Saturday, October 14, 2006

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 10.14.06

----Corey Maclin opens the show with “In Memory” of Keith Eric. Eric was a jobber for Memphis in the 80’s. Apparently he had been suffering with cancer for a long time. Eric was a super nice guy that I met at a wrestling convention in Memphis where he actually won a trivia contest. He was a big time fan.

----Maclin shows Tom Nunnery [one of Lawler’s friends and from the 80s Memphis band “The Nunnery Brothers”] who was getting fans to sign a card for Jerry Lawler’s mom, who has been sick.

----“Insane Clowns” [Bobo/Giggles] with Rashard interview. Clowns beat Kidd Kastle/Flash Flanagan, when Flash turns on Kastle. Heat was on Kastle when he accidentally runs into Flanagan. A double down after Kastle hit Bobo with an awesome looking belly to back suplex. Hot tag to Flash and ends up on the floor and grabs a teddy bear from Rashard, which he uses on Kidd. Bobo pins Kastle for the win.

----Derrick King comes to do play by play with Maclin. Tatt2 comes out to challenges King for the JR title. King says he can beat Tatt2 in 5 minutes. JR Title Match: Tatt2 vs Derrick King ended after the 5 minutes. This was a very good match. King couldn’t pin Tatt2 after 5 minutes, so Tatt2 had the belt in the ring. DK jumped him and took it away and then smashed Tatt2 in the head with the belt. Everything was real good.

----Tom Nunnery comes out with the card. Grady Watson comes out with flowers. Nate the Rat comes out and says he does not believe Lawler’s mom had a stroke. Nate takes the card and rips it up. Nunnery/Watson go after Nate, but Jethro comes out. They put the flowers on Nunnery’s head and then Jethros throws him into the ring. Jethro does an awesome piledriver on Nunnery. He then goes after Watson, but the security and some of the other workers come out. Jethro chokeslams JD McCain and kicks Neil Taylor out of the ring. Good angle.

----“Picture Perfect” [Chris O’Neal/Jon Michael]/Mr.America won by DQ over “The Cowboys” [Ricky Murdoch/Bill Nasty]/Humongous II. Good shine for PP, and then they got the heat on O’Neal. Hot tag to America. America is coming back on Nasty, when Murdoch jumps in. They hang Michael/O’Neal with their bullrope cowbells as Huey holds down America. Everyone looked good in this match. Good angle.

----“Opening the Vault” with Lance Russell. This segment was about Jimmy Hart. Hart and “The Gentrys” showing a b&w clip from the 60s of them. Russell says that Hart was a good amateur athlete. Clip of Lawler inducting Hart into the WWE Hall of Fame. They also aired the WWE produced piece on Hart’s history.

----“Too Cool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] interview. $5,000 vs Southern Tag Team Titles: Kevin White/Brickhouse Brown vs Flex/Grind ended No Contest. This match was all over the place and not much time given. This was less than 5 minutes for a bout they built from last week. White/Brown couldn’t pin either Flex or Grind. Finally, Grind/Flex jumped out of the ring and ran out with their money. There was nothing wrong with bout until they were being rushed into the finish and it was a total clusterfuck. Brown messed up a couple of moves and it looked horrible.

FINAL NOTES: Giggles mask almost fell off during their match…King is good on the mic. Tatt2 is not…Crowd was so hot for the Tatt2 vs DK bout…The Nate angle with him ripping the card for Mrs. Lawler was just like old time Memphis wrestling. Maclin also did a great job selling this angle. I loved it…Maclin still called Jon Michael “Christian Jacobs”…Humongous is now Humongous II. I think because he does not look like the Humongous that Memphis fans remember. They were expecting a big tall muscle head. The ironic thing is that Gary Nations has being doing this gimmick longer than anyone else. Nations also looks like he has lost about 20 lbs or more…Main event was too rushed. Other than that, this was a good show. They need to stick with a 3 match format and the “Opening the Vault” and it will give everyone plenty of time.

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More Memphis Spoilers!!

----Mr. America/”Picture Perfect” [Chris O’Neal/Jon Michael] won by DQ over “Cowboys” [Ricky Murdoch/Bill Nasty]/Lord Humongous-–Cowboys beat up PP after the match and hung them with their ropes/cowbells. Derrick King wrestled Tatt2. I was told that Nate the Rat had tons of heat backstage, because he wanted the Cowboys to go out and squash PP, but no one else agreed. Lawler was not there today. Sounds like a good show. I will have the full report either later tonight or early in the morning.

Tidbits: Sketchy MCW & Memphis Wrestling TV spoilers!!

----Only results we got from MCW out of Osceola, AR last night so far is that “Big Daddy” LaFonce/White Lighting beat “Posse” [‘Lil Chris/Simon Reed], so Reed/Chris had to wear dresses. The MCW crew had a show scheduled in I believe Armorel, AR, AR, but it was canceled due to LaFonce having problems with the school superintendent.

----Memphis TV taped only one show today. The only thing I have been told so far is that Flash Flanagan [photo to left] returned to Memphis TV in a tag team match. He tagged with Kidd Kastle vs “Insane Clowns” [Bobo/Giggles]. Flanagan turned on Kastle and hit him with a stuffed bear.

Dustin Starr wins USWF Title!!! 10.13.06 USWF Corinth, MS Results

----Psycho beat Jake Hammer; “Black Out Squad” [Oz and Bishop] beat Bonecrusher and Buzz Harley; Chris Rocker beat Prime Time Nick Grymes w/ Leslie Jones in a hardcore match after Rocker superkicked a chair into Nicks face; Tatt2, Jeff Jameson, and Kenshi Tanaka beat Izzy Rotten, Cassanova Kidd, and Danny Morris and in the Main Event: Dustin Starr [pic to the left] beat Neil Taylor to become the new USWF Champion.

----Crowd was hot all night and into all the matches…Show started off with “Prime Time” Nick Grymes and Leslie Jones coming out talking trash about Chris Rocker. Rocker came out and challenges Nick to fight him now, but Nick says he isn’t dressed to fight and backs off…Crowd was around 50 with a $250 gate. Lots of home football games in the area.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Tidbits: Maclins, Dyersburg heats up, Riverboat and Paragould

----I have a few more “Maclins” here that I did. Teko Murdoch is Teco Murdoch; Hendrich Hines is Edric Heinz and Big Indian Quixote is Big Indian Coyote.

----Dyersburg area heats up this weekend - As you will see in the Shows for The Weekend Sir MO is scheduled for NBW Saturday night along with a Rude vs Knight rematch, but his name is not on the posters. DCWF has “Family of Pain” coming in along with their regular crew. TLCW is doing O’Neal vs Starr with Flash as special ref and “Picture Perfect” V 1[Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael]/Stan Lee vs “Blackout Squad” [Big Steve/Oz/Bishop] as the main event. This is the first time that PP V1 has tagged since April of this year.

----Riverboat wrestling will be debuting next Saturday in Memphis, but I got a few more details on the shows. Apparently, the promotion has their advertising paid with a big ad in the Memphis Flyer. Promotion will be getting half of the gate for putting on the show, but will have no money invested. Good deal for them if they draw. Also, the ring is set up on the boat with the fans standing on the balcony to watch the show looking down into the ring. It should be fun. At least it is different.

----Paragould, AR is heating up with the announcement of Arkansas Championship Wrestling, which will be running every other Saturday night @ the National Guard Armory. As you can see from Shows for This Weekend, the roster is similar to OSCW [which I was given no reason why they stopped promoting under that moniker], but no Hambones. Also Lord Humongous from Memphis TV will be on the show vs Johnson. That could be a good stiff bout!! Ron Spence’s group runs here on November 4 with Huey vs Doink and they are advertising The Midnight Express. There was also a group called CWF that was making noise about starting in Paragould. Advice guys – just because a town is drawing does not mean it will support 4 promotions!! All you are going to do is burn it!!


----These results are real late due to my source and me being busy this week. Source says there were at least 80 people @ the show, which was less than reported. Gate would be in the $400 range. They opened the show with an angle that was different and seem to work out good - Just Joe read a statement from the missing Commish. Commissioner Richard Marx decided that even though “Cruzin’ 4 Pain” [Motley Cruz/187/Tasha Simone] had an automatic return tag title match against “Southern Pride” [Citizen Cane/Kilo], since Team X [Gryffon/Phoenix X] had earned the #1 contender ship by winning a match, that the team to face Southern Pride on this evening would be decided in 2 special challenge matches. The teams of C4P and Team X would each pick a member to face off against a member of Southern Pride, should the Team X member win his match, his team would wrestle Southern Pride for the titles this evening, however C4P would also have the same opportunity to earn a title shot this evening.

----Results: Phoenix X beating Les James with his trademark curbstomp in 17:30; Gaylon Ray beat A.J. Bradley in 13:41, after 187, who was at ringside cheering for Bradley, accidentally hit Bradley; Gryffon X beat Citizen Cane in 6:01 to earn Team X a tag title shot that evening, after Cane mistook Phoenix for Gryffon, allowing Gryffon to hit him from behind for Gryffon, allowing Gryffon to hit him from behind forthe pin; 187 beat Kilo in 16:22 after Kilo attempted to suplex 187 inside the ring, and Motley pulled Kilo feet and held them, so C4P also had a shot at the tag titles this evening. Southern Pride due to the Commissioner's ruling at the beginning of the night had to defend their tag titles against C4P and oddly enough, students of Motley and Tasha. Main Event: Team X and “Southern Pride” [Kilo/Cane] beat C4P/Team X to retain their titles.

Shows For Weekend 10.13 - 10.14.06


Shows For the Weekend

----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes The Hambones; Loose Cannon; Chris Hollywood; Big Daddy LaFonce; Big Jim Wade and more.

----Friday night in Tupelo, MS for TFW has Tony Dabbs; “Pure Destruction” [Brody & Cody Hawk];The Gold Diggers; POPULAR [Shawn Reed and Ryan Williams Shawn Reed/Ryan Williams]with Anita Page; Tony Dabbs; Scott Porteau and more.

----Friday night in Corinth, MS for USWF has Keith Haynes Jr, Neil Taylor, Chris Rocker vs Nick Grymes in a Hardcore Match, Psycho, Dustin Starr, Leslie Jones and more.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights - Bell time 7:30 PM in Dyersburg, TN –“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony vs Quicksilver, Craven Moorehead, Gunner Thompson , "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards , Prettyboy James, Jeremy Moore ,Tank , Seth Knight vs Rude, Sir MO and more.

----Saturday night at Peppermint Pond in Dyersburg, TN will have Motley Cruz; Tasha Simone;187, AJ Bradley, “Southern Pride [Kilo/Citzen Kane], Jody Allen “Family of Pain” [Sarge O’Riley/Mickey Ray] and more.

----Saturday night in Booneville, MS for SWGA with Buzz Harley, Izzy Rotten, Bonecrusher, “PHAT Foundation” and many more.

----Saturday night in New Albany, MS with XWO will have Storm; Scott Porteau; Hollywood Jimmy ; "Pure Destruction",Thomas Knox; "Asylum" [Psycho/Wraith], and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW – Christian Jacobs, Derrick King, Stan Lee, Alex Krisis; Flash Flanagan; Jethro;Matt Boyce; Flash Flanagan;Jon Michael ; Chris O'Neal; Dustin Starr and more.

---- Saturday night Batesville, AR at the Old Miller Gym for Main Event Wrestling. Admission is free Crazy Luke Graham Jr. & Gerry "Chubby" Graham Casino Kid, Scott Fury, Austin Lane, Ray Ray, Tommy Lane, Teco Murdoch, American Assassin, The Danger Zone ( Hotrod Ellison & Danger Dave Foxx) and many more.

----Saturday night in Paragould, AR @ National Guard Armory with Big Al vs Edric Hinz; Loose Cannon vs Big Indian Coyote; Johnny Morton vs Blakester; Deadly Dale/Idol Bane vs Shakdown/Jamie Jay and Main Event: Lord Humongous vs Buster Johnson.

----Saturday at the New Breed Arena in Brownsville TN: Main event- Jawbreaker Jesse Dee and Lawman Williams -vs. - Midnight Society#1 Brent and Blonde Bomber;Semi-Main Event-P.K.Ripper -vs.-Weasel for the T.I.W.F. Heavyweight title; Feature match -Kaut!on and Reno Diamond-vs.-The Albino Rhino and Maxx Corbin for the T.I.W.F. Tag titles ; Rod Dent -vs.- Wild Side for the Cruiserweight title and Exodus-vs. - Ice Cage for the TV. Title

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

DCWF, DK, "Secret show" and Total gates & crowd

----I didn’t get results from DCWF @ the Pond this week, but did get some news. Jody Allen had a car accident Friday night and was not on the show. He is good and expected to be at this Saturday’s show. One of the regular workers of the show told me about 45 in attendance, so you are looking at a $225 gate. This weekend “Family of Pain” [Sarge O’Riley/Mickey Ray] will be at the Pond along with a “East Coast Bad Boys” vs CP4 match. Yes, you read that right. Don’t know anymore than that.

----I was told that when NBW started up that Derrick King [TLCW booker] pretty much gave his blessing for anyone that wanted to go work there, but they just couldn’t work both promotions. Fair enough. Well, I am being told now that it is every man for himself and DK is trying to get all the good talent to stay with TLCW. I see it from both directions, because I don’t see why DK needs many workers. And, I see why he would want to keep all the better workers. Right now TLCW is drawing better than DCWF or NBW, so why mess it up?? Take a look at NBW’s page and you can see main matches for this weekend – TGB vs Quicksilver and Rude vs Knight rematch. Not a marquee lineup, but I do promise you the Rude vs Knight match will be worth your $5.

----I finally got the results from the “secret” Dyersburg show. LOL The story is that they tried to cancel the show, but the radio spots [SL 100 radio spots—hint to Dyersburg promoters!!!] would not stop. Apparently Rocker sent his dad to help with the show and Brian Steele booked it. Close to 60 people were there with a gate close to $450.

----Results 10.06.06 Dyersburg, TN: Gunner Thompson by DQ over “Pretty Boy” James – James had a chain and it looked like Brian Steele was going to tell the ref about the chain, but turned on Thompson – Masked Luchador II [result had Mil Mascaras II, but I refused to call anyone that. That would be like calling a wrestler Bill Dundee II] made the save; AC Havock beat Jason [Bruce Swanner]; TJ Money beat Dell Tucker [who was MLII w/o hood]; Freezer Thompson beat Street Hawk [Rocker’s dad] by DQ when Steele jumped in – Gunner/ML II made save; Gunner/MLII beat Steele/James in a match that last almost 45 minutes [I feel sorry for the crowd at this point] and in the Main Event: “Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Chris O’Neal] beat Dell Tucker/Brian Steele.

----“Secret Show” notes: I was told the 45 minutes was not as bad as you would think, but I can’t see sitting thru 45 minutes of Gunner Thompson!!!...They ran an angle after the 45 minute match where the heels got whipped by Nikki Lace. Lace ended up whipping Angel Lea [Havoc’s gf], Street Hawk, HT Montel and Steele…Stan Lee was involved in the finish of the main event helping PP.

----Total of gates and crowd was good this weekend. If you take all the shows that I usually run on the “Shows of the Weekend” bit, then you had about 1,200 people attending the shows for the weekend. This mainly is contributed to having so many shows and the 401 that CWA drew on Saturday night. The average ticket price is a little over $6 including the higher price @ CWA and the free show in Batesville – around $7,500 for 12 shows. Almost 60% of that gate was from CWA though with the average gate of the other 10 shows [the free Batesville show does not count] being around $311. This only shows you that fans will come out to see the shows, but you need to have fewer promotions. Fewer promotions would not only benefit the fans, but the workers also.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Ratings are in!! Memphis Wrestling Is Seen By Almost 100,000 Viewers!!!

----All I can say is “Wow!!!” The show Saturday scored a whopping 5.0 [85,560 viewers] overall. This is the highest ratings of late night and the highest rating ever in our data span [5.15 to 10.07.06]. The first quarter opened at the battle royal and ended with Flex/Tim/Brick/White out doing an interview scoring a 5.1 [85,560 viewers]. The second quarter started with the finish of the interview and ended in the middle of the “Opening the Vault” Andy Kaufman segment scoring 4.8 [80,234 viewers] just as Hart/Kaufman started fighting. That quarter had a 5,326 drop. The third quarter was the most watched quarter that I have seen since getting quarter ratings with a 5.8 [96,214 viewers]. This was an increase of 15,980 viewers. The quarter included rest of Kaufman and the Cowboys match. The final quarter lost 22,639 viewers dropping to a 4.4 rating [73,575 viewers], which included the Derrick King interview and King vs Lawler.

----I am happy for the company and hope they can continue at this rate. I am totally surprised. If for some reason this trend continues, this program will help anyone that appears on it. Best I can tell with some of the older ratings is that the show does have ups and down, but I would be surprised to see it drop down to below 3.0 in this up coming week. The last two shows have been good and that helps. Both shows were written by mostly Lawler, so you got to give him his props on that.

----I wished I didn’t have to write this paragraph, because I hate to get the reputation of always talking negative stuff. There are two negatives in this show [other than the Cowboys getting seen by more people than anyone else]. #1: Since looking at the quarter hours, this is the first time the show finished with lower total viewers than it started with. 11,985 viewers total shut it off from start to finish. #2: Lawler/DK was shut off by 22,639 viewers. This was also the second week in a row that Lawler appeared in the quarter that dropped the most viewers. I was joking above, but seriously I blame the drop not on Lawler/DK, but on the Cowboys. Even though they were in the highest rated quarter, nothing in the quarter made people want to stay watching.

RassleTube 10.09.06 Edition

----RassleTube opens this week with more Eddie Gilbert stuff with Terry Taylor vs John Tatum from UWF…”Opening the Vault” from this past Saturday 10.07.06 with Andy Kaufman… Tag team video – crazy moves here…Bash 1986 – Cage Match: Cornette/Midnight Express [Bobby/Dennis] vs Dusty Rhodes/Magnum TA/Baby Doll…Smokey Mountain Wrestling interview segments. If you are a young worker and do not know how to do a promo – watch the pros…”Heavenly Bodies” [Jimmy DelRay/Tom Pritchard] vs “Thrillseekers” [Lance Storm/Chris Jericho] – 5 minutes of babyface shine – watch this for tag team psychology!! They use a hot tag as a hope spot on Jericho and then get heat on him – Jericho bleeds like crazy!! Never do a real hot tag and I love the finish!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Tidbits: RassleTube, SC results, VCW, Kilgore, CWA, TLCW and Secret Show

----First of all, there is no RassleTube tonight due to technical difficulties. YouTube is having some “growing pains” and I am about to scream!!! So, as soon as they get their stuff cleared up, then I am going to post the new edition.

----I got these results off and thought I would pass them along, because they featured some of our local guys. Lark is an old time friend and was a subscriber to my original zine some 15 years back. I have seen Mo recently and Dan; he is no where near the size of Viscera!! And, I am also being told that Brad Thomas is a good worker and needs to be seen.

C-Pro Entertainment from last night in Walhalla, SC before 175 fans: Backdraft b Havoc, Wayne Adkins b Beau James, Tommy Gibson won three-way over Bubba Jones and Black Angel, Alan Steele & Rob Harlem (Mo from Men on a Mission, who is now almost as big as Viscera) b Brad Thomas & Bobby Eaton (billed as the Midnight Express), Kishi Fatu (Rikishi) b Coach Holman-DQ (thanks to Daniel Lark)

----I got word that VCW will not be running Savannah this month. They were having problems with the sponsor and have said it has nothing to do with CWA having such a big crowd. Speaking of VCW, they have a statement about the fake Moondogs working their shows on the front page. Thumbs up to them for not using the Dogs anymore.

----Chris Kilegore is actually Chris Kilgore. I was spelling his name right in results from when he won the belt, but Grimes was posting it as Kilegore on his plugs, so I started spelling it wrong. And, yes I have been told he is the same Kilgore that worked as one of the “Flyboys” in IWF.

----Speaking of CWA and Kilgore. The finish of his title change the other night had Neil Taylor jumping him and hitting him with a cane. Kilgore went home with some nasty looking marks on this arm. Their Lt Wt Title is now the TV title, which Rocker holds. CWA also will start TV on Charter Cable Channel 22 at 10:30 AM. I am not sure who it reaches in Tennessee, but I will try to get more details about it. Their next show is 11.04.06 in Selmer with Diamond vs Rocker rematch and Kilgore vs Taylor.

----TLCW results from Ripley, TN were sketchy with me only getting a few: Chris O’Neal beat Tony Gunn for the #1 contender spot for the TLCW Title; Christian Jacobs/Stan Lee/Derrick King vs Oz/Bishop/Big Steve – not sure of the result, but the finish had them doing an injury angle on DK and Flash Flanagan beat Dustin Starr in the Main Event. They did an angle at the end where O’Neal made the save for Starr after Flanagan beat him, and then O’Neal challenged Flanagan. Starr said he wasn’t done with Flash, so it set up a match with Starr vs O’Neal with Flash as special ref.

----Oh yea, there was a show Friday night in Dyersburg, TN at the National Guard Armory. I never got word there was ever a show and no one I talked to said anything about it. I was finally told about it last night. Promoters wonder why they do not draw?? “Picture Perfect” [Chris O’Neal/Christian Jacobs], Brian Steele, Nikki Lace were all on the card. Rocker booked the show, but did not even show up. LOL

Sunday, October 08, 2006

10.07.06 Main Event Wrestling Batesville, AR Results

----Ray Ray[pic to the left]/Tommy Wayne beat Morgan Lane/”California Dream” Christopher Lee; Gerry Graham/Keto beat Brawler/Masked Venom; “Danger Zone” [Hotrod Ellison & Danger Dave Foxx] vs Teko Murdoch/American Assassin – Time Limit Draw and Main Event: Casino Kid by DQ over Scott Fury.

----Crowd was around 170+. This group has a sponsor that helps with building and such. They let the fans in the building for free…First match and main event was good…American Assassin was doing another gimmick, but I was not told what his gimmick name was?? The funny thing is that Teko use to do the Assassin gimmick and now as someone else doing it.

New Champions!! 10.07.06 VCW Boliver,TN Results

----Nick Grymes beat Blake “the Roz” Roswell; Danny B Good beat Iceman; AJ Creed beat Roswell by dq after Fire/Flame jump in AJ – Kaleb Kastle [Kidd Kastle from Memphis TV photo to the right] made the save; LC Dice beat Iceman with “Bruise Brother” Mad Dog to win the VCW Title and Kastle/Creed became the new VCW tag team champions by beating Fire/Flame [pic below].

----No shows included Doink the Clown, Kevin White and Shane Summers…Around 75 in attendance with a gate close to $825…Mad Dog had an injured knee, so Iceman defended Dog’s Title and lost it for him…This group runs Savannah, TN on 10.28.06 @ the National Guard Armory with Bill Dundee, Doug Gilbert and their regular crew. It will be interesting how much they draw, since CWA just ran with a big house.

CWA Draws Big Gate!!! New CWA Tag Team Champions!! 10.07.06 Results

----Rodney Grimes’ CWA drew another big house last night with 401 in the crowd with a gate close to $4411 in Savannah, TN last night. This show will put CWA #7 is the biggest grossing gates of the year in this area. They are just a few dollars behind their June 10, 2006 from Selmer, TN at #6 and edging out the Lawler vs Dundee card in Henderson, TN from May that sits in the #8 position.

----Results: Don Bass beat Danny Morris; Neil Taylor beat JJ Fuller; NWA Ladies Title Match: Christie Ricci beat Tasha Simone with Destiny; CWA Title Match: Brickhouse Brown won the title beating Chris Kilegore; CWA Lt Wt Title Match: Chris Rocker vs Reno Diamond went to a draw and Main Event: Special ref: Don Bass “Family of Pain” [Sarge O’Riley/Mickey Ray] with Hollywood Jimmy [pic to the right] beat Rodney Grimes/Jerry Lawler with Dutch Mantel to win the CWA Tag Team titles for the 5th time.

----No shows were Austin Lane, Misty Rose, and Venus…I was told that Ricci vs Simone and Rocker vs Diamond were both real good. Main event had tons of heat…Finish of the main had Don Bass turning after Grimes/Sarge did a double down. Bass hit Grimes with a chain and Sarge pinned him. They brawled back to the dressing room after the bout with Renee getting in a hard slap to Mickey Ray and a kick to the groin to Sarge. Grimes hit Mickey Ray with one of the title belts with Ray getting hardway. He actually had to go get 6 stitches after the show…Who did Kilegore piss off?? LOL He won the big tourney and then lost the belt the next show??...This drew more that the last Southaven show and they have TV. It shows you if you work hard to promote the show and get good heels vs Lawler you will draw. They need to put FOP back on Memphis TV.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 10.07.06

----Show opened with Corey Maclin. Maclin’s commentary was taped this week and added to the second hour of taping from last week. I guess they felt since it was the first hour and it would be shipped to Jackson by 6:00 PM, and then I guess they had to have announcers there for that show.

----Maclin is on the commentary piped in, but is not noticeable. Good job. The show returns with a battle royal in the ring. Winner to take home $5,000. The finish had Kevin White throw out Flex [photo to the right] and then White/Brickhouse Brown was trying to throw out Tim Grind. Ref did not see Flex go out, so he climbed back in and dumped all three over the top rope and won.

----“Too Cool 2” [Grind/Flex] interview. White/Brown comes out. There are no announcers at the desk, which looked weird. They do an angle to set up a match for next week. Southern Tag Team Titles vs $5,000 that Flex won. Good to have a build for next week.

----“Opening the Vault” aired next with close to 16 minutes on Andy Kaufman. Lance Russell showed clips of tag match with Jerry Lawler vs Kaufman/Hart. Lawler piledrove both of them, which ended up being a pull a part brawl on TV with Kaufman/Hart. This was all so good that I don’t care how old it is. Russell also showed the first piledriver that Lawler gave Kaufman, Lawler/Kaufman on Letterman and Lawler throwing fire in Kaufman’s face.

----“The Cowboys” [Ricky Murdoch/Bill Nasty] totally squashed “The Parker Brothers”. I know Maclin said one of them was named Judd, but I think he said the other one was Stub?? Cowboys looked good here with the kids bumping all over the place for them.

----Derrick King interview with him and the JR Title. He stated that the weight limit for his title was 230 lbs and under. He said, “Lawler hasn’t seen that weight since 1985.” King then brings out Nate the Rat to be his manager for this one day.

----Lawler beat King by DQ when Nate jumped in. Match was mainly Lawler shining. King started heat for about a minute, and then Lawler pulled the strap down. Fist drop from Lawler and then Nate jumped in for the DQ. Cowboys jumped in to help Nate/King beat up Lawler. Grady Watson ran out and threw Lawler a chair. The ring cleared.

FINAL NOTES: Not a bad show. I enjoyed it…Not a big fan of battle royals, but had a good finish. Giggles was hilarious doing stuff to Tatt2. Maclin still called Jon Michael – “Christian Jacobs”…Good to see them build for a tag title match next week. Interview segment for the match seem to go too long though…I am glad they let the Cowboys squash a jobber team, instead of “Picture Perfect”…DK interviews have been good the last two weeks. They should give him the mic more…During the main event it looked like one section [a third] of the crowd had left…Grady continues as the #3 babyface behind only Maclin & Lawler in the promotion.

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10.07.06 Arena Report New Blood Wrestling Dyersburg, TN

----Is wrestling dead in Dyersburg, TN?? That is what I have been told. The town is burned and no one is going to draw anything. Did NBW draw a big crowd and shut up everyone about Dyersburg?? No way. But, ask all of the 35 fans that went to the show and they will tell you wrestling is still alive in Dyersburg. Some of the fans that go to Ripley and those that go to the Pond will slowly migrate to this show. Some of the workers will then start calling to be part of the show. They have a good setup with lights and music. This place has so much potential that it is just sad that they drew less than 40 people.

----The show opened with Kraven Morehead , who came out decked out like it was 1973. He is good on the mic and did a good job opening the show to let everyone know that Seth Knight would be wrestling a “mystery opponent” tonight. “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony then walked out to talk to Kraven. TGB talked to Kraven for a few minutes until “The Upset Kid” Jeremy Moore came out. TGB told him to just step aside he was taking care of business. Moore pushed TGB from behind trying to get his attention. Finally, Moore made TGB mad enough that TGB ordered a match.

----Jeremy Moore beat TGB [photo to the right] to continue his gimmick “the Upset Kid”. [**1/2] [click here for star rating key]This was a good opener with TGB carrying Moore to a good match. Typical psychology with TGB getting heat on Moore and Moore getting hope spots to come back. TGB was real stiff with some chops and a few closelines. Moore messed up a flying DDT and then went to go do it again. TGB reversed and threw Moore out of the ring. Moore went to the top rope for a flying press and they followed thru back to TGB on top, but then Moore went over and got the upset. TGB beat up on Moore in the end until Quicksilver came out to make the save.

----Cash Flow [Jeff McDonald – promoter] comes out to announce that “Pretty Boy” James was not at the show and he was going to offer someone $500 to take his place and become part of his stable. Tank comes out and Flow offers him to turn to go with him. Tank has been a face here. Tank turns and takes the money.

----Tim Alfonzo beat Anton LaVey. [*1/2] Both guys were babyfaces and the psychology was not there. Both guys did some good moves, but most of the times they didn’t really make any sense. Just felt like a bad TNA bout. Alfonzo won with a lionsault. I always feel you can still do the heel heat even though both are babyfaces. This kind of match just confuses everyone though.

----“Real Deal” Tim Edwards beat Quicksilver [*] There was nothing wrong with this bout. It was mainly a squash with Quicksilver getting little shine. Edwards look better in this bout than I have seen him at times. Edwards is slow and seemed to be blown up, but all of his moves were very solid on QSilver. Silver started his comeback after taking tons of heat. TGB came to ringside and Edwards got the ref’s attention with TGB hitting QSilver with a gimmick.

----Tank [photo below] totally squashed Tommy Boy and ended it with a 5 count. [**] Tank gave Tommy very little and should have given him nothing. Tommy is ok at taking a beating, but he didn’t even show up in wrestling gear. Tank is so much bigger than everyone on the roster, except maybe Edwards. He looks like a killer unstoppable monster heel. He is doing the 5 count King Kong Bundy gimmick and that is perfect for him.

----Main Event: Seth Knight won by DQ over his “mystery opponent” Rude of “Naughty By Nature”. [***3/4] It doesn’t get much better than this bout. Psychology was perfect, but we are talking about Rude here. Match started slow with Rude giving Knight a lot of shine with Knight working Rude’s arm. Rude started his heat when Knight missed a dive into the corner. Rude went against the other side of the ropes and hit Knight was a rolling thunder closeline. Rude continued his heat on Knight with him finally putting Knight in a sleeper. Knight came out with his own sleeper and they got a rest doing these moves. Finish had them doing a double down and Rude went to the top rope for a diving headbutt, which he missed. Knight came back with tons of babyface fire. Move after move. Good stuff. Knight tries for his finisher, but Rude pushes him off and drops out of the ring with the ref pulling Knight back. Rude enters the ring with a chair and hits Knight, which got him DQ’ed. He also hits the ref with the chair. He then proceeded to piledrive Knight and the ref leaving them lying. Both piledrivers were awesome!! He did a mic spill and you would think the place was packed from the heat of this bout.

----Kraven came out again to end the show and thank everyone for coming. It was a good way to end the show as Knight and Walker were carried to the back.

RAMBLINGS: I was told that Jeremy Moore has only been working a little over 3 months. He is very green. Small skinny kid. But, did a very good job in this match with TGB…McDonald’s character is funny, but I think I would like him better do commentary…No tag team matches!!!...I wonder if the kid doing the gimmick knows who Anton LaVey really is?? He was the founder of the Church of Satan…I noticed a few of the young workers wondering around during the main event. Something needs to be set up in the dressing room, so they can watch guys like Rude/Knight have a match to help them understand psychology. Rude is so good at the little subtle things like making noises when he is getting worked on and working the crowd to perfection…Speaking of Rude [pic to the right], I guess when a man will not shake your hand even when you are complementing him, then you need to just keep your mouth shut; right?? Rude has always been a super nice guy and respected by the boys. I have legit heat from this man for running the story about him being one of the “Insane Clowns”. As I have said, there are no ill intentions to revealing people’s real identity. And, if I don’t like the gimmick I am going to say I don’t like the gimmick. When a man says “fuck you”, “you are the last person I want to talk to” and “just don’t say another word”, well it doesn’t take a smart man to realize he will stay away from around that person. It will not hurt my objectivity [as you can tell if you read this report] as I still see Rude as one of the best in this area. And I just wished people would understand that just because I am the first to report the story, it does not mean that no one else would have told the story. I just happen to find out quicker than anyone else…I like the idea of someone coming out at the start and end of the shows to talk to the fans. Good touch. Kraven is just a natural babyface. He actually came up and shook my hand to thank me for giving him his start?? Did I?? Damn, I don’t remember that one??

----The constructing of a new promotion is hard. This is going to be more of a “rise of a phoenix” if this show can pull it off. They have all the key ingredients to have a good promotion. The building is clean and the set up is nice. This will be a slow process and I think if TGB is given the time to do it, he can make the crowds go up and Dyersburg will be a hot wrestling town again. I look forward to seeing the results from these shows every week. I don’t mean any bad feelings for the people at DCWF or TLCW, but let me let you in on a little secret – the NBW crew is hungry. They have lots of drive and they could really care less about anyone else. They worry about only putting on a good show at their building.