Saturday, September 23, 2006

"Mr. America" Chris Rocker in Car Wreck!!!

----I got a report just a few minutes ago that Memphis Wrestling’s “Mr. America” aka Chris Rocker was in a bad car wreck this evening before the NBW show. I was told his car hydroplaned and flipped five times landing in a ditch of water on his way to the show in Dyersburg. The car was totaled. His dad came to the show to tell everyone that Rocker was hurting pretty bad, but was out of the hospital. He was having real bad headaches. If anyone can get me in contact with Rocker, I would to talk to him for the site. Prayers are with you bro.

----The only results I got from the show so far – Gunner Thompson beat Dell Tucker; Tim Edwards beat Tank and Tommy Boy in a triple threat and Serpent/J.Weezy beat Alan Steele/MO. The crowd was about 30 with a gate of $125. I was told they were happy with the gate, because it was the first show.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 9.23.06

----Cory Maclin opens the “Not Prime Time” show with Derrick King interview.

----King beat Mr. America to win the MW JR Title. Good TV match. It was probably just a sample of what they did at the last Southaven show. Typical TV match, but they went to a few near falls and did a good job. Finish saw King pin America with his feet on the ropes.

----They aired “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” Pat Benatar video of Lawler next. Cool moments on the video were Lawler wrestling Gypsy Joe and I believe “Nightmare” Danny Davis. There will be someone out there that will be able to tell me.

----Reggie B Fine’s music starts to play. Maclin says he is coming out. Then, Maclin says they are going to a break?? Is there no posting editing?? This kind of stuff just surprises me. This show is shipped all over including the Wrestling Channel and they don’t take the time to make the show look good.

----Fine’s music plays again. Fine/Bodyguard come out. They call his Bodyguard “Top Secret” Mr. Winfrey and they still have an envelope that Fine claims will destroy Lawler’s career. He challenges Lawler. This was horrible. Keep Fine off TV!!!

----Clip of Jethro powerslamming his “uncle” Grady Watson from last week. Jethro with Nate The Rat interview. Jethro and Nate both do well here. Maclin says that Justin Timberlake watches Memphis Wrestling. LOL I hope not. Kidd Kastle debuts beating Jethro when Watson interferes in the match. Does anyone know who Kastle is?? After a ref bump, Grady hit Jethro with Nate’s briefcase in the back and Kastle pinned him. Not a good match, but Kastle was doing all kinds of stuff with no reason. In other words, no psychology, but the moves looked good. The finish looked horrible. Keep Grady Watson out of the ring!!!! How did Grady get Nate’s briefcase?? Wouldn’t that have been a good skit with him stealing it?? And if he stole it, wouldn’t he want what is in it??

----“Too Cool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] interview. They promise to reveal the new improved “pimped” Bill Dundee next week. Flex called him “Godfather” Dundee. Dustin Starr/Tatt2 beat Flex/Grind by DQ when ref Jerry Calhoun catches Flex with a chain. They edited this match. Tatt2 falls out of the ring and then out of nowhere Starr is getting a hot tag?? This show has been real bad with 36 minutes into the show.

----“Opening the Vault” with Lance Russell. Russell does this segment on Ricky Gibson. Well done. Too bad they did not have any footage of him wrestling.

----“Insane Clowns” [Mr.Giggles/Bobo] with Rashad interview. They do the old Million Dollar Man gimmick where they say they will give a kid $100 to dribble a basketball. But, at the eight count Bobo dives on the basketball. Giggles/Bobo vs “Picture Perfect” [Chris O’Neal/John Michael] – double count out. Good match. Cory called John Michael “Christian Jacobs” AGAIN!!! They were going to start the heat on O’Neal, but they cut it and went back at the hot tag. Giggles was going to use the bucket on Michael, but O’Neal stopped him and then they went to the floor.

----Nate The Rat with “The Cowboys” [Ricky Murdoch/Bill Nasty] interview. Rat says the only way they get a title match is put White’s hair on the line. Kevin White/Brickhouse Brown beat Murdoch/Nasty to win the belts back in a 3 minute match. I do not think this match was edited, but it could have been??

FINAL NOTES: How do you put a show edited like this on TV?? Why do you think that you can keep drawing numbers with CRAP like this show?? ….Maclin did not know which Clown was who??... Maclin continues to make mistakes of calling Michael “Jacobs”. This is horrible…Can I say horrible any more times??...Why would you put White’s hair on the line on free TV and only have a 3 minute match?? None of this makes any sense. Lawler was not at this show, so it was probably all booked by Maclin with help from Nate. If so, they need to fire themselves. Probably the worst show since I started the site.

----This Memphis Wrestling TV reports is also posted every week on,, and

10 Years Ago in Memphis Wrestling..

----USWA: The September 19th Flea Market show drew 450 fans and a $2,600 gate, which were among the lowest figures in promotion history. Main event of the show saw Jerry Lawler defeat Brian Christopher via DQ, after both Scott Bowden and Mark Henry interfered, setting up a tag team rematch the following week.

----The biggest news of the week occurred on the September 21st Saturday morning tv show, involving an interview that Jerry Lawler did. Lawler said that WCW Nitro would be coming to Memphis on October 14th, and that fans shouldn’t be ‘idiots’ buying tickets, as there would be free tickets all over town, mentioning that the last time WCW came to Memphis, they gave away 7,000 free tickets. He then added that fans shouldn’t attend at all, that they should just stay at home and watch it on tv……. Lawler was now back as USWA booker, replacing Randy Hales……. Brickhouse Brown turned babyface, saving Miss Texas (Jacqueline) from an attack by Luna Vachon and Vampire Warrior (Gangrel).


Leslie Jones Returns To Wrestling & Promoting!?!?

----IWF guru Leslie Jones returns to wrestling by interfering in the main event at USWF last night in Corinth, MS. Not sure if this will mean the revamp of IWF in the future, but Jones back in wrestling will get a lot of people in the Mississippi area talking. Jones bought a promoter’s license last night from Sammy Hall, so it might not be long before we start seeing IWF shows again.

----Results from USWF last night: Danny Morris vs Concrete Cowboy – double DQ when Chris Rocker/Nick Grymes attacked both men – Rocker broke a Singapore cane over Morris’ head in one shot – ouch!!; Psycho beat Pat McGuiness; Dustin Starr beat Grymes; Triple Threat: Cassanova Kidd beat Chris Fontaine & Kenshi Tanaka; Bonecrusher/Justin Rhodes beat Izzy Rotten/Diablo and in the main event: Rocker/Grymes beat Starr/Taylor – Leslie Jones interfered.

----No attendance was reported. I do know this group has being drawing 20 or less paid. The current crew is good from top to bottom with the guys that I have seen work. If you take Psycho, Taylor, Starr, Rotten, Rocker and Grymes, then you have the core of a new IWF.

9.22.06 MCW Osceola, AR Results - New MCW TT Champs!!

----Loose Cannon beat Big Jim Wade; Frankie Tucker/Hamhock beat Thunder/Shaun; Peco/Derrick King beat Tony Gunn/Flash Flanagan; Big Daddy LaFonce/White Lighting vs Hambones – DCO and Main Event: Winner Gets MCW Tag Team Titles: “The Posse” [Simon Reed/’Lil Chris] beat Serpent/Hillbilly Nate to become the new champs.

----80 in the crowd with a gate close to $450…Spyro was listed as a no show, but as reported here – he has quit and working for DCWF in Dyersburg….Jody & Jo-Jo Booker – the other two younger sons of Spot Moondog were backstage…”East Coast Bad Boys” [Spyro/Serpent] were the tag champs, but with no Spyro – no champs. Good to see they put the belts on the “Posse”.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tidbits: Ricky Gibson, William Gibson and more Dyersburg notes

----I found a couple more good articles on Ricky Gibson. Thought I would share them. Hit the links and take a look. One article at Slam and one by Michael Hayes.

----Got a question for anyone that knows?? The William Gibson that use to work as a ref in Dyersburg and Memphis; he was Ricky Gibson’s son?? I read that and thought huh?? I had said earlier that I had met Ricky a few times and Robert a few times – both were super nice. William was always on the pricky side. LOL Was this really his son??

----I talked with a few workers today and another story is brewing out of the new Dyersburg promotion – New Blood Wrestling. It seems that TLCW in Ripley, TN will not be working with NBW. You either work in Ripley or Dyersburg – not both. Ripley is about 25 miles from Dyersburg, so where do you go if you are a fan?? “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” Oh it continues to be a fun story!!!

Shows For the Weekend 9.22 - 9.23.06


Shows For the Weekend

----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes The Hambones; Loose Cannon; Chris Hollywood; Big Daddy LaFonce; Big Jim Wade and more.

----Friday night in Tupelo, MS for TFW has Tony Dabbs; Psycho; “Pure Destruction”;The Gold Diggers; POPULAR [DC/Jonathon Douglas] with Anita Page; Scott Porteau and more.

----Friday night in Corinth, MS for USWF has Keith Haynes Jr, Neil Taylor, Brian Steele, Nikki Lace; Chris Rocker, “Family of Pain” [Mickey Ray/Sarge O'Riley] and more.

----Saturday night in Jumpertown, MS for JWS with Jumpertown MS - Kage, The Hitman, Bless, Mark Mayhem, The Xecutioners, and many more.

-----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling debuts @ Country Nights - Bell time 7:30 PM in Dyersburg, TN - Mr. America , "All That" Alan Steele , "East Coast Bad Boy" Serpant , Gunner Thompson , "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards , Prettyboy James , Jeremy Moore , Quiksilver , Tank , Dell Tucker , Jerry Weezy and more.

----Saturday night at Peppermint Pond in Dyersburg, TN will have Motley Cruz; Tasha Simone; Kilo; 187; and more.

----Saturday night in Booneville, MS for SWGA with Nick Grymes, Buzz Harley, Izzy Rotten, Bonecrusher, and many more.

----Saturday night in New Albany, MS with XWO will have Storm; Scott Porteau; Hollywood Jimmy ; "Pure Destruction",Thomas Knox; "Asylum" [Psycho/Wraith], and more.----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW -- Alex Krisis; Rude; Seth Knight; Jethro;Matt Boyce; Jon Michael ; Chris O'Neal; Dustin Starr; and more.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Blood Wrestling Debuts This Saturday Night!!

----"War does not determine who is right - only who is left."--Bertrand Russell.

----This coming Saturday a small territorial war begins in Dyersburg, TN. New Blood Wrestling debuts @ Country Nights - Bell time 7:30 - Mr. America , "All That" Alan Steele , "East Coast Bad Boy" Serpant , Gunner Thompson , "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards , Prettyboy James , Jeremy Moore , Quiksilver , Tank , Dell Tucker , Jerry Weezy and more.

Ronnie P Gossett “Most women promoters in wrestling are sluts."

----Ronnie P Gossett was the top guest of on Wrestling Informer Weekly. Gossett started as a teenage as a ring announcer for Chattanooga, TN with Nick Gulas. He made it clear that you either liked Gulas or you didn’t. He told a funny story of working with him. Gulus’ signal to the ref to go to the finish was crossing his arms. Gulas had to go to the dressing room and told Ronnie to do the finish. Within a minute, someone was telling Gossett a joke, he was laughing and then crossing his arms – so the ref went to the finish. He said Gulas had a fit running out of the dressing.

----Gossett was much kinder than their last guest to Jerry Lawler saying things like “Jerry Lawler is one of the greatest in the business.” He told how he thought Lawler was a good booker and had a very creative mind. He mentioned Kamala and then how Lawler had him dress up like the Joker at one time. I remember people hating that gimmick, but I thought Gossett fit great with that. It was around the time “Batman” came out and everyone was marking out for him then – especially comic marks like Lawler. Gossett also felt the Memphis promotion wouldn’t still be going if it wasn’t for Lawler.

----Gossett talked about being friends with the Jarrett family. I had heard bad stories of dealing Jerry Jarrett. He was working for a newspaper and they wanted him to come work for them, since they knew he could get heat. As soon as he arrive to work for Jarrett he knew all the stories were true. If he brought you in as a manager – you would do anything even be a janitor. If you could lock up, then Jarrett would have you wrestling also.

----Gossett talked about the “Jerry Jarrett” diet. You never made enough money to eat on. He told the story of Steve Austin eating raw potatoes. He spoke of $15 payoffs from Buddy Wayne and driving long distances while managing “Master of Pain” Mark Callaway. The Jarrett diet thing was an inside joke on everyone during that time period. I guess it kept them from crying. Gossett said to get sleep they either had to get $15 hotel rooms or stay with a friend. He said some of the guys got arena rats to pay for the hotels.

----I was actually friends with a few of the under card guys during this time period and Gossett was telling the truth about the diet and the rats. Everyone was happy to get a room in Memphis at one of cheap motels for $15 and they would either have a rat pay for it or two of them sleep in it. Callaway stayed downstairs on my couch one night and before going to sleep almost ate a whole large pizza by himself. I had ordered a medium that we split the price, but he was still hungry. So, I just footed the bill for the next pizza. I felt sorry for the guys back then. They were just trying to make it.

----Ronnie told another funny story with this one about Jarrett. He said he told Jarrett he would work for him, but he didn’t want to put all the miles on his car. So, Jarrett said if he would work for him, he would lease him a car. So, Gossett has this horrible car accident coming from Memphis going back to Nashville on a Saturday afternoon. He was not hurt, but a person was killed in the wreck. He called to tell Jarrett about it and instead of Jarrett wanting to know if Ronnie was ok; he said “Was it your fault??” And Gossett said, “Yes it was fault – I came to your piss off promotion!!”

----“I didn’t have a gimmick – I was just obnoxious.” He said. It came across like that in the interview as almost every story he was calling someone a moron or an idiot. He also came off very bitter at times like most old timers do. He had that “it was better in my time, than it is now” attitude. We had to work our way to the top stories. And, he also blamed David Meltzer for the reason the wrestling business is the way it is now. Kayfabe sheets killed the business. Typical old timer BS.

----Gossett talked about a card he is involved this weekend with a lady promoter [I can not remember her name?]. He started talking about lady promoters and how Christine Jarrett was highly respected. But, he pretty much called Ann Gunkel from Georgia a slut. He said, “Most women promoters in wrestling are sluts. You hardly ever get a “lady” who promotes wrestling.”

----I don’t want to spoil the whole interview for you, so go over to their web site sometime this weekend and they should have the complete interview posted. You can listen to what Gossett has to say about Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon, the WWE vignettes he did when Jeff Jarrett came to WWE, Shawn Michaels, Bert Prentice, Buff Bagwell, Jim Cornette, Buddy Landell, Austin Idol and many more past stars of the Memphis area.

Tidbits: Gossett, Steve Creasy, NWA Mid-South, Blackbirds and the "crying fan"

----I might have waited too long to post this one. Ronnie P Gossett will be on on the Wrestling Informer Weekly. The show starts tonight in less than one hour!!

----Steve Creasy sent the following note “After a long history of providing some of the very best in pro-wrestling to fans all over the Mid-South. CCW "Chaotic Championship Wrestling" founded by Brian Tramel and later purchased by Steven Anthony in 2003 is no more. CCW has a great history, good memories and of course some bad ones. All in all CCW was for an indy promotion one of the all time greats. Times change however! TSWF Tri-States Wrestling Federation will take pro-wrestling to the next level. TSWF will not be "Sports Entertainment" no diva contest and no prize giveaways. You will see wrestling, pure and simple. Goodbye CCW and Hello TSWF.” Thanks to Steve for not starting back CCW. If you are interested in contacting Steve for work [at your own risk..LOL] -

----Got a few results from Humboldt, TN @ the NWA show on 9.15.06. This is the new Friday home of “Cruzn’ 4 Pain”: Gaylon Ray with Destiny lost by DQ over Blackbird #1 when Gryffon jumped in to help Ray; Blackbird 2 won by DQ when Gaylon ran in over Gryffon and the Main Event: “Cruzn’ 4 Pain” [Motley Cruz/187] with Tasha Simone beat Ricky Murdoch/Kilo when Big Bill Nasty no showed.

----My source that sent in the above results didn’t know Jazz or Iceman apart, so that is why I put #1/#2. The source listed them as the “fake” Blackbirds. I never really thought about that, but does that offend other people also?? Iceman calls himself “Iceman” [actually before the Bbirds team with Jazz]; does that offend?? If you don’t know what I am talking about – “Iceman” King Parsons formed a team called “The Blackbirds” in World Class Wrestling. That is where the gimmick comes from. Didn’t Reggie B Fine manage them one time???

----Have all of you seen the “crying fan”?? Every time I see this, well, I crack up. But, after I read this article, it made me see where he was coming from.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

9.17.06 Sunday Night Horn Lake, MS Results

----Kraze beat Atomic Kid; Bonecrusher beat Soultaker;Blakester beat Loose Cannon; Bonecrusher/Justin Rhodes beat “24/7” [Cross/JR Mauler]; Johnny Morton beat Buzz Harley; Big Indian Quixote beat Loose Cannon and Main Event: “Iceman” Chris Austin beat Chris Frazier with “Honest” John.

----This was held at Bob Bo’s Bar – outside on the patio. It was a benefit for St. Jude. $10 per ticket with around 80 people there. So, then probably raised close to $800.

Rating Are In!!!

----The ratings are in. They did bounce back from the bad rating from last week, but not even up to average. They scored an overall 3.4 [56,596.4 viewers] rating for Saturday’s show. The first segment ending in the middle of the tag team title change had 3.2 [53,267.2 viewers]. Rest of the title change and Jethro beating up Grady was the next segment scoring 3.3 [54931.8 viewers]. A slow climb continued into the third quarter with a 3.4 [56596.4 viewers] starting with the Reggie B Fine interview and in the middle of the 6 – Man tag [they were already getting heat on America]. 3.9 [64919.4 viewers] watched the last quarter seeing the finish of the 6-man, “Opening the Vault” and “Too Cool 2” interview.

----The show is still not giving at least average numbers [3.7=61,590.2 viewers], but I do not see a problem if the show levels off at an average of 3.0 [49,938 viewers] for the late night spot. But, that would have them losing on an average 11,652.2 viewers. When they start dropping on an average of below 3.0, then I would consider that a problem. I have also shown where the gates of the house shows are not measured by the ratings. I am still looking forward to the next Southaven gate though. Funny thing is that if the Southaven show does bad or good, they will blame it on the TV show move to 10:00 PM. The Southaven shows draw only when they give the fans something they want to see.

Monday, September 18, 2006

9.16.06 DCWF Dyersburg, TN Results - "Southern Pride" Returns!!

----Alec Fontez (formerly Drive By) beat Dazzlin' Dixie (replacing one of the Immortals); A.J. Bradley facing off against the Mexican Sensation in the 2nd round of the Heavyweight Title Tourney, with Bradley advancing in the tournament; “Cruzn’ 4 Pain”“Cruzn’ For Pain” “Cruzn’ For Pain” defended the Hardcore Title, with Tasha Simone facing "The Southern Redneck" Jody Allen – they left Allen laying; Lumberjack Match for the #1 contender ship of the tag titles: Team X [Phoenix/Gryffon] vs. The Phat Boyz Gaylon Ray/Tucker[Gaylon Ray/Tucker] - This entire match was pretty much Team X beating the Hell out of Tucker, before the entire match was thrown out due to all the wrestlers (both teams and the lumberjacks) fighting all over the building and in the Main Event, “Southern Pride” Kilo and a returning Citizen Kane beat “Cruzn' For Pain” [Motley Cruz/187] for the Tag Belts, but they did an angle where they had the belts taken by the Commissioner, because Jody Allen was to have been Kilo's partner, but was unable to wrestle due to injuries sustained in the hardcore match earlier in the evening. Both teams will face off again next week.

----55-60 in the crowd with a gate close to $300…Some changes with “The Immortals” [not who that is??] quitting because of personal reasons. Also Tucker of the “Phat Boys” said he quit also because he was tired of getting beat on all the time. Not sure if it was because he don’t like the stiffness or just don’t like taking the heat. He told them he was going somewhere else that was not so rough. Look for him to show up across town.

Tidbits: Alabama results, TGB, OSCW and another Paragould promotion???

-----I got some results from Alabama that I forgot to post. Ultra-NWA Scottsboro, AL [about one hour from Hunstville, AL] 9.16.06: Chad Alan beat Chris Lee; Justin Envy beat Neil Taylor – they ran an angle to set up the main event; K-G beats Brevin Hold and in the Main Event: Evny/Alan/Holt over Taylor/Steve Plezing/Cecil…Gate was in the $1500 range with 225 in attendance…The only guys I know from these results are Taylor and Envy. I always remember Envy being a pretty good worker and a super nice guy.

-----“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony will begin his booking duties on October 7, 2006 at the new Dyersburg promotion. This will be after his wedding and honeymoon. Congrats to TGB and Jeanna.

----OSCW informed me today that they did offer refunds at the front door and let everyone know that there would not be a barbwire thumbtack match. Not one person decided to go home. A big thumbs up to the crew in Paragould for offering a refund. Not enough of that kind of stuff happens in the biz.

----Speaking of Paragould, AR, I got an IM from Allen Withrow who is claming to be the booking agent for a new promotion in the Paragould/Jonesboro area. The promotion will be called Continental Wrestling Federation. He sent the following : CWF is currently scouting talent for the Arkansas, Tennessee and Missouri area. We require a VHS or DVD of a recent match or matches , resume and picture. We are looking for all forms or wrestling talent from wrestlers to valets and especially cruiserweights for our cruiser division. All tapes can be sent to CWF wrestling, 4104 Orion Dr., Paragould, AR 72450. You can e-mail him if you want more info @

RassleTube 9.18.06 Edition -- Psycho vs "Trendsetter" John Michael, MAW and more!!!

----I am real happy with this edition of RassleTube because it features more clips of the area. I have the match from Kennett and then stuff from Tupelo promotion and MAW. I mixed it in with other stuff that I thought you would enjoy. I do like using the local clips, so any more lcoal promotions -- send in your clips!!! Just for the record, it is not an easy task to take one of these clips from an old VHS to the web site - it took 1.5 hours to just do a 8 minute clip.

----Ratings for last week's Memphis Edition was better than the week before -- first day was .06 and a .13 for the week.

-----This week’s edition starts out with four great segments of the late Eddie Gilbert. The draping of the Russian flag and him running over Lawler are two of my favorite things of all time in wrestling…Hardcore action is next with 2 segments: Madman Pondo vs Necro Butcher in a 200 Lightblub match and Ian Rotten vs Mickie Knuckles. Mickies is one hardcore bitch!!!....Next is from Kennett, MO Chaotic Championship Wrestling’s “Rumble In K-Town” 8.31.01 – Psycho with Kayte [my ex wife Stephanie Dale] vs “Trendsetter” John Michael. This comes from my old promotion CCW. John Michael really looks different here…From July, 2006 Memphis Wrestling Southaven show we have a video that aired of Derrick King vs Mr. America…From TFW in Tupelo, MS – Chris Styles vs Vega “the Dragon” – the lighting is a little dark, but listen to the crowd chanting for Styles….The Main Event of the night is Gabriel Stalker with The Movement vs The Crime from the MAW New Daisy show just two weeks ago. Lots of talk of this show, so I wanted to feature a match. Stalker has some potential. Good look with smooth moves. Needs psychology. Stalker’s spear into Crime into ladder looked good. Nasty finish --- looked like it killed Crime!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

SGWA Saturday Double Shot

----Horn Lake, MS Outside show – Schnucks Grocery – United Way Benefit – Johnny Morton beat Buzz Harley; Johnny Thunder beat Dalton Storm; Bonecrusher beat Soultaker by DQ when “24/7” [Kross/Jr Mauler] jumped Bonecrusher – all three beat him up until PHAT Foundation [Justin Rhodes/Chris Fontaine]made the save; Tysin Starr/Cassanova Kidd beat CIA [Izzy Rotten/Nick Grymes] and in the Main Event: SGWA TT Title Match: PHAT Foundation beat 24/7 with Diamond to retain the tag titles.

----Booneville, MS – Nick Grymes beat Chop; Dalton Storm beat JR Mauler; Dirty Sanchez beat David Cox; Big Lacy Lane beat Homeless Joe with a powerbomb; Buzz Harley beat Dirty Sanchez after a pedigree and an elbow off the top rope; Dalton Storm/Pat McGuiness beat Soultaker/JR Mauler with Kross and Diamond by DQ when Soultaker/JR attacked them with a Singapore cane and the Main Event: CIA [Izzy/Tysin/Cassanova] beat PHAT Foundation and Bonecrusher…They ran an angle on the first show, so they would have PHAT Foundation/Bonecrusher vs 24/7 & Soultaker in a 6 Man tonight in Horn Lake.

----There were about 70 watching the outside show and 50 paid for Boonville. Probably around $250 gate…They also have a show tonight in Horn Lake, MS at a bar that will feature a lot of the SGWA workers and others…After the main event in Booneville, Izzy poured water on Bonecrusher and went to the back & got a stun gun. He shocked Bonecrusher and then zapped Justin Rhodes in the testicles and Chris in the back…Funny how Tysin/Cassanova worked vs Izzy on the first show, but teamed with him on the second show???

9.16.06 OSCW Paragould, AR Results - Main Event No Shows!!

----Leroy Hambone vs Sgt Shakedown – time limit draw; Handicap Match: Blakester/Jamie Jay beat Loose Cannon with Rotten Randy; OSCW Title Match: Buster “Hellraiser” Johnson beat Hambock; Winner To Become OSCW Tag Champs: Shackdown/Jamie Jay beat The Hambones and Main Event: Mini Battle Royal -- Winner to Become New Next Division Champion – Loose Cannon won the belt beating Leroy Hambone, Pedro Hambone and Hamhock.

----Around 75 people in the building with a gate close to $450…Kid Krazy and Ray Ray no showed for this event also. [two in one day] They were schedule in the main event with a barbwire thumbtack match. That was replaced with Hambones and Cannon – OMG!! LOL I would have been pissed if I was a fan and showed up to watch the main event…Teko Murdoch and American Assassin were backstage, but did not work. BTW, Teko use to work as the American Assassin, but now has another guy working that gimmick. The night that I managed The Golden Boy vs Buff Bagwell [11.13.04], Bagwell said Teko was the worst wrestler he ever worked. LOL

Tidbits: KC Gold, TSWF, Dyersburg promotions, Ricky Gibson and Workers @ TV tapings

----KC Gold, who is one of the owners of MAW, e-mailed me to say there were 75 people paid at the show last weekend. There has been talk everywhere about the show not drawing and them losing their shirts. Yes, they lost money. The only advertising they did not do was a TV spot, which might be something to do for the next show. The thing that still amazes me and I told KC this in an e-mail is drawing less 100 people in downtown Memphis. I also am supposed to get a tape or DVD of the show, so I will give my opinion. The main point and I am stealing this from Gene Jackson, but if there were four 5-star matches – it wouldn’t matter because no body was there.

----Steve Creasy seems to have dropped the CCW name and is starting a new promotion under the name TSWF [Tri-State Wrestling Federation]. I could not confirm this, because I could not get Creasy to answer my e-mails, but the site looks just like his handy work. I do want to thank him for dropping the CCW name.

----Dyersburg, TN gets really interesting this weekend with the new promotion opening Saturday with direct competition with DCWF. As I said, rumors are going to fly like crazy for the next couple weeks with who is working where and such. I was told that Motley Cruz is saying he did not contact anybody to work, because he is happy working with Dixie. The booker will be “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony and his first show will be the 9.30.06 show, because he gets married this coming weekend. We may even have another story from all of this, because I look for a lot of the guys working Ripley, TN will work here – whether they do double duty or work just this show.

----Ricky Gibson web site link here about his career. Thought this was a good piece for those that do not remember Ricky. It is said in this piece, but Ricky was a very good worker. I only met him on one occasion and he was super nice guy.

----I heard that because there have been so many people backstage at Memphis Wrestling TV tapings, the workers were told two weeks ago that if they didn’t call then, then don’t come to TV. IMHO, they should have kept some of the guys they did not call – Huey, “Hollywood” Jimmy, Neil Taylor and FOP. As I have said, good to see Dustin Starr used again. I have heard from more than once source that Derrick King was the cause of both changes - guys gone/Starr back. I do not think DK has that much power at Memphis Wrestling.

9.16.06 Memphis Fall Festival Results

----Blakester beat Loose Cannon; Chris Frazier beat Chris Austin; American Assassin beat Teko Murdoch and Big Indian Quixote beat Johnny Morton

----Guys got to work in front of a huge crowd. There were at least 500 people at all times watching the show and around 5,000 walking around. I wonder why Memphis Wrestling didn’t get this show?? Good exposure for any of the guys…Ray Ray and Kid Krazy no show.