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Memphis Wrestling: 10 Years Ago

USWA: The return to Monday night house shows at the Flea Market hadn’t helped the crowds, as the show on October 21st had drawn another crowd of 375 fans paying $1800. Brian Christopher & Wolfie D won the USWA Tag Team titles from Bill & Jamie Dundee, in a match with Jimmy Valiant as guest referee. With the main weekly house show now taking place on a Monday, this ruled out Jerry Lawler being booked, as he had to work Monday nights doing live announcing for Raw, either in the Stamford studios or ringside at the arena….. The October 26th tv show was heavy on comedy, with Lawler doing the booking. A new wrestler debuted, named Macho Warrior Ric Hogan, whose gimmick was that he combined the interviews and mannerisms of the four. Randy Hales was taking credit for creating PG-13, and said he was debuting a new tag team that he’d manage – two masked heels called the ‘Devil Dogs’. In their squash match debut, they were beaten up by their jobber opponents for seven minutes, before Hales pulled them from the match (they lost via count out) and said that they were concentrating on an upcoming tag team title match…… Mike Samples was feuding with Sean Venom (who carried a snake), and debuted his neutralizer – a tiny dog called Hercules, which he had previously built up through promos to supposedly resemble a rottweiler. During his match on the show, he tried unsuccessfully to get the dog to act mean…….

----Credit to for this.....

RassleBits: All Pro Tonight and XOW

----All Pro Wrestling finally released some names on Hollywood Jimmy’s board. It was released sometime yesterday and that is only one day before the event. Good way to promote. Hope they put posters up sooner. So, they got Dead Man, Don Bass, Brickhouse Brown, Tom Nelson. Leatherface, Doink The Clown, Mr. Wrestling III, Dusty Wolf, The Giant Hillbilly Pappy, The Asylum, Storm, Hollywood Jimmy, Pure Destruction, Austin Lane, Neil Taylor, Kenny Valiant, Pink Flamingos, Brandon Bob Wire, Chris Kilgore, Anton Leveigh, Colton Anderson, JD McKay and two bands will be there – Monkey Bone and Seven Days Waiting. I know nothing about Monkey Bone, but price of admission would be worth seeing Seven Days Waiting – good Christian rock group.

----Correction on my part in the Shows for the Weekend. XOW is not running this weekend due to the Batesville show mentioned above. I would have known that if only I could get someone in XOW to provide info to me. But, I guess since I am a kayfabe site, I can’t even get them to answer e-mail from me. Ironic that over half of the roster has either worked with me or worked FOR me. I am not just picking on XOW here, because there are other promotions that I cover that never send me results or anything. But, whether you believe it or not, there is no way this site will ever HURT your attendance. It can only HELP as you get FREE advertisement. People that read sites like mine are hardcore fans and workers.

RassleResults: USWF Corinth, MS 10.27.06

----Dalton Storm beat Danny Morris; Bonecrusher beat Izzy Rotten; Neil Taylor beat “Prime Time” Nick Gryme[photo to the right]; Chris Rocker beat Jeff Jameson and Chris Lexx in a 3 way match and USWF Champion Dustin Starr beat Little Steve Davis.

----Crowd was around 35 people, so they had a gate close to $175...Big town football game as Corinth City took on the County School Kossuth so maybe after this week the crowd will pick up as Kossuth is the only team in the county in State Playoffs..Told the Grymes vs Taylor match was real good…Next week Prime Time Nick Grymes/USWF Champion Dustin Starr/Alcy- holic vs. Neil Taylor/CHris Rocker/and Keith Haynes Sr.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Tidbits: LAW adds workers, ACW and IT IS A SHOOT!!!

----LAW tomorrow night in Rector, AR will also feature talent from West Virginia – Scotty McKeever and Shane Mathews. I have heard a lot of good things about these two guys and look forward to seeing them on the card. They are also bringing a couple of other guys from WV and maybe Gypsy Joe!!!

----Arkansas Championship Wrestling in Paragould, AR tomorrow night @ National Guard Armory with Hambone Express vs Farmer Tucker/Zane Richards/Shawn Brody;Big Al vs Cody Daniels;Loose Cannon/w Rott'n Randy[photo to the right] vs Big Indian Ceyote for the Next Division Title;Deadly Dale/Idol Bane vs Jamie Jay/Shakedown for the Tag Team Titles and Main Event: Lord Humongous vs Big Buster Johnson for the Arkansas Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Title. There is a Halloween kid costume contest!!

----I have talked to 3 or 4 workers in the last few days and they have said this about the “Mohawk incident” – IT IS NOT A FUCKIN WORK!!! There were a few things that have happened due to Simon’s actions. He is taking a few weeks off at TLCW, so the heat will cool down. He did not get fired or anything. Look for the Posse to be back.

10.26.06 JIFF Ministry Headquarters Memphis, Tennessee Results

----Chris Lexx defeated Kaut!on; Hardknox Hooligan w/ Jimmy Starr defeated "The Magnificiant" Reno Diamond. "Main Event" Steven Rampage/A.C. Havoc defeated "Playboy" Jason D/TANK w/ Passion;"Ameri[photo to the right]can Sensation" Weasel vs "Big CA" Carnage Antoine went to a double count out and Main Event: "Magnificiant" Reno Diamond/ Kaut!on defeated Hardknox Hooligan/Chris Lexx.

----There were about 80 people there and a gate of only $160, since it was $2 a head…I was told the crowd was loud and real hot for every match. ...Passion was Tank’s wife.

RassleTalk “Black Label Society – Chapter2 : Word Association” with “Axeman” Randall Lewis

RassleTalk “Black Label Society – Chapter2 : Word Association” with “Axeman” Randall Lewis

This segment is composed of bits & pieces of an interview with AJ Bradley & Void, also known as Black Label Society. The interview date was Saturday, June 24, 2006, at the XOW Building in New Albany, MS.

The comments and opinions expressed herein are those of Black Label Society (Void & AJ) only, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of myself or anyone else.


OK, let’s play some word association, you guys have been wanting to do this since we started, so now’s your chance.

Void: Yes sir, let’s do it!

We’ll start with Rodney Grimes.

Void [photo to the right]: Well, I would like to ask Rodney Grimes who the hell he… you know, he and I had a little bit of… oh God, he sucks, I can’t even think straight thinking about this guy. I wouldn’t know him if he stood right in front of me, I really wouldn’t. But he gets on a message board, run by a guy in Nashville named Trent Van Drisse or something like that, who is an openly critical guy, he takes the good with the bad and does his thing, right… Well, Rodney Grimes decides to get on this board, where people know who I am, and know who I like and who I will take up for, and he decides to start telling stories about Tommy Rich, road stories about Tommy Rich, and all the people that he’s done this for and done that for, and I’m pretty sure that Tommy Rich wouldn’t really care for Rodney freakin’ Grimes to be telling. It’s not like… it’s just things that you don’t tell. And then I asked him… the only thing I asked him, that little midget moron bastard, I asked him, do you really think Tommy Rich would really want you getting on a public message board and talking about him, private matters such as this… and then he starts asking me who the hell I am. Then I calmly tell the little bastard, go ask Doug Gilbert just who I am, go ask Picture Perfect, Tracy Smothers… Tracy Smothers, I’ll love that guy ‘til the day I die, I would do anything in the world for Tracy Smothers, Tracy used to ask to come in to put me over, and if that does not swell your head up… anyway, I said go ask Tracy Smothers who I am. Ask your little Tag Team Champions Picture Perfect. Go ask Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas, who we borrowed our first gimmick from, The Unnaturals, go ask the people that you pay money to work for you, ask them who the hell I am, then you can report back to me. And I haven’t heard anything from him since. As far as I am concerned, he sucks. I would not work for him, and I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna break his heart.

AJ: I think I worked one time for Rodney Grimes. At least I think it was Rodney, it was a long time ago. I got a call from Marcus O’Neil, he needed a tag team partner to work Reno Diamond & OZ. Apparently his partner at the time, Chris Lexx, could not make it. Anyway, he called me up, and I did not have anything to do that night, so I went up there, we had the opening match, and outside of the people with name recognition, it was probably one of the best matches of the night, based solely on guys going out there and working, not on what their name is, so after that match I didn’t get called back. I have not been contacted since then to work another one of his shows. If that was Rodney I worked for that night, it was in Selmer, Tennessee.

Void: If you know anything about us, we’ve gone to sleep clinics because we can’t sleep because freakin’ Rodney Grimes won’t book us. There’s a guy that I couldn’t care less if I ever run into him. He’s more than welcome to come up to me and slap the piss out of me and introduce himself any time he is ready.

How about Neil “The Real Deal” Taylor?

Void: Neil… I kind of relate to Neil, in a way. I have never had any problems with him; I like to base my opinions on what I’ve dealt with. Neil is disliked for a lot of the reasons I am disliked. I mean, you hear stories about people, and I waited until I met Neil to from my opinion. I don’t have one bad thing to say about Neil Taylor.

AJ: My earliest memory of Neil Taylor was working a six man tag against him in Booneville, I was set to do a cork screw plancha off the top rope, and he rolled the wrong way, and I landed on his leg and put him out of action for a month or so, it wasn’t intentional; prior to that I don’t even remember meeting him. He was cool about it, he knew what happened and everything; he didn’t blame me like a lot of people would try to do. I have nothing bad to say about him.

How about Storm?

Void: Oh man, I have got a lot of love for that guy. When we first came into XOW we were doing, if you remember, the doomsday Jesus gimmick, and Storm kinda added an idea, because Brody was telling us that Storm was gonna be the one to kinda lead us, or watch over us, and Storm put a lot of faith in us. I asked him, Storm, what do you want from us? What do you want from me, what do you want out of my character? Storm gave me a very very rough sketch, nothing real particular or specific, he put a lot of faith in me, in us. And he said, if you have any ideas, let’s hear ‘em. And Storm put a lot of faith in us. The stories you hear about me coming into a place… You hear good, you hear bad, you hear real bad… Storm took the leash off and let me run. I thanked him publicly one time about that, and he told me that he knew I wouldn’t be out there to do anything but make that part of the show look good. I really do have a lot of love for him because he helped me bring back a passion for this business that I didn’t have for a while. I would put him over any day of the week. I don’t give a rats ass WWE World Champion, I’d put him over.

AJ:Any time I worked with Storm or against Storm, it’s never been a bad experience at all.

How about Bonecrusher….

AJ: The entire time we worked in Booneville, about half way through our run there, I gave Bonecrusher three VCR tapes to watch. You know, (laughing) he kept them… that’s the first thing that came to mind, I was kinda irritated about that, I spent my money on them tapes. He had them a couple of months, and he never would give me tapes of my matches.

Void: But we like him, I’d hate to be on the receiving end of one of his right hands, God that guy has hands like ham hocks!

AJ: There ain’t no real heat, you know, we like him. And God he’s big! He’s a big guy for sure.

How about Justin Rhodes?

Void: [ [AJ, Void and Psycho to left]When I first got myself booked in Corinth, when I first started doing the Void gimmick, Justin and I sort of gravitated towards each other. I wanted a big tag team partner so I could go in there and take the heat or take the shine or whatever, and then tag the big guy in and kind of rest out there, you know what I’m saying? And there’s nothing wrong, you know, it’s just… the guy, I had him booked on so many shows, places like Columbia with Tracy Smothers, I was going over The Naturals, if you can believe this, I was going over on Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas, every freakin’ week that these guys were brought in, and they didn’t say a word about it, they were super cool, made me look great, made me look awesome, and I had this guy booked to come in to work, you know, show the promoter what you’ve got, it was a free ride and everything, and the sombitch no showed me I don’t know how many times. But I love him to death. He was the first guy I ever wet willied in the ring. I put my thumb in my mouth and stuck it right in his ear. And be sure you get this in the interview, be sure to tell him to quit missing leg drops off the ropes, that shit is insane, he shouldn’t be doing stuff like that, he’s gonna hurt somebody or himself, and the ring is gonna come down.

AJ: I haven’t been around Justin an awful lot. No bad experiences, I have nothing bad to say about him.

What do you think about SGWA?

Void: OK, I don’t know which button you hit to put the asterisks on there, it’s shift and one of the numbers, and you’re gonna need a lot of asterisks before this is done. SGWA… those people can eat shit and die. We didn’t get fucking paid for three months, maybe four months that we were there. The only way that we even got any gas money from Jackson Tennessee to Booneville, Mississippi was because we bought Dino Sundrops, because you couldn’t get ‘em in North Mississippi at the time. Dino filled up out tanks for Sundrop sodas. We didn’t get paid for three or four fucking months. I’ve said it, and I’m not blowing smoke up my current promoter’s ass, this is the only set of tag belts we have wanted to hold. We were forced to hold the first ones because they didn’t want to put ‘em on anybody else. We were cutting our teeth as a tag team so we said OK, we’ll see what that’s like. We didn’t get paid, and they would bring people in, and I’m not gonna mention their names, but you know damn good and well those fucking three people don’t come in for free for anybody. You know they got paid. And they had people they were going to give cash to come in because of people we know, James Storm, Chase Stevens, Andy Douglas, Cassidy Reilly, The Naturals were going to come in and work the Unnaturals. Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas, they’ll cut down their prices for friends, but this is a business, it’s how they make their living, they’re not going to come from Nashville or wherever to north Mississippi for free. They couldn’t pay their heel tag team champions, but they could pay these guys that damn sure ain’t going to come down here for free. The three people they brought in, I guarantee it took at least $100 to bring them in, you couldn’t give us $15 for gas? Couldn’t give us $5, couldn’t give us a damn thing? Every time we turned around there was something new to the set, something new to audio, something new to video, but you couldn’t pay us? They can kiss my ass.

OK, did you have any dealings with EWW when they existed?

Void: I was taken over there by the guy that has about twenty fucking gimmicks, Gary Woolridge, we were going over there to see the people they wanted to pluck from EWW. I didn’t care, if we’re fighting over the same base of people, why don’t we all just get together and put all that crowd into one building. Well, these ass holes, they decided they wanted to do that after these guys were gonna lose their building. I met a couple of guys from there, they were decent guys, met a couple of drunk pieces of shit who shouldn’t be in the business. That was my only experience with EWW, I really did not have much to do with them.

AJ: I hope I am not mistaken on this, I believe I worked for them one time. The only reason I even remember that is because I got to wrestle a guy who passed away a couple of years ago, Jason Lynn, I worked him in a tag match.

I think that might have been MCWA, that was before EWW.

----Make sure to hit the site again next Friday for RassleTalk “The Black Label Society – Chapter 3 : The Fire Incident”

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tidbits: Lord Humongous, RassleTube, NBW commercial, Sending stuff, Del McKie and RF Video

----It is not only me putting on current Memphis stuff on .Lord Humongous vs Lawler from the show is posted. They don’t call him Huey II here. The continuing storylines of Memphis wrestling. Ha!! Another Humungous clip vs Jake Roberts is here, but I don’t think that is the Memphis Wrestling Huey [Gary Nations].

----Speaking of, RassleTube did real well this week. It seems that everyone liked the “best of” stuff. The most watched segment was Lawler vs Savage and the least watched were the two Derrick King vs Tatt2 bouts. Both of those bouts were good also.

----Check out the NBW commercial they have been airing on SL 100 by clicking HERE. I thought it was pretty good. This only helps attendance in the long run. It is not an overnight success, so I hope the guys give it time.

----Promotions send stuff!! I have promotions that invite me to their shows and have some that will not even answer e-mails?? The world of kayfabe fandom. I even had a promotion ask why I did not cover their stuff?? If you want results and such on the page from your promotion, then it is good to make contact with me. Send me a lineup for the next show, town and such. I am also in the process of doing a map for every promotion we cover, because I get ask directions all the time.

----Saturday night I will be in Rector, AR, for the Del McKie benefit show. If you are in driving distance of Rector, AR, then it looks to be a good show and a very good cause. I will be covering the whole show along with hopefully nabbing a few workers for future DVD projects.

----I have e-mailed Rob Feinstein of RF Video about a current DVD project he is working on with Steve Corino. It is a “worst” matches DVD and have requested him use my Philly appearance. If he does use it, I will make sure everyone can order a copy. LOL

Shows For The Weekend 10.26 to 10.28.06


Shows For the Weekend

----Thursday TONIGHT!!! @
JIFF Ministry Headquarters, 254 Lauderdale, Memphis, Tennessee Admission $2.00 with Bell Time @ 7:15 PM Chris Lexx & “Hardknocks” Hooligan w/ Jimmy Starr vs “The Magnificent” Reno Diamond & “The Mysterious Enigma” Kaution;“Big CA” Carnage Antwanne vs “The American Sensation” Weasel;“The Main Event” Steven Rampage & A.C. Havok vs Tank & “Playboy” Jason D;“Hardknocks” Hooligan vs Reno Diamond ;Chris Lexx vs Kaution and more.

----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes The Hambones; Loose Cannon; Chris Hollywood; Big Daddy LaFonce; Derrick King, Flash Flanagan, “The Posse” [Simon Reed/’Lil Chris] and more.

----Friday night in Tupelo, MS for TFW has Tony Dabbs; “Pure Destruction” [Brody & Cody Hawk];The Gold Diggers; POPULAR [Shawn Reed and Ryan Williams Shawn Reed/Ryan Williams]with Anita Page; Tony Dabbs; Scott Porteau and more.

----Friday night in Corinth, MS for USWF has Keith Haynes Jr, Neil Taylor, Chris Nick Grymes, Rocker, Psycho, Dustin Starr, Leslie Jones and more.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights - Bell time 7:30 PM in Dyersburg, TN –“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Quicksilver;Jeremy Moore Sir MO; Craven Moorehead, "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards , Tank , Seth Knight, and more.

----Saturday night at Peppermint Pond in Dyersburg, TN will have Motley Cruz; Tasha Simone;187, AJ Bradley, “Southern Pride [Kilo/Citzen Kane], Jody Allen,”East Coast Bad Boys” [Sypro/Serpant], and more.

----Saturday night in Booneville, MS for
SGWA presents " Halloween Massacre" -"The Final Encounter" Prime Time Nick Grymes vs. Homeless Joe;"TV Title Open Invitational"
Buzz Harley(c) vs ???;"Hardcore Match" Chris Austin vs. Johnny Morton "SGWA Heavyweight Title Match" Izzy Rotten vs. Leatherface; "Massacre Match" --- Fans Bring The Weapons
Bonecrusher and SGWA Tag Champions The PHAT Foundation vs. Soultaker and 24/7 (Kross and JR Mauler); Plus -- CIA, Little Steve Davis, Johnny Thunder, and more

----Saturday night in New Albany, MS with XWO will have Storm; Scott Porteau; Hollywood Jimmy ; "Pure Destruction",Thomas Knox; "Asylum" [Psycho/Wraith], and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW – Christian Jacobs, Derrick King, Stan Lee, Alex Krisis; Flash Flanagan, Chris O’Neal; Jethro;Matt Boyce;Jon Michael ; Dustin Starr and more.

----Saturday Night in Batesville, MS with All Pro Wrestling at the Civic Center with JD McKay, Hollywood Jimmy, Psycho and I know Axeman is going to be there!! LOL . They are promising 11matches, but I actually have not seen one wrestler’s name mentioned.

----Saturday night in Rector, AR @ the National Guard Armory for the Del McKie benefit with Derrick King, Tony Gunn, Spellbinder, Kevin White, James Arnez, Rude, Christian Jacobs, “The Posse” and many more.

---- Saturday night Batesville, AR at the Old Miller Gym for Main Event Wrestling. Admission is free Crazy Luke Graham Jr. & Gerry "Chubby" Graham Casino Kid, Scott Fury, Austin Lane, Ray Ray, Tommy Lane, American Assassin, The Danger Zone ( Hotrod Ellison & Danger Dave Foxx) and many more.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Del McKie Benefit This Saturday Night!!

----An exciting night of wrestling to honor a local man who lost his wife earlier this year is set for Saturday, Oct. 28, at the Rector National Guard Armory. Del McKie, of Kennett, MO, lost his wife Danielle in late May due to child birth complications. The situation left McKie with the task of raising his five children by himself. However, friends of McKie who are involved with the Jared Foundation, a local non-profit organization, and Lethal Attitude Wrestling (LAW) will come together to help a friend in need.

"Del is a close personal friend of mine," said Kelly Warner, a co-founder of both the foundation and wrestling organizations. "Del is a big part of the success of my organizations and his loss was felt by all of his friends. We want to do our part to show him that we care."

----The wrestling event will feature a card mixed with local and regional wrestling stars. The show's main event will be for the LAW Wrestling Heavyweight Championship when Rector native Tony Gunn defends his title against Derrick King, a star from the WLMT-30 television series Memphis Wrestling. The Spellbinder, who is a former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star, will also be in action as well as Memphis Wrestling's Kevin White, The Posse, James Arnez, Rude, Christian Jacobs and many more.

"We're excited about our Oct. 28 card," said Warner. "This show will feature stars that are very familiar to wrestling fans in Rector. I promise everyone that this will be an event that nobody will ever forget."

----Proceeds from the event will go to McKie and his family. Bell time is scheduled for 8 p.m. at the Rector Armory. Doors are slated to open at 7 p.m. For more information on the event, contact Warner at 573-344-2929


Anthony Gregory Hertel is known in this area as “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony. Anthony is 25 years old and will be celebrating his 6th year as a professional wrestler in January. Anthony also took the task of being the booker for the new promotion in Dyersburg, TN – New Blood Wrestling. Good luck to him and HIGH FIVE!!!

I RESPECT YOU BOOKERMAN – “I don't think its why am I GOING to be a good booker, its why am I a Good booker. In every federation I've worked for I've been given creative control over my own angles. So in that sense, I've been a successful booker already. Now I don't just have 2 wrestlers and 1 angle to work with, I have 15 guys with as many angles I want. I watched so much wrestling and I watch 6-8 hours of new wrestling each week. Constantly analyzing everything I watch.”

LEGENDS ARE CALLED LEGENDS FOR A REASON “Bobby Eaton is the nicest guy in the business. I had read that urban Legend before I met Bobby in Mick Foley's book "Have a Nice Day" then I met him and then I read it again in Steve Austin's book "The Stone Cold Truth"...So 3 out of 3 ain't bad. Bobby Eaton, one of the best workers in the history of the business and he insisted on putting me over and looked at me and said "I'm going to listen to you out there." Bobby is the best experience I've had, a true pro!”

ONLY GOOD AS THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU “Obviously Bobby Eaton, being in the ring when the Midnight Express Music hits.. one word.. Unforgettable! Seth Knight, my brother in-law and I have beat the holy hell out each other. Never hold anything back. He'll do anything for the fans and I mean anything. Christian Jacobs is a guy I still feel, I had my best feud with. From start to finish, we had the people sold to the story. With every element we added.. with his best friend and his wife and my wife(then girlfriend). That angle shows storytelling is more important than any move you could ever do.”

DID YOUR MOM CUT YOUR HAIR?? “I think this is the stupidest bullshit, I've ever seen or heard of. I Told Tim that I he needed something to make him standout..(Not to get a personality, like was reported). So we decided on a Mohawk. Big fucking deal. Like The Posse invented the Mohawk in wrestling. The New Breed used in the mid 80s. I know Simon is crazy and hot headed but I'm not scared of him or his lackies, they only reason they did that shit was because they knew they could. If Alan Steele had a Mohawk, they wouldn't say anything, they'd probably make him an honorary member for god's sake. It was already worked out for Shannon Lee to be in Dyersburg Saturday night and when he found out what Simon in them did, he told Derrick that he wanted to work for us for awhile. Cause he doesn't want to be around that psycho!”

“As I was learning first hand, she was learning third hand. So sometimes it was hard to explain how things should go, or what should have happened because she two steps behind. Now after 6 years of watching me watch wrestling, talk wrestling and wrestle... I trust her opinion just as much as one of the guys I work with weekly. When she goes to shows, I ask her "How was my match?" "Was the show paced good?" "Where were the dead spots?". She has no aspirations of being "in the biz" buts its good in this business of liars to have one person tell you the truth."

Get My Point by Randy Cresswell

First off, before I get started, I would like to thank Brian for giving me a spot on the site to do the column. Since I am not doing to much wrestling anymore, but watch it on TV, why not write my thoughts. For those of you who don’t know me, I’ll give you some insight. I am 21 (turning 22 on November 1st) and have been watching wrestling since 1997 when my uncle invited me to watch Halloween Havoc 97. I was hooked. I also got to watch WWF here and there, but WCW hooked me. In 2000, I began doing work at The Main Event Wrestling store in Bartlett, Tn. Myself and another one of my friends started selling merch from his store at Memphis Championship Wrestling events while they were under WWF (wwe) Contract as a Development Territory. After meeting talent like Steve Bradley, Brian Kendrick (known then as Spanky), The Island Boys, and so on and so forth, I knew wrestling is what I wanted to be a part of. I began doing managing, but found out that announcing was something I was better at. During this time, I launched Pro Wrestling Network, which became very popular in the Midsouth Area. Now days, I just watch wrestling on TV because I just don’t have anything better else to do, definitely not because it is captivating television, but so much for the jibber jabber, on with my Point.

First off before I get to this weeks WWE, I would like to say that Bound for Glory this year, was much better than last year’s event. The card already said that it would be, other than the Kevin Nash Invitational and Zybsko/Young, but other than that, I think it was worth’s someone’s money to watch. Also, I must say, great attendance running against the World Series. I think TNA is on its way towards something if it can deliver on its Primetime slot on the 16th, it should be a good end of the year and good start to next year for TNA Wrestling.

RAW this past Monday was solid Cyber Sunday builder with only another week to build and sell it. Cyber Sunday itself will only be a building block for Survivor Series after it as both PPV’s are Inter-Promotional. First off, why devote time to “K-Fed” instead of the rest of your show? If your want to break down RAW into segments, he was in at least 4 of them: Opening Package, Live Open, Backstage Segment, and Cena/Nitro match. My Point? You pay your talent x amount of dollars and instead of investing your talent in meaningful ways you let them sit backstage and watch someone only known to most of the world as “Mr. Spears” take that time. Who do I think is missing off of RAW, Super Crazy. They brought him in with a good push and even a 6 way match for the Intercontinental Championship match, but after that, nothing. Still, the only thing sparking any interest in WWE for me right now is DX which once again proves reaching to the past can sometimes, and ONLY sometimes, bring up something that works. I think the make-shift feud between Edge and Orton against DX was also good to do as you had four of your top stars without anything legit to do. It also once again proves anything is possible this is one of the first times I have ever seen WWE actually remember angles from a few years back instead of forget they ever happened. Good Job guys *thumbs up*. Anyways, I think it’s a good way to keep them busy. What isn’t a good thing to do for RAW? Pretty much almost everything else you saw including what I call the worst feud idea right now and that’s the Champion of Champions match. First I think its fair to say its to soon to do it with Survivor Series being the PPV to something like that at, but then again, follow the Interactive PPV’s history and it shows they put what could potentially be the best matches on it to try and pop a buyrate. I also think it’s a bad idea due to who your champions are. Cena, Big Show, and Booker T…in one match against each other…not saying anymore on that. I will say though WWE has done a good job so far with Cyber Sunday/Taboo Tuesday PPV events and this should be good to.

I would comment on more, but time to move to last night’s ECW event on Sci Fi. Good opener for ECW with the main event being made as a Ladder Match between Big Show and RVD. This is a feud they could potentially take all the way to December to Dismember. The opening match between Punk and Striker was a very good wrestling match IMO when it comes to WWE style matches. It makes me beg the question as to why WWE is pushing Punk. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I mean it as this…they are pushing a good wrestler with his own gimmick he had in the Indies. It just surprises me that they are doing this, but hey, its all good in my book. My problem though with the push is that his push has been against opponents sometimes twice in a row, Credible and Dupree he fought two times a piece if I remember correctly. With the way they are pushing and I know this is a one hour show but its time they re-introduce the TV championship. They also need to get their tag teams in order and do something as well with that. Second match for ECW wasn’t the best in the world with Test and Holly and well, WAY TO LONG. The ending of the match was the wrong way to go also because it left open to more when obviously the fans, other than big spots, didn’t care for the match and it went long enough to be a blow off type match, instead we have more of Test Vs Holly to look forward to…damn. Maybe if they would have brought in the weapons, it would have been better, but no…it wasn’t “Extreme Rules”. What kind of **** is that, eh? Next up is Sandman promo…good for Sandman, ditch the girl. He was putting over why you should Vote Sandman and he approved his message. Also, quick note, when your going to choose who is going to look at live on TV, give the computer to the guy who likes the computer type and not Tazz. The Main Event was what it should of been, a Main Event match. It shows how much better Show has gotten since he has been given the ball to run with on ECW. The Show/RVD feud could pay off very well for WWE. All of the spots they pulled off was good and for WWE these days, this could of been a solid PPV match which begs the question if they can add to this if it becomes the ECW PPV Main Event. This week's ECW was very good, which is something they have been able for the past few weeks and it shows that if the right people have the writing say so (Heymen), it can hopefully get better.

Until then, I will see you next week with a full week of Wrestling Television...the good, bad, and ugly of it all. If you have any feedback, please email me at

Take Care

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tidbits: RanSting, CWA TV, DCWF gates. Mohawk incident and Kevin White

----I have another new feature debuting tomorrow – “Get My Point with Randy Cresswell”. This will be a weekly column from the infamous RanSting. He, unlike me, still watches WWE stuff and will comment on that and other stuff. I give him full control on the column and look forward to the debut tomorrow along with the new HIGH FIVE with “The Golden Boy”.

----This Saturday morning @10:30 AM on Charter Cable 22 in west TN and in north western TN Charter Cable Channel 60 will start airing Rodney Grimes’ group – CWA Championship. Congrats to the group as they have been very successful this year with house shows. It will be interesting to see if this will improve gates or not. If anyone reading this gets the CWA show, then please drop me a note. I would like to have a weekly reviewer and would also like to see the show.

----I am told by the DCWF offices that my Peppermint Pond gate was off a bit for Saturday night. They apparently had over 70 people in the building with over 50 paid. I am being told by other workers and fans that “those people over there at the pond are working you on their gates”, but I have to ask everybody why?? Why would you work a gate for a site that is seen by 95% of the workers?? If you are doing that good and some of the workers get to your show, then you draw 20 that night, then you are the only one that is going to look like a fool.

----Speaking of being worked, I have also been told that many feel the Mohawk incident is just a big angle that The Golden Boy/Simon Reed came up with to work this site? If they did to just work my site, then thanks guys --- my site really does mean something. LOL If it is an angle, it is a good one. If it is a shoot, then some of the people involved scare me and make me laugh. I’ll say this again --- if it is angle, then why push it like this?? It will only make you guys look like fools. We will just have to wait this one out. If the “Posse” shows up in a few weeks at NBW, then it was a work; right??

----I was told today that it looks that Memphis Wrestling is building for the Brickhouse Brown turn heel on Kevin White as I had mentioned in the Memphis report. That Kevin White must be one horrible guy – he always has his partner turn on him. LOL If you are not going to give him the babyface push he deserves, then why don’t you just turn White???

The Ratings are in!!

----The show dropped this week back to below average numbers with a 3.4 [57,262 viewers]. This is the lowest rated show since the 9.23.06 show.

----The first quarter ended with Tatt2/Derrick King getting in the ring for the rematch of last week’s bout. That quarter, unlike the last two weeks, was weak scoring only a 2.8 [46,609 viewers]. The next quarter jumped 14, 648 viewers with a 3.7 [61,257 viewers] rating. That quarter started with DK vs Tatt2 ending almost at the end of “Opening the Vault”. The third quarter finished up with Lance Russell talking and ended right after Jethro/Huey had won. That quarter dropped only 1,664 viewers scoring a 3.6 [59,593 viewers]. The show then bounced back to 3.7 [61,257 viewers] for Savage vs Lawler and Lawler on the phone.

----Not the same big numbers as the last two weeks, but I also consider it a positive rating show. It started a little low and then for the next three quarters stayed at the same level. That is saying that the people watching the show are enjoying it and are not turning it off. The show ended with 14,648 more viewers than when it started. That is good. The two guys that should be real happy are Tatt2/Derrick King – their two matches have been seen by a two week total of 137,662 viewers and they seen that first jump when their 2cnd bout was going to start. I think this means that people were interested in that match, because of build up from the week before; maybe?? I am just guessing here, but furthering storylines only makes the shows better. I was surprised to see them not further the Cowboys/PP storyline.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Tidbits: TLCW results, Dyersburg gates, Memphis TV backstage and Lawler??

----TLCW results from 10.21.06 in Ripley, TN – As usual, not all the complete results – Chris O’Neal had Flash Flanagan in the walls of Jericho - Rashard jumps in and then O’Neal puts Rashard in the walls followed by Flash gets DQed for using the TLCW belt on O’Neal…Big Steve puked in the ring for two weeks in row. Big Steve over Stan Lee…”Black Out Squad” [Oz/Bishop] over “Picture Perfect” V1[Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael]…Pokerface jumped Derrick King – babyfaces saved DK…Shannon Lee said he is going to NBW during an interview…“Posse” [Simon Reed/Lil Chris] beat Foxy Haynes/Dell Tucker in a “spray paint your opponent match”—3 corners was silly string – one corner had paint – they painted Foxy. I am not sure whose idea that was about the spray paint bout, but great fun idea.

----NBW, DCWF and TCLW battle continued this week, but from all my sources they are saying NBW had a larger crowd than anyone. I do not reveal my sources, as everyone knows, but a referee, two workers and a few fans called or wrote in to say that DCWF had less than 30 paid, TCLW had a $119 house and I do know for fact that NBW had 37 paid. Family and friends made up more, so there were probably about 150 fans to see all three shows this weekend. Not good, but NBW seems to be making a bit of dent.

----Memphis TV backstage was the team of Fire & Flame. I am being told they will start 11.04 at the tapings…Don’t look for the Cowboys to stay much longer…Neil Taylor got pissed because he came to the last two taping and they only used him for a run-in. I was told he left pissed and let Nate the Rat know where he was going to wrestle Saturday night – the Riverboat. Taylor is not expected back…The crew were told not to work the Riverboat…Kidd Kastle broke a rib in his match…Maclin signed a contract to extend the show to past December. The company and station are very happy with the time slot and ratings.

----Ok, last Friday night Lawler was at the Grizzles opening party and now a video clip of him shows up on Channel 3 News of him and a masterlock?? Why is he not showing up at the tapings?? Maclin is saying it is because his mother on the air and was overheard telling others that Lawler was in California??

RassleTube 10.23.06 Edition "Best of Memphis"

----Let me first say that if this is successful in getting tons of hits because I am doing the best of Memphis edition of RassleTube, then we will make this a bi-weekly piece. I think Tony Myers actually sells Memphis Wrestling with permission from Corey Maclin and company. I will let you know as soon as I can confirm that. This does not replace the show by any means, but it does help promote their talent. They also usually put it up for free anyway, but their webmaster stays behind. Hope you enjoy.

----Best of Memphis Wrestling 10.14.06 and 10.21.06 – Keith Eric opening; “Insane Clowns” [Bobo/Giggles] vs Kidd Kastle/Flash Flanagan; Derrick King vs Tatt2 [good match]; Nate the Rat rips up “Get Well” card – classic angle!!; “Picture Perfect” [Chris O’Neal/Christian Jacobs]/Mr. America vs Humongous II/“The Cowboys” [Billy Nasty/Ricky Murdoch] – PP gets hung after the match; “Opening the Vault” Jimmy Hart – Part 1; King vs Tatt2 rematch; Dustin Starr/Mr. America/Kidd Kastle vs “Too Cool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex]/Flash Flanagan; Humongous II/Jethro vs “Picture Perfect”; “Opening the Vault” Jimmy Hart – Part 2; Lawler vs Randy Savage and a phone call from Lawler finishes the show.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

10.21.06 SGWA Booneville, MS Results

----“Prime Time” Nick Grymes beat Homeless Joe after a running powerbomb; Soultaker beat Little Steve Davis after 2 Tombstone piledrivers; Dalton Storm beat Kilo Green after a sitout pumphandle slam; Johnny Thunder beat Tysin Starr after a Spinning Full Nelson Slam;JR Mauler beat Chris Fontaine after rolling up Chris and in the Main Event: Bonecrusher vs. Kross in a Strap On A Pole Match ended in no contest after Kross grabbed the strap, Bonecrusher took it back, and JR Mauler and Soultaker hit the ring, Chris Fontaine saved Bonecrusher with a metal bat.

----50 in the crowd with a $250 gate… Next weekend SGWA presents " Halloween Massacre" -"The Final Encounter" Prime Time Nick Grymes vs. Homeless Joe;"TV Title Open Invitational"Buzz Harley(c) vs ???;"Hardcore Match" Chris Austin vs. Johnny Morton "SGWA Heavyweight Title Match" Izzy Rotten vs. Leatherface; "Massacre Match" --- Fans Bring The WeaponsBonecrusher and SGWA Tag Champions The PHAT Foundation vs. Soultaker and 24/7 (Kross and JR Mauler); Plus -- CIA, Little Steve Davis, Johnny Thunder, and more

10.21.06 PCW Memphis Riverboat Memphis, TN Results

----Loose Cannon beat Masked Inferno; “Top Notch” [Tommy Gunn/Teco Murdoch] beat “Asylum” [James Arnez/Psycho[to the left]]; Chris Austin beat Chris Frazier; “Family of Pain” [Mickey Ray/Sarge O’Riley] beat Big Indian/Neil Taylor and in the Main Event “Juicy” Johnny Morton beat Jamie Jay.

----Crowd was about 70 people with a gate of $490, which the promotion only ended up with half of that…I was told the fans really enjoyed the show…Cannon wore a lifejacket to the ring and wrestled the whole match in it. LOL I love that!!...They had no visitors from Memphis Wrestling…Psycho beat the shit of Teco with a kendo stick after their match…And speaking of shit, let’s just say Morton had an accident during his bout. LOL

Seth Knight Defends Alfonzo!! More on the Mohawk incident!!

----Seth Knight is good friends with ‘Lil Tim Alfonzo and was really unhappy with what happened with him last night. I talked with Knight over yahoo messenger and he had lots to say about the situation.

“I don’t like that one sided BS you are posting on your site about the Posse and Tim. You think it’s funny that a person can’t have a Mohawk around here because it’s the Posse’s gimmick; you think they are the first people with a fucking Mohawk?? Posse doesn’t have a gimmick; a year ago the Posse gimmick was bell bottom pants and now its shorts and shoes. Now they got Mohawks from Shannon Moore in ECW and I don’t see him coming to shave their heads, or Seven coming after Simon for doing his finisher or Randy Orton jumping me for doing an RKO. Simon and the other 3 guys it took to hold Tim down are all fucking pricks!! You make it sound like Tim deserved it for stealing their gimmick. Simon and those 3 guys are real assholes from holding down a guy half their size; they should be in jail right now. TGB is fucking pissed beyond belief; it was his idea for Tim to have a Mohawk. I’m beyond pissed about those morons doing that to Tim, he’s one of my best friends. He’s not stealing the Posse’s gimmick because he wears tights and boots, and the Posse wears shoes and shorts and t shirts, he looks nothing like them. Simon is 27 years old and acted like a 15 year old.”

----More on the story that I was confused with, but Knight told me it was that Alfonzo was jumped by 4 guys?? It was the Posse along with “Drive By” and another guy. That really wasn’t fair to Alfonzo as he is a small guy. The bad thing is that Alfonzo was just doing what the booker said [TGB] and he got jumped. I feel bad for TGB/Alfonzo on that part. I was told that TGB was thinking of bringing in the Posse and have them team with Alfonzo, which would help get Alfonzo over. This turns out a bad situation overall when you look at it from Knight’s point of view. But, I am just the reporter here and the picture of someone running and cutting someone’s hair was just so absurd, that I could not do anything but laugh. If I would have been TGB, I would not have told him to do Mohawk, just for the fact that the Posse does wear Mohawks. That is in hindsight though. They don’t have the gimmick trademarked or anything; it is just what they are doing right now. As always there are two sides to every story, so I wanted to make sure everyone go to see Alfonzo’s side.

----The worker in me though while writing all of that last night was that this was just a big angle leading up to the Posse going to NBW to work. Shannon Lee left TLCW last night with doing an interview saying something to the effect that he was getting “new blood”. I was told it was a shoot, but why would DK let him say that?? I am also told by another worker that TLCW is going to try to work with NBW. Alfonzo’s Mohawk was not fully cut, but just left his hair looking bad in the back. If this is a work and not as a shoot as I reported, then the only people they are working are the boys and this site. Believe me that is not going to draw you any marks to your shows.

10.21.06 NBW Dyersburg, TN Results

----"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony beat Lil' Tim Alfonzo;TANK defeated Jumpin' Jack Flash in 3:20 in the Cash Flow Triple 5 Challenge [Tank defeats his opponent with a 5 count in under 5 minutes or the opponent gets $500];Shannon Lee defeated "Real Deal" Tim Edwards by DQ ;"Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore & Quicksilver[pic to right] defeated Sir Mo in a handicapped match [Mo wrestled a handicapped match because Alan Steele was unable to make the show]and "Dynamite" Seth Knight defeated "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony in a No Holds Barred Match. [Golden Boy was subbing for an injured Naughty by Nature Member Rude].

----Crowd was 37 paid with a gate close to $185…Kraven Moorehead, Chris Lexx, Alan Steele and Rude were all no shows…I was told the crowd was hot though and TGB vs Knight was the best bout of the night.

It Happened!!! Alfonzo jumped by "The Posse"

----It happened!!! This is for shoot folks and it makes it even funnier. ‘Lil Tim Alfonzo was walking out of a mini mart with Gaylon Ray/Rockin Randy, when “The Posse” [Simon Reed/’Lil Chris] jumped out of their car and jumped Alfonzo. I was told that Alfonzo was laughing at first, but that Reed/Chris jumped on him and started beating him up. Then, they proceeded to cut off his Mohawk!! Alfonzo had dyed his hair bleach blond with a colored Mohawk. Reed said, “I am not sure whether he was trying to steal my gimmick or Derrick’s.” I was told by some of the other guys that no one tried to help Alfonzo and he had the Mohawk fully shaved down his head. It was reported that he was crying after the attack.

----I am sorry, but I quit laughing at this crazy shit. Lesson to be learned – don’t steal gimmicks of crazy people. I had a few people ask why I reported it last night, but I did because I knew I would be reporting Alfonzo getting it cut off sometime today or late last night. Simon is just that crazy!! LOL Some more of the back story of this has Alfonzo actually walking in the beauty shop that Simon’s girlfriend works in, so how did Alfonzo think Simon would not find out?? And, I have not be able to have this confirmed or denied, but I was told that “The Golden Boy”, who is the booker for NBW, told Alfonzo “get a personality” and he knew ahead of time he was getting a Mohawk.

----I know some of you are thinking, why is the Mohawk such a big deal and hell I see Mohawks all the time?? Doesn’t Shannon Moore got a Mohawk?? Is Simon going to cut everyone else that has a Mohawk?? I think is so ridiculous that I can’t quit laughing. It is sort of “Jackass” [like the movie] and shows you the things that some people will do to protect their gimmick. There could even be some kind of assault charges filed, but I am not sure if Alfonzo would do it or not??

10.21.06 Memphis Wrestling TV Report

----Corey Maclin program intro has him saying “The Insane Clowns” are going to be on the show and they were not. Show starts right off with a match. “The Cowboys” [Ricky Murdoch/Bill Nasty] with Nate the Rat come out. Kevin White comes out to say that Brickhouse Brown is not here. Reggie B Fine comes out and says he will be White’s partner. White says he does not trust Fine and he would rather do the match by himself.

----Kevin White won by DQ over “Cowboys” when “Too Cool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] & Reggie B Fine jump in and were beating up White. BH Brown finally arrives with a chair to clear the ring. He apologizes to White and says it will never happen again. Nothing wrong with the match.

----Derrick King vs Tatt2 [pic to the right] clip from last week. Something I missed last week was that since King could not win the belt in 5 minutes, Jerry Calhoun gave the match and belt to Tatt2. King jumped Tatt2 and took the belt away hitting Tatt2 with it. DK comes out and Corey announces that Calhoun was suspended for two weeks, because of his decision to give the belt to Tatt2. King is still champ. Corey announces special ref – Chris Rocker. King was surprised because Rocker lost a “Loser Leave Town” match. Rocker pointed out his contract did not say he could not come back and be a ref. Rocker has been working here as Mr. America without any mention of it being him.

----JR Title Match – Tatt2 wins by DQ over King. This match was good, but not as good as last week’s match. Tatt2 was not as “on” as he was last week and looked sloppy in spots. They also used a few of the same spots, including Tatt2 getting a foot to the groin trying to do the bronco buster on King. The match ended after King superkicked Tatt2 and then King just punched Rocker for the DQ.

----“Opening the Vault” with Lance Russell was more on Jimmy Hart with pics of a lot of members of the “First Family”.Austin Idol, Dream Machine, Dutch Mantel and Jimmy Valiant were the first four to join the “First Family”. They showed Assassins, The A-Team, Midnight Express, The Moondogs and many more. Video of Moondogs, “Pretty Young Things” [Norvell Austin/Koko Ware] interview with Hart, Assassins vs “The Fabulous Ones” [Stan Lane/Steve Keirn] with Assassins unmasking [Don Bass/Dirty Rhodes] and Hart bringing out the “A-Team” [same team as the Assassins..LOL] aired. Jim Cornette feature next week.

----“Too Cool 2” [Flex/Grind]/Flash Flanagan beat Mr America/Kidd Kastle/Dustin Starr. They got the heat on America. Double down with hot tag to Kastle. Everyone got in the ring with Flanagan finally cutting off Kastle. Flanagan put Kastle in a tree of woe and then jumped from the top rope [in the same corner as Kastle] and did a double stomp to his head for a clean pin. Match was too short, but nothing wrong with it. At one point it looked as if Kastle had to take control for shoot on Flex, as they were not working well together.

----Jethro/Humongous II with Nate the Rat beat “Picture Perfect” [Jon Michael/Chris O’Neal]. Crowd was hot for PP. Corey actually called Michael “O’Neal” during one time. Crowd was chanting “Go Michael Go”, but he still calls him Christian Jacobs!!! Heat on Michael with hot tag to O’Neal. Finish had Huey cut off O’Neal and hit him with a chokeslam for the pin. This match felt real rushed also, but everyone looked good. Michael looked real good doing shine including Stinger splashes on Jethro. O’Neal did well on the hot tag.

----Classic Jerry Lawler vs Randy Savage aired next. I think this was from Louisville, KY, but not for sure. They entered the bout about 16 minutes into the bout and aired the last 5 minutes. Heat was on Lawler, but they did a few cool hope spots until Lawler finally made his comeback. One spot was Savage dumping Lawler to the concrete floor, and then Savage jumped off the ringpost to the floor. Lawler hit Savage in the stomach as he jumped down on him. Savage then took a backdrop on the concrete floor followed by cutting off Lawler again. After Lawler pulled down the strap, he laid in the punches to Savage. Great punches!!! Lawler gets ready to pin Savage, but Hart distracts the ref. Savage then piledrives Lawler behind the ref’s back, but a second ref [Paul Morton] comes out. Savage goes after him and Lawler rolls Savage up from behind. Great finish!!

----Lawler on the phone as if he is live. He even says that he and his mom just got done watching the Savage match. It was done real good. Nate comes out and says nothing is wrong with Lawler’s “mammy”. Nate promises he is going to Lawler’s “mammy’s” house this week and he will have a video next week.

FINAL NOTES: BH Brown also said in his interview that everyone says that he is going to turn on Kevin, but he is not going to turn on him. In wrestling speak – he is turning on Kevin. Well, maybe he is not --- I forget that this is Memphis….Crowd was super hot for King vs Tatt2. The marks love Tatt2. King was so funny when Rocker walked out…Almost all those old pics that they aired of the “First Family” was taken by Memphis photographer – Jim Cornette…The finisher that Flash used on Kastle looked awesome!! Flanagan is so far ahead as a worker than any of the guys in the ring with him. No offense to them, but Flash has the experience…Another good match for “Picture Perfect”, even though they did not win, it still made them look good…Not sure why they aired the Lawler vs Savage bout after airing a “Opening the Vault” segment. I guess just to remind everyone Lawler is still with the company. Great clips though. Those guys worked so good together…I can’t wait to see Nate’s trip to Mammy Lawler’s house!! LOL This could be real good and funny.

----This Memphis Wrestling TV report is also posted every week on,, and

10 Years Ago in Memphis Wrestling......

USWA: Well, wouldn’t you know it. The big angle on Memphis TV this week on October 19th was the return of Randy Hales, doing a Jim Ross disgruntled employee worked-shoot gimmick. Hales had supposedly quit the promotion five weeks earlier as General Manager, but clearly that wasn’t the case. Only Jerry Lawler and Dave Brown knew about the angle before the live TV show took place. Anyway, Hales came out in a ragged t-shirt and jeans. In a worked shoot promo, he claimed it was his lifelong dream to be in wrestling, and under his management, USWA had been the only wrestling promotion in the United States to turn a profit during the previous three years, and that they had the highest rated wrestling show on U.S. TV (both statements were true). He bemoaned how Jerry Jarrett had all the trappings of wealth, yet he made him rich and didn’t have the same degree of wealth. He said that ‘…if your name isn’t Jarrett or (Eddie) Marlin, they don’t care if you eat or not…’ He said that due to being poorly paid, he’d been evicted from his apartment, had his car repossessed, and that since he’d left the company, the TV had been horrible and the wrestling product terrible. Jerry Lawler and security carted him out. Later in the show, Hales turned on both Wolfie D and Brian Christopher, and it was established he was going to be a heel managing Jerry Lawler.

Speaking of Lawler, he continued to knock WCW on Memphis TV. He said that Schiavone had lied when he said last week’s Nitro had been the biggest attendance ever at the Memphis Coliseum. Lawler interviewed fans who attended the Nitro show and bashed WCW, with one saying that he’d had his ‘pro-Lawler’ signs confiscated, and another saying that security initially didn’t let him in with a crown. One fan said WCW stands for ‘We Can’t Wrestle’, and declared how disappointed he was that none of the top names wrestled on the show. Lawler ended by saying anyone who had a ticket stub from the Nitro show could attend the October 21st Flea Market show for free……. Psycho Sid Vicious made a cameo on the TV show, and put over Johnny Rotten, claiming he was his ‘younger brother’, and that he’d take care of his USWA business whilst Vicious was busy in the WWF.

----I stole this from