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RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 11.04.06

----‘Lil Tim Alfonzo beat “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony; Tank beat Rod Dent III in Cashflow's Triple 5 Challenge; Kilo beat Shannon Lee with a frogsplash; “All That’s’ Violent” [Alan Steele/Sir Mo] beat Jeremy Moore/AJ Ray and in the Main Event: Seth Knight [photo to the right] became the first NBW Champion by beating “Superman” Jason Reed.

----I have written this was going to be an up hill battle, but with DCWF closed, this group had a record crowd of 61 paid and over 80 people in the building with an over $300 gate…TGB promised the crowd that if he didn’t beat Alfonzo next week, he would wear a dress until he beats someone…Good to see Dent on the show. Did I ever tell you that I am the one that came up with that gimmick name??...Kilo was working with DCWF and is a good worker…Knight won the belt after 2 ref bumps and a final third ref was in the ring. After his version of the RKO, all three refs counted Reed out with Knight winning the belt.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 11.04.06

----Corey Maclin is joined by Jimmy Hart to co-host. They go to commercial and then come back with Maclin/Jimmy Hart/Jerry Lawler. They announce the death of Sputnik Monroe. Lawler reads a letter from Jerry Jarrett. Jimmy Hart tells how he had talked to Hulk Hogan and Hogan had told a story about Monroe talking to him about psychology. Lawler also read a letter from Billy Wicks, who was the main babyface vs the heel Monroe. Maclin read a letter next from Dave Brown. Lance Russell was also on the phone talking about Monroe. A video aired of photos of Monroe to “My Way”. 1st Class treatment for a Memphis legend.

----Clips of last week’s show of King/Rocker match with JR Title being held up. Derrick King comes out. JR title Match: King pins Rocker to regain the belt. They worked headlock spots for the first few minutes and then King started heat with a back suplex. Good short match. Finish had Reggie B Fine come out acting as if he was working on the ring, ref turned away and King hit Rocker with a foreign object for the pin and win. Camera was on ref and Fine, so it missed the finish.

----“Opening the Vault” with Lance Russell featuring Austin Idol this week. Idol vs Lawler – Hair vs Hair Cage Match. One of the greatest angles that Memphis ever booked. Tommy Rich under the ring comes out after a ref bump and Lawler gets his hair shaved. Clips of Idol video and interviews also aired.

----Jethro/”Insane Clowns”[Giggles/Bobo]/Fire/Flame beat “Picture Perfect” [Jon Michael/Chris O’Neal]/Eric Hayes/Matt Foley/Tatt2 in a 10 man tag match. This was rushed, but was fun. Fire/Flame looked better in their debut than “The Cowboys” did during their whole stint. Crowd was hot for this match!! Giggles used cotton candy on Tatt2 during the heat. That was funny. Hot tag to Hayes, but everyone got in the ring and ended with Jethro powerbombing Hayes. Fine comes out looking around and asks Hart, “Have you seen my billfold?? It had my food stamp card in it!!”

----Harold Ford JR interview with Maclin/Hart/Lawler at a political rally. Ford is running for US Senate. This is the kind of thing that you only see on Memphis Wrestling. LOL Not a bad piece and Maclin made me crack up at the end by saying, “I am Corey Maclin and I approve of this message.”

----“Too Cool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex]/Flash Flanagan/Jethro come out. Jethro says “Vote for Bob Corker” [Harold Ford JR’s opponent] during his interview and even says, “Who cares about Sputnik Monroe.” Jethro says that Nate the Rat had a heart attack and is not there this week. Flash even got to talk!! Lawler/Kevin White/Dustin Starr/Grady Watson come out.

----Lawler/White/Starr beat by DQ Grind/Flex/Flash when Fine jumps in and attacks Lawler. Another short match, but the crowd was so into it. Flash/Lawler did a few spots which lead to Lawler even pulling down his strap in the middle of the match. Not much heat, but it was on White. Hot tag to Lawler. Everyone in the ring as Fine jumped in for the DQ. Starr was never tagged into the bout. Lawler challenged them to a rematch for next week.

RassleNotes: Nice piece on Monroe. WWE needs to take lesson from them…Rocker vs King need about 30 minutes on TV. I know it will never happen, but they do work good vs each other…Austin Idol was never a great worker, but I was a big mark for him in the day. Tons of charisma!!!...Hart was putting over Fire/Flame and talking about how they looked like the old Assassins/Interns. The ironic thing is – they do look like them!! Same round bodies as Don Bass/Dirty Rhodes and they worked hard…Does anyone remember that Ford was part of a wrestling angle a few years back?? Click here to read about it...Thanks to the powers in charge for getting rid of the “The Cowboys”!!!...Hart was very critical of Grady Watson – on how he was dressed and how he got into wrestling. Hart said how it was easy to get into wrestling now - just come out of the crowd and be part of wrestling. It was obvious that Hart does not like Watson. He was even yelling at him about getting in to help the babys after Fine jumped in during the last bout…Speaking of Fine, he made three appearances and all three times he was wearing a different jersey. I have no idea what the significance of that was, but Maclin was making a big deal out of it…Brickhouse Brown was not there and since they taped two shows, half of the Southern Tag Team champions will be on next week’s show either…Another good show. As usual it felt rushed, but none of the wrestling looked bad. They left you wondering about where Nate the Rat was and have a rematch scheduled for next week.

----This Memphis Wrestling TV report is also posted every week on,, and

RassleResults: NWA Mid-South Humboldt, TN 11.03.06

----Christian Jacobs [photo to the right] over Ramsey Cahill; Jon Michael beat Gaylon Ray; Pat McGuinness beat Jazz & Bobby Joe in a Triple Threat; Chris O’Neal over Eric Hayes; Seth Knight over Blaze and Main Event: Battle Royal: Christian Jacobs was the winner.

----There were around 30 in the crowd with a $150 gate…Main event had the winner to advance with bye to the Final Four of the Inter-Promotion Championship Title…Billy Nasty jumped in during the main event and eliminated both Michael/O’Neal with his cowbell. He was not even in the battle royal.

RassleResults: USWF Corinth, MS 11.03.06

----Johnny Reno beat "Outlaw" JD McKay;Johnny Maness vs. Ripper Graham ended in No Contest when Alex Krisis debuted and attacking both men;Izzy Rotten/JR Mauler beat Bonecrusher/ Buzz Harley - After the match Buzz Harley [pic to right] turned on Bonecrusher; Danny Morris vs. Dalton Storm vs. Little Steve Davis ended in No Contest when Alex Krisis came back out and beat down all the men;Cassanova Kidd beat Psycho and Main Event: Neil Taylor/Chris Rocker/Keith Haynes Sr. beat USWF Champion Dustin Starr/”Prime Time” Nick Grymes/Alcy-holic after Neil gave Dustin a piledriver.

----Crowd was about 30 with a gate of $150… Local County School Kossuth is in the state playoffs so a lot of people went to their game since it was home…Next week Taylor vs Starr for the USWF Title and Boncrusher vs Buzz Harley.

Memphis Wrestling Spoilers For Next Two Weeks...

----Not sure on what shows these matches are on, but here is a list of matches that you will see in the next 2 weeks of Memphis Wrestling and more from the TV Tapings today.

----“Picture Perfect” [Chris O’Neal/Jon Michael]/Tatt2 vs Fire/Flame/Jethro; “Picture Perfect”/Eric Hayes/Matt Foley/Tatt2 vs Jethro/Fire/Flame/Insane Clowns; Derrick King vs Rocker;Lawler/Dustin Starr/Kevin White vs Flash Flanagan/Too Cool 2 and more.

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RassleTalk with “The Black Label Society – Chapter 3 : The Fire Incident” with “Axeman” Randall Lewis

RassleTalk with “The Black Label Society – Chapter 3 : The Fire Incident” with “Axeman” Randall Lewis

This segment is composed of bits & pieces of an interview with AJ Bradley & Void, also known as Black Label Society. The interview date was Saturday, June 24, 2006, at the XOW Building in New Albany, MS.

The comments and opinions expressed herein are those of Black Label Society (Void & AJ) only, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of myself or anyone else.


How about XOW?

Void: Like I said, that was the first tag belts we really wanted to hold. We went through a lot of bad months, SGWA, we had a couple of bad incidents besides the one I know we are going to talk about later on. This is the place that kind of brought us new life. You know, Brody & Cody, you hear horror stories about those guys and then you meet them, and they’re really great guys; and we got to meet and work with Storm, Wraith, & Psycho, and a lot of different people. I’m really happy in XOW. This is the first place that’s really like Columbia. This is the first place I’ve really wanted to work since CWA in Columbia. Because like I said before, Brody & Cody know that I am passionate and that I am going to do my very best to put on a good show. This is where we want to work. This is the only show either of us is committed to. But we are taking bids, I will put over Tracy Brooks for free.

TFW, formerly known as MUWA….

Void: That was a hell of a lot of fun. When we first started there we were taking out little feud with Crucial Impact, DC & Josh, to different towns. It was a lot of fun. It was a real good place to work. And the money, we had just come from working in a place where if they said they would pay you this amount, they paid you this amount. If they said you are gonna work these guys, we worked these guys. We just got to the point that it didn’t matter who we worked, we were gonna not make them look like crap, we could work with anybody. So, Tony & them at MUWA said we can put them in there with anybody, it really doesn’t matter, which was a real building point for us, the fact that they had faith enough in us that they could put us in there with anybody, and we would go in there and work and give ‘em what we’ve got. And the stuff we did with DC & Josh, I’ve heard it said from more than one source that those were some of the best indy tag matches they’ve seen, because we all had a point we wanted to make, me, AJ, DC, & Josh. WE all got in there, and that 14 year old kid, I don’t give a rat’s ass what anybody says about his age, he can work better back then than a lot of people I have been around who say they’ve been in the business 15 or 20 years and absolutely suck. They need to come in here and watch that kid work, and DC, too. DC just might have saved my life one night. I was allergic to something in the SGWA locker room and I was going to work him that night for the first time, and I can’t breathe, I don’t know to this day what it was that I was allergic to. I was wheezing, I could feel my muscles beginning to tingle because of lack of oxygen. And I’m over there telling him and he says we’ll work with it, we’ll do what we can. I remember getting to the ring and I had nothing, and he took care of my ass, and I got OK toward the end of the match. I finally started breathing again. As soon as I got into the back same thing, I couldn’t breathe. He took care of me again. Anyway, back to MUWA, that’s where we learned to be heels for the first time in real life… well, AJ was guilty by association, but I became the a** hole that everybody knows me as today.

AJ: That’s probably the top feud we had as a team, working DC & Josh.

Void: Poor DC, I’ve thrown him on his head so many times trying to do a certain suplex, it’s because I’m so short and he’s so damn tall, and he folds up, and I’m like, crap, man are you OK, are you OK, and he’s yeah man, come on, come on, he’s got that high pitched voice… and if he wanted to run you, DC could run you all over the damn ring. You couldn’t catch him.

AJ: I remember one night, one of the referees did not know exactly what the finish of the match was, and I ended up taking about four of Josh’s RKOs right in a row. Just one right after the other four of them. We kept having to do it again, and we kept telling the ref, count, count. And he would not do it, so I had to take all those RKOs.

Void: Josh got to learn how to adapt to crappy situations at a very early age. One of these days he is really gonna do something.

OK, let’s talk about the incident in Booneville, the night that Josh got hurt. I wasn’t there, but it was you guys in the ring with Crucial Impact, correct?

Void: Yep. How much tape do you have left? A whole side, I hope.

I have half a side left.

Void: OK, that’ll have to do.

OK… What happened?

Void: OK… The match is set up for Josh Blaylock to look super fucking human. That was my whole point in the feud, for Josh to look like you couldn’t kill him. You could beat the hell out of him, you could pin him, but you could not stop that guy from coming. That’s all there was to it, that’s what we wanted to do. We took that feud to two different towns, that’s what we wanted to do. And that kid trusted me. What happened was my damn fault. I take full responsibility for it. AJ Bradley and I, riding down from Jackson. We stopped specifically because I have used fire before, with Robbie Ruffin in CWA, as a matter of fact. We stopped to pick up Dino’s Sundrop and some lighter fluid. Later, Gary Woolridge decides to tell me, no man, you gotta use rubbing alcohol. I looked at him and said dude, I’ve worked one fire stunt before, you should use lighter fluid. He said no man, and he starts running off at the mouth about how it will, pow, make this big gold kind of flame and then go out.

So, it was Woolridge who told you to use alcohol?

Void: No, he suggested it, because Woolridge ain’t gonna tell me shit. He didn’t tell me to do a damn thing. The reason it is my fault is because I allowed it to happen. I allowed it to happen. I take full responsibility for that. When I picked that kid up, and I put him through that fucking table, I remember I looked down, and I can still shut my eyes and I can still see him and hear him scream. I’m looking down on him, and it just felt like it took me so long to get to him, and I hear that high pitched scream, and I remember jumping on him, telling him to roll, roll, roll…. Then his dad comes up and hits us with the fire extinguisher, and I’m like, oh my God, oh my God! I can’t fathom, I start blanking, remembering bits and pieces, and I’m like shut the show off, shut it off, I’ve got to go to the back and see about him… and we were doing this finish, we had set up for it, I’m on a table and DC is going to jump off that balcony onto me, and I’m sitting there watching him climb up there and I said please, God, let him put me the fuck out, I don’t want to be conscious any more. I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to wrestle again, I don’t want to be living, I wanted DC to put my ass out, just knock me out. It didn’t happen. I remember we did the finish, and after Josh got burned it must have taken three or four more minutes, we rushed it, but it seemed like it took 30 minutes. I remember I took the pin, and stumbled to the back, you know, and everyone is telling me, don’t go back there. And all of a sudden, Chris Styles, Koolaid, said, “Boy, get your fucking ass out of here right now!” And I said you think I did that on purpose? Are you a fucking idiot? And Josh is over there cussing everyone and telling everybody, “Look, man, y’all leave him alone!” Josh is threatening to call the cops on everybody if they didn’t settle their asses down. So, here comes Wayne & Koolaid, and AJ gets between me and everyone else, everybody is coming at me, and I’m trying to grab arms, I’m fixing to snap somebody’s damn arm. I don’t give a damn about what everybody else thought, Bill Dundee, Gary Woolridge, Bonecrusher, or anybody else that was there, I didn’t give a shit about what they thought. I wanted to get to Josh. I did not care what they thought. Then, after they got us separated, and took Josh, I looked at AJ and I sat down, and I said this is a pile of shit, I quit. I quit. That kid trusted me, so for two weeks they said how did you get him in a hardcore match? So what that meant was that boy trusted me, and I fucking let him down. And it took me months before I could even talk someone talking about it, smiling about it, making jokes about it, Josh jokes about it more than anybody else, and to this day I can shut my eyes, and I can see him rolling, and when that fire came up around him, I see his body going up in flames, and I feel the fucking heat, from jumping on him, and I’m hoping like hell that something could happen to where I could be in some sort of pain, I felt so guilty about what I had inflicted on Josh. We went to the hospital, and, I could be mistaken, but I think the first people Josh asked to see were us. And I remember, we walked in, and they opened the door, and I saw him laying there, on his stomach, face down. And his back is blood red, burnt up, the skin is off his back, and I’m looking at him, and I couldn’t breathe, my heart just shot down into my stomach, and I started crying again. Make no mistake about it, I cried for two or three months, and AJ did too, we cried, the whole ride home. I called my wife and told her I can’t do this, I can’t do it any more. Any way, what I was getting to, I walk in to the room, and I saw him laying there, and for lack of a better term, his back looked like a damn steak, like a piece of raw meat, and I remember standing at the door, and Denise pulled me in, and I’m shaking, and I’m thinking, oh my God, no, and I didn’t know what to do or say, I mean who prepares for a situation like that? Everybody came to us and said it was an accident, they were real supportive, Tony and DC and Denise was the first person who came to me, and she said, “Baby, I know you didn’t do that on purpose, I know it wasn’t on purpose, everything’s gonna cool down and everyone’s gonna have cooler heads about this. And Josh calls me over, and he says, Void.” I mean, the kid’s on morphine, he’s 14 years old and weighs about 85 pounds, and the kid is on morphine, and he has third degree burns on his back, I don’t really know if he even knows what the hell he’s saying, so I go over there and said yeah, man, what is it? He says, “Cup check,” and hits me in the nuts. I mean, cup check, boom, he hits me in the balls. I remember the whole ride home, and we were working MUWA at the time, too, and that’s something else I have a fucking bone to pick with fucking Gary Woolridge about, I don’t think either of us said a word. I think we got a 12-pack, but there was no amount of alcohol, no drug that was going to change the way I felt. I looked at AJ, and Anita was riding with us, she was still training, and I remember saying I could have fuckin’ killed him. He trusted me and I could have killed him. We made national news and this and that, a lot of Athletic Commission crap happened, all my fault. And I’m not blaming anybody. I am blaming me. Gary Woolridge couldn’t whip my ass to begin with, and he wasn’t gonna whip my ass enough to make me use rubbing alcohol. It was my decision. I don’t want to say what the lesson I learned is, because that kind of demeans the situation that happened. There is nothing I will ever be able to do relieve any of the pain I feel because of what I did to Josh. Now Josh calls himself The Human Torch. Josh has a My Space profile and a lot of times he calls himself “Toast.” He can laugh about it, and I should be able to, but I can’t. I won’t be able to laugh about it, I can’t joke about it, I hurt. And I’m not saying he shouldn’t joke about it around me, it happened to him, but I hope nobody expects me to laugh or joke about it, because I can’t. I wish there was something I could do for Josh, I wish there was some way I could make up for it. I don’t give a shit about anybody understanding how I feel, except for Josh. It hurts me every day. I will always see him in that fire. I will always hear that scream. If there’s one thing that ever fucked me up in my life, it was that. Even though it doesn’t bother him any more, and it didn’t bother him in the first place, I will never get over it.

Would you ever be involved in another fire stunt?

Void: Yeah, But I’d take it. I will never give it. I’ll take it. Because if it’s gonna happen, if there is going to ever be an accident, it will happen to me. I remember I told Josh, this was before the match, I told Josh that if he did not want to use fire, let’s not use it. If you want me to go through the table, I’ll do it. This was right before the match. He said, “No, man. I want to do it!” I fucked it up. It was right after that that we stopped getting paid at SGWA. The only reason we ever went back is because I was told that there was going to be a way I was going to get to put Josh over, somehow. I wouldn’t have gone back to that damn place otherwise, are you kidding me? The next week when we come back, if there is a tape of that week’s show, you look at the look on our faces when they put the belts back on us by default, because we took the pin. Nathan Lee, acting as Commissioner or whatever the hell he was, he put the belts back on us. We were long-faced, we did not even want to be there, at that time we were done. We did not care anymore. Nothing good is going on. The only reason we even came back was I was hoping there would be a way I could put Josh over, that I would lose a loser leave town match against Josh or something. That’s the only reason.

Memphis Loses A Legend..............

----I was informed just a few moments ago that Sputnik Monroe died earlier this morning. Monroe was a legend in this area, but was before my time. I had the privilege of meeting him only once and he was very nice and cordial. Click the link below and read an excellent story by Steven Johnson and Greg Oliver for SLAM! Sports.

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Shows for the Weekend 11.03 to 11.05.06

ATTENTION: If you are a promoter, please send me the address of the wrestling building. I will then be able to Google map your show, just like I have done to a few of the shows below. I have fans that write this site wanting to know directions to different buildings every week. If I get a street address, then may apply it to Google Maps.


Shows for the Weekend

----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes The Hambones, Loose Cannon, Chris Hollywood, Big Daddy LaFonce, Derrick King, Flash Flanagan, “The Posse” [Simon Reed/’Lil Chris] and more.

----Friday night in Tupelo, MS for TFW has Tony Dabbs, “Pure Destruction” [Brody & Cody Hawk],The Gold Diggers, POPULAR [Shawn Reed/Ryan Williams]with Anita Page, Tony Dabbs, Scott Porteau and more.

----Friday night in
Corinth, MS for USWF has Keith Haynes Jr, Neil Taylor, Chris Rocker, Nick Grymes, Rocker, Psycho, Dustin Starr, Leslie Jones and more.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 7:30 PM in Dyersburg, TN –“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Quicksilver,Jeremy Moore Sir MO, Craven Moorehead, "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards , Tank , Seth Knight vs Jason Reed to crown the first NBW Champion and more.

----Saturday night in Selmer, TN for Rodney Grimes’ CWA TV tapings @ the Jaycee’s Building 8:00 PM with “The Posse” [Simon Reed/’Lil Chris] “Family of Pain” [Sarge O’Riley/Mickey Ray], Reno Diamond, “Hollywood” Jimmy, Doink The Clown, Mr Wrestling 3, Neil Taylor, Dutch Mantel’s “Big Special Guest” vs Don Bass.

----Saturday night in Booneville, MS for SGWA with “Prime Time” Nick Grymes, Buzz Harly, Izzy Rotten, Homeless Joe, Soultaker, “24/7” [Kross/JR Mauler], “Phat Foundation” and more.

----Saturday night in New Albany, MS 107 McGill ST [right off the square] with XWO will have Storm, Scott Porteau, "Pure Destruction"[Brody & Cody Hawk],Thomas Knox, "Asylum" [Psycho/Wraith],Danny B, “The Riot Squad” [Mark & Robert Justice] and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW – Christian Jacobs, Derrick King, Stan Lee, Alex Krisis, Flash Flanagan, Chris O’Neal, Jon Michael , Dustin Starr, Oz, Bishop, Big Steve, Pokerface and more.

----Saturday night on the Memphis Riverboat for PCW on Saturday night with Loose Cannon -vs- Neil Taylor; Big Indian Coyota -vs- “Hellraiser” Buster Johnson; ”Top Notch” [Teco Murdoch/Tommy Gunn] -vs- Deadley Dale/Idol Bane; "Iceman"Chris Austin -vs- James Arnez and Jamie Jay -vs- “Juicy” Johnny Morton.

----Saturday night in Jackson, TN at the West Middle School for TWIF. Belltime is 7:30 PM Admission: $6.00 with PK Ripper, Albino Rhino, Wildside, Maxx Corbin, Steven Rampage, Weasel, Carnage Antwone, Kaut!on, Ravishing Randy and many more.

---- Saturday night Batesville, AR at the Old Miller Gym for Main Event Wrestling. Admission is free Crazy Luke Graham Jr. & Gerry "Chubby" Graham Casino Kid, Scott Fury, Austin Lane, Ray Ray, Tommy Lane, The Danger Zone ( Hotrod Ellison & Danger Dave Foxx) and many more.

----Sunday afternoon in Memphis, TN on Beale Street at 3:00 PM for “Wrestling at the Daisy: Brawl on Beale Street".with MAW Southern Championship Chris Lexx Vs Big Ace;Special Challenge Match Reno Diamond Vs The Crime; MAW Junior-Heavyweight Championship AJ Bradley Vs Gabriel Stalker; MAW Tag Team Championship Johnny Morton/"The Poison" Jason Skylyer Vs High Society and "New Blood" Dave Anthony Vs Precious.

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Nineteen year old Marc Edwards made his IWA-Mid South debut on 10.14.06. He is better known to fans in this area as Marcus O’Neal. IWA-Mid South easily is in the top 5 indy promotions in the United States right now. They have had stars from Chris Sabin to Chris Hero to Necro Butcher to tons of others. The promotion is owned and booked by ECW alumni Ian Rotten. Congrats to O’Neal for his chance to show other parts of the country the talent we have in this area. HIGH FIVE to you!!!

ID, WHO NEEDS AN ID???: “Haha, so funny story. I started training at a really young age. I was about 14 at the time. So, when I started going out and doing shows I would always tell promoters and bookers that I was 18 because I always looked older for my age. Basically I was 18 for four years until I actually turned 18. I recently just turned 19 this past September.”

JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE TRAINED FOR SOMETHING DOESN’T MEAN YOU’RE PREPARED FOR IT: “Well, I was originally trained by two very good workers here in the mid south - Reno Diamond [vs Marcus O'Neal pic to the left] and Blalok the Blazer. I owe most of my training to them, but like a lot of different workers I've worked with a lot of people who have helped me out a tremendous amount. People like Pokerface, Derrick King, and Motley Cruz all have helped shape me to become a somewhat decent wrestler. I say that I never stop training though. I can always learn more from a lot of different people. At my age if I think that I know everything then I should definitely be doing something else.”

IWA THE EXPERIENCE: "IWA Mid South was a really fun experience my first time there. I worked Billy Roc and Scott Murray in a 3 way to open the show which was pretty decent. The fans there are sort of weird. I got a pretty good reaction after the bout also. I heard from a bunch of people that the fans there either think that the debutees either have a really awful performance or a really good one. So I guess I had a pretty outing.The locker room was REALLY chill, too. It was awesome being around people that I admire in the business. People like the Iron Saints, Brandon Thomaselli, Josh Abercrombie, Drake Younger, Mad Man Pondo, Ian Rotten, etc. So yeah, it was pretty cool being back there with the guys."

INFLUENCED BY OTHERS: “That would have to be my family. They turned me onto wrestling when I was like two years old. I remember going to WrestleMania 8 in Indianapolis, IN with my family and from that point on I knew that I wanted to be a wrestler. Also, people who criticize me for my lack of size REALLY influence me to do better. I find it funny how some people who may not be as good as others in this business always find something to critique people about. For me, it seems to be my size. Just because I'm doing good things right now certain people want to find something to put you down. So yea, thanks to those people! You inspire me to do 10 times better every time I do my thing.”

I BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW THIS: “I am a HUGE closet dork for Disney movies. I can't count how many I have. My favorite is Aladdin. So, if you're a female and love Aladdin also then we're probably soul mates.”

RassleBits: Techincal diffculties, Ginzberg, Coughlin, TIWF, Weekend in Memphis and Knight DVD release

----I was having some technical difficulties last night. It seems it was not the site stuff, but only the Blog. At one point I got a call about something that was wrong, but could not correct it on this end. It has been corrected – I hope!! If anyone keeps having problems with not seeing all the stories in the Previous Posts section, then drop me an e-mail.

----A big thanks again to Evan Ginzberg, who had me on his “Evan Legends” internet radio show Monday night. I followed Johnny Valiant and JJ Dillion, so I had good company. We actually talked about wrestling fandom more than anything, which was fun. Some of you might find it interesting. You may listen to it by hitting this link. You must have RealPlayer installed, but if not you can install it at that site. Evan has a real kewl site called “Wrestling Then & Now” and also books talent such as Johnny Valiant, Nicole Bass and porn star Seka to just name a few.

----This article was posted by Mike Coughlin on yesterday. Loved it!! Take a look.

----TIWF sent in an e-mail to inform me that they are going to promote a weekly show every Saturday night in Jackson, TN starting in January. This group runs shows out of Brownsville, TN periodically, but doing a weekly show is a different animal. They will also try to continue to do the Brownsville shows and other shows along with the new Jackson weekly. They will be doing tapings for CBTV Channel 2. Is that a local access out of Jackson?? Although most of the guys try real hard for this group, they are low on talent. I know a group of free agents that would do good in Jackson – “Cruzin’ 4 Pain”.

----MAW returns Sunday afternoon to Memphis, TN on Beale Street at 3:00 PM with MAW Southern Championship Chris Lexx Vs Big Ace;Special Challenge Match Reno Diamond Vs The Crime; MAW Junior-Heavyweight Championship AJ Bradley Vs Gabriel Stalker; MAW Tag Team Championship Johnny Morton/"The Poison" Jason Skylyer Vs High Society and "New Blood" Dave Anthony Vs Precious. They are billing it as “Wrestling at the Daisy: Brawl on Beale Street". All local talent on a Sunday afternoon, it will be interesting to see what they draw.

----Memphis is hot this weekend as wrestling also returns to the Riverboat for PCW on Saturday night with Loose Cannon -vs- Neil Taylor; Big Indian Coyota -vs- Hellraiser; ”Top Notch” [Teco Murdoch/Tommy Gunn] -vs- Deadley Dale/Idol Bane; "Iceman"Chris Austin -vs- James Arnez and Jamie Jay -vs- “Juicy” Johnny Morton. I still don’t know how to spell Big Indian’s name. LOL I have seen Coyote, Quixote and now Coyota??? This group drew right at 70 for their first show. They are looking for more this time. Be worth the price of admission to see Loose Cannon in that damn Lifejacket!!!

----Seth Knight is going to be our first DVD release on 11.21.06 with a set of best of matches from various times in his career. I got to watch a Knight vs Tim Grind match from this year where Knight wins the TLCW belt. For shoot – [****] bout!! The marks were nuts!! Double juice and a fantastic finish. Great bout!! And, no I am not just saying that so you buy the DVD..LOL

Get My Point? by Randy Cresswell

Thanks for the feedback on last week’s column, I appreciate it and yes, I did purposely used the WWF logo, so sue me.

Lets start with this past Thursday’s TNA Impact. Solid opener for the show; recapped the PPV and moved right into a teasing feud with Sting the Champ and Christian Cage the challenger, which I think is a perfect feud in my book to start off with. My problem with the opener…Mike Tenay; I know more than likely he is getting fed some of those lines, but at the same time he has been doing this long enough to have some pull on what he says. When it’s OBVIOUS that Christian, by “Championship Terms” should be in his right to receive a rematch for the title he lost, you don’t turn around and say, “You have to earn it.” Last I checked, he did as champ and if TNA’s writers had any sense on this point, they wouldn’t have done the, by far, dumbest stipulation match known to man calls a “Fight for the Right” Reverse Battle Royal, but no, don’t listen to this kid right here, head over to Lance Storm’s site and read what he had to say about it. TNA continues to show they have something over WWE at this point…tag teams. My problem; the misuse of the tag teams they have shown when establishing your #1 Contenders. I think this is the second time they have had the Naturals title contenders, then turn around, and make them look like jobbers. I do not care if it’s for their angle with Shane Douglas, start establishing your contenders right or people just won’t care. Hey look, it’s Austin “Macho Man” Starr and more Kevin Nash stuff, what happened to that whole “helping the X-Division” thing, oh…never mind, Nash said it. The reverse battle royal was STUPID is conception, but at least it moved along a series of angles during so. Dumb way to do it, yes, but they did it anyways, so whatever. It should have been the second stage and third stages as the “Fight for the Right” tournament. Was the Jarrett promo overplayed and overdone…YES; this was an interview to give if your new champion was say just for example Jay Lethal. Lets face it, Sting has been World Champion a MANY of times, I think he would know what pressure would be like as champion. Jarrett made it seem like he was the end all, be all of TNA…which, I understand, was the point, but still. My Point for TNA Impact? Signs that they may actually be building towards a great program and once it hits two hours, it will be a real test. I would move on to Smackdown, but I won’t simply for the fact I didn’t watch it and probably won’t for awhile. RAW did what did what needed to be push the Cyber Sunday PPV. If you your going to have a PPV like this then you have to have RAW like this. I did get a chuckle out of the Vince slip about Booker’s title. Makes you wonder if he is just running Smackdown like WCW would have ran it or something…would explain a lot. Hell, just for fun I would put EB in charge of Smackdown, let him pull an ECW and make WCW. Just me, would be fun. I also think it is nice for the RAW Main Event to be voted for, but at the same time, let’s be honest, too easy of a vote…like the PPV itself in most cases. The rest of RAW suited as I thought it would be and it was nice for a change not to see DX goof commercial, they decided to use them in more of serious not OTHER THAN HHH making himself God…again. Let’s take out Edge, which if you’re going to make him a special referee and his only purpose was to be taken out and then run in later, then WHY make him a referee??? Then let HHH take out both of his and Shawn’s partners single handedly and walk away clean. Then he gets a promo afterwards to continue his point, point made there Trips. Everything else worked for me after this point, so no need in covering it. My Point for WWE this week? Better than normal, but WWE and normal never lasts. I watched ECW as well and it failed to be good other than Sabu and Kevin Thorn. Once again, want to leave feedback on my column or if you want to wish me a happy birthday (wink)

Take Care.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

RassleChronicle: 10.28.96

You must learn from your past mistakes, but not lean on your past successes.

----RassleChronicle debuts today as the site will recount the 
WCW/WWFMonday night wars.  
On Tuesdays, I will be featuring 10 Years Ago results
of Nitro/Raw during the war. You can watch RAW,
if you want, but then you can see what you missed
10 Years Ago -- CLICK HERE!!!

RassleResults: FINALE AT THE POND!! DCWF 10.28.06

----Dixie d. Jody Allen dq when Team X ran in; Gaylon Ray d. ???;
Mark Bravura d. Ron Rage by DQ when C4P ran in ;
”Southern Pride”[Kilo/Citizen Cane] d. “Team X” [Griffon X/Phoenix X]
when C4P and Jody Allen ran in; after all the run ins,
Rick Marx ordered a ten man elimination match
with the winner getting a title shot.
Order of Elimination:
Jody Allen pinned Dixie with and double leg trip and
both feet on the ropes.
Cane pinned Gryffon X with a Side Effect
Mark Bravura pinned Phoenix X with the Time Machine
Jody Allen pinned Mark Bravura with a running enzugiri
Motley Cruz pinned Cane with a 1%er
Kilo pinned Motley with a moonsault
Jody Allen pinned Kilo 
Gaylon Ray pinned 187 with a schoolboy.
Gaylon Ray pinned Allen with an F5
----Not sure who Gaylon Ray beat in the second
match…44 paid with a gate of $220…I want to
see the 10 Man Elimination match!! Someone send me it!!
I use to mark out on these watching Japanese tapes.
I always wanted to do one with CCW,
but most of the guys just felt like it would
be a clusterfuck.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Tasha Simone and Oktoberfest Results

----Tasha Simone sent in a note today. She has promised me an article on the Columbia, TN All Girls show from this past weekend promoted by Christie Ricci and Mike Porter. Tasha wrote, “I will write up a story asap, right now I am in too much pain to do much more than sit around. (I chipped my elbow during the main from a crutch shot, Christie got a concussion, I believe from the German I gave her, but it may have been a chair shot.) All told, I did 7 matches Saturday (some for tape prior to the show), and then worked Semi and Main back to back, so I am one tired bitch.” I look forward to the story and Simone was also nice enough to send results from Ricci’s webmaster…

Oktoberfest Results:

The show was incredible, amazing effort by all the talented wrestlers. Every match was excellent and the crowd was treated to a very nice surprise. The referee was none other than the beautiful and talented Bobcat, who was efficient and very entertaining!

The Battle Royal was fast and furious, and here is the order of elimination:
Amber O'Neal
Brittany Love
Lorelei Lee
Traci Brooks
Lady Victoria
Alere Little Feather
Tasha Simone and Lexie Fyfe hit the ground at the same time, and a number one contender's match was set between the two, the winner getting a shot at Christie's title

Amber and Brittany squared off in the first singles match. Amber was more than a little ticked off about being the first eliminated and took it out on
Brittany. Amber controlled most of the action but Brittany showed she should not be taken lightly, almost getting the win with a quick reversal or counter on several occasions. In the end, Amber was just too much and got the victory

Lorelei and Traci met in the second match. Traci ripped into Lorelei and the crowd throughout the match. She mixed it up with Bobcat as well, though Bobcat stayed out of the action. Lorelei was able to take the offensive and put up a good fight, but in the end "Ms. Brooks" as she referred to herself was able to secure the victory

Lady Victoria and Josie locked up next. Both women executed impressive power moves and the back and forth action and banter was awesome. Josie proved once again that she can hang with the toughest in the business, but in the end Lady
Victoria got the win with her patented, painful piledriver.

Alere and Venus went at each other next and the both ladies came to the ring in style. Alere won the fans over quickly and Venus didn't care a bit about that. The Latin Sensation let the fans know how little she cared about their opinions and let Alere know how little she cared for her. Venus was just plain mean and Alere did her share of punishing maneuvers as well. In the end, Alere got the win by submission.

Lexie and Tasha then came out for the contender's match. NWA Top Rope promoter Mike Sircy and Christie came out and announced the match would be won when one of the grapplers handcuffed her opponent to one of the turnbuckles. Tasha and Lexie were not at all happy with the arrangement, and took their aggressions out on each other. The match went back and forth, each one almost getting the victory on several occasions before Tasha secured Lexie in the corner, thereby securing a shot at Christie's title in the next match.

NWA Top Rope Promoter Sircy came back out and told Christie that the Board of Directors had granted Tasha's request that the title shot be a hardcore match, and that is exactly what it was. It was definitely not for the squeamish, both women gave their all in an incredible display of skill and tolerance of pain. This match was one of the toughest you'll ever see. In the end, Christie was able to keep her belt, though she did so at quite a price.

----I want to see the Ricci vs Simone main event!! You can also read lots more about this show on TVD's board.

RassleBits: Inter-Promotion Title, No shows, NBW champion, TLCW unhappy workers, James Arnez is pissed, Tony Myers and Hollywood Jimmy's site

---- There has been talk about an “Inter-Promotion” Title being recognized by the small group of promoters in this area. It seems like a real good idea on the surface, but may have some people not participating. If they could get at least 10 groups recognizing something like this, then the Title/Champion would actually mean something. He would go to each promotion and defend the belt say every 3 months each promotion would get at least one title defense. This would help draw, because you could always build the champion vs challenger. The tournament to crown the first champion is being talked about in Humboldt, TN.

-----Major no shows this weekend were Spellbinder @ the LAW show and Lord Humongous II @ Paragould. Spell just called the day of the show and said he would not be there. It would have been interesting, since he had that shoot interview on half of the dressing room.

----NBW champion will be determined this coming Saturday night in Dyersburg, TN. Seth Knight, who is being pushed as the top babyface, in an angle Saturday read a letter he had received from "The Championship Committee" that stated that he would be wrestling the No.2 contender to crown the 1st champ. It will be Knight vs Jason Reed to determine the first champ.

----Correction on the results of TLCW from Saturday night. It was Stan Lee losing to Rockin’ Randy, not Shannon Lee. Shannon actually wrestled 2 matches @ NBW. Speaking of TLCW, I could see this coming from some things that happened Saturday night, but I have received reports of at least 4 TLCW workers ready to jump to NBW. Not sure if all four will jump, but their was some unhappy workers driving from the Rector, AR LAW show to the TLCW Ripley, TN show to do double duty. I have been told by more than one person that Christian Jacobs was very upset that he did not get to work or do anything after driving all the way to Ripley. Things may be smoothed over by the weekend.

----NBW seems to be making all the news right now, but do also look for TGB to go after some of the DCWF talent. I have been told he is highly interested in “Team X” and “Southern Pride” [Kilo/Citizen Cane].

----LAW show had a lots coming out with it also along with TLCW talent being unhappy, as you would expect from the Arena Report James Arnez was highly upset. Arnez had probably 20 people at the least there just to see him and he worked a 3 minute match, because of something stupid Tavian Hart did. Arnez, who worked Tony Gunn last time doing an angle for a rematch, ask me during a yahoo messenger conversation, “what happened to my rematch?” He went on to say, “It was the fucking King show all over again. I don’t get to work when he is around.” I do have to give props to Arnez here, because I have always felt the LAW management of O’Dell/Warner/King at the time had no idea the drawing power of Arnez and Psycho. My biggest crowds and money was made in CCW promoting these two guys in the Kennett, MO area. And with Rector, AR being so close to Kennett, I would never run a show without both of them Arnez/Psycho. Arnez added the following, “and what pissed me off the most I tried to talk to Kelly [Warner] and he would not come and talk. I will burn my boots before I work for LAW again!!” In hindsight, if I would have been promoting, I would have put Arnez vs Gunn and King vs Rocker in the top matches.

----One of my old time friends, Tony Myers, has part 2 of his shoot interview with Gene Jackson over on Hollywood Jimmy’s site. He pulls no punches and really tells the world about the “real” Randy Hales. Take a look.

----Speaking of Hollywood Jimmy’s site, there is another good “Shooting From The Hip” from my old buddy JD McKay and Loose Cannon has a good column this week, but if you go to his site to look at the Top 10 rating. WTF were you smoking Cannon?? Bubba Pain?? He hasn’t wrestle since when?? Years?? And, to put the Hambone Express on a top 10 of anything scares me, but you put them ahead of “Picture Perfect”!!!

RassleTube Is Up and Running!!

----Not much original material here, but I had a lot of stuff piling up that I wanted to share with others. I also went back to the original way of posting these, instead of in the Blog like last week.

----This week's edition starts off with a match from Dyersburg, TN 12.06.03 with Devon Raynes with Izzy Rotten vs Hollywood; Rod Dent III vs Wildside from TWIF this month 10.14.06; Lawler vs Shane Matthews [Shane was on the LAW this past weekend]; “Hogan’s Heroes” – this cracks me up!!; Ric Flair vs Ron Fuller from Southeastern Championship Wrestling – Bob Armstrong turns!!! Armstrong as a heel!! Fun stuff; Tommy Rich video; Jerry Lawler/Tommy Rich bout along with a couple of interview from 1987—take a look at what Lawler is wearing!!; Tommy Rich interview followed by an angle where Austin Idol jumps Rich. Rich bleds like crazy!!!;”Midnite Cowboys” [Kerry Brown/Rip Rogers] vs “Bad Company” [Brian Pillman/Bruce Hart] – Pilliman takes the heat and watch the finish!! Rip Rogers was an excellent worker.; the show ends with local talent Austin Lane vs Jerry Lynn from last month – love the finish of the match!!

The Ratings Are In!!

----The show finished with a 3.9 [64,420 viewers] overall for this weekend’s show. Even though, I along with others, were writing the doom of Memphis Wrestling with the time slot change, the first two months the show scores a 3.9 [64,420 viewers] average. The old average of the 11:00 AM slot of 3.7 [61,590 viewers - taken from data span of 5.13.06 to 8.26.06] has been surpassed by the new late night slot. Not by many viewers, but I am just surprised that the show has kept up with the ratings. All weeks considered with the start of this site [5.13.06] to this past weekend’s show, Memphis Wrestling averages 3.8 [ 63,255 viewers].

----The first quarter of Saturday’s show ended with the Midnight Express still in the ring during the “Opening the Vault” segment scoring a 3.5 [57,928 viewers]. This quarter also included a “Too Cool 2” interview and the Grind/Flex vs Starr/Tatt2 bout. The second quarter started as the “Opening the Vault” segment was finishing including the Nunnery/Watson interview, Lawler at his Mom’s home, Reggie B Fine interview and finished with “Picture Perfect” getting into the ring at 4.2 [69,081 viewers],which was a 11,153 viewer jump. The third quarter finish at 4.0 [65,752 viewers] only losing 3,329 viewers for Poker/Flash vs PP and King vs Rocker. The last quarter finish losing only 999 viewers with a 3.9 [64,753 viewers] for Nate the Rat going to Lawler’s Mammy’s house and BH Brown/White vs Fine/Huey II.

----Another good week of ratings. The show started a little lower, but after the jump of viewers continued to stay at about the same. Fans were enjoying the show and kept watching it. The show also finished overall 6828 viewers than they started began the show, which is considered a plus for them.

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 10.27.06

----Vega the Dragon defeated Dirty Sanchez; Psycho demolished Jay Webster, winning the match by count out; “Parental Advisory” ["The Stud" Scott Porteau & "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs] defeated Nacho Nacho & Josh Matthews. After the match Nacho Nacho was unmasked & found to be TFW owner T-Byrd; “Pure Destruction” [Cody & Brody Hawk][pic to the right] & Chubby Hawk [Pappy] defeated “The Freakshow” [Vinnie the Blade & Chop Top the Clown] & Hitman;“POPULAR” [Shawn Reed & Ryan Williams] defeated “SWAT” ["DC" David Cross & Jonathon Douglas] to win the TFW Tag Team Titles; and in the Main Event: Judas Thorn defeated "The Future" Chris Styles to become the new TFW Champion.

----Crowd was around 150 for a gate around $750…This was TFW's 4th anniversary show, There were Halloween costume contests for adults, wrestlers, and kids…In the Main Event: Thorn was assisted all of the heels in the dressing room and TFW owner, T-Byrd to win the belt…I was told this was a good show.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

RassleResults: All Pro Batesville, MS 10.28.06

----Don Bass w/Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock defeated Colton Anderson; "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs defeated "The Future" Chris Styles;"Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore defeated Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor by DQ;Michael Myers defeated Morgan Lane;Mad Dog Butch defeated Jerry Southern;Brickhouse Brown w/Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock/ Don Bass defeated "The Outlaw" JD McKay[pic to the right]; Antwon Leveigh /Austin Lane defeated Kid Knievel/Brandon Barbwire; Giant Hillbilly/ Pappy defeated Doink the Clown/ Mr. Wrestling III w/Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock. Special referee was "Luscious" Kenny Valiant, who was driven to the ring in a new Corvette by "Uncle Felton."; and the Main Event: “The Asylum” [Psycho & Wraith]/ "Big Daddy" Storm [photo below]defeated “Pure Destruction” [Cody & Brody Hawk]/Neil Taylor w/Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock in a casket match when Brody Hawk was put into the casket. "The Dead Man" was the "Overseer of the Casket."

---- 380 paid with a gate close to $2850. I told it was a decent crowd, but when they are scattered out in an arena that seats over 3000, it looks like a small crowd. Good gate , but will not put them in the top 10 of the year – it actually is #12 of the top 15 gates. …This was actually a combined XOW, CWA, and All Pro show. Each organization did their TV tapings at the show. ..Many people were disappointed that the ring was set up in the middle of the arena floor, but there was no seating on the floor. No ring side seats at all. They felt like they should have been closer to the ring for $10. All the fans were seated in arena seating, which was quite far from the ring. Very little crowd reaction the entire night…Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock did get the crowd stirred up, nobody can get heat like he can. The crowd was also into the main event, which went all over the arena…Bell time was 8:00 PM, show did not start until 8:20 PM. Show ended at 11:15 PM…There was a "special appearance" at intermission by "The Dead Man," who is an Undertaker rip off. Intermission went way too long while a bunch of people paid $10 to get a Polaroid snap shot made with "The Dead Man." I was also told before this show that Valiant had even worked some of the boys telling them that the real Undertaker was going be at the show. As I told a few or the workers – if it was “the” Undertaker, then Valiant would be advertising it…If anyone knows?? Who was Wrestling III for the night as Dusty Wolfe, who worked as Doink is usually III also. Was Kid Knievel actually Kid Krazy??

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 10.28.06

----Rockin Randy beat Shannon Lee; Alec Fontez beat Tucker; Foxy Hayes beat Buckwheat; Big Steve beat Jack The Hammer; “Black Out Squad” [Oz/Bishop] beat Chris O’Neal/Stan Lee, when Flash Flanagan came out and grabbed O’Neal from the ring apron and Main Event: O’Neal/Bill Rush [ref] beat Rashard/Flash Flanagan when Rush pinned Rashard after a spear!!

----Crowd was around 50 with a $250 gate….Flash vs O’Neal for the TLCW Title next week…I usually hate the ref angle with him working vs heels and such, but Rush was always a real good worker. I was told that both Rush/Rashard did a great job…Most of the guys were in Rector, AR, so this crew was low.

Arena Report: LAW Rector, AR 10.28.06

----Before the show began, I was fortunate enough to be in the dressing room when Del McKie came in. He ask the full dressing room to be quite and thanked everyone for the coming out to do the show. As he spoke, you could tell that it was all he could do to keep the tears back. Del McKie has been thru hell and back – you tell that his thank you was sincere and heartfelt. I was happy to be there.

----“Picture Perfect” VI [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael][photo to right]/Gypsy Joe beat Scotty McKeever/Alex Krisis/Shane Matthews. The crowd almost turned on Joe, because he is so old. He got in there and did a few chops and they loved him. Everything was real good in this match with nothing looking bad. Why?? Because all 6 guys are professional wrestlers that know psychology on when and where to do everything. Krisis has improved since I last seen him and all his stuff has a good flow to it. Hot tag went to Joe who was cleaning house with chops. PP ended it with their finisher on Matthews which is a sit down powerbomb neckbreaker. [**1/2]

----Jason Reed came out to do an interview with his manager “Handsome” Jimmy Woods. He promised to bring out a WWE superstar for his bout vs the “Posse”. Reed is good on the mic, but this went too long.

----Kevin White/Mr. America beat The Kidd/Chris Vega. This match was bad. The Kidd has a funny gimmick in that he is a kid, but the size of a midget. He is probably 18 years old, but he is the size of a 10 year old. It is funny for like 3 minutes and then it gets bad. He can not work and had no idea about psychology. America/White actually gave him too much and it seem like America was tired of messing with him and finish him off with a brainbuster. [*]

----Derrick King/Tony Gunn interview to build for the main event. The crowd was hot for it, but I thought it also went too long.

----James Arnez [photo below]vs Captain Madman was declared No Contest in like 2 minutes. Ref Tavian Hart stopped the bout because he seen one of the guys use a kendo stick. I am not sure what the real finish was going to be, but Hart took it upon himself to stop the bout because he seen the kendo stick in the ring. This is very old school as referees are taught to treat the bouts as shoots. Guess what?? The year is 2006!! As a ref, you don’t just go out there and do your job; you must also know what is going on around you. Probably about a fifth of the people in that crowd came out to see James Arnez wrestle. They will not be back next time, because some ref is trying to prove something. Madman did hit Arnez hard a couple of times with the kendo stick and then went back to the dressing room. Arnez followed him and then whacked him in the middle of the head. Crowd loved it, but they wanted more of Arnez. [DUD]

----“The Posse” [Simon Reed/’Lil Chris] beat Jason Reed/Dustin Starr [as did jobs for WWE]with “Handsome” Jimmy Woods. Good match. ‘Lil Chris is a rookie and needs lots of work, but the other three guys did good protecting him. Hell, they are three of the best in this area, so Chris could not screw up much. This was a battle of “Posse” vs “Posse” as they had built on the interview. Reed/Starr/Simon were all original “Posse” members. Heat was on Chris with hot tag to Simon. There was a ref bump somewhere as Chris jumped with a flying press but hit the ref. It looked like he took the ref’s head off. Starr took a backdrop bump from Chris over the top rope. Ouch!! Chris went to the floor with Starr. Reed had cut off Simon and went up for a frogsplash but missed it, Simon used the Redemption [chokeslam sit down powerbomb] to pin him. [**3/4]

----LAW Title vs Memphis Wrestling JR Title: Tony Gunn vs Derrick King ended with both guys keeping their belts. This match went over 30 minutes with interviews and post match antics. King is good on the mic, but the fans were ready for him to wrestle. He plugged the site in stating that everyone was wanting to see King vs Gunn, even the internet was wanting to know about it. Jeff O’Dell finally got the mic and told Gunn, “Whip his black ass!!! And the crowd went crazy!! The bout was good. Some of it was very good, but then other parts of it was just ok. The crowd loves Gunn, because this is his hometown. Gunn actually looks better when he wrestles someone that is as good as him, instead of someone like King who is better. Does that make sense?? If you are in the ring with a better worker, then you usually look better, but you can see all of Gunn’s flaws in the ring with a guy like King. King took Gunn outside the ring all over the building. The crowd was hot during the whole bout. King tired to use the steps on Gunn, but Gunn did a step toe hold, which ended with King taking a face bump onto the steps. Gunn/King both used a cane from a guy in the crowd. This was all in front of ref Tavian Hart, but guess what?? He didn’t DQ either one of them?? WTF?? King also used a chair on Gunn outside the ring. First finish came with Gunn making comeback and getting King in the YTO [You Tapped Out – Texas Cloverleaf] – ref bump – King pinned Gunn using the ropes. The crowd went crazy and was shocked. After the ref restarts the bout, Gunn pins King using the ropes. Crowd goes crazy again. King gets the mic and they try to make sense out of the finish and say that since Hart had restarted the bout, then although Gunn did win the second fall, the Memphis JR Title was not on the line. Yea, I know!! I hated the finish!! As King took his title back, Gunn grabbed him and put him in the YTO again and the crowd went crazy again!! Gunn let go and jumped out of the ring leaving King alone. What followed next was something I had never seen at a live event. The crowd started chanting “You Tapped Out” and surrounded the ring and actually had their hands on the apron hitting it. Crowd was loud and I feared they were going to jump King. Good match, bad finish and then the crowd reaction – [***3/4]

RassleNotes: Crowd was right at 100 with a gate close to $1000…Joe gave Matthews some real hard chops after the match and the crowd loved it!! McKeever, Matthews, Joe, and were all traveling together from West Virginia…It was good to see some old friends like Brian Thompson in attendance…Kevin White looks like a professional wrestler and carries himself as pro. You can say what you want about the guy, but he is a good worker…America was doing good on gimmicks and even worked my kids out of $5 for a Polaroid…Captain Madman is JD Rage. Rage is doing a crazy half masked wrestler gimmick. Sort of like Eugene with toys and a mask. I liked it and it probably would get over given time. Rage use to do jobs for WWE; didn’t he??...Crowd was real hot for “Posse” – they were tons over!!...Jason Reed is one of the best in this area. He was joking about being hairy and fat now, but he can out work almost anyone around…Dustin Starr has IT. If you have never seen IT, then you don’t know what IT is. No offense to anyone else on this show, as there are some good workers, but if I had to put my money on anyone to make it to WWE, it would be Starr…”Handsome” Jimmy Woods was a horrible manager…For those that keep track of these sort of things – the Seth Knight vs Rude bout in NBW was technically better than the King vs Gunn bout, but along with the heat and crowd pops, it got the same rating…Thanks to all for a good time and special thanks to LAW management who always treat me respect, even though they know I do not always have kind words for them.