Saturday, October 07, 2006

Site Tidbits - Attention Area Workers!!!

----I just wanted everyone to know that I love to add photos to all my stories, but for some reason it just don’t work all the time. When I first started the new blog, I had no problems adding photos. Then, it is just stopped letting me do it. I read up on the problem and I was not the only one experiencing it. I finally got to post pics every once in a while, but now it seems to be working again. So, if you are someone from this area and I have never used your pic, you are welcome to send a pic with results when you send them in.

----RassleTube has taken on a life of its own. It is still do the same numbers as my Raw report, but the videos that I am uploading are getting lots of hits. My advice to you if you are an area worker or promoter – send me tapes!! If you send in a tape, then I can put it on a future edition of RassleTube and you will be seen by many viewers.

----Attention area workers!!! I have everything set up to start production on DVDs for sale here on the site. The DVDs will feature 2 hours of your matches along with DVD menus. The DVDs will come with full color covers and black cases – just like REAL DVDs. Not only can I sell them on the site, but they will be available for you to buy to sell on gimmick tables. I have already worked out a deal with two area workers and you will soon see their DVDs for sale here on the site. I have all the details lined up for those that want to work out a deal, and then e-mail me. It is a good way to make extra money for both of us.

"Dream Team" in the Main Event!! 10.06.06 MCW Osceola, AR Results

----“Posse” [‘Lil Chris/Simon Reed] beat Pecos/Joe Dalton; Hambones/Hamhock beat by DQ Hillbilly Nate/Thunder/Shawn; Frankie Tucker beat Pecos; Tony Gunn beat Serpent and the main event Derrick King/Chris Hollywood beat “Dream Team” Flash Flanagan/Loose Cannon[pic to the right]

----No show was Tank, so Pecos took his spot…Crowd was way down with about 40 and a gate of around $225…Cannon/Flanagan won the main by cheating, so restart with DK/Hollywood going over. I was told the main event was good, even with Cannon being involved. LOL For shoot I was told they worked well together. But, what a contrast in styles; huh??...Football season is not good for MCW…The MCW roster had a few weeks of rough times after Motley/187/Tasha left, but with the regular addition of Flanagan, Gunn and the Posse every week it does make for an interesting show. But, if “Cruzn’ 4 Pain” was still there – 187/Cruz/Flanagan vs King/Gunn/Serpent. I would mark out for a match like that. Have 187 and Serpent ever worked each other in Osceola though???

125 in the Crowd!!! 10.06.06 USWF Corinth, MS Results

----Buzz Harley beat Danny Morris and Kenshi Tanaka in a 3 way dance after hitting the stunner on Kenshi;Tysin Starr beat Dalton Storm after the referee was distracted and Izzy Rotten hit Dalton with a chair;Prime Time Nick Grymes [pic to the left] w/ Mr. Sensational Leslie Jones beat Chris Rocker after Rocker hit a Stunner, then got distracted by Leslie, and Nick got up and hit Rocker with a chain; Dustin Starr beat USWF Champion Neil Taylor in a non-title match after rolling up Neil and holding the tights and in the Main Event Bonecrusher and Chris Fontaine beat Izzy Rotten and Cassanova Kidd after Bonecrusher hit the Skull-Crusher on Cassanova.

----Izzy and Cassanova have to wear dresses for 2 weeks after losing the main event…Rocker vs Grymes in a Hardcore match for next week…125 in the crowd!! Over triple what is usually there. Probably about a $625+ gate…Wasn’t Starr a babyface?? I thought he was going to tag with Taylor last week?? Taylor would be a better heel in this feud with Jones as his manager, since everyone knows they are best friends anyway…Where was Psycho??...I was told the Grymes/Rocker match was real good and probably the best match of Grymes’ career.

Friday, October 06, 2006

NBW Passed with Flying Colors!!!

----I got word this afternoon that the Country Nights building passed with flying colors and the NBW show is still on for tomorrow night [Saturday night]. Glad to hear that. I like a little friendly competition, but that is dirty sending the inspector over to the building. If I remember correctly, the Peppermint Pond is not too good of a shape either.

Tidbits: Jon Michael, Workers return to TLCW, NBW shutdown and Raze

----Jon Michael update: The orthopedic doctor would like to do surgery on his neck, which they believe is causing the pain & dumbness in his arm. Michael has decided to go through therapy and start visiting his chiropractor for his neck. This is the same chiropractor that has worked on his back. I hope all works out for Michael. He is a good young talent that has shown lots of improvement in the last year to the point he is almost flawless.

----Dell Tucker and J Weezy no longer work for NBW. They went back to TLCW in Ripley, TN this past saturday. Dell is running a gay gimmick with Eric Hayes and Weezy went along for the ride.

----The War is on!! Gaylon Ray, a former DCWF worker who quit because of being beat up so much, came to Country Nights building yesterday just to talk to some of the guys. He then reported to Dixie [DCWF promoter] about the building being in bad shape. The code enforcement officer came out and shut down NBW until the violations get fixed. They put a lot of work into the building last night and if it is fixed at least half way by this afternoon, then they can still run this Saturday. What’s up with Ray though?? He leaves DCWF, but then is “working” for them?? Maybe he was just sent to be a mole or something. At this point, I wouldn’t put anything past either of the promoters or workers of these two promotions. It is war!!!

----Rebecca Raze tidbit we had here a few days back made it over to TVD’s board. Tasha Simone responds and some more information comes out about her pulling out of the show. Apparently Raze’s boyfriend [Miles] will be working a Harley Race show the same night, as they opted to do that show. So, they decided the Race show was more important than the Ricci show. It might have been more of an opportunity than her actually being scared to work the other girls.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Shows For the Weekend

----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes The Hambones; Loose Cannon; Chris Hollywood; Big Daddy LaFonce; Big Jim Wade and more.

----Friday night in Tupelo, MS for TFW has Tony Dabbs; “Pure Destruction” [Brody & Cody Hawk];The Gold Diggers; POPULAR [Shawn Reed and Ryan Williams]with Anita Page; Tony Dabbs; Scott Porteau and more.

----Friday night in Corinth, MS for USWF has Keith Haynes Jr, Neil Taylor, Brian Steele, Nikki Lace; Chris Rocker, Psycho, Dustin Starr, Leslie Jones and more.

----Saturday night in Boliver, TN for VCW @ the National Guard Armory with Fire & Flame [doing the old Don Bass gimmick],Shane Summers, Bruise Brother Mad Dog, LC Dice, Doink The Clown, Kevin White, Nick Grymes, The Blackbirds and more.

----Saturday night in Savannah, TN for CWA “River City Rampage” @ Hardin County Fairgrounds – Jerry Lawler/Rodney Grimes vs “Family of Pain”, Dutch Mantel, Don Bass, Chris Kilgore, Brickhouse Brown, Jimmy Blaylock, Christie Ricci, Venus, Chris Rocker, Neil Taylor and more.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights - Bell time 7:30 PM in Dyersburg, TN –“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Craven Moorehead, "East Coast Bad Boy" Serpant , Gunner Thompson , "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards , Prettyboy James , Jeremy Moore , Quiksilver , Tank , Dell Tucker , Seth Knight, Jerry Weezy and more.

----Saturday night at Peppermint Pond in Dyersburg, TN will have Motley Cruz; Tasha Simone;187, AJ Bradley, “Southern Pride [Kilo/Citzen Kane], Jody Allen and more.

----Saturday night in Booneville, MS for SWGA with Buzz Harley, Izzy Rotten, Bonecrusher, “PHAT Foundation” and many more.

----Saturday night in New Albany, MS with XWO will have Storm; Scott Porteau; Hollywood Jimmy ; "Pure Destruction",Thomas Knox; "Asylum" [Psycho/Wraith], and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW – Christian Jacobs, Derrick King, Stan Lee, Alex Krisis; Flash Flanagan; Jethro;Matt Boyce; Jon Michael ; Chris O'Neal; Dustin Starr and more.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Memphis Wrestling will always be remembered........

----I got the following e-mail from Carl McCaskey. I post it because it shows how much Memphis Wrestling influenced the whole geographical area. I get letters like this at least once a month. The reader is nostalgic about Memphis Wrestling so much that they like to see what is going on now. I guess this also is why I am so zealous about Memphis Wrestling – being a fan for 29 years makes you that way.

“It will be nice to read up on Memphis wrestling once again. I was born in Clarksdale, MS and lived in Cleveland, MS until 1976. My maternal Grandparents lived in Memphis and when I was old enough; my Granddaddy took me to the television studio shows at WMC from time to time. He was friends with the general manager at WMC so we were allowed in well before the audience was ushered in. So due to that, I got to meet many of the wrestlers in non-kayfabe setting. I was a little kid at the time so Jerry Lawler and even Bill Dundee seemed physically huge to me. I was even allowed to play in the ring a bit from time to time, sometimes with other wrestlers' kids if they brought them in that day. The cable system in Cleveland carried not only WMC but channels in Little Rock, Ark., Jackson, MS and a station from northern Louisiana (Monroe I think). So there were several different wrestling shows during those years. And I watched them all. But the one I loved to watch best was the wrestling on WMC-TV in Memphis.”

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tidbits: Lebanon, Riverboat, Raze, Osceola competition, Buster's Bomb,Vanity and "Off The Ropes"

---- I was told that 15-20 DCWF fans made the trip to Lebanon, Tennessee to support C4P as they competed at the NWA Night of Champions hosted by NWA Top Rope. Anybody got results from that show?? C4P always has a group of hardcores that follow them every where.

----Riverboat wrestling is on the “Memphis Riverboat” debuting October 21 and with three more dates after that - 11.04, 11.18 and 12.02.06. There will be plugs on 93 X out of Memphis and the Coyote Ugly girls helping out.

----Rebecca Raze has pulled out of the all girls show that is scheduled for October 28, 2006 in Columbia, TN. Every girl on the show is a vet and she seems to be worried about everyone being stiff. I thought it was the other way around – all the vets work light and greenhorns work stiff?? This was a good opportunity for her and any of the girls. We will have more info on the card as it gets closer to the date.

----“Big Daddy” LaFonce Latham may have some competition on Fridays night. I am being told there is a promotion trying to start up only about a 20 minute drive from Osceola, AR. Not sure what town and who, but there already people talking about it. Friday night has been a tradition in Osceola, but if the fans are given an alternative better product, then MCW might lose some customers.

----“Hellraiser” Buster Johnson has a great piece on Memphis Wrestling changing time slots and Memphis Wrestling history in general. Take a look at Buster’s Bomb – “Lost Tradition”.

----MAW Valet Vanity will be doing the Women's Extreme Wrestling Pay Per View, December 1, 2006 in Philadelphia, PA at The New Alhambra Sports and Entertainment Center. [old ECW Arena] For more information and details check out the website at Congrats to the local talent for getting a shot. I am not sure if they air on national PPV, but they do a lot DVD sales and you can order shows off their site. As you will be able to see this is a male oriented promotion with blondes, blood and boobs.

----A new wrestling radio program has popped up. “Off The Ropes” is a local wrestling show that can be heard on 730ESPN in Memphis on 730 AM Wednesdays from 8p-10p CST. The show can also be heard online at and click "listen here". The host is Jason Turgeon and Co-Hosted by "The One and Only, The Man, the Myth, the Legend...Bob". They focus on WWE, ECW and TNA. They do a MMA bit [remember no MMA on RIOT!!!] and don’t focus much on the Memphis Wrestling, because Jason said he just hasn’t been entertained by it in a long time. Let’s get him interested and have some local guys on there!!! They are also have a page @

Monday, October 02, 2006

RassleTube 10.02.06 Edition

----This week’s edition opens with Jerry Lawler slapping Nate The Rat angle form this week’s 9.30.06 Memphis Wrestling show; “Opening The Vault” with Lance Russell/Corey Maclin from Memphis Wrestling 9.30.06 show; More classic UWF Eddie Gilbert stuff with Fantastics vs Sting/Eddie Gilbert; “Don’t Stop Pimpin” is a video with Human Tornado – one of my fave indy guys – this is funny;A classic match: Magnum TA vs Nikita Koloff [clips of the match]; Video of Mike Promo – an indy guy that works Cookeville, TN [outside of Nashville]; King Kong Brusier Brody interview; Brody vs Ted Dibiase match – Ted is very young here and I finish this week up with Onita vs Hayabusa with my mention of him getting his hardcore ideas from the concession stand brawl.

9.30.06 DCWF Dyersburg, TN Results

----Dazzlin' Dixie beat Les James with a Samoan Drop; Gryffon X defeated Alec Fontez in the second match, after the referee was knocked senseless, and Gryffon and Phoenix doubled teamed Fontez, allowing Gryffon to take the pin; Gaylon Ray beat Phoenix X. Phoenix and Gryffon did their usual switching in and out. Finish - Ray ducked a mist attempt by Phoenix which hit the ref, and as Gryffon came in to mist Ray, the attempt was once again ducked, and Gryffon misted Phoenix, allowing Ray to get the pin; DCWF Heavyweight Title Jody Allen beat A.J. Bradley and in the Main Event “Southern Pride” [Kilo/Citizen Cane] retained the tag titles beating Pokerface & Blaylock the Blazer. Finish - Pokerface wound up hitting Blaylock, when Kilo ducked out of the PKO, and Cane, climbed the ropes to score a moonsault on Blaylock as Kilo dropkicked Poker out of the ring, and Southern Pride got the 1-2-3, retaining the titles.

----They had about 57 people with a gate close to $285…Allen took a long beating in his title match finish had Allen pushing Bradley in for an O'connor rollup, Bradley rolled through attempting to pull the tights, but Allen was able to roll through once more for the quick 1-2-3, and then Bradley got up and beat the Allen bloody, until Southern Pride saved Allen…I like the way they are building Allen. He takes a beating, but comes back to win the belt. AJ is a good opponent for him also.

9.29.06 NWA Mid-South Humboldt, TN Results

---- “Southern Outlaw” Kilo beat "Pure Perfection" David Jackson;Ramsey Cahill beat Ripper Graham; Tasha Simone of C4P vs Destiny ended in a double DQ; “The Blackbirds” [Jazz & Ice] beat David Jackson & Ripper Graham and in the Main Event “Cruzn’ 4 Pain” [Motley Cruz/187] beat Ricky Murdoch & Kilo.

----The High School Football rivalry between Humboldt and Milan did not keep fans away as a crowd of approximately 53 with a gate around $350. ..In the main event C4P kept the heat on Kilo and beating him until the pin. Murdoch then turned on Kilo with the cowbell, and left him lying.

10 Years Ago in Memphis Wrestling......

----USWA: Randy Hales quit his role as General Manager of the promotion for real, and decided to move back to Jonesboro, Arkansas. He still intended to run the occasional USWA spot show in Arkansas, but was done as the road manager for the company. It was uncertain who would take over his role…… Brian James (BG James) had also quit the promotion in readiness for his WWF return as Jesse James….. Scott Bowden was feuding with local Memphis sportscaster, John Rainey, leading to a ‘boxer vs wrestler’ match between the two on the October 3rd show…… Mark Henry proved to be something as a drawing card, as Jerry Lawler vs Henry drew 1,200 fans in Union City, Tennessee on September 26th, more than double what the recent Memphis flea market shows had been drawing. Henry won the match via disqualification.

----Regarding Jerry Lawler’s comments on WCW last week on Memphis TV, where Lawler urged Memphis wrestling fans not to buy Nitro tickets or even attend the show when Nitro came to Memphis in October, Eric Bischoff hit back by saying in a Prodigy interview, “I think Jerry Lawler exposed himself quite a bit with that little stunt. Jerry Lawler in my opinion is a small time, going nowhere individual who is probably at the end of any kind of professional career he had. Perhaps his bitterness is showing through. Then again, Jerry Lawler owns half of a promotion that is lucky to draw 150 fans to an event at a flea market, so I can understand why he’d be bitter….”


The Ratings are in!!

----Memphis Wrestling scored a 4.3 [71,557.8 viewers] this week making it the highest rated late night show they have aired. This is their best rating since the 8.5.06 show, which scored a 4.5 rating. When time was changed from 11:00 AM in the morning starting on 9.2.06 the first rating that came in was a 3.9. The 16 weeks leading up to the change, the show was drawing average of 3.7. Corey Maclin and company should be proud of this number. Last week’s show was bad [in quality] and they bounced back putting on a decent show for the viewers to see.

----The first quarter of the show ended with Kidd vs King in the ring scoring a 3.8 [63754.18 viewers]. The second quarter was the highest scoring a whopping 5.0 [83,895.8] with a 20,141.7 viewer increase. This quarter started with the finish of the Kidd vs King match, the Lawler/Rat angle and then finished in the middle of the concession stand brawl segment. The third quarter dropped to 4.2 [70,579 viewers] decreasing 13,316.8 viewers. That quarter had the finish of the “Opening the Vault” segment and ended with the Brown/White/Lawler vs Cowboys/Foley bout. The fourth quarter dropped another 3,997 viewers scoring a 4.0 [66,584 viewers]. That final quarter had the “Too Cool 2” interview and the 8-man tag match.

----If you look at the whole month of September with the show being in late night, the show has average a 3.6 rating. For the first month, the company can say that the time change has not done anything to the rating. The ratings have stayed the same. I think that is good for the company as a whole, but as always they will put on good shows and bad shows. The 20,141.7 viewer increase in the second quarter was a big plus as everyone got to see the Lawler/Rat angle and some of the concession brawl. Not sure why everyone did not stick around to watch the 6 man tag they were building though. The show continued to go downward and finished with only 2,827.8 more viewers than the beginning of the show.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Tidbits: Jon Michael, TLCW, Grady Watson, Next Week's show, Riverboat Wrestling and Dixie

-----I am being told that Jon Michael’s doctor told him that it could be all his nerves from his neck to his shoulder. The doctor was worried a little because he has a lost a lot of feeling in his arm very quickly. The doctor also said it might be a bad disc in the neck. I will try to keep everyone updated. BTW, he looked good on TV with no show of the injury. That is the way most workers are though – get to the ring and they forget the pain.

----I got a few TLCW results from Ripley, TN last night. Chris O’Neal got beat up by Big Steve after his match with Rockin Randy. Big Steve splashed him from the top rope!!!...”The Posse” [Simon Reed/’Lil Chris] beat Tucker/Foxy Hayes- Hayes kissed Tucker on mistake; Christian Jacobs returned making the save for “Hot Topic” [Derrick King/Stan Lee] when they were being beat up by “Blackout Squad” [Oz/Bishop]…Not sure the finish of the Dustin Starr vs Flash Flanagan bout, but they had a lumberjack strap match with fans having the belts – Crowd was hot and Flanagan took a beating!!!

----I get this question almost in every other e-mail – Who is Grady Watson?? Does he own some of the promotion?? Best of my knowledge, Watson does not own any of the promotion. Watson has been a long time friend of Jerry Lawler. He would come to the tapings every week. They ran a big angle with him out of the TV crowd with Lawler as heel. Lawler slapped him and then they had a show in his hometown of Walnut, MS drawing the whole town and then some – over 500 people there. Watson brought in Jethro and a hillbilly girl as his kin and they feuded with Lawler/Renee/Barbara. The feud was funny as hell at first, but I have really tired of Watson.

----Memphis Wrestling TV tapings second show results [air date: 10.07.06] Battle Royal – “Too Cool 2” [Grind/Flex] win eliminating Brickhouse Brown/Kevin White in the end; “Cowboys” [Murdoch/Nasty] win a squash match and Lawler beat Derrick King with Nate The Rat.

----I mentioned riverboat wrestling in the Corey Maclin article. Here is what I know about it as of now. The promotion is called PCW – Pro Championship Wrestling. The show will be on the Memphis Riverboat [not sure if there is just one of those, but that is what I am being told] on 10.21.06 using Loose Cannon, Jamie Jay, Big Indian Quixote, Johnny Morton, Chris Austin, Chris Frazier and they will be using some of Kenny Valiant’s crew. Coyote Ugly of Memphis is helping with advertising and they will be doing radio plugs all over Memphis. I was told some of the Memphis Wrestling crew was upset about not getting the show and that Nate the Rat is planning to be at the first show to start trouble.

----Dixie [DCWF owner] came to the NBW show last night to check out the competition and told one of the security guards that they had about 30 people at the pond. This might have been Dixie working them, but if he is actually telling the competition what they are drawing..that is just crazy!!!

9.30.06 OSCW Paragould, AR Results

----Winner Gets Shot @Next Division Title: Antone beat Barbwire; Hamhock beat Blakster; #1 Contender to Next Division Title: Big Indian Quixote beat Masked Medic; Next Division Title Match: Loose Cannon with Rotten Randy beat Antone and Main Event: Buster Johnson/Jamie Jay/Shakedown beat Hamhock/Hambone Pedro in a handicap match.

----Crowd was about 60 with a $360 gate. A little down from the last show…No shows were Chris Austin, Chris Frazier and Leroy Hambone. Both Austin/Hambone had to work and Frazier’s ride was Austin…Backstage was Kenny Valiant.

"Setting The Record Straight with William Gibson"

----William Gibson sent the following to let all the readers to know the true story of the Gibson name. Thanks to him for setting the record straight. I think the readers will enjoy this.

I was at the Halls, TN show this past weekend, Dustin Starr and I rode together. The reason for the e-mail is that I was told that someone had decided they had nothing better to do than talk about me on this site.

So let's set the record straight, Rick Gibson and my mother were married for alittle over 8 years. From the time I was 8 years old, Rick Gibson raised me as if I was his own son. My real father was never a part of my life at all. So as far as I'm concerned Rick Gibson was and always will be my father. I was actually going to use another name when I got into the business, but both Rick and Robert insisted I use the name Gibson. So I didn't take the name to get more bookings, no matter what name I chose to use it would not have made a difference. Don't get me wrong, the name has helped me alot, but it's what you know and good you are at what you do that really makes a difference and get's you more bookings. Just for your own humor the other name I was going to use was (the billion dollar ref/manager Dalton Dibiase). I actually went as far as to get Ted Dibiase' permission when I met him at a legends show in Kentucky that Robert took me to.

Most all of the people who know me, know me as William Gibson, in and out of the business. Robert and I spend alot of time together and up until Rick's death, I had been to see him as often as I could. I could have changed my name the legal way as Rick wanted to adopt me and my brother when he was married to my mother, but my mother didn't want that. My real father died a couple of years ago, and since that time I have battled with the decision of should I change my name? I know that Rick would be proud to know that I did as he and I talked about it over the years past.

I don't care that people know my real name isn't Gibson, because I know and Robert know's I AM a Gibson through and through, top to bottom.

So to all of you that seem to think this is such an important topic of discussion, well it shouldn't be now. I haven't even dona anything in the business for over a year or more. This past weekend was the first show I had been to in a long time. I really enjoyed being back and actually announced the show and that was alot of fun.

I like this site and will continue to check it out from time to time, but there's no pics on the main page of William Gibson, where's the justice?

There are alot of other things that could be talked about, such as the all the great talent we have here in the Mid-South, Dustin Starr being one of them, I wouldn't be surprised to see him under a develoemental contract with the WWE sometime in the future. As well as Derrick King and Krypto. Also the cruiserweight guys, one in particular is Tattoo, this kid has alot of talent and if given a real chance I think he will go a long long way. Hopefully Chris Rocker will be back very soon and with a few more pounds, there is no reason why he couldn't land a developmental contract to. He is by far the best cruiserweight in this area.

Rick Gibson was one of the best wrestlers to ever step inside the ring, and I wish people could have know him as I did, real father or not, he was the best father a son/stepson could have.

So keep stirring up the shit, you're doing a great job there kid.


9.30.06 SGWA Booneville, MS Results

----Curtis Ray beat Little Steve Davis; ” PHAT Foundation” [Chris Fontaine/Justin Rhodes] beat “CIA” [ Tysin Starr/Nick Grymes];Bonecrusher beat Vega "The Dragon" by countout;Johnny Thunder beat Dirty Sanchez and Dalton Storm in a triple threat match and Main Event “24/7” [Kross/JR Mauler] and Soultaker beat Bonecrusher.

----I assuming the main event was set up with some angle with all the heels vs one baby…After the main event, the PHAT Foundation made the save for Bonecrusher…60 people in attendance with a gate close to $300.

9.30.06 New Blood Wrestling Dyersburg, TN Results

----Jeremy Moore beat Quicksilver – after the match Tim Edwards beat up Quicksilver and Tank made the save; Tommy Boy over Pretty Boy James & Gunner Thompson in a triple threat; Edwards beat Tank after hitting his finisher on him; Seth Knight [photo to the right] beat Tim Alfonzo and the Main Event: Serpent beat Alan Steele by DQ when Alan hit the ref and beat down Serpent.

----50 in the crowd with probably a $200 gate…Knight vs Alfonzo was a face vs face bout. Both guys got cheered and shook hands after the match…Pretty Boy James used a clipboard as a gimmick in his match -- Coach BT mark!!!…Tank has his foot on the ropes when pinned...Steele kept beating up Serpent and the ref, when all the babys came out with Steele bumping them all. Tank finally stopped him, when he was going to us a chair on him. Steele got suspended. He will be in South Carolina next week for a show.... I am looking forward to seeing the results of the show next week as that is “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony’s first show as booker. Anthony along with Tank, Serpent, Steele and Knight make a good core for the promotion, but they will have to bring more to the table to draw any fans. Advertising will be the key, because “word of mouth” is only going to get you so far.