Saturday, September 16, 2006

Nate The Rat Goes After Fan at TV Tapings!!!

----The story I got tonight was that Nate The Rat during a commercial break went into the TV audience after a fan at the Memphis Wrestling tapings. Nate was yelling and claiming that the sunglasses the fan was wearing were stolen from him. Nate had a pair of glasses just like them that came up missing at the TV tapings a couple of weeks back. Nate yelled at him, “You are going to give me my fucking glasses back!!” and then pushed the fan. The fan [who I was told is a police officer] told Nate to not touch him again. Nate then started choking the fan, but the fan removed Nate’s hand from his throat. Nate was probably getting ready to get his ass kicked when security and Cory Maclin broke them up. They took the fan to the back to talk over the situation and then called another fan to the back. The second fan had no idea what was going on?? They eventually escorted the original fan out of the building and told the other one to sit back in his seat. The glasses were given back to Nate.

----If the fan did steal the glasses, then it was right for Nate to ask for them back, but he could have done it in a different fashion; what do you think?? This would have been so funny if it was live and when they came back from a commercial break some guy from the crowd was kicking Nate’s ass!!! LOL

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 9.16.06

----Cory Maclin opens the show with news of Ricky Gibson’s death - 1952 to 2006. He then interviews Jimmy Hart and "Captain" Lou Albano via phone. You could barely hear Hart/Albano. Nate The Rat comes out. Maclin mentions that Jerry Lawler’s mom has also suffered a stroke. Maclin announces that “The Cowboys” [Ricky Murdoch/Bill Nasty] will get a tag title match. Brickhouse Brown/Kevin White [the champs] interview to say they will put their titles vs Nate’s hair.

----Hair vs Titles Match: “Cowboys” beat Brown/White to win the Southern TT Titles. Heat on Brown with hot tag to White. Nate hit White with his briefcase after ref bump with Murdoch pinning him. Crowd chanted “Cowboys suck!!” LOL Yes, they do, but this was the best bout they have had since coming in. Murdoch was “on” today and messed up just a little bit.

----Nate interview with Jethro. Jethro does well on interview. Jethro beat “New Flavor” Headrick Hines in a total squash. “Uncle” Grady Watson comes out and talks to Jethro after the match. Jethro throws Grady into the ring and powerbombs. It looked good.

----Reggie B Fine interview with Bodyguard. Fine was wearing a full length fur coat. Horrible interview – Fine acted like he was drunk. His bodyguard was holding a manila envelope which Fine says the contents will destroy Lawler’s career. Fine beats JD McCain in a total squash. JD gets one spot when Fine misses a move into the turnbuckle. JD goes to do the 10 count punch move, when the ref makes him get down. Fine then hits JD with something for the pin and win. Not a good match, but it was not JD’s fault.

----Rashad interview with “Insane Clowns” [Dr. Giggles/Bobo]/Derrick King interview. King/Clowns beat Dustin Starr/Robert Gibson/Mr. America. Faces got a ton of shine. Heat on America with hot tag to Starr. Starr got hit with Clowns’ water bucket with King pinning him for the win. Good match.

----“Opening the Vault” with Lance Russell. Lance starts talking about his dogs and laughing. I think he said the dogs were breading. No kidding. Lance rambles about tag teams and talks about a few of them. This is followed by a Fabulous Ones video. These pieces are a good idea, but they have not been put together good.

----Show ends with an interview with “Too Cool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] inside the studio in a truck. It was a funny interview putting over Grind/Flex doing their urban gimmick. Grind even got in the “Filthy Freaks” name, which the gimmick they do in Ripley, TN.

FINAL NOTES: Condolences to Robert Gibson and family…Get well wishes to Mrs. Lawler…Jethro with a little tweaking can be a big time heel here. I keep saying it – but they need to use his “Devil’s Rejects” gimmick…No name for Fine’s bodyguard….Not a full studio audience…Cory actually said, “We got some idiots that don’t believe it is prime time” LOL...Starr looked good…Clowns had me laughing…Nothing just horrible here this week. Cowboys even did a good job. They got two storylines surrounding Lawler with Nate/Fine, but no Lawler this week.

----This same report is posted every week @ and Feel free to use any of the above info, but please credit the site.


----Below is what I got from the TV tapings from this morning. They taped two shows. I am not sure which matches air on what shows.

----They mentioned Ricky Gibson’s death [Robert Gibson's brother --hit the link and get the Observer story]...Mr. America/Robert Gibson/Dustin Starr work as a 6-man, so I am happy to see Dustin Starr back…Bill Dundee was not there…Stan Lee is officially gone from TV, because he can not show up...The Cowboys” [Ricky Murdoch/Bill Nasty] beat Brickhouse Brown/Kevin White for the Southern Tag Team Titles UGH!!!!…Reggie B Fine beat JD McCain…”Picture Perfect” [Chris O’Neal/John Michael] vs “Insane Clowns” [Dr. Giggles/Bobo] went to no finish.

9.15.06 MCW Osceola, AR Results

----Hambones beat Big Jim Wade/Shawn; MCW Md Wt Title Match: White Lighting beat Loose Cannon; Frankie Tucker/Pedro Hambone Pecos/Thunder; MCW Title Match: Chris Hollywood retains the belt beating Hamhock and Main Event: Big Daddy LaFonce/Derrick King by COR over Simon Reed/Flash Flanagan.

----Crowd was up around 75 with a gate of $425...Very slim crew with no Motley Cruz, Tasha Simone, Spyro, Serpant, Rockin Randy, Tony Gunn, Gary The Medic, Rashad and Sam Dollar [on vacation] gone....Flash Flanagan will be in next Friday also. Flash is a real good worker that spent some time in the WWE developmental program. BTW, I was told that Flash was even stiff with King this week. DK has no luck.

Friday, September 15, 2006

9.14.06 "Hub City Wrestling" Jackson, TN Night 3

----Ramsey Cahill beat River Graham; Billy Ray Hickerson beat "Cowboy" Bill Nasty; Chris Rocker beat Dr. Doom[Timmy Hyde]; Dustin Starr beat "Cowboy" Ricky Murdoch and in the Main Event: Kevin White/Bill Dundee beat Simon Reed/Derrick King.

----Probably around 100 to see this show...River Graham, who is also a Dundee/White trainee, looked horrible...Main event went 18:00 and was the best of the night.

----I would like to thank Chuck Humphreys again for his reports from all three nights. Charles has a wrestling radio show -The Wrestling Rewind. It airs every Sunday night from 10-11 P.M. on The Lion, 91.5 out of Henderson, TN. It can also be heard online at

Shows For The Weekend 9.15 - 9.16.06


Shows For the Weekend

----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes The Hambones; Loose Cannon; Chris Hollywood; Big Daddy LaFonce and more.

----Friday night in Tupelo, MS for TFW has Tony Dabbs; “Pure Destruction”; Marcus O’ Neil; Scott Porteau and more.

----Friday night in Corinth, MS for USWF has Keith Haynes Jr, Neil Taylor, Brian Steele, Nikki Lace; Chris Rocker, Psycho, “Family of Pain” [Mickey Ray/Sarge O'Riley] and more.

----Saturday night in Paragould, AR for OSCW with Sergeant Shakedown vs Leroy Hamone with Ms Vicky; Handicap Match: Loose Cannon vs Blakester/Jamie Jay; OSCW Title Match: Buster Johnson vs Hamhock with Ms Vicky; Winners To Be Crowned OSCW TT Champions - The Hambone Express with Vicky vs Shakedown/Mystery Partner and the Main Event: Barbwire Thumbtack Match--Next Division Title: Kid Krazy vs Ray Ray

----Saturday night in Jumpertown, MS for JWS with - Devon Raynes, Kage, The Hitman, Bless, Mark Mayhem, The Xecutioners, and many more.

----Saturday night in Booneville, MS for SWGA with Nick Grymes, Buzz Harley, Izzy Rotten and many more.

----Saturday night at Peppermint Pond in Dyersburg, TN will have Motley Cruz; Tasha Simone; Kilo; 187; Frankie Tucker; Chris Hollywood and more.

----Saturday night in New Albany, MS with XWO will have Storm; Scott Porteau; Hollywood Jimmy ; "Pure Destruction", "Asylum" [Psycho/Wraith], "Family of Pain" [Mickey Ray/Sarge O'Riley] and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW -- Alex Krisis; Rude; Seth Knight; "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony; Jethro;Matt Boyce; Jon Michael ; Chris O'Neal; Dustin Starr; and more.

---- Saturday night Batesville, AR at the Old Miller Gym for Main Event Wrestling. Admission is free Crazy Luke Graham Jr. & Gerry "Chubby" Graham also Skandar Akbar, Doink, Mr. Wrestling 3, Koko B Ware, Brickhouse Brown, Joey Grunge, Adrian Steel, Casino Kid, Scott Fury, Austin Lane, The Hillbillies ( Plowboy Hays & Hillbilly Tiny), Daniel Flynn, The Danger Zone ( Hotrod Ellison & Danger Dave Foxx) and many more.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

9.13.06 "Hub City Wrestling" Jackson, TN Night 2 Results - Crowd Participation!!!

----Chris Rocker beat Simon Reed; Bill Dundee beat “Cowboy” Bill Nasty; Dustin Starr beat Billy Ray Hickerson [match of the night]; Mr.America beat Dr. Doom and in the Main Event Kevin White beat Derrick King.

----There were more people there on the second night with at times 125 people…Crowd was very vocal and hot from the first match on…Dr. Doom was wearing scrubs and a white mask. It was Eddie Marlin's ring guy - Timmy Hyde...Dundee won his match in 6 minutes by just a punch …Since they had a fun time in the main event, I thought I would post how Chuck Humphreys [who sent in the report] described it

And our main event of the night saw a number of different thingshappen, so I feel its a bit of an injustice if I don't cover all the major things in this matchup as it featured so much. It was Kevin White vs. Derrick King. For one thing, King kept calling his spots really loud. He might as well have stood there with a mic and told the crowd exactly what he was going to do. White and King did not seem like they were messing together well at first at all, but things gotbetter as the show moved along. Now, for the highlight of the match.Kevin White was standing outside the ring and some idiot fan hit himin the back. All hell broke loose. People started getting up out oftheir seats. White and the promoter for the show started chasing afterthe guy, and it was really one of the craziest things I'd ever seen ata live show. White was cussing up a storm at the guy, and he managed to lose the crowd for the rest of the match. Dundee came out to seewhat was going on and he was pissed something fierce. They eventually got back in and finished the thing and those two guys worked and bumped harder than they had any right to. I think it was to try andget the crowd back into it. Match seems to end when King hits Whitewith a chain in 26:00, but the ref restarts things and White roles upKing to win the thing for good at 28:00.

After the match, Simon Reed and Derrick King beat up on White untilDundee made the save. King then took the mic and challenged White and Dundee to a tag team match tommorrow night. King wouldn't tell themwho the partner would be, but he did say that tommorrow night, hewould show them why he's the future "KING" of Memphis. In other words, I think they're doing White/Dundee vs. King/Lawler as the main event for tommorrow night's show. Everyone was pretty muchguessing it was Lawler too, so I'm pretty sure it's going to be a packed hot crowd tommorrow night. Once again, another good show in an amazing atmosphere. They should do something like this every week in Henderson or something. It would be great.”

----I would like to thank Chuck Humphreys for his reports from both nights. He will be covering the third show tonight. Also, Charles has a wrestling radio show -The Wrestling Rewind. It airs every Sunday night from 10-11 P.M. on The Lion, 91.5 out of Henderson, TN. It can also be heard online at

----My final thoughts…They don't do this every week, because 125 fans would not pay the bills...I was told it was $1 last night at the fair and lots of gang members were there. Great huh??...I have had a few fans grab me and it totally freaks you out. Even though you are out there night after night, you just never expect them to touch you. I went after three guys in a crowd one night [for grabbing my shorts] and if it wasn’t for James Arnez I would have had my ass kicked. LOL…WTF moment here??? Why is Dundee saving Kevin White?? White/Dundee have a feud right now on Memphis Wrestling – seen every Saturday afternoon at 6:00 PM!!! Kayfabe!! Kayfabe!! Sites like these just expose the business. LOL...I am being told it will be Simon Reed tonight and not Lawler as DK's partner.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tidbits: More On Dyersburg Promotion, Creasy, Message Boards and MAW fliers

----I found out a little more on the new Dyersburg promotion. The old Country Nights building is owned by Dale Walker, but it will be Jeff McDonald running the show. The first show will be 9.23.06 and they are going to try to use Seth Knight; The Golden Boy; Tim Edwards; “Picture Perfect” and others. Guys will probably be doing double duty and going to Ripley. I look for them to start the show a little early [maybe 7:00 PM] to get the jump on the Pond and let the guys go to Ripley that starts @ 8. We will have tons of stuff coming out of this little territorial feud as Dyersburg has always tried to support two promotions. My sources have already stated that Motley Cruz has called to work the new promotion [either as a jump or he thought they were working Fridays??], but that he was refused because he wanted to bring a bunch of people with him. And, as the dirt will start flying, I was told “I heard that the Pond only had two paying customers last week.” Fun time!!

----Creasy did respond to my piece from yesterday. It is on Hollywood Jimmy’s board and I have no idea why he would not just e-mail me something. It is like the 4th page back and such. You may hit the link and read it for yourself. Nothing new to the story.

----What Creasy said really did not bother me, as he told the truth. I did do payouts to the boys and never said I didn’t. Here is what bugs me about the whole thing – the message board. Why do people get on there and never use their real name?? Guys I may be on my own warpath sometimes and give Creasy or whoever hell, but guess what?? I sign my name to it!! Get some balls!!

----I wondered why some of the guys like Tatt2 were not at the MAW show this weekend?? Well, it seems someone had a smart idea and papered the UPN studio parking lot at the last TV tapings. Lawler was pissed and said, “You work that show, and you don’t work for us!!” I don’t blame either party here – If I was MAW I would have papered and if I would have been Lawler I would have been pissed.

Tidbits: New Dyersburg Promotion, "Cheap Heat", Derrick King Retires and MAW Memphis Show

----Rumors flying like crazy today that Dale and Sandra Walker are going to start promoting again in Dyersburg on a weekly basis. I was told that they bought the old Country Nights building and are planning to start running on 9.23.06. And yes, that will be on the same night and time as DCWF at Peppermint Pond every Saturday night. I will fill everyone in when I get more info.

----“Cheap Heat” this week with Gene Jackson has some good points about indy wrestling.

----Posted on Simon Reed’s account today was "Derrick King retires today!!! "DK" Derrick King is saying goodbye his fans one last time tonite in Jackson, TN. He'll be wrestling "Superstar" Bill Dundee in 1 on 1 action. Thanks to all the loyal DK fans over the years." And then I started getting e-mails about it. LOL No, DK is not retiring. Reed was just messing around.

----I was told today that I was off about 40 people on the MAW house estimate Saturday. So, they probably had around 60 paid with a $600 house. Not good. What did a show like this cost with Steiner/Bagwell?? I was also told that the show was horrible and none of the guys even looked like wrestlers. That is not good either – you draw 60 fans, but you can’t impress them. The 100 people figure actually came from the MAW “office” and the other new figure is from a very legit source.

9.12.06 Hub City Wrestling Jackson, TN Fair Results

----Chris Rocker beat Ramsey Cahill with a frog splash; Billy Ray Hickerson beat ”Cowboy” Ricky Murdoch; Dustin Starr beat “Cowboy” Bill Nasty and in the Main Event: Bill Dundee/Kevin White beat Derrick King/Simon Reed.

----I was told the first match was the best. I can’t wait to see this Ramsey Cahill kid. He is a Dundee/White student and is getting lots of praise…Main went over 20 minutes. It was good, but it seem to last too long….You got into the matches for free if you paid for the fair. There were people walking in and out. Anywhere from 80 to 60 people at a time in a tent with chairs they had set up around the ring. No entrances and music or anything…Dundee challenged King for tonight’s main event.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Steve Creasy - Goodbye!!!

----On 9.04.06 I reported that Steve Creasy was at it again with a CCW reunion show. He sent me a link to a web page promoting the show. As of today, it has only had 49 hits. I took the time to send Steve five questions and I did not expect him to send anything back. Creasy had told me that he was done with professional wrestling just a few months ago and here he was back!! I wrote my article “Goodbye CCW” and the background to the whole Creasy mess is there. I wanted everyone to see what he had to say and then I am going to give my official statement.

Steve -- answer these 5 questions for me -- you at least owe me that.

#1: Why are you trying to do a CCW reunion??

“CCW, has something that a lot of other promotions doesn't and that is name recognition good or bad it's known. In the past it's had some of the best guys working the shows and I believe with a little help and guidance from CCW alumni CCW can once again be the very best as it was in the past. Mistakes have been made mostly on my part and I admit that. Too much focus on things not associated with the wrestling. In the new CCW focus will be wrestling. Name guys won't be on every card, no diva contest or anything like that just pure wrestling.”

#2: Do you think there will anyone to work for you?? If so, who??

“After some thought I believe a few will work for starters at this time I cannot honestly say who because I don't know myself. It is gonna be a tough road I admit. I believe a monitor to help with the payout will help a great deal & it will make certain everyone gets a fair deal.”

#3: After canceling so many dates, how will you guarantee workers that you will do the show?? They could take other booking, but then take booking from you, and then you cancel??

“I dropped a lot of shows for one simple reason. Advance sales were not in the range they needed to be. I didn't want someone driving from wherever and not make a decent payout so I would have rather bit the bullet and drop the show. Each worker will be kept informed of how the advance sales are going by way of email or a phone call. Lower sponsorship rates will get more sponsors on board.”

#4: Why can you just let CCW die and start your own promotion??

“CCW, is established and I don't think anyone wants it to just die. It has too much history like I said both good and bad. Mistakes can be fixed and the product will prove that.”

#5: Trust factor -- at any what point doing all this did you think anyone will trust you in making this card work??

“That is a very fair question. I'm guilty of wanting CCW to be the very best, have the best equipment, having the best at everything. Somewhere down the line I overlooked the most important part and that was I had the best workers & those workers should have been recognized for the effort they made. Like I said this is gonna be a very hard road to travel. Do I think it will prevail? Yes, I do. Am I gonna do my part? Yes. Will guys get paid? Yes they will. Will they be treated with respect? Yes they will. CCW payout will be based on the following: 70% Gate to the workers, split evenly with a non worker/ non CCW employee helping to make sure each payout is given to each worker. With lower sponsorship amounts, more sponsors can come onboard to pay for building rental. Books will be open to inspection to any worker who wants to see them.”

He also added the following to me “You are invited to attend the show if you would like to do so. I understand and respect the fact we haven't always seen eye to eye and maybe we still don't. However you are a very important part of the history of CCW and good or bad I sincerely doubt that you yourself want CCW to die. CCW, can be strong again.”

----The key to all that has been said and done about CCW with Creasy is his statement about having someone being a police over the money. Each worker gets to bring someone to take care of their share. That is one of the stupidest ideas I have ever heard. Not only is it stupid, but it is also admitting that you have not been honest in the past with money.

----Let me tell you a little story about working with Steve. I will let you draw your own conclusions. My wife [ex now – Stephanie Dale] and I were promoting shows with Steve. She was working at a casino at the time and her counting money skills were perfect. She could not make mistakes at a casino. Our agreement was to have one of us/Steve in the room to count the door. Steph sat down and counted the door with Steve present. She walked out of the room and when she walked back in; two twenty dollar bills were missing. She came out to tell me about it and I walked in. I never said anything. We walked out together and then she went right back in and the two twenty dollar bills were back. This was one of the many discrepancies that I had to deal with a daily basis with Creasy.

----Let me make it real clear hereCCW is dead. You have made a mess of the promotion and yourself. Even though I will report the news as it comes in, and this might childish to some people, but Creasy your CCW is not my CCW. So from this point on the old promotion is dead and in my mind and the mind of my readers your promotion will be called SSAWP – “Steve ‘s Stupid Ass Wrestling Promotion”.

Two Tidbits From Trent

-----Two interesting tidbits that I wanted to share with the vistors, in case you don't read Trent Van Drisse's board. Both bits are from stories that have spilled over from there to here and back.

#1: Tasha Simone responds to some of the stuff we wrote about here, after Trent said "Has anyone else seen this? It's from Brian Tramel's "rasslinriot" site, who is Tasha Simone's "favorite"(?) Internet reporter anyhow.....NOT!!! " Now, Trent you "know" Tasha just loves me. LOL

#2: Slammer reported that Spellbinder was waiting to confront Lawler Saturday night. I was told the same thing, but did not report it. Spell was in a separate dressing room with Doug Gilbert and a few more, so he was just running his mouth to make himself look good. I feel Derrick King and Chris O'Neal probably were just laughing it off to try not to put him over. I don't see him saving face with Lawler on this one, unless Lawler thinks they can make some money with a feud.

---- Finally, don't you just love that pic?? I been just saving it for a post about Trent.

The Ratings are in!!!

----The ratings are in and they are not good this week. It was a 2.8 [46,608.8 viewers]with only two other shows doing worse [8.19 & 6.03.06] in our data span [5.13 to 9.09.06]. The peak of the ratings were in the final quarter of the show right in the middle of the “Family Of Pain” match doing a 3.1 [52,602.6 viewers], so at least when the most people were watching the best thing was airing. The first quarter ending with Huey vs Tatt2 finished with 2.7 [44,944.2 viewers]. The next quarter from 10:15 PM to 10:30 PM starting with the “Leave To Lawler” skit and ended as the mixed tag was finishing at a 2.8 [46,608.8 viewers]rating. The trend was going up, but it dropped for the next quarter with Lance Russell with a 2.6 [43279.6 viewers], but then a big jump to the 3.1 ending.

----What does this all mean?? Too earlier really to say anything yet, but if this kind of rating continues, then it can not be good. Not good to see them turning off right after the Lawler segment. It was either one or two things – everyone thought it sucked like I did or viewers turning on to just to watch Lawler. Another factor could be that when Maclin said “Opening the Vault” was coming up next, and then people didn’t care. They lost 3,329.2 viewers in that drop, but then gained 9323 viewers for the final quarter.

Monday, September 11, 2006

10 Posts Today!!! - 9.09.06 SGWA Booneville, MS Results

----This is my 10th and final post for today. All the "previous posts" section was posted today. Thanks to everyone for reading!!!

----TV Champion Vega “The Dragon” beat “Prime Time” Nick Grymes to retain the TV Title; “CIA” [Tysin Starr/Cassanova Kidd] beat “DOA” [Dirty Sanchez/Orion] to win a shot at the tag titles anytime they want; Big Lacy Lane beat The Forgotten; Buzz Harley beat Vega “The Dragon” to become the new TV champion; “Phat Foundation” [Justin Rhodes/Chris Fontaine] beat SGWA Tag Team Champions “The Freakshow” [Chop/Vinne The Blade] to win the belts; CIA ran out to get their Tag Team Title shot – PF beat them in about 45 seconds; “American Rednecks” [Dalton Storm/Curtis Ray] /Cyrus beat “24/7” [Kross/Jr Mauler]/Soultaker and the Main Event: SGWA Title Match: Bonecrusher beat Johnny Thunder/Izzy Rotten in a triple threat to retain the belt.

----Crowd was around 60 with a gate close to $300.

Wrestling @ The Jackson Fair

----I wanted to let everyone in the Jackson area know that tomorrow night [9.12] thru Thursday night [9.14.06] Bill Dundee will be running the Jackson Fair. They are billing it as "Hub City Wrestling". Belltime will be at 7:00pm each night. Appearing will be Bill Dundee, Doug Gilbert, Kevin White, Spellbinder, Derrick King, Stan Lee, Mr. America and The Cowboys. I plan to have nightly reports of the events.


All of the matches except for one were apart of the tournament to crown the CWA Heavyweight Champion.

First RoundMatch #1 - Chris Kilgore d. Jimmy Morris in 10:00 (Sunset Flip)
Match #2 - Neil Taylor d. AJ Creed in 6:00 (Chain Shot)
Match #3 - JJ Fuller d. Jim Casey in 4:00 (School Boy)
Match #4 - Don Bass d. Jo Nathan in 6:00 (Atomic Drop)
Match #5 - Jewdis d. Kastle in 4:00 (Reverse Chokeslam)
Match #6 - Brickhouse Brown d. Jeff Jameson in 5:00 (Russian Legsweep)

Second Round
Match #7 - Chris Kilgore d. Jewdis in :45 (School Boy)
Match #8 - Neil Taylor d. Don Bass in 7:00 (Chain Shot)
Match #9 - Brickhouse Brown d. JJ Fuller in 10:00 (Russian Legsweep)

SemiFinalsMatch #10 - Chris Kilgore d. Neil Taylor (Chain Shot)**Brickhouse Brown gets bye to the Finals.

CWA LightHeavyweight TitleMatch
#11 - Chris Rocker d. Jimmy Morris, Jo Nathan, and Jeff Jamesonin 5:00 (Frog Splash)CWA Heavyweight Title - FinalsMatch

#12 - Chris Kilgore d. Brickhouse Brown in 2:00 (Small Package)

----There was only about 50 people there with close to a $600 gate...Is this the same Chris Kilgore that use to be part of the tag team "The Fly Boys"??...At least Rodney Grimes didn't put the belt on himself....I was told they spent a good deal of the night building up to their next show in Savannah, TN on Oct. 7 with a main event of JerryLawler/Rodney Grimes vs. Hollywood Jimmy's "Family of Pain" [Sarge O'Riley/Mickey Ray] with DonBass as special referee and Dutch Mantel in Lawler/Grimes' corner. Can you smell either a Mantel or Bass turn???

RassleTube 9.11.06 "Memphis Edition"

----My figures for first ratings on RassleTube were wrong. It did a .07 the first day, not a .1, but it did do a .19 for the week. The 9.04.06 edition did poorly, but I am guessing it was because for some reason the first video would not play. I took it off and recommend you take a look. First day was only .04 and for the week it .09. So during the first 24 hours only about 1 out of every 40 visitors watched the show and for the week almost 1 out of every 10 watched total.

----I really think this project of mine will take off when I start featuring wrestling from this area. Local guys, since the site is geared towards that. If you are a wrestler or a promoter send in your videos!! So, this week I am testing the waters a bit and featuring a special “Memphis Edition” of RassleTube with some of my favorite clips of all time from Memphis Wrestling and a ladder match from the local group – TCW.

----“Memphis” edition this week – Memphis Wrestling opening; Jerry Lawler video; Jerry Lawler interviews Jeff Jarrett; Lawler interviews the Bartlett cheerleaders; Doug Gilbert shoots on Lawler; Lawler vs Nick Bockwinkel - $500 a punch challenge and the Main Event from one of the local Memphis promotions--TCW Underground: Southern Title Ladder Match – Reno Diamond vs Marcus O’Neil vs Kaut!on. Finally, after that is a “New Generation” promo video – this has to be one of the gayest videos I have ever seen.

9.09.06 Camden, TN Results

----Ramsey Cahill beat Ripper Graham; Chris Rocker beat Chris O’Neal; Kevin White beat Derrick King; Doug Gilbert/Spellbinder beat “The Cowboys” [Ricky Murdoch/Bill Nasty] and Main Event had Bill Dundee beat Jerry Lawler.

----This was a Bill Dundee booked show….Crowd was around 325 with a gate close to $3250….Two best bouts were Rocker vs O’Neal and White vs King with the latter edging out as the best…Lawler had told Dundee that he had read about what Spell said [I wonder where??], so they split them up in different dressing rooms…Spell was telling everyone it was not a shoot except on Brian Christopher, but all the guys in the back knew he was just doing this to try to save face…This gate will ease them into one of the top ten best of the year with numbers close to the July Southaven show. This was with just local promotion and one mention of Dundee on Memphis TV. No four weeks of build up or anything and they draw as much as Southaven.

9.09.06 ICW Eupora, MS Results

----The Reaper drew with Chuck Foley in 15 minutes; Mitch Toretta beat Jake “the Man” Irons; The Scorpion beat “Bounty Hunter” Bobby Joe Jones [JD McKay under an old “Nightmare” Danny Davis mask]; Non-title Match: The Convict/Assassin #3 beat ICW TT champions – The American/Trainwreck – Heel ref McKay passed Convict some brass knux and in the Main Event: American/Scorpion/Jake Irons beat Convict/Scorpion/McKay with Irons pinning McKay.

----So you think JD was working enough?? Maybe because he was booking..LOL At least he lost every time…I love those names – The American?? Trainwreck?? LOL…I was told the Irons vs Toretta bout was best on the card…About 40 people there with probably a $200 gate…Announcer was Kimble Winstead – one of best around the area.

9.08.06 MAW Memphis, TN Results

----The Hitman beat Jake The Jackhammer; “New Blood” David Anthony/”Trendkiller” AJ Bradley beat Jason Skylar/Johnny Morton; Gabriel Stalker with The Movement beat The Crime to retain MAW JR Title; “High Society” [Jason Richards/Jermey Killz] won the MAW Tag Team Titles beating Carnage Antwane in a handicap match; Big ACE beat Chris Lexx/Reno Diamond to become the new MAW Southern Champion; Buff Bagwell beat Precious; Precious beat Bagwell in the second bout; Carnage Antwane beat Dre Black for the MAW Hvy Wt title by pinning Blalok The Blazer and Main Event: Big Country beat Rick Steiner in a “Anything Goes” Match.

----I was hearing around 32 people attended this show early Saturday, but other reports are stating that the floor of the Daisy was full, so I would guess around 100 @ $10 a pop -- $1,000 gate. Hope they had sponsors as the gate did not pay for the stars…My main complaint of MAW and I have not even been to one of their shows is the titles. Why does a small promotion have to have so many belts?? I seriously would have only one belt, so that it meant something to the fans. One single belt and the tag straps. Memphis Wrestling kills me because they don’t even have a Southern singles champion!!!...Buff had beat Precious, but then Buff got pushed and Precious pinned him also….Good to see Steiner work the hardcore match with Country and put him over…Nate The Rat was seen backstage talking to some of the guys.

9.9.06 DCWF Dyersburg,TN Results

----Hambone II [Pedro] beat Ed Love [Hamhock @ MCW] in a hardcore match; “The Phat Boys” [Gaylon Ray/Tucker] beat Team X [Phoenix/Gryffon]; DCWF Title Match: Tasha Simone won the match over Alec Fontez – title was held up; AJ Bradley beat Kilo/Deadly Dale in triple threat and in the Main Event: “Cruzn’ For Pain” [Motley Cruz/187] beat Jody Allen/Austin Lane.

----Fair was in town, so gate was affected a bit, but the crowd was loud…Fontez changed his name on the show – aka – “Drive By”…Team X are doing the old “Nightmares” gimmick where no one can tell them apart…Tasha got tons of help from Cruz/187, so the commish held up the belt for a tournament…I was told that 187/Lane tore down the house working Lucha and just doing crazy stuff. Would love to have seen that bout…They did an injury angle with Lane at the end of the main and Kilo made the save for Allen. Kilo challenged them for next week for a title match. Even though the fans there think it is going to be Kilo/Allen, Citizen Kane was seen backstage, so we might see a “Southern Pride” reunion…Shows are every Saturday night at The Pond with admission being $5. Gate was probably around $300.

9.09.06 ACW Harrisburg, AR Results

American Championship Wrestling Harrisburg, AR

----Loose Cannon beat Blakster; Will Bill/”California Dream” Christopher Lee beat “Pimpin 101” [Velvet Thunder/Little Lucky] to win the ACW Tag Team Titles; Big Al Storm beat “Big Bob”/Morgan Lane in a triple threat; Kid Krazy won the vacated ACW Lt Wt Title beat Ray Ray and Main Event: Cujo beat Idol Bane in a “King of Streets” trophy match.

----Probably around 30 or 40 people with a gate close to $200…Brian Thompson was introduced as the Commish of ACW before the show started. During an interview segment, Cujo jumped the champ Idol Bane…Cannon was describe as very animated in his match…Storm turned heel on Bane in the main event…I have had conflicting reports that Morgan Lane or Kid Krazy had to go to the hospital by ambulance. Anybody know the condition and who it was??… Promotion returns on September 30 with match between Bane/Cujo with the fans deciding what belts are defending set up by Commish Brian Thompson…Storm is the booker…For a show to only draw 30 or so fans, I got two reports on the same show. LOL I hardly get that on the big shows in Southaven….What’s the story on Cujo?? He is not a Moondog is he??

Tidbits: Site, TLCW Results, Motley & Tasha and Barbara/Renee

----I had a huge amount of hits yesterday and I don’t know why?? Thanks to those that visited. I guess everyone was checking in on a few of the stories. Sorry I didn’t update anything after the Memphis TV report yesterday. I am feeling “under the weather”, so I relaxed yesterday. Still feel like shit today, but I got lots of news/results to report from the weekend.

----TLCW results that I have from Saturday night in Ripley, TN for TLCW: Chris O’Neal/Simon Reed wrestled Matt Boyce/Rockin Randy; “Blackout Squad” [Oz/Bishop] won the TLCW Tag Team Titles beating “Hot Topic” [Derrick King/Stan Lee] and the Main Event: TLCW Title Match: Seth Knight beat “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony. Crowd was around 60 with a gate of $300.

----My sources have told me that Tasha Simone and Motley Cruz were not fired by MCW, but that they quit. Along with them was Spyro [187], so LaFonce has lost three of his good workers. Not sure the full reason, but it was building up for a while, since Cruz had no showed a Saturday night benefit show for MCW. Cruz is the booker of DCWF in Dyersburg, TN, so which show do you think he should work?? Cruz had worked for MCW for over two years and let’s just say the payoffs have never changed for the better. I think it all probably come to a head for some of the locals on the sold show from Blytheville. I was told Lawler got $1,000, Barbara/Renee got $300 each and Koko got $300. Payoffs to the regulars were in the $20 range. Not good for business.

----Speaking of the Barbara/Renee, the Blytheville show had a water balloon fight as I reported. What I did not know was that Barbara/Renee were wearing white t-shirts and some said nothing underneath – panties or bras. My friend said you could see Barbara’s big nipples clearly and Renee easily also. Now, I personally have no problem with that. LOL But, I was told that a lot of people complained because there were a lot of kids at the show. Hey - a 10:00 PM show with adults only that would have been perfect!!! Damn, I wished I would have gone to that show.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 9.09.06


----Show opened again with nice graphics with Cory Maclin/Jimmy Hart hosting. Same crowd and same crew of workers, so this was taped last Saturday morning. Show comes on to “Bad To The Bone” by George Thorogood.

----Clips were shown from last week of Rebecca Raze jumping Renee. Nate The Rat did an interview with Raze/Jethro. Raze stumbled over her words a bit, but not bad. Jethro comes off as a slow talking killer. LOL

----Tatt2 beat Humongous with Nate The Rat. There was nothing good about this match, but nothing horrible. Huey fell down doing one spot, which was funny. Tatt2 hit a flying press out of the turnbuckle out of nowhere for the win. Nate jumped in and then Grady Watson jumped in. Jethro came out and double choked Watson in the air and then dropped him.

----“Leave It To Lawler” segment was next. This was horrible. Renee and Barbara were out by the pool, when Lawler walked up with Aubry & golf clubs. Some tired jokes and a few minutes later it was over. Felt like a lifetime. The girls looked good.

----Lawler/Renee/Barbara interview. The girls looked fabulous. I am total mark for Barbara – Amazon woman with big breasts – do I need to say more?? Lawler kept asking “What in the briefcase??” referring to Nate’s briefcase that is promising the contents to the person that puts Lawler in the hospital.

----Lawler/Renee with Barbara vs Raze/Jethro was declared No Contest. I guess it was because they never did saying anything. Jethro used the fake forigen object on Lawler again. He got the heat and him, and then the strap came down. Jethro cut him off and then Renee ran and jumped Raze pulling her into the ring. Raze did a good bump going into the ring. Then, there was Barbara, Nate and Grady and it turned into a major clusterfuck. I hate Grady Watson!!! Horrible, but crowd actually cheered at the end for the babys.

----I can’t believe I am typing this, because I have been a mark of Lance Russell’s for so long. But, the Russell “Opening The Vault” segment was so bad. Russell acted like he was lost talking about Hulk Hogan. He even called him a “big peckerwood”. LOL He then showed a video that consisted of mostly Hart singing on “Thunder In Paradise”. I thought I had stepped into the “Twilight Zone”.

----Now with 40 minutes into the show, I am thinking “their shows have been good lately”---until this piece of crap…Crowd popped loud as the Southern Tag Team champions Kevin White/Brickhouse Brown came out and went around the ring. Southern TT Title Match: White/Brown beat “Family of Pain” [Mickey Ray/Sarge O’Riely] with “Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock in a good match. Heat on White with Brown hot tag. Blaylock threw the cane into Sarge, but Brown got it and used it on him for the win. This was a good match, but could not save the show.
----“Too Kool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] with new manager Bill Dundee interview. Dundee was trying to act hood. Grind said that the “Superstar” had been pimped. Funny stuff. Grind/Flex went to a DCO with Mr. America/Robert Gibson. Heat on America with Gibson hot tag. Dundee interfered and they went to the floor with Gibson hitting Dundee. Nothing bad about the match, but no finish.

----Hart/Maclin ended with another “PrimeTime” plug. LOL No matter how many times you say it Cory – 10:00 PM is not PRIMETIME!!! Show ended with “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen.

FINAL NOTES: I have been bragging the last few weeks about this show being good, but this one was bad…That double choke that Jethro did to Watson should have taken him out…Renee was wearing something she must have bought at Victoria’s Secret. She looked very nice. Barbara is still my favorite though….Those white trunks that Lawler were wearing made him look 25 lbs bigger…At one point Maclin said, referring to Rebecca – “Is it Raze or Blaze??” Cory is clueless!!!...FOP looked good again on TV and White/Brown are so over…Blaylock’s cap looks silly with rest of his gimmick…America’s suit looks almost purple. Gibson/Chris Rocker, not America would make a good team…Please get some up to date music!! And, it does not have to be just rap either, but we all know that is all Maclin listening to so he can pick up some more urban slang.

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