling traditionally has always been on at 11:00 AM on Saturday morning. I do know at one time they tried to air it at 10:00 AM, but still never got the viewer ship as the 11:00 AM spot. Everyone is saying it is the end of Memphis Wrestling as we know it. Do I think it will draw numbers at 10:00 PM. No, I do not. But, I have seen strange things happen in this biz. The proof of good numbers will be the next big Southaven show. If they can promote a show that draws more than 300 people, then I will be surprised.

----Is Memphis Wrestling going to die?? Well, after watching for the last three months analyzing and looking at the product with a fine tooth comb I think the show is dead already. I try to be positive and there are some positive things on the show, but as a whole there are so many problems with talent, writing and egos that this show will never be good.

----TALENT: The show has some real good young guys that are just begging to be stars. “Picture Perfect” [Chris O’Neal/John Michael], Kevin White, “Too Cool 2” [Flex/Tim Grind], Tatt2, Stan Lee and even the “Clowns” have talent. But, then they are all over shadowed by White teaming with the old wrestlers like Brickhouse Brown. White with the right angle could be a good singles star in Memphis. Has Flex/Grind actually had a good feud?? They were feuding with Reggie B Fine/Brickhouse Brown at one time?? It was funny in parts, but never given the chance to really shine. Tatt2 needs a lot of work. Stan Lee gets a push, because of Derrick King, but Lee has the potential to be a big babyface. Grady Watson gets more air time and some of the young guys!!! I actually think Jethro has some talent [green, but he is a rookie], but he has to drop that Hillbilly gimmick and try to do that “Devil Rejects” gimmick everyone is raving about from Ripley. My rant about the “Clowns” stays the same – why push this stupid ass gimmick, when “Naughty By Nature” [Rude/Pokerface] can either be a great heel or baby team.

----Finally, you have O’Neal/Michael getting one of the best reactions of any of the workers on TV [and I was told by someone in the crowd that the marks even cheered for them as they left] and they are squashed by two overweight out of shape workers that all the boys think suck.. Bill Nasty has always been a nice guy and works hard to do what he does, but Murdoch?? Let’s just say -- this is a show when guys like Dustin Starr and Alan Steel can’t get work, but Ricky Murdoch does. WTF??

----WRITING: The top babyface of this promotion is Cory Maclin. I will use a joke that Jim Cornette once told me about myself – “As a wrestler, you are a good writer..” Well, Maclin as a wrestler, you are a good announcer. Wait?? You are not even a good announcer. Your “big move” and “whatta move” over exaggerations make the show sometimes unbearable. Then, you decide you want to be a wrestler so that all the major babyface storylines are built around you. The angles are not bad, as in the actual writing, but it would be better if you put some of the young guys in the roles. The other storylines of the shows are non-existent. I might see a Derrick King storyline with Mr America and the White/Dundee storyline, but they spend no time to get people to understand and have feelings for the babyfaces. King is now doing something with Jerry Calhoun?? It might just be for two weeks, but why try to push Calhoun?? The Dundee turn was too quick and was just because Lawler turned.

----The reason I liked the Nate The Rat skit this week is because I am anticipating an angle where Nate tries to get someone to collect a bounty on Lawler. Lawler/Hart had a great run with this type of angle and it might work again. Nate brings in Lord Humongous [and I think it was Gary Nations] next week, so maybe this will continue a story. Who knows?? Most of the talent has no idea where their character or storylines are going because Maclin usually don’t write the show until 10:00 AM on Saturday mornings. And if Lawler doesn’t like it or he is pissed because you might have missed a move or you are not kissing his ass, then he will either just job you out or punish you.

----THE EGOS: Everyone will probably think that Lawler will be considered as the biggest ego here; right?? Well, he probably does have the biggest one. But, he does have a REASON to have one. All due respect, Lawler is true legend in this area. I think that Maclin is the ego-monster here and he will not let anyone even try to get over. He pushes himself and I have heard more than one worker say, “If I was 120 lbs and black, then I would get a push!!” Don’t flood my e-mail account with comments that I am a racist or whatever. Because if you will be honest with yourself, you will know what I am saying here. Along with Maclin trying to say every cool new urban slang, I sometimes think I am watching Memphis Wrestling airing on BET. Besides Mr. America and Kevin White what other two white guys have got a huge push?? Flex/Grind---AND they are pretending to be black!!!!

----Lawler’s ego is still written all over the show. Here is a guy that didn’t even say hi to all the Memphis guys that were backstage working as WWE extras. He just pretends they do not exist, because remember – he is the KING. And he will put guys in stupid gimmicks and they will just do it, because he is the KING!! Think about this?? What wrestler has Lawler helped get a WWE deal?? No one!!! And, also think about this – Maclin/Lawler had one of the longest god-awful feuds, which I think drew one good house.

----I know this probably comes off as a rant from a bitter old man or something. It just pisses me off when talent is so abused. Maclin has the potential to have good wrestling shows; it is just the fact that he does not know how to do it. If I was them, I would just start airing the old “Opening the Vault” full one hour shows and promote a “Legends” show every 3 months. Maybe then, some of the talent would migrate to other areas and get breaks that they deserve.

Christian Jacobs Doing Fine....

----I just talked with CJ and he is doing fine. Operation went well and it took a little over a hour. He came home around 2:00 PM and has been on the couch resting with some hydros. He said he is real sore, but other than that he is doing good. He will be going back to the doctor on Monday and we should have an update on him around that time.

8.12.06 VCW Savannah, TN Results

----Chris Kilgore beat Sammy Hall; Kaleb Kastle/AJ Creed beat Jewdis/Horton; Jamie Idol/Nick Grymes beat Raptor/Spydar Boodrow; LC Dice/Doink The Clown beat The Raging Bull/Billy Ray Hickerson; The Moondogs [Rex & Runt] vs The Cowboys[Ricky Murdoch/Bill Nasty] ended in a double DQ and in Main Event Kamala beat "Dirty White Boy" Jake Dalton.

----Crowd was around 135 with a gate of around $1,400...I was told the crowd was loud and rowdy...For those wondering, I have not forgot about these fake Moondogs. I just have written everything I can. If promoters and workers want to continue to work with these guys -- it's on you guys.

8.12.06 MCW Osceola, AR Results

----Thunder over Pecos with Sam Dollar; Gary The Medic/Chris Hollywood over Loose Cannon/Hambone #2; Hillbilly Nate vs Big Jim Wade - No contest as Hambones/East Coast Bad Boys do a run in; MW Title Match: White Lighting beat Hamhock with Dollar; Big Daddy Lafonce over Frankie Tucker with Dollar by DQ and Main Event -- Moondog Rules Match - MCW TT Title Match: "East Coast Bad Boys" [Spiro/Serpant] win the titles from the Hambones with Dollar.

----Crowd was down from Friday, but that happens when you promote two nights in a row...This was a benefit show for a Cancer victim in Luxora, AR...Alot of no shows -- Motley Cruz, Tasha, and Rashad to just name a few...Word I got that LafFonce was hot and they might not be back....Right at 60 there with a gate close to $330.

8.12.06 TIWF Brownsville, TN Results

TIWF results from action Sat. Aug. 12th-2006 Brownsville, Tn.

At the Wyatt Duke National Guard Armory

TIWF Tag Team Tournament Finals Rd. 4
*Maxx Corbin & Albino Rhino def. Haywood Hustler & Mr. X
* Way Cool & Carnage Antwone def. Ice Cage & Exodus
* Hardknocks Hooligan & Butcherman Smith def. AC Havoc & Ernest T. FletcherTIWF Triple Threat Tag Team Finals
* Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin def. Way Cool/Carnage Antwone def. Hardknocks Hooligan /Butcherman Smith

TIWF Cruiserweight Title Match* Wildside def. PK Ripper© to become the new TIWF Cruiserweight Champion

TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match* Steven Rampage© def. Weasel to retain the Heavyweight Title

Tidbits: Another format change, Jacobs, Article and Happy Anniversary

----I have decided to stick with this format now. I have the top 3 stories on the left side [in full bloom, instead of open/close method] of the Blog. The links to the other parts of the site are posted on the right hand side with the last 10 entries just below that. I have also made it easier to navigate on my site with a new nav bar on the most important pages. The older pages will take you to another link, so you will have to jump around a bit. I do think this is a better format for all of us. LMK what you think.

----Christian Jacobs went into surgery at 6:30 AM this morning. I am assuming he is out of it by now. I texted him early this morning and he is hoping they send him home around noon. I will update his surgery later today as I get info.

----I delayed the "Jerry The Jobber" article for a few days and will be posting a feature I wrote on Memphis Wrestling titled "Memphis Wrestling - Talent, Writing and Egos".

----Happy belated anniversary to...RASSLINRIOTONLINE.COM!!! LOL I celebrated my 3rd month yesterday!! Thanks again to all for the support.