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Memphis Wrestling TV Report 9.30.06

----Show opens with Hollywood Jimmy, Nate the Rat, Johnny Dotson and Rashard arguing over who was going to host the show. [Corey Maclin had a death in the family]. Dustin Hickenbottom [must be a Shawn mark] was standing behind all of them. Jerry Lawler then came out to restore order. Lawler got a huge pop. Lawler tells Nate he will be wrestling tonight. Nate walks away. Lawler told the other three guys they could play “Jerry Lawler” and take turns doing color commentary.

----Derrick King interview – “I think we found someone worse than Corey Maclin.” King calls out Kidd Kastle. JR Title Match: King beat Kastle, when Johnny Dotson gave King a foreign object to hit Kastle. King gave Kastle most of the bout and got very little heat on him. Castle needs a lot of work.

----Lawler with Renee interview. Lawler came out and talked about his mom having a stroke. He stated that she had a mild stroke. He thanked all the people who were concerned. Grady Watson then comes out and says, “We wish your mother the best.” “Cowboys” [Ricky Murdoch/Billy Nasty]/Nate come out. Nate said Lawler was just out trying to get sympathy. “I don’t think your mama had a stroke.” Lawler then slaps Nate and says, “If you mention my mother one more time, I will kill you!!!” And then says, “Get him the hell out of here!!”

----Cory Maclin/Lance Russell interview talking about Memphis gimmick matches. Scaffold, Coal Miner’s Glove, Cage [clip of Savage vs Lawler], barbwire, lumberjack and concession stand matches. “Opening The Vault” with clips from concession brawl of Larry Latham/Wayne Farris vs Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee from Tupelo, MS. Well done segment.

----Brickhouse Brown/Kevin White/Jerry Lawler with Renee beat “The Cowboys” [Murdoch/Nasty]/Matt Foley. Nate says that the Cowboys stepped on his foot when Lawler slapped him, Foley took his place. Heat on White with hot tag to Lawler. Foley looked bad here. Brick/White used a double stroke to pin Foley. Nate then yells after the match, “Lawler I am going to kill you!!! I am going to take your whole stinking family out!!”

----“Too Cool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] interview. They talk about wanting the rematch for the Southern Tag Team Titles vs Brick/White. White/Brick come back out for an interview. Brick says, “Yall must be smoking that crack..” to open his rap. Good family entertainment. Good interview though.

----“Insane Clowns” [Bobo/Giggles]/”Too Cool 2” [Grind/Flex beat “Picture Perfect” [Chris O’Neal/John Michael]/Tatt2/Hendrick Hines. Heat on Hines. Hot tag to Tatt2. Some good spots with hot tag and then it turned into a clusterf**k. Giggles used a foreign object out of a teddy bear on Tatt2 with Grind pinning him.

FINAL NOTES: The opening skit was good. This was much better than just bringing out an announcer without a reason or anything…King did a good job with Kastle with a long interview. Crowd was popping for Castle after the opening Tennessee spots…Lawler/Nate angle with Lawler slapping Nate was good. Very good. It furthered their feud and looked shoot with Nate talking about Lawler’s mother…The concession stand brawl is so legendary. You can trace Atsushi Onita and ECW roots to this very match….Hollywood Jimmy promoted Savannah, TN CWA show with Lawler/Rodney Grimes vs “Family of Pain” [Sarge O’Riley/Mickey Ray] while doing commentary during the second match…Cowboys didn’t look bad this week…O’Neal didn’t even get in the main event until the finish…Dustin was not a bad announcer, but he just didn’t seem that excited. He got better as the show went on. He did know that it was Jon Michael and not Christian Jacobs wrestling though!!!! Hollywood Jimmy was the best of the three color commentaries. Dotson/Rashard did not do bad jobs either. Maclin would do well with any of three of them…This was a good show. You can tell when Lawler is booking compared to Corey doing all the show by himself. Three matches, which gives everyone time to work. They also further the storylines with Lawler booking.

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Memphis Wrestling FLASH REPORT!!!

----I just got a few sketchy details about the next two weeks of Memphis Wrestling from the tapings today. Cory Maclin was not at the taping, because of death in the family. The guy that did announcing was named Dusty and does the announcing at Ripley, TN fro TLCW…I am not sure what happened on which show…Derrick King wrestled Kidd Kastle…Derrick King wrestled Jerry Lawler…8-Man tag with “Picture Perfect” [O’Neal/Michael]/Hendrick Hines/Tatt2 vs “Too Cool 2’ [Gind/Flex]/Clowns…Battle Royal for $5,000 ended with Too Cool 2/Brickhouse/Kevin White…Johnny Dotson was on one of the shows.

Grymes/Jones turn on Rocker!! 9.29.06 USWF Corinth, MS Results

----Buzz Harley beat Danny Morris with a stunner; Keith Haynes Jr beat Concrete Cowboy; Bonecrusher/Justin Rhodes/Chris Fontaine beat “CIA” [Izzy Rotten/Cassanova Kidd/Tysin Starr] by DQ after Izzy hit Bonecrusher with brass knuckles; Neil Taylor/Psycho beat Chris Rocker/Nick Grymes/Leslie Jones by pinfall when Nick held up Neil and Chris accidentally superkicked Nick, then got a piledriver from Taylor and the Main Event: Concrete Cowboy won a battle royal.

----They did an angle in the middle of the show saying Dustin Starr would not be there. Jones said then it would be Jones/Rocker/Grymes against Taylor. Taylor went to tell them he had friends also, which lead to Psycho joining Taylor…Grymes/Jones turned on Rocker after their match. Rocker vs Grymes with Jones next week…Bonecrusher went after Rotten with brass knuckles in the battle royal and Rocker eliminated Grymes with them brawling on the outside with refs pulling them apart…40 people in attendance with a gate of around $200.

Hambones Eat Dogfood!! 9.29.06 MCW Osceola, AR Results

----Tank/Pecos beat Hamhock/JoeDalton; Thunder beat Luchador; MCW Title Match: Chris Hollywood beat Loose Cannon; Frankie Tucker beat Serpent and in the Main Event – Loser to Eat Dog Food – Big Daddy LaFonce/White Lighting beat The Hambones.

----80 people in attendance with a gate close to $450…I was told that the Hambones ate dog food for shoot. Ok, say they did eat the dog food, and then my question is why?? You can always gimmick a can by taking off the label and putting it on beef stew….No Derrick King or “Posse” [Simon Reed/’Lil Chris] because they were in Halls, TN for the TLCW show.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Feature Article: "Setting the Record Straight - Me and the Maclin"

----I would like to first set the record straight on a few things. My first intentions of starting this site were to get back into wrestling. This is one of the only ways I could do it and actually still get to spend time with my kids on the weekend. If I had got back on the road again, then it would be two weekend nights a week and that would not be good for my kids. And, it would not be good for me. This site has fulfilled my expectations and more. This site is seen by almost double the amount every day that ever read my fanzine, which was published around 15 years ago. It is ironic though how many people remember the fanzine that still read this site or the people that were subscribers that are actually part of the business now.

----If you have never met me, then I hope you can also see by my words – I love this business. I have been a fan since 1977. I have been “inside” the business since around 1986 when I started talking to wrestlers and reporting stuff to the kayfabe sheets. At the same time, I was a photographer and also sold stories and pictures to a few of the well known Apter-type mags. I later became a wrestler for a limited time. Limited time was good for everyone involved. I was horrible and I knew it. My athletic ability is not one of my gifts. I authored my own kayfabe zine. After that died, I actually went back to reporting for the kayfabe world and doing reports on local stuff. I got married and had kids – the wrestling fix was only Monday Night Raw and sometimes a live event. I later started managing as Coach BT with the team of “Total Kaos” [Kade/Viper[Christian Jacobs]], which lead to me being on the road as a manger and promoter for about 5 years. At one point, I had worked over 100 dates in a 9 month period. My ex-wife got into the business as a worker, and then we started to promote our own shows. After two years of doing that, it was time to get out. My whole life was destructing around me as my friends were becoming enemies and my marriage was over. My feelings at this point were that I would never do ANYTHING with wrestling again.

----I went on to work a 6 week program in 2004 after the divorce was final and my promotion was sold. That program was written for me by “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony feuding with Christian Jacobs. I was not happy with my performance as it always seemed I was two steps behind everything. So, after that program, I didn’t have much that I wanted to do. After working a match as TGB’s manager vs Buff Bagwell and then Bobby Eaton, then I was happy to say my career [if you want to call it that] was done for the in ring stuff.

----I am stating all of this for one reason. Corey Maclin started out his interview the other night with Wrestling Informer Weekly saying, “I don’t know this guy.” Well, I just wanted Maclin to know and some of the other new readers to know – I didn’t just wake up and decide to start writing bad things about Memphis Wrestling. I have been a student of the game for 20+ years and I will never claim to know everything, but at almost 40 years old I have the maturity and intelligence to know what is good wrestling and what is bad wrestling. I will not ever say something is good just for the sake of making someone feel better. That is not my style and all my friends know that is the best way for me to be.

----I have a friend I have known in this business for close to 15 years. Some of you more than that. This person will always tell me anything that I do – in the ring or here – if it sucks or not. I respect that person and that person respects me. In other words, I am not going to kiss your ass.

----I first met Jerry Lawler in the “inside” about 19 years ago. Even though I would not consider him a friend by any means, he has always known that I tell it like I see it. He has not always been happy with what I have said. And, made it clear to me on a few occasions, but he does know that I am not going to “sugarcoat” my feelings on a match, even though it has almost got my ass whipped a few times. I remember having a conversation with Bill Dundee about a match he had with George Barnes. The next night, Lawler ask me why I was getting heat from Dundee. I told him I said that the Barnes/Dundee match sucked and he got mad. Lawler responded, “It did suck!” I may have been way off track a bunch of times some 15 years ago when I did my first kayfabe reporting. Present day I will try to give the reader an intelligent honest approach to wrestling in this area. I have been watching Memphis Wrestling for 29 years, so I think I know a thing or two about it.

----I know I have rambled a bit, but it will bring me up to a few points that Corey Maclin made on the show the other night. He made it clear that I had the right to my opinion, but it really didn’t matter. Because why?? He had to make his advertisers and his fans happy. If they score a 2.0 or 2.5, then they are making money. What about the guys that perform on TV every week and work for free?? I know it has been a tradition for years the guys work the TV for free, but during most of those times the promotion was running house shows. For many years it was every Monday night and that was a good payday for most everyone. Now the guys come in and work the show for free, but there has not been a house show since July. Which talent would have more loyalty and work harder – free talent or paid talent??

----Maclin spoke about the Jackson show being canceled by the arena. I have heard other stories, because tickets for that event were for sale up until Monday. I am told that wrestling has not drawn enough money in Jackson for them to keep having shows. All the sponsors that Maclin has – how much money do they have to make to bust on these shows?? He also spoke of 10 Mid-South fair shows that were canceled?? Conflict of some kind?? That would have been good exposure and good money for someone. The recent Memphis Festival was offered to them at one time and they never responded. There is also a new promotion starting on a riverboat sometime in October. Maclin was called first and never called back?? Why not??

----If the ratings stay as they are or even goes to 2.0, then Maclin is still making money. He doesn’t have to worry about anything. He will continue to put TV shows that have no storylines and the guys are so rushed they are not able to show their talent. I will continue to write bad things about the show and it will not matter a bit. There will always be talent wanting to be the shows. What if in 6 months the bottom drops out and they are doing 1.5 every Saturday night?? Who is to blame?? The time change?? The scripts?? The talent??

----If they did drop that low, then it would be probably blamed on a trend in the business. That’s the best way to keep everyone involved safe. Then, they could go back to showing just “Legends” shows. If the Memphis TV show continues to be presented the way they do it, then the fans will start slowly dropping off on Saturday nights. You might be able to expect the fans to tune on Saturday mornings because of habit, but you can’t continue putting on crap and expect everyone to tune in.

----I want the readers of this site to know that I love Memphis Wrestling. Why would I continue to do this site or even spend time on it?? I would love to write every week that Memphis Wrestling followed storylines and made sense to the average intelligent viewer. I want it to do 7.0 ratings. I want it to run house shows every week. I want Maclin/Lawler to make tons of money and the boys also make some money. I want it to succeed. I just don’t see it happening when they air shows like they did the last few weeks.

---- I want to make a statement about “primetime”. Prime Time is defined as such from the Neilson [you know the people that do the rating] home page – “Peak evening television viewing time, most often 8-11PM, Monday through Saturday, and 7-11 PM Sunday (EST).” Eastern Time would make it 7 – 10 PM central time. No matter what Corey Maclin may say or claim - Memphis Wrestling does not air in prime time. Why do you think TNA is making a deal about “moving to prime time”?? They were on a 10:00 PM. Does anyone else see how stupid that makes Maclin look?? Take a look at the Neilson prime time show ratings – no show comes on at 10:00 PM. ‘Nuff said.

----Well, as always, thanks for reading. Wait..I just remembered a few things. For those that think I made the headline of Maclin mentioning my name for self promotion, and then guess what?? You are right!! Still a little “worker” in me. LOL And, guys just because Maclin may have guys begging to be on the show every week, it does not make it a good show. If I set up a “crack” stand [you know like a hotdog stand] and gave it away, then would it make it good because I had a lot of people waiting on getting crack?? Hell, I could get more people at my stand than he draws for TV – fans and workers.

Show for the Weekend - OSCW Paragould, AR show Saturday Night

----Barbwire vs Antone; Hamhock vs Blakester; Julio Guerrero vs Big Indian Quixote; Next Division Title Match: Loose Cannon with "Rotten" Randy defends vs "Iceman" Chris Austin and Main Event: Hambone Leroy/Hambone Pedro/Hamhock vs Big Buster Johnson/Sergeant Shakedown/Jamie Jay.

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Shows For The Weekend 9.29 - 9.30.06


Shows For the Weekend

----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes The Hambones; Loose Cannon; Chris Hollywood; Big Daddy LaFonce; Big Jim Wade and more.

----Friday night for TCLW in Halls, TN @ Lauderdale County Fair. Bill Dundee, “The Posse” [Simon Cook/’Lil Chris], “Hot Topic” [Stan Lee/DK] vs “Blackout Squad” [Bishop/Oz], TLCW Title Match: Flash Flanagan vs Dustin Starr and more from 7:00 to 9:00 PM @ the Air Force base arena.

----Friday night in Tupelo, MS for TFW has Tony Dabbs; “Pure Destruction” [Brody & Cody Hawk];The Gold Diggers; POPULAR [Shawn Reed and Ryan Williams Shawn Reed/Ryan Williams]with Anita Page; Tony Dabbs; Scott Porteau and more.

----Friday night in Corinth, MS for USWF has Keith Haynes Jr, Neil Taylor, Brian Steele, Nikki Lace; Chris Rocker, Psycho, Dustin Starr, Leslie Jones and more.

----Saturday night in Bald Knob, AR for “King of Sports Championship Wrestling @ the Amphitheater with Teko Murdoch vs Big Bubba Studley, Austin Lane vs Tommy Gunn and others. Proceeds go to the Prince Cemetery Rd Paving Fund.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights - Bell time 7:30 PM in Dyersburg, TN - Mr. America , "All That" Alan Steele , "East Coast Bad Boy" Serpant , Gunner Thompson , "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards , Prettyboy James , Jeremy Moore , Quiksilver , Tank , Dell Tucker , Seth Knight, Jerry Weezy, Tim Alfonzo, and more.

----Saturday night at Peppermint Pond in Dyersburg, TN will have Motley Cruz; Tasha Simone;187, AJ Bradley, “Southern Pride [Kilo/Citzen Kane], Jody Allen and more.

----Saturday night in Booneville, MS for SWGA with Nick Grymes, Buzz Harley, Izzy Rotten, Bonecrusher, and many more.

----Saturday night in New Albany, MS with XWO will have Storm; Scott Porteau; Hollywood Jimmy ; "Pure Destruction",Thomas Knox; "Asylum" [Psycho/Wraith], and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW – Derrick King, Stan Lee, Alex Krisis; Flash Flanagan; Jethro;Matt Boyce; Jon Michael ; Chris O'Neal; Dustin Starr; and more.

My apologies to Mr. Maclin

----I would like to thank Trent Van Drisse for bringing up the spelling of Corey Maclin. I have been spelling his name wrong. Why?? I had a friend while growing up and his name was Cory. [He ended up being on “America’s Most Wanted”—long story..LOL] So, I apologize for the misspelling. I have corrected it in the last few posts and it will forever be Corey now. Most people have problems spelling Maclin as Macklin – I just have problems with the easy names. LOL But, you know at least I didn’t call him Koko Ware.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Corey Maclin “I have been told this Brian guy writes about Memphis Wrestling. He is very critical, very bias”

----Corey Maclin was the guest this week on on the Wrestling Informer Weekly and it was not as shocking as the last two guests, but he did take the time answering all the questions. “Time change has been good.” He stated. He felt like Memphis Wrestling was behind in the times and it was time for a change. Corey said that their show was “taped live” now and they don’t change anything. He pretty much said they did no editing. Truth is that they usually tape two shows at the same time. The first show is usually not edited because they air it a few hours later in Jackson. The 9.23.06 was heavily edited.

----Corey was ask about the Nate going after the fan as reported on “I don’t know much about it.” he commented and think that was just to get him out of it.

----Corey felt that Spellbinder was very disrespectable and very distasteful. Corey said he would not be interested in using Spellbinder. He said “never say never”, but thought that Del was way out of line because of the push that Spell had gotten for so many years. “I was just shocked.” He said.

----Maclin said that he and Lawler book the TV shows. He said that neither one of them do anything that the other one does not know about. He had very good things about Lawler. Lawler helped him get into the business along with Lance Russell. He said that Memphis Wrestling needs Jerry Lawler, even though guys like Spell do not agree with that.

----“I have been told this Brian guy writes about Memphis Wrestling. He is very critical, very bias” said Maclin. He stated that he had never met me. He also said he was not trying to please me when it came to Memphis Wrestling he had to please his advertising and his fans. He felt he would not be on the air; if he wasn’t doing what he was supposed to be doing. He stated that I was entitled to my opinion.

----He went on to talk about me saying something about the 10:00 PM slot not being “prime time”. He stated that he had been in TV and radio – he knew what prime time was and it was 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Corey said that they had the option of going to 8:00 PM on Saturday nights, but decided on going to 10:00 PM. He felt college football would hurt their audience if they did the 8:00 PM slot. He also said that the TV station was happy, because with the move to 10:00 PM, they got more advertisers, which meant more money. It was very positive move and felt if you can get a 2.0 or 2.5 rating on a show you can continue to make money.

----Maclin answered more questions from the staff and the chat room. He stated that Dustin Starr and “Picture Perfect” were good talent. He talked about the Southern Title and how they have thought about bringing it back. He said Mabel was the last champion. They have not run house mainly due to conflicts with WWE coming in and then a Mid-South Fair deal that did not come through for them.

----Maclin was asked about the Koko Ware feud and how the racial slurs were used. He went on to say it was ok for black on black slurs, as they could say things to each other that a white person could not say. He said he was against any kind of racism. There some truth to that statement about black on black slurs, but it still doesn’t make it alright to say that type of thing. Maclin came off bad in this part of the interview trying to justify racial slurs.

----Maclin went on to explain that he tries to promote a family show. He wants people to bring out the whole family to his shows. That is why they promote no parking fees, $3 concession combos and ticket prices that are reasonable. He is right about that. When Memphis Wrestling does that type of $10 general admission show, you could go with two kids and it would only cost you $40. Throw in an extra $12 and everyone gets something to eat. $52 to go to a wrestling show. I will give it to him for trying to do something like that. Good idea that seems to have worked when they have a main event that people want to see.

----Corey spent about an hour and half with the crew answering everything. So, as you know I will not spoil the whole show for you. You can listen to it in a few days up on the site. He has tons to say about other thing: Brickhouse Brown, Kevin White, “Clash of Legends” show, Brian Christopher toilet incident, Bill Dundee, “The Cowboys”, Grady Watson, a story about a shoot between Perry Saturn/Spot Moondog and lots more stuff.

----I will be answering my critic Corey Maclin in the next few days about various things he said tonight. Stay tuned!!!

Tidbits: Jon Michael, Ripley correction, Starr = ratings and Dyersburg notes

----I received word today that “Picture Perfect” team member Jon Michael [Jon Michael Everett] may need surgery. He has been working with a nagging back ache, which is something that someone who has three bulging discs and one with petrussions has to go through. Apparently though for the last few days he hasn’t even been able to straighten his left arm out. This is either from a pinched nerve or something more serious. He will be going to the doctor on Friday and is hoping it will not be anything threatening. Best wishes bro. We will have update after he goes to the doctor.

----Correction from my Ripley, TN Dustin Starr beat Flash Flanagan by DQ to build for a match this coming Friday night in Halls, TN @ Lauderdale County Fair. Bill Dundee, “The Posse” [Simon Cook/’Lil Chris], “Hot Topic” [Stan Lee/DK] vs “Blackout Squad” [Bishop/Oz] from 7:00 to 9:00 PM @ the Air Force arena.

----Something that was noted to me that I found ironic. Check out my last two ratings [9.16.06 & 9.23.06] reports. Who was in the highest rated quarter each time?? The returning Dustin Starr!! Cory Maclin needs to be reading my Memphis reports – I been wanting Starr back on Memphis Wrestling for months. He has had a total of 133,167 viewers watch his matches the last two weeks. Starr = ratings. LOL

----I forget to mention and was told by a few people, but Sarge O’Riley was schedule to do the main event vs Chris Rocker at the NBW debut last week. He pulled out at the last minute, but they had Sir Mo as the surprise to the show. Word is that Sarge may not even be interested in working any Dyersburg shows right now, as he has bookings everywhere else. On the other side of town, DCWF has plans to bring in NWA Ladies Champion – Christie Ricci and look for Rebbeca Raze back. Raze was actually at Harley Race’s camp this week. Both will work Tasha Simone.

Corey Fears BT!!

----In the best interest of my readers, when I heard that Corey Maclin was going to be on Wrestling Informer Weekly this week, I wrote Trent Van Drisse [who is the guy in contact with Corey] and ask if I could be one of the hosts of the show this week.

Trent responded “Let me run that by Horace and get back to you, I may run it by Maclin too. Don't want to "ambush" him. If they're cool with it, all I ask is you not disrespect him. We ask some tough questions, but at the same time are respectful towards the guests. Trent”

I then wrote “Oh I would not disrespect him. I would be happy to come up with 5 "tough" questions and offer them to him to answer.”

“Hey Brian, I just spoke to Corey Maclin. He said no about having you come on the show. He didn't know who you were, so i explained it to him, and he just said he's not into what one guy on the internet is saying about him and Memphis wrestling, he's trying to please thousands of fans that have been entertained for 40 years or more, and the TV station, and the advertisers. But at least I did run it by him for you. But by all means come in the chat during the show, or submit questions to the WIW show e-mail at and we'll try to ask at least a couple of them.”

“What did you say?? LOL I have legit questions and I find it funny that he seems to be intimidated about answering real questions. I will send along the five questions that I attended on asking. You guys can do it the way you want. “

“Well, I wouldn't use the word "intimidated" really, more just he wasn't interested. Said he doesn't care what someone writes on the internet about him, and he said something about you'd be looking to promote yourself in that kind of a debate. I told him you had a website that followed and covered the west Tennesse scene in closely, and that sometimes you were critical of Maclin, and Memphis wrestling, but sometimes said good stuff about it too, but that you'd probably be asking more "tough" style questions of him. I said you used to promote and wrestle some, and that Lawler knew you. I told him i'd give him the addy of your site if he wanted to check it out, but again, he just wasn't interested in it.”

"Thanks bro...I will to have questions to you before the show. I will be there for the chat and write up the show. I also plan to use some stuff in these letters probably in the report.

Also.. "I told him i'd give him the addy of your site if he wanted to check it out, but again, he just wasn't interested in it."

He would not take the address of the site?? LOL Honestly I think he was working you on that one -- he has been to the site.

There is truth in everything you said and him. I would have ask more tough questions and yes it would have been to help the site get hits. But, in no way would I have been disrespective. Maclin is a major player in this area. I think though he is going to have better his product if he wants to continue to have ratings in the long run with the time change."

----So, I then e-mailed these questions for the show.

Corey Questions
--Why are you not doing house shows??

--Why no programs for “Picture Perfect” and Dustin Starr??

--Even though the ratings are lower, are you happy about them so far??

--Why does Grady Watson get a bigger push than some of the young guys??

--Why no singles title besides the Jr Title like the Southern Title, which had years of history.

----Do you think those are hard questions?? Not really. Does Corey fear BT?? Nah, it just made for a good title for the article. LOL

Corey Does Wrestling Informer Weekly Tonight!!!

----I got the following from the guys at WIW. I will have a full recap of the show up before the end of the night. I also have a "back" story about Corey & WIW that I will try to share with everyone before the end of the day.

Tonight at 7:00 PM, The Wrestling Informer Weekly welcomes the return of Memphis Wrestling’s promoter Corey Maclin and former ECW / DSW & NWA-Wildside announcer, Steven Prazak to the show.

Larry Goodman, Trent VanDrisse, Michele Villery, Big Vic X.L. and Dj Powerlord host the show every week on the Wrestling Radio Network.

Topics for tonight include:

(1) Round Table Interview with Memphis Wrestling promoter – Corey Maclin discussing his wrestling promotion, his career, his participation in wrestling matches and answering listener’s questions.
(2) Round Table Interview with former ECW / DSW & NWA-Wildside announcer – Steven Prazak discussing his career and answering listener’s questions.
(3) Larry Goodman’s Dixieland Wrestling Report – covering Wrestle Birmingham, GCW, Deep South Wrestling and other southern wrestling promotions.
(4) Michele Villery’s Northeast Wrestling Report – covering all the happenings in the Northeast Indy’s and WWE.
(5) Trent VanDrisse’s Volunteer State Report – covering all the happenings in Professional Wrestling Tennessee style.
(6) Big Vic X.L. and Dj Powerlord – covering all the weeks wrestling news, recapping WWE & TNA television and answering all WIW fans questions.

If you have any questions for Corey Maclin or Steven Prazak, email Wrestling Informer Weekly ( with their name in the subject line.

You can connect to the show by:

Listening Live:
Chat Room:
Audio Archives: or

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rocker Car Wreck Photos!!

----Chris Rocker has posted a slide show of photos of what his car looks like now after the wreck from Saturday night. You will see why some people are saying he is lucky to be alive after seeing those photos. Hit the slide show link and take a look.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Ratings are in!!!

----This week’s show scored an overall rating of 3.3 [54,931.8 viewers], which is pretty much what it done last week. It is still below the old timeslot average. The first quarter opened up at 2.7 [44944.2 viewers] ending when Fine did not come out the first time. The second quarter started with the Fine interview and ended right at the end of the “Too Cool 2” interview with 3.8 rating [63,254.8], which was a jump of 18,310.6 viewers. The highest rated quarter was the 3rd quarter was the highest rated quarter scoring a 4.1 [68, 248.6 viewers] with an increase of 4,993.8 viewers. It started at the Starr/Tatt2 vs Flex/Grind match and ended right as the “Clowns” were going to stop the kid from bouncing the ball. The fourth quarter was not good. It started with the “Picture Perfect” vs the “Clowns” match, which probably would have the best match on the show if they had not edited it. The title matched ended the show and that quarter scored 3.4 [56,596.4] viewers with a decrease of 11,652.2 viewers. On a positive note about the last quarter, even though it did dip it still scored over 11,000 viewers more than at the start of the show.

----My thoughts are all over the place with this one. They could settle in at the 3.0 rating and if so, then that is almost a full point less at night. The best match – America vs King was in the first quarter and no one seen it. Even though Maclin had announced the hair match at the end, they still turned the TV off. Either they thought the show was horrible [it was] or they didn’t believe White would lose his hair. I believe you save something like that for a house show or at least take 6 weeks to build it.

RassleTube 9.25.06 - Local stuff along with Japanese/Mexico Psychology and more Eddie Gilbert!!!

----I am not doing ratings for the RassleTube anymore, because no one cares. LOL It was just my way trying to keep up with how many hits each week received. RassleTube looks to be settling into a groove and I am getting as many hits as I did with my Raw Ramblings column. That makes me happy, because I would rather for you watch RassleTube than read about the WWE.

----Here is something that is unusual though. Psycho vs “Trendsetter” Jon Michael [that match only] has had 432 hits as of today. I am not sure if Psycho or Michael put it on their MySpace accounts, but it is getting hits from somewhere else. Jon Michael is on this week’s show and I promise to bring Psycho back next week. I also have been promised some old clips from USWA and a few other surprises down the road. Thanks for reading and watching.

----9.25.06 Edition – Opens with "Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Chris O’Neal] vs Jon Michael/Stan Lee from Memphis Wrestling…We go back to “Rumble In K-Town 2” from Kennett, MO 8.31.2001 with CCW Mid-Southern Tag Team Title Match: “Full Effect” [Kilo/Kade] vs “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony/Seth Knight.

----I have included the two following matches to show how psychology is so different in Mexico and Japan than US. The Japanese match would sell over here, but it is also a lesson in how to work a long match with both sides getting heat or shine.

----Averno & Mephisto vs Blue Panther & Mistico Lucha Match on psychology. Mephisto/Averno are in the purple. Blue Panther is Mistico is way over and they are calling him the new Rey Mistero. It is fun to just watch the Mephisto/Averno double team moves. They are the Rudos [heels]. The psychology is way crazy in Mexico. You must pin each member of the team to win the match. It makes it look real phony.

----Kobashi vs KENTA - Kobashi is one of my all time favorite Japanese wrestlers. KENTA is youny, but very good. Watch the opening spot as the go for the old time on the ropes break, but KENTA jumps off it…They do super moves only a few moments in the match and do a double down—no US typical psychology, but it gets the fans into it. Working a long match – you have to do a couple of big moves and work on the heat. KENTA gets the heat—working heel. Not much heel/baby in Japan though. Gets heat on the arm. Kobashi then gets heat still selling the arm. KENTA then gets heat – comeback trying for a pin, then back to Kobashi coming back and does his chop thing. You got to see this!! Big move Big move from both, then double down. KENTA the jr is trying to beat the legend building for the end. Move after move from KENTA, then bam Kobashi makes the comeback with a few moves into the finish. Finisher looks great - Wrist-Clutch Burning Hammer.

----This edition ends with more classic UWF stuff with Eddie Gilbert. This is right after the angle with Watts from last week.

Feature Article "Jerry the Jobber"

----Ok, now put yourself in this scenario – you are making $204,000 with first class flight tickets, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation paid for every week. You work about 4 hours a week. You are doing the exact thing that you always dreamt you would be doing. The management asks you to do one extra thing this week. Heck, it is your hometown. You don’t even have to fly today. Would you do it?? Hell yeah you would do it. Many feel that Jerry Lawler not only hurts himself, but Memphis Wrestling as a whole when he gets on national TV and does a job for guys like Randy Orton. Does it matter?? Is Lawler a fool or do people just perceive him as that. Let’s look at the facts first, and then I will come to my own conclusion.

----Jerry Lawler for years on Memphis TV talked about how he hated the WWE. How he would never wrestle for them. A main point he use to make was that he had beaten all those guys anyway, so why go up north to wrestle. He even tried to sue Vince McMahon in 1987 over the name “King” when Harley Race started to use it. Lawler has been a part of WWE since 1993, so he is in his 13th year with the company, except for the break when he and Stacy split. If you look at the records, he didn’t do badly for himself in the big matches.

*Survivor Series 1994 – Lawler/Sleezy/Queasy/Cheesy beat Doink/Dink/Pink/Wink
*In Your House – May 1995 – Lawler beat Bret Hart
*SummerSlam 1996 – Lawler beat Jake Roberts
*Summerslam 2000 – Lawler beat Tazz with Jim Ross’ help
*May 1, 2002 – Lawler/Trish Stratus beat Mr. Perfect/Molly Holly
*RAW May 20, 2002 – Raven came out and challenged Lawler, but Lawler then won by cor
*RAW October 7, 2002 – Lawler beat Stevie Richards
*RAW December 23, 2002 – Lawler/Ross beat William Regal/Lance Storm
*RAW Febuary 24, 2003 – Lawler beats Chief Morely
*RAW May 5, 2003 – Lawler beat Morely to win Jim Ross’s job back
*August 29, 2003 Live Event – Memphis, TN – Lawler/Shawn Michaels beat Ric Flair/HHH
*RAW September 15, 2003 – Lawler beat Al Snow
*RAW December 1, 2003 – Lawler beat Jonathan Coachman
*January 8, 2006 – New Years Revolution – Lawler beats Gregory Helms

----Ok, now let’s look at his major losses…

*RAW August 25, 2003 – Christian beat Lawler
*RAW September 1, 2003 – Coachman beat Lawler
*September 21, 2003 Unforgiven – Coachman/Al Snow beat Ross/Lawler
*RAW January 5, 2004 – Randy Orton beats Lawler in Memphis
*RAW November 29, 2004 – Ric Flair beats Lawler
*January 9, 2005 – New Year’s Revolution – Muhammad Hassan beat Lawler
*RAW January 23, 2006 – Coachman beats Lawler
*June 11, 2006 – One Night Stand – Tazz beats Lawler very quick
*RAW August 7, 2006 – Orton beats Lawler again in Memphis

----“In my opinion, Lawler has ruined his career. He is a joke up there and frankly has become a joke down here as well.” Barbara Speakes wrote in a letter to my site. She went on to say, “He hasn't wrestled a decent match in the Memphis area in over a decade. To be frank, he lost his feud with Corey Maclin. In other words, he pretty much has become a jobber everywhere he goes.”

----Bud Thomas wrote “I don't think Lawler is worth paying admissionto see anymore. Losing to Tazz on Pay Per View in 30 seconds was the last straw. The guy simply needs to stick to WWE wrestling.”

----And finally, I also received this talking about Lawler, “He mainly just announces, never reflects on his own career and the three times a year he ever wrestles he almost always loses the match making him seem like a joke.” Wrote Jonathan Taylor.

----I think Lawler has been treated well at the WWE. His first few years were better than the last few, but still they did push him. The last three years, the losses have outweighed the wins. Vince McMahon may feel that Lawler is getting older and he is an announcer. I don’t see why he should win against guys like Orton or Christian. He should beat guys like Coachman, but Hassan?? What about Flair?? That loss doesn’t bother me either. The quick job to Tazz?? I think it had to be done like that. They were trying to put over the new ECW. I didn’t think it looked as bad as everyone else did because Joey Styles actually distracted him for TAzz to choke him out.

----Do I think it is cool that Lawler has to do jobs in his hometown?? No, I do not. Not sure if it even bothers him, but it does piss the fans off a bit. Why not have Lawler work a mid level guy every time they come to Memphis?? Let him go over?? How hard would that be?? It is just part of Vince being an asshole and Lawler doing his job. Who is the wrong here?? Lawler already knows that when you stand up to Vince, then you get fired. So, he just does his job.

----The question that I can’t answer is has the long term actions of always pushing himself hurt Memphis Wrestling? Would they be drawing better if they had pushed someone else to the top?? I always feel like you need to change guard and “pass the torch”, but that is something that has never happened in Memphis. I believe Lawler thinks that he can only depend on one worker – himself. I don’t know if it is selfishness or just the paranoia of getting old. If he keeps himself in the spotlight, then he will still be the “King”, but if he drops offs, the King will be forgotten and is worth will be less.

----Could Memphis have pushed someone to take his place that would draw just as good?? Who knows?? Eddie Gilbert was at one time the only person that could have been the next “King”. Brian Christopher would have been a perfect choice. But, we all know he has always been trouble. His piss poor attitude and doing things like getting caught with cocaine does not help matters. Brian can’t even work live at the Memphis TV station because he clogged the bathroom and then acted like a prick to the people cleaning up the mess. He lost his job during his last stint at WWE because he couldn’t show up on time and was acting like a 15 year old kid backstage.

---- “But still, I get just as excited to go out and wrestle as I did when I was going to that card with Jackie Fargo.” Jerry Lawler told Alex Marvez in a 2001 interview with him. I think that is the part that many people do not see. Lawler wants to wrestle – it is not all about the money. Many you might not know this, but Lawler does not live is this big mansion in Memphis. It is a very nice modest house. He likes stuff as you can tell by pics – he has lots of collectibles. He also likes his women. He likes them to have good stuff. Is that all bad?? I don’t see him as a greedy old man just doing this to get money. It might look like that sometimes when they have big crowds and the prelim guys get $50, but you got throw Cory Maclin in there on that subject.

----Lawler’s fee for wrestling has gone down a bit in the last year. Why?? It might be just to keep him closer to home and not to travel every weekend. I do know at one time he was asking $2,500. He is working for $1,000 now. He is working almost every weekend at least one show. Add that to his WWE salary along with personal appearances and such, Lawler is in the $325,000 range. Not bad for a Memphis wrestler; huh??

----Now we are at the part to where I have to ask myself, if Lawler has hurt himself in this area from doing jobs on WWE TV?? Does he still draw?? Yes he still draws. He is a true legend in this area whether you like him or not. I have records of the top 10 grossing gates of this area this year. Lawler appeared in the main event in 9 of those shows. That is drawing power. No one else draws that kind of numbers in this area. I post results from shows every weekend that are drawing 80 fans or less. Would this area be better with or without Lawler?? I think we are better with him.

----Lawler is Memphis Wrestling. If he continues to draw numbers at the gate in this area, then he still should be used. Will fandom consider him a jobber in the WWE?? I guess they will do that. It makes him look like it sometimes. Lawler is only doing his job though. I still believe that if WWE let say Booker T come in to work Lawler, the fans would still believe that when Lawler is on his home turf and not in a WWE ring, he could beat Booker. The gate would be good and the fans would go home happy. I think I might even buy a ticket for that one.

Tidbits: Message Board, William Gibson, Cowboys, Dyersburg War, Ripley and Kidd Kastle

----I am all about free speech. If it wasn't for it, then you would not be reading all the stuff that I am so opinionated about. But, there comes a time when a person needs to do a bit of regulating. Case in point: Hollywood Jimmy’s board. The board has slowly become a bunch of guys that have no balls that love to bully others. These are the kind of people that either talk behind your back all the time or they are just so scared sitting behind their keyboards typing things to make them feel better about themselves. My favorite comment of the whole week was. “Also, I've never seen parents name a child HMMM. Have some balls and post your name.” Nikki Lace.

----William Gibson is not the son of Ricky Gibson. I was told his mother was actually married to Ricky Gibson for a short time. So, Ricky was his step father. His real name is William Sanford and he took the Gibson gimmick, so he could get more bookings.

----I was told a funny story this weekend. If you will watch “The Cowboys” [Ricky Murdoch/Bill Nasty], when they win the Southern Tag team titles, they lose their gimmick. Murdoch runs over and grabs the belt. They are supposed to be these crazy cowboys; why would they care about the belts?? As soon as they hit backstage, they started taking photos of themselves with the belts. Good to know there still is a mark in all of us. FIY: I don’t call him Bill Nasty, because I don’t know any better – LOL It was just a “Maclin” like joke I started doing and it has stuck. “Cowboy” Bill Nasty does sound better than “Cowboy” Nasty Bill; doesn’t it?? LOL

----Saturday Night War: Dyersburg, TN – I got a legit count of 28 paid from NBW. That would make the gate $140. The promotion seems to be proud, because there was some really bad weather that day in the area. Seth Knight debuts this coming Saturday night. Rumors from one worker on the DCWF show said there were only 40 people at the Pond. As I have said, I will hear everything when it comes to these two shows. Fun time!!

----Ripley, TN TLCW on Saturday night [9.23.06] I have a few results: “Black Out Squad” [Bishop/Oz] beat “Hot Topic” Derrick King/Stan Lee], when Commish Jerry turned on DK and helped BOS win; TLCW Title Match: Flash Flanagan ( the new champ beat Seth Knight last week) beat Dustin Starr; “Foxy” Hayes [Eric Hayes doing a gay gimmick] beat Simon Reed and in the final bit we got: The Dog (‘Lil Tim Alfonso doing the Devil’s Rejects gimmick) beat The Kid up and then wrestled Tatt2 but I don’t know who won that one.

----Kidd Kastle from Memphis Wrestling TV is actually Kaleb Kastle, a worker from Alabama that was trained in the Texas Wrestling Academy by Rodney Mack, Jazz, and Rudy Boy Gonzalez

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Complete and Correct Results - 9.23.06 NBW Dyersburg, TN

----Jeremy Moore Over Quiksilver ; Prettyboy James With Big Money Gripp over Jerry Weezy; Dell Tucker over Gunner Thompson by DQ ;”The Real Deal” Tim Edwards beat Tommy Boy and Tank in a 3 Way match , "East Coast Bad Boy" Serpant and Jeremy Moore Over "All That” Alan Steele & Sir Mo.

----Last night I was reporting a crowd of 30 and a gate of $125. I was also told that more than one person was saying after the show last night that they had only 5 paid…As of right now, DCWF has a better crew and better show, but this was their first show. Good to see Steele/Sir Mo back in Dyersburg. I’d rather see a CP4 vs Steele/Mo match..LOL Has that ever happened?? Anyone got a tape??

New Champions In DCWF!!

----The Hambones beat Ed Love/Les James pinning Love, after hitting him in the head with a bone; 187 defended the Hardcore belt for C4P beating Alec Fontez; #1 Contender For Tag Team Titles Match: “Team X” [Phoenix/Gryffon] beat Gaylon Ray/Les James; Finals for DCWF Heavyweight Title: Jody Allen beats “The Trendkiller” AJ Bradley to become the new champion and “Southern Pride” [Kilo/Citizen Kane] beat “Cruzn’ For Pain” [Motley Cruz/187] to become the new DCWF Tag Team champions.

----Allen/Bradley went over 20 minutes and I was told it was real good…Around 70 there with a gate of $350…They had two ref bumps in the main with the Commish Rick Marx coming into the ring to make the count as Motley powerbombed Kilo and Kane frankensteined 187 , with both teams getting the pin, and Marx awarding the belts to “Southern Pride”. Babys came out to celebrate at the end…This group plans to run a show in Ripley on Friday night in the near future.

Chris Rocker Update!!!

----I got a detailed update on Chris Rocker this morning. The story I am told is that Rocker was headed to Dyersburg to work NBW and even called friend Brian Steele to tell him he would be there in 20 minutes. Rocker couldn’t be reach like 5 minutes later, so Steele had no idea what had happened to him. He then got a call from Rocker from the State Trooper’s cell phone that he had been in an accident. When Steele and wife Nikki Lace arrived at the scene, they were pulling the car out of the ditch filled with water. Steele told me, “He is one lucky dude.” I also had a pm on yahoo messenger this morning from Nikki saying, “Hey, Chris is fine. We went and got him from where he had the wreck. His car was totaled, and if not for a seatbelt, he'd be dead. No doubt. But he's fine, he didn't go to the hospital, and is not complaining with any pain anywhere.”

----Steele/Nikki took Rocker to Ripley, TN, so he could get a ride back to Memphis. And, the rumors were flying in all directions from e-mail and more pms. I heard that Rocker was working people over the injury. Many people had been told that he was air- lifted to Memphis and near death. At one time last night, some of the workers at NBW were told no one survived the accident. DCWF announced that he was in bad condition and had everyone pray for him in a classy act. Many people were told he broke both legs. I am just glad that Rocker is ok. It is funny how all the bullshit that gets stirred up about things like this though.

Maclin Defined

----Maclin n. An error or fault resulting from defective judgment, deficient knowledge, or carelessness pertaining to wrestling information.

----I have made some “Maclins" in the last few days. I have tried to correct them all, but the ones I haven’t I do here. Jamie Jay was Jimmy Jay. Justin Rhodes was Dustin Rhodes. Serpent was Spyro. I got an e-mail this morning that said, “The tag team of Popular is incorrectly identified as DC and Jonathan Douglas; Popular are Shawn Reed and Ryan Williams with Anita Paige as their valet.” I had already been told about that, but forgot to correct it. And for months I have been spelling it John Michael , but he spells it Jon Michael. [I guess that is not as bad as calling him Christian Jacobs though] Finally, I call him Rashad, but on Memphis TV he is Rashard. I am not sure about that as I have heard him called both names.

Izzy Rotten Wins SGWA Title!! 9.23.06 Booneville, MS Results

----“Prime Time” Nick Grymes beat Little Steve Davis after Davis missed a moonsault and Nick hit the roll of the dice and got the 3; Johnny Thunder beat Concrete Cowboy by dq when Soultaker and Kross ran out and jumped Johnny, then got on Cowboy; “CIA” [Tysin Starr, and Cassanova Kidd)]beat “The Freak Show” [Chop and Vinnie the Blade] by pinfall when CIA did a double team move on Vinnie; Homeless Joe and Buzz Harley beat Fire and Flame by pinfall; Kross and Soultaker beat Cyrus and Pat McGuiness by pinfall after Soultaker tombstoned Cyrus and in the Main Event: Izzy Rotten beat Bonecrusher to become the new SGWA Heavyweight Champion after Izzy faked a neck injury, then rolled up Bonecrusher.

----About 50 people there with a gate close to $250…Cyrus is 6'7, 300 lb and he got tombstoned!! I would like to have seen that...They did this shoot injury angle with Izzy in the main event. Bonecrusher DDT’ed him and Izzy stopped moving. Referees, security, announcers, “CIA” and Grymes all came to the ring to check on him. They even said they called 911, but then with Bonecrusher’s back turned; Izzy rolled him up for the win. I love that kind of shit.