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10.20.06 USWF Corinth, MS Results

----Dalton Storm beat Concrete Cowboy after a Bulldog in 7 minutes; Bonecrusher beat Psycho and Buzz Harley in a 3 way match after hitting the Skullcrusher on Buzz Harley in 20 minutes;They ran an angle where USWF Champion Dustin Starr and his valet come out to celebrate his birthday, Neil Taylor comes out and they ramble back and forth for a bit before Dustin tells Neil that if he wants a title shot again he has to make it through a gauntlet..."The Gauntlet for Gold" he called it;Neil Taylor beat Danny Morris after the Fist Drop off the 2nd rope in 4 minutes; Neil Taylor beat Cassanova Kidd after a huge clothesline in 2 minutes; "Prime Time" Nick Grymes beat Neil Taylor [pic above] after punching him in the face with a chain in 13 minutes;Chris Rocker beat Izzy Rotten in 12 minutes and in the Main Event: Little Steve Davis beat USWF Champion Dustin Starr w/ his valet after rolling him up in 15 minutes.

----Crowd was only about 38 with a gate of $190…I was told the crowd was down due to local football games and the Hog Wild festival right down the road…During the Nick Grymes and Neil Taylor match the mark were chanting with both a “Let's go Nick” and “Let's go Neil” chant. Although old school would tell you that is not good, I like the idea, because that means they got both guys over…Funniest moment of the night was when LSD pulled Dustin's tights down after he attempted a sunset flip, crowd went crazy in laughter as Dustin ran around for a good minute or so with his ass hanging out his pants. And biggest pop of the night when LSD rolled up Dustin to win his debut match in Corinth…Who is Little Steve Davis?? Who was Dustin’s valet??

Memphis Wrestling Spoilers for tonight and next week!!

----First show had Flash/too Cool 2 vs Dustin Starr/America/Kidd Kastle; “Picture Perfect” [Chris O’Neal/Jon Michael] vs Jethro/Huey II; Cowboys vs Brickhouse Brown/Kevin White and Derrick King vs Tatt2 with Chris Rocker as ref.

----Second show had “Picture Perfect” vs Flash Flanagan/Pokerface[photo to the right]; DK vs Tatt2 vs Rocker and Reggie B Fine/Huey II vs Kevin White/Brickhouse Brown.

----I am not sure if all the above are completely correct – as what show the matches are on…Rude [Bobo of Clowns] has an injured ankle and was not there, they used Pokerface, instead him as Giggles the Clown…Rocker was there as Rocker and under the hood as “Mr. America”…Lawler was not there, but I think he sent in a video…I was told that the Flash/Poker vs PP bout is real good…Here is the major problem with Memphis Wrestling – no continuing of storylines – PP gets hung last week, but they do NOTHING to follow up the angle???...Cowboys were not the second show.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Only Happens In Wrestling Dept

----In part, this following news item is funny, but then part of it is pathetic. The guy that works for NBW as 'Lil Tim Alfonzo reportedly went into a beauty shop today and tried to get them to do his hair like “The Posse” [Simon Reed/’Lil Chris]– a colored Mohawk. First, why would Alfonzo try to steal the gimmick of other local guys?? That is the pathetic part. The funny part is that Simon Reed called just a few moments ago and said that if they see Alfonzo anywhere with his hair in a Mohawk, he was going to have ‘Lil Chris hold him down and he was going to shave Alfonzo’s head!! I can’t quit laughing!! Welcome to the world of wrestling!! LOL

RassleTalk with "Black Label Society"

RassleTalk – “Black Label Society – Chapter 1: Training and Busting Your Ass..” with Axeman

This segment is composed of bits & pieces of an interview with AJ Bradley[on right] & Void, also known as Black Label Society. The interview date was Saturday, June 24, 2006, at the XOW Building in New Albany, MS.

The comments and opinions expressed herein are those of Black Label Society (Void & AJ) only, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of myself or anyone else.


What made you want to get into wrestling?

Void: Well, that’s something… I’ve never been able to answer that. I grew up in West Memphis, Arkansas, from the time I was about two until I was about 13, so I grew up watching the Memphis territory. I would by-pass cartoons, I didn’t watch Bugs Bunny, and I would wait until 11:00, TV 5, you know, Dutch Mantel, Jerry Lawler, Tommy Rich, and all of them. I never could put the finger on why I wanted to do something like that. My dad hated it, God rest his soul, my mom hated it, they didn’t understand why I watched it, they didn’t really like me watching it, my friends didn’t watch it, but I watched it anyway. It wasn’t about cards or any of, you know, the stuff that goes on behind the scenes that we know about now; we didn’t know any of that stuff back then. I just liked the sport of it. To me, it looked like a sport, and I liked it.

AJ: I grew up watching guys like Jake “The Snake” Roberts, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase, & “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig, they are the ones I watched when I was young. It was just amazing to watch those guys. Being at that young age, you watch those guys and you want to do what they do, you want to be like them. Looking back now, you kind of realize why I watched those guys back then. I was never into Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, guys like that, I liked watching guys who looked like there was an actual battle going on in the ring, not just a you do this and I’ll do this, trading back and forth kind of thing.

Void: The first guy that legitimately scared the hell out of me was a wrestler. It wasn’t Lord Humongous or Prince of Darkness, it was Steve “Dr. Death” Williams. It was the face that he had, the way he looked, you looked at that face and you just believed, you knew, that he could kick your ass, anybody, anywhere, you know, it didn’t matter, he didn’t care, he didn’t stop until the job was done, and I did not know his background from anything, I just knew he was a wrestler, and I knew he weighed 250# and could press 500#, I didn’t really know anything about him, except that he looked like he could kick your ass. Him and The Great Kabuki, they scared the hell out of me, and Kendo Nagasaki and those guys, the old school, Japanese heels, there was just something about them, because they didn’t cut promos, they didn’t even talk, most of them, they just, the way they looked, they just jumped you and kicked ass. That’s before martial arts got real popular and everybody learned Tai-Kwan-Do and Kung Fu, and now everyone knows a little of everything.

Who trained you?

Void: Well, as a matter of fact, Doug Gilbert, I was trained by Doug. I was working in a warehouse, in a co-op in Jackson, TN, and I remember I was working on a Saturday, and I went down to the store part, the inside part where you go in to place your order and whatever, and Doug was advertising on the front page of the Sports Section of The Memphis Sun, he was training a Japanese wrestler, training him to be more accustomed to the western style, the theatrics, the drama, and stuff like that. I just happened to pick up the paper that day, and see him on the front page of that paper, advertising his school, and I went and dropped my money down, and to be honest, I had very few, I had less that ten in-ring classes in six months. I ended up figuring out that I was getting trained more riding in the back seat of the car on the way to shows, talking to him, and listening to him, and him seeing where I was and what I was paying attention to. Doug trained me a lot more in psychology than anything else. I had been through a camp once before, and I had very, very limited knowledge of what I was supposed to do, and Doug took my enthusiasm, and… Doug and his wife, Melissa, would always joke that, “If I could just get Jason’s entrance to the ring without him throwing up, he’ll be fine.” I was so scared to death, I didn’t want to go out, I told Doug that I didn’t care if I had paid my money or not, if I’m not good enough, I don’t want to be in there. I don’t ever want to be in a match that I can’t contribute to. Being trained by Doug, lots of people can work spots and do this and that; I had a working knowledge of wrestling with a “shoot” background before I got into wrestling. Holds were nothing, I had to know when to do what, and I had to know how to work with somebody. Doug taught me a lot more than spots and take downs. He taught me how to work. I had a blast.

AJ: Izzy Rotten trained me. (laughter)

Izzy Rotten trained you?!

AJ: Yep, Izzy Rotten. It was, I think, the summer of 2003, some of us went up to a restaurant in Jackson, Tennessee, and they were playing a WWE pay per view, I don’t know which one it was, it’s been a couple of years, I go up there and I see this guy I went to high school with, I had just graduated a month earlier, and this guy was already claiming that he was a wrestler, and said he worked here in Mississippi a lot, a lot – a lot – of bullshit, so this guy, I think his name was Donnie, that’s all I can remember, come to find out he had not had the first minute of training, he had never been in the ring before, he only went to shows, just full of bullshit. He claimed that he had been in the ring with some of the top local names. He knew all the names, and being from Tennessee, I had never been to Mississippi in my life at that time, so I didn’t know any better, and I took him at his word. Next thing I know, without even knowing this guy real well, I call him up and ask him if I can ride to a show with him, because I was thinking that if he was already in, he could also help me get in. We get to the show, and I started wondering why this guy is not going back to the dressing room with the rest of the wrestlers. Why is he not carrying a bag of gear, I know he’s not about to climb in there wearing khaki shorts and a V-neck shirt and flip flops…. But, while I was there, I did meet Izzy Rotten and Nathan Lee. It was at one of Stephen Creasy’s shows, when he was running CCW, I think it was in Saltillo, “Super Freak” Danny Morris’ home town, anyway I met Izzy, and I didn’t know any other way to get in, and he was there, so I paid my money, and I got trained.

Void: I’m not saying that I’ve put in a whole bunch of time or anything like that, not saying I am a seasoned veteran or any of that crap, but you can go to any show now and you can say “what will it take for you to train me?” Anybody can go and say that, and the whole crap about you having to wear boots & tights in order to be a wrestler, well I’ve got a saying that if you put a piece of crap in an Armani suit it’s still a piece of crap. It doesn’t matter what you dress it up in, it’s still gonna be shit. There are so many people who have the boots, and have the tights, and have the look, and just plain suck. Entertainers… and there are people who are getting paid for what they used to do, and what they can’t do. And there are people like me, AJ, DC, and all these guys who put their asses on the line to make these other people look good, and they don’t get paid near as much. They don’t get the thanks, they don’t get the handshake, they get the gratuitous smile to your face handshake, then they are expected to go out there and make the guy look good all over again. There’s a difference between entertainers and workers. So… did we answer the question?

You more than answered it (laughter).

AJ: Back to our trainers, I know you hear a lot of stuff about Izzy, and I know a lot of people have heat with him and don’t like him and stuff, but, me personally, I could never say anything bad about him. Through him I was introduced to Motley Cruz & Tasha Simone.

Void: Lots of experience and lots of knowledge there… younger guys like us in the locker room, there should be more people like that in the locker rooms that have been through anything you can come up with, to pass along information and wisdom like Motley is willing to do. And Tasha too, she’s not just a manager or female wrestler; she’s one of the most sound technical wrestlers, period. There should be more people like that, but you have guys nowadays, they don’t really care about what the crowd does during their match. As heels, we went through a certain promotion where we worked for 7 months with not but one win as a tag team, and we were the biggest heels they had. That was because the people believed we were really ass holes. We were main event every other show, but we never went over. It got to be a joke, we got our asses pinned. It didn’t matter, because we could make the crowd hate us.

Motely & Tasha were on my list, but we’ve already talked about them so tell me how you guys got together as a tag team.

AJ: Well, it kind of goes back to people not liking the guy who trained me, like I said, to this day I have no problem with Izzy, but anyway, Doug Gilbert actually works for The State of Tennessee Department of Transportation, he works with my grandmother, and my grandmother, after a certain incident that happened in a match I had, I mean I lost more blood than have ever seen.

Void: There was a big gash in his head.

AJ: Anybody can look at my forehead and see it, the guy, just out of nowhere, he just took a blade and cut me open. Anyway, after that incident happened, Doug Gilbert gives me two phone numbers, one for Billy Ray Hickerson and one for Ricky Murdoch. I called Ricky up in Humboldt, Tennessee, about ten minutes from where I lived. So I go, I show up at the building, I have my ring gear, and Ricky agrees to put me in the ring, and my opponent that night happened to be Void.

Void: We didn’t know each other, I was still pissed off about certain people I had to put over at the show, and I was there working my butt off and I wasn’t getting paid, but Ricky was a guy that would work out with me while Doug was in Japan and gone to different places, we’d set up that 18 x 18 steel ring, and after I had worked 9 or 10 hours at a co-op in the heat with no air, Ricky would get in there after he had worked his 10 hour day, we would get in there and work out, and so I would do just about anything for the guy. So, here AJ comes out, using my entrance music. After the match, we pretty much started talking, I don’t have to catch him, he doesn’t have to catch me, we don’t have to go out there and do a bunch of luchador spots, so we went out there and chain wrestled and did our little thing, and we started hanging around each other. The more we hung out, the more I screwed up and influenced his life. AJ was always that real quiet guy who sat in a corner on the end of the bench in the locker room, and they kinda stuck us together, and all of a sudden we started to become a tag team, and we were so similar they said hell with it, you know, and I didn’t know, I couldn’t run spots or do anything like that, and I wasn’t 20 years old, and I couldn’t take all the bumps I used to could, but he could, so we started doing what we do.

OK, Void, you are a very talented young athlete, a very talented young man.

AJ: (Laughing) He called you young!

Well, compared to this old fart, he is young. Anyway, Void, why do you use so much profanity? You don’t have to do that, you are talented enough that it is not necessary.

Void: I understand that, I don’t have to, but see, I’m not out there acting. And everyone has, but this is a show, and the angles I get involved in, I’m passionate about them. And for me, it is harder to harness or control chaos and anxiety than it is to try to come up with butts and hecks and darns, and I understand that. I do not have a pre-conceived, well I’m gonna say the s-word or I’m gonna drop an f-bomb, I don’t think that before I come out. To this day, and I’ve been in, it will be five years in August, and still to this day I can hear the music, when the music plays, when the music hits, he’ll tell you, I get sick to my stomach, I just start shaking, I start getting all excited, I still get hyped up, I still get nervous. To me, this is like a football game, or in Little League, I would stay up the entire night before… I was so excited, I wouldn’t sleep the night before, and if I’m excited about a match, I won’t sleep the night before, and when I get to the building, I’m shaking I’m so excited. Like the match we had with POPULAR, I was so hyped up I was sick in the parking lot. I have a basic idea of what I want to do, and then the music hits and I get that adrenaline rush and I just go out there and say what I say and do what I do. But back to your question, that is understood, and that’s probably one of the things that keeps me back. But the way I see it, my bills are not getting paid by this, and I’m not gonna sit back and I’m not gonna… We barely make gas money, if you’re in it for the money you’re an idiot… Why in God’s name should we come out here, like tonight, I got my head busted open, I bumped on the concrete, and two big 300 lb. guys just beat the living hell out of me… I didn’t do that for the money, I did it because I like it. To me, wrestling is still a sport. AJ & I were in there with Pure Destruction, competing with everybody on that card tonight, with everybody in this state tonight, for the very best match possible. I feel like if we don’t have the best match on the card every night, then it’s my fault. I take it upon me, I take it personally. I still feel the passion for professional wrestling. Some people don’t take it seriously, they want to be freakin’ actors, and they want to come out and they want to baby oil themselves up and they want to go hit the gym so they can look pretty on the TV, while people like us bust our asses in the ring, and we make them look good. It goes back to the whole entertainer vs. worker thing. I’d rather be in a class of people… the Malenkos, the Jerichos, the Reno Riggins guys, those guys like that, you know, if not for us, a lot of these big slobbering steroid junkie needle in their ass guys wouldn’t have anything to do, the chicks wouldn’t come out and follow them to their cars and the promoters wouldn’t put ‘em over because it’s people like us, the ugly sludge basement dwelling rat lickers that come out and make them look good. I feel that passion, and I want everybody to talk about the angle, I want everybody to really think I hate whoever I am in the ring with. And nothing could be further from the truth. I depend on the person I’m in the ring with, from the person I’m tagging with, to the person I’m working with, to the referee, to the announcers, I depend on everybody, in every part of that match. But back to your question, I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t, and I would like to be able to change, but I can’t. I’m just thankful that there are people like the ones who run XOW give a damn enough to put me out there, and they know, they KNOW, that I feel that passion and I would do anything in this world to make this show, or any show I am a part of, look good. I’ll break bones, spill blood, and put over people that couldn’t carry anybody’s job. You see what I’m saying?

AJ: The profanity issue is not really an issue of mine, I’ve only talked on the mic a handful of times, I only talk when necessary. Speaking on the microphone is not really my strong point. I’m not really good at coming up with things on a whim. You know that show Whose Line Is It Anyway, I would never survive that show, because I just don’t come up with things like that.

----Make sure to hit the site again next Friday for RassleTalk “Black Label Society – Chapter 2: Word Association”

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ok, so I marked out.........

----It has been along time since I seen something in wrestling offered by the big two -- WWE or TNA that I actually mark out on. I loved the Kurt Angle/Samoa Joe angle that aired tonight!! Joe is one lucky fucker -- works with Kobashi and now Angle!! Joe must be doing something right. If anything would make me want to watch TNA, it would be an Angle vs Joe bout. You can watch it below --

and this Fozzy video is kewl too!!!

Tidbits: RassleTalk, Sputnik, Sypro, Maggs and Kastle

----I will debut RassleTalk tomorrow with the first part of an interview conducted by Axeman with “Black Label Society” [AJ Bradley/Void] for Hollywood Jimmy’s “In the Spotlight” section. I was told about the piece and then told that Jimmy did not have room for the interview. I then contacted Axeman, who sent it along and I decided to run it on my site. Some of you not in this area will not be familiar with Bradley or Void, but consensus of what they say, is just like a typical indy wrestler’s life – no matter where you wrestle. Even though you might not know the actors in the movie, the movie is the same. This is one of the things that I wanted to do for the site – real interviews with people that don’t pull punches. Click back tomorrow and read the first part.

----Buddy Wayne wrote on a message board, “I received word from Billy Wicks that Sputnik Monroe is in very serious condition. His is living in Florida. He is down to 155 pounds and is an induced coma. He was brought out of it so he could talk to his son. I have known Sputnik since 1953. He had a heart as big as a mountain and would give you his last dollar if you needed it. Please pray for the "Diamond Ring and Cadillac Man" as he needs them. Sputnik was one of my oldest and best friends.” I have only met Monroe once at a wrestling convention and even though I am close to 40, he was waaaaaaaaaaaaay before my time. He is a Memphis legend though and hope the best for him.

---Sypro[Carl] is the brother of 187[David] and Serpant[Harry]. I got that confirmed. Thanks to those that wrote in. I thought I was being worked. LOL

----Our condolences to the Joey Maggs family. Maggs is a former USWA tag team champion, which he held with Rex King by beating “The Dirty White Boys” [Tony Anthony/Tony Burton] on June 23, 1990. They would later lose the belts in August to Brian Lee/Don Harris. He was also the USWA JR champion at one time. Slam Wrestling has a good article on him.

----Kidd Kastle reported Tuesday [10.17.06] on his myspace account, “..I was in a bad wreck today…I was hit on hwy 72 in my drivers side door ... I’m sore but not down .... It’s only steel and glass; right?? LoL” Good to hear you are doing ok Kastle.

Shows for The Weekend - 10.20 - 10.21.06


Shows For the Weekend

----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes The Hambones; Loose Cannon; Chris Hollywood; Big Daddy LaFonce; Derrick King, Flash Flanagan, “The Posse” [Simon Reed/’Lil Chris] and more.

----Friday night in Tupelo, MS for TFW has Tony Dabbs; “Pure Destruction” [Brody & Cody Hawk];The Gold Diggers; POPULAR [Shawn Reed and Ryan Williams Shawn Reed/Ryan Williams]with Anita Page; Tony Dabbs; Scott Porteau and more.

----Friday night in Corinth, MS for USWF has Keith Haynes Jr, Neil Taylor, Brian Steele, Nikki Lace; Chris Rocker, Psycho, Dustin Starr, Leslie Jones and more.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights - Bell time 7:30 PM in Dyersburg, TN –“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Quicksilver/Jeremy Moore vs “All That’s Violent” [Mo/Allen Steele]Craven Moorehead, Gunner Thompson , "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards , , Jeremy Moore ,Tank , Dell Tucker , Seth Knight vs Rude, and more.

----Saturday night at Peppermint Pond in Dyersburg, TN will have Motley Cruz; Tasha Simone;187, AJ Bradley, “Southern Pride [Kilo/Citzen Kane], Jody Allen,”East Coast Bad Boys” [Sypro/Serpant], Austin Lane, Kidd Krazy and more.

----Saturday night in Booneville, MS for SWGA with Buzz Harley, Izzy Rotten, Bonecrusher, “PHAT Foundation” and many more.----Saturday night in New Albany, MS with XWO will have Storm; Scott Porteau; Hollywood Jimmy ; "Pure Destruction",Thomas Knox; "Asylum" [Psycho/Wraith], and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW – Christian Jacobs, Derrick King, Stan Lee, Alex Krisis; Flash Flanagan vs Chris O’Neal; Jethro;Matt Boyce;Jon Michael ; Dustin Starr and more.

----Saturday night in Memphis, TN on the Memphis Riverboat for PCW: Loose Cannon vs Bubba Studly; “Top Notch” [Teco Murdoch/Tommy Gunn] vs “Asylum” [Psycho/James Arnez]; “Iceman” Chris Austin vs Chris Frazier; Big Indian Coyote/Neil Taylor vs “Family of Pain” [Sarge O’Riley/Mickey Ray] and Jamie Jay vs “Juicy” Johnny Morton.

---- Saturday night Batesville, AR at the Old Miller Gym for Main Event Wrestling. Admission is free Crazy Luke Graham Jr. & Gerry "Chubby" Graham Casino Kid, Scott Fury, Austin Lane, Ray Ray, Tommy Lane, American Assassin, The Danger Zone ( Hotrod Ellison & Danger Dave Foxx) and many more.

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HIGH FIVE for Vanity!!!

Welcome to the new weekly RIOT feature - HIGH FIVE!! I will pick someone from the area and give them a HIGH FIVE for their recent accomplishments.

Her real name is La Mescia Montoryas but known in this area as Vanity: The Dutchess of Desire. At only 23 years old, this Memphis, TN lady recently found out she will be at the upcoming Women's Extreme Wrestling Pay Per View, December 1, 2006 in Philadelphia, PA at The New Alhambra Sports and Entertainment Center. [old ECW Arena] For more information and details check out the website at HIGH FIVE to you La Mescia!!!

STARTING YOUNG: “I have been in the wrestling business on and off since I was 16 years old. But I have been back in the wrestling game for a whole year now. I officially came back to wrestling when I won the "diva for a day" competition to manage a WWE superstar to the ring last September (WWE Raw house show) at The Fed Ex Forum!!!! I realized this is what I wanted to do. I was glad to be back in wrestling and I really started to pursue it again full force.”

IN ROOM WITH GREATNESS: “I recently got back from Allentown, PA. I met with Afa "The Wild Samoan" I have been in contact with him because I am really interested in him training me. They have a really nice and family oriented wrestling facility that I would like to be apart of. Everyone was so nice!! Afa really made me feel comfortable and at home.”

WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP: “I also model. I have done local commercials and fashion shows. I have also been featured in a magazine. I am also a trained dance teacher/instructor for the Memphis City School's system.Yes I am a teacher!!! I enjoy working out, traveling, and spending time with my family and friends. I have been really blessed this year. Being at the right place at the right time and meeting the right people.”

READY TO GO EXTREME: “I just want to give a big thank you to the owner of WEW for believing in me and giving me this opportunity. If you believe in yourself and have other people that believe in you. You can go far and you never have to jeopardize who you are as a person or what you stand for. Your talent, confidence, and a good personality will take you far! I am just excited to be meeting the other ladies of WEW and rocking the house in Philly!”

GRANDFATHER KNOWS BEST: “The person who influenced my wrestling career the most would be my grandfather! He is the whole reason I started watching wrestling at such an early age. My grandfather is my number 1 fan. Most little girls want to be singers or Ms. America when they are young. I have always wanted to be in the wrestling business. I just have so much respect for what the men and women do in the ring. And of course wrestlers like Shawn Michaels, my favorite wrestler of all time were a big influence and my favorite manager of all time Sunny was also a big influence growing up.”

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tidbits: Seth's baby, Fire & Flame, Riverboat, Sypro, SGWA results and TLCW results

----Congrats to Seth Knight and his wife on the birth of their daughter. She was 5 lb 12 oz named Amberlyn Renee. She was born yesterday - Monday Oct 16th. Both the mom and baby are happy and healthy

----I have been told that Fire and Flame [Billy Ray Hickerson/Jack Dalton], a VCW tag team, have been told to show up to Memphis TV on Saturday. Not sure if they will be working or if Jerry Lawler wants to take a look at them. They are doing the old Don Bass gimmick and they throw fire.

----Wrestling on the Memphis Riverboat debuts this weekend. I was sent the following card –Loose Cannon vs Bubba Studly; “Top Notch” [Teco Murdoch/Tommy Gunn] vs “Asylum” [Psycho/James Arnez]; “Iceman” Chris Austin vs Chris Frazier; Big Indian Coyote/Neil Taylor vs “Family of Pain” [Sarge O’Riley/Mickey Ray] and Jamie Jay vs “Juicy” Johnny Morton. I don’t usually agree with 10% of what Loose Cannon writes [or understand any of it] on Hollywood Jimmy’s page, but he hit the nail on the head in this week’s “Cannon's Fire”. The wrestling show Saturday night is getting tons of talk much like it was a big Southaven show.

----Ok, I screwed up in the DCWF results. “East Coast Bad Boys” are now Sypro/Serpant, not Spyro [who know works under the hood as 187]. I was told that Sypro is their brother that they trained to work. I never knew they had another brother, but I am not sure if he is their legit brother. I request pics!! LOL

----I got a few results from SGWA in Booneville on Saturday night [10.14.06]. “Prime Time” Nick Grymes beat Homeless Joe; NWA Mississippi Tag Team Title Match: Faroh of Phunk/Jesse Dalton beat “CIA” [Tysin Starr/Cassanova Kidd)]Cassanova Kidd]; Chris Austin beat Masked Superstar #1 [Grymes, not the original] and brawled with Masked Superstar #2 [who was Johnny Morton]; Johnny Thunder beat Izzy Rotten and Kross/Soultaker beat Justin Rhodes/Bonecrusher in a hardcore match. They had a worker calling himself Psycho from NWA Battlezone that worked the show. Not the Psycho that works other Mississippi shows – have some respect guys – call him Crazyo or something. Also, I wished they could come up with better names, instead of stealing old masked wrestler names – Masked Superstar?? WTF??

----TLCW from Ripley, TN had the main event of “Picture Perfect” [Jon Michael/Christian Jacobs]/Stan Lee vs “Black Out Squad” [Bishop/Oz/Big Steve] was no contest as they brawled all over the place. DK came back helping the babys. Next will have DK vs the Commish/Rashard and PP V1 vs “Black Out Squad”. Not sure of any of the other results, but was told that the Starr vs O’Neal bout was good, but I did not get a result. Crowd was in the 60 range with a gate close to $300.

The Ratings are in!!! Good news!!!

----This week’s show did not do the same ratings as last week, but it was all good news. Overall posting a 4.6 rating [76, 572 viewers] making it #2 highest rated show overall in our ratings data span. The only show higher would be last week’s show and the 8.5.06 show trails with a 4.5.

----The show opened strong again this week with a 4.8 [80,567 viewers] with getting the highest rating quarter ending with after the Flash turn on Kastle. The second quarter scored 4.6 [76,405 viewers] starting with the DK interview, DK vs Tatt2 and just as Grady Watson walked out before the Nate angle with card. That segment lost 4162 viewers. The third quarter jumped up 1,331 viewers to 4.7 = [77,736 viewers]. That quarter started with the Nate angle then the 6 man tag with the hanging angle. The 4th quarter dropped 4660 viewers with a 4.4 [73,076 viewers] rating. That last quarter featured the “Opening the Vault” segment and the tag team title match.

----If I were Maclin and company, I would like this week’s rating better than last week. I know it was a bit larger audience in spots, but this was a very consistent. They lost 7491 viewers from start to finish, but largest dip was 4162. Last week we had an over 20,000 viewer dip. When this time change was announced, I thought they would suffer in the ratings. If you average the last two week’s of ratings, the new night time spot as an average is doing 3.9 [64,919 viewers]. The 16 week span before the change was averaging 3.7 [61,590 viewers], so the show is doing better.

10.16.06 RassleTube Edition Is Up!!! Jim Cornette Special!!

----I am sorry I am a bit late this week. This week’s edition is a tribute to one of my fave wrestling personalities of all time – Jim Cornette [photo to the right with Bobby, Brian Thompson and Dennis. BTW--the gear that Bobby/Dennis are wearing was made by Tasha Simone.]. We have no original stuff this week, but I plan to return next week with “Best of Memphis Wrestling”, which will feature clips and matches from the last two Memphis Wrestling TV shows.

----When watching this week’s episode take note at the comments made about these videos. It gives you some background on everything…This week’s edition opens with a TBS squash match from the Midnight Express. These guys were so good…Clips of Paul Heyman with Tony Schavone promoting the upcoming Midnight vs Midnight…The Midnight vs The Midnight is next. Damn these guys could work!!...Next up is two Midnight Express vs Rock ‘n’ Roll Express with two versions of Midnight. If you really want to learn tag team wrestling, take a look at these matches. A bit different in psychology as Cornette liked the babys to get tons of shine…The next clip is from a convention and Corny is so funny talking about the match and Dusty Rhodes [Dusty was the booker in WCW at the time]…Cornette on Russo says it all here. I just wonder how they work together??...The two promos that follow are from the ROH vs CZW feud. Another lesson to be learned here – how to do a promo!! Excellent stuff…The next clip comes from the ROH shoot with Corny and Percy Pringle. I thought this was neat because you see the “real” Corny and Pringle here…and finally…LOL One of the workers in the back seat [and I am not sure who it was] records Corny go off on Dairy Queen window girl. This is classic!! So funny.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

New Tag Champions!! 10.14.06 DCWF Dyersburg, TN Results

----Gaylon Ray beat Gryffon X after Gryffon missed a high knee and hit partner Phoenix instead, allowing Ray to hit a go behind cradle for the pin; A.J. Bradley was attacked by The Rage [aka Ron Rage] for the second match – “Southern Pride” [Kilo/Citizen Cane] try to save Bradley, but Rage kept choking Bradley – finally Tasha Simone/187 got him off of Bradley; “The Family of Pain” [Mickey Ray/Sarge O’Riley making their return to Dyersburg]beat Gaylon Ray and Jody Allen, when Allen got the hot tag and then turned on Ray; “Cruzin 4 Pain” [Motley Cruz/187] w/ Tasha Simone & Rage beat “East Coast Bad Boys” [Serpent and Spyro and in the Main Event DCWF Tag Team Title Match“Team X” [Gryffon/Phoenix] beat Southern Pride for the belts. Finish after a ref bump had Rage/187 jump in and Motley Cruz hit the ring with a chair, knocking out both members of SP, allowing Team X to get the pin, and become the champions. A.J. Bradley ,Gaylon Ray and ECBB came out to save SP.

----I have no idea who worked as 187, because it is usually Spyro. But, as the results were given it looks like 187 went against Spyro. I was told that match was real good with Serpent even hitting a plancha onto C4P and then Sypro hitting a shooting star press to the floor on C4P. They got the heat Serpent and ended up beating ECBB. After the match C4P beat up ECBB until SP and A.J. Bradley came in to save them…The whole show sounded real good…Crowd was in the 60 range with a gate close to $300…Next week Kid Krazy/Austin Lane come in to work “Team X”…Surprised to see them turn Jody Allen…This roster is packed with some really good workers. The addition of FOP for a couple of weeks and also with Rage being in, this group has a good roster. They have over 10 of the best workers in this area….I love the way that Rage is being pushed as a killer monster as the new member of C4P.

10.14.06 Arkansas Championship Wrestling Paragould, AR Results

----Big Al beat Hillybilly Tucker; Lord Humongous beat Blankster; Next Division Title: Loose Cannon with Rottn’ Randy beat Big Indian Coyote; ACW TT Title Match: Jamie Jay/Shakedown beat Deadly Dale/Idol Bane and Main Event: ACW Title Match: “Hellraiser” Buster Johnson [pic to above right] vs Lord Humongous ended in a double count dressing room empty big pull apart.

----Edric Heinz and Johnny Morton were no shows…They had about 50 fans even though they had only a few days of advertising. Gate was around $350…The next show is 10.28.06 with Halloween special show with kids costume contest.

10.14.06 NBW Dyersburg, TN Results

----Quicksilver defeated "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony with a reversal out of a backslide into a small package; Lil' Tim Alfonzo defeated Tommy Boy with a sliced bread #2 ;"The Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore defeated "Real Deal" Tim Edwards with a school boy - Mo jumped Jeremy after the match with Quicksilver making the save;**Triple 5 Challenge** [5 count in under 5 minutes or opponent gets $500]TANK defeated The K.I.D. in 2:20 with a Dual chokeslam spinebuster and Main Event :Rude defeated "Dynamite" Seth Knight by disqualification when Rude got Seth caught with a metal chair.

----I was told only about 20 paid. So, you are looking at a gate of $100…This promotion is going to start radio ads and are going film a local TV commercial. They are going to have to do something to get fans in the building.