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RassleResults: NWA Mid-South Humboldt, TN 11.10.06

----The show started with an angle as Blaze with Cameron D Faulkmore III went to the NWA committee saying that due to ref seeing him hit Blaze with a briefcase, so Blaze won over Seth Knight – decision reversed from last week – Faulkmore also said that Blaze should have got a shot at the battle royal last week, so Commish made a match - 2 out 3 falls Match: 1st and third falls going to Chris O’Neal beating Blaze; Jon Michael beat Bobby Joe; Destiny won by dq over Tasha Simone; “Cruzin’ 4 Pain” [187/Motley Cruz] comes out – “Picture Perfect” [Chris O’Neal/Jon Michael] challenge them – Ricky Murdoch interferes as Michael pinned by Motley.

----Bookers got a stab at Knight with a reversal from last week…Next week “Cowboys” [Ricky Murdoch/Bill Nasty] vs PP…O’Neal front tooth was knocked out by Motley Cruz from a closeline by mistake…Christian Jacobs no-showed, which lead to some re-writing, since a lot of the show was based on last week’s show…20 people in the crowd with a $100 gate…Murdoch storyline has him suspended, but he interfered by throwing water in on Michael. When Michael turned around, Cruz pinned him. PP ask the Commish to lift the suspension for the match next week.

10 Years Ago in Memphis Wrestling........

USWA: The November 4th Memphis house show, headlined by Brian Christopher vs Wolfie D, saw attendance up to 480 paid and a $2300 gate….. On the November 9th TV show, the Bruise Brothers, Ron & Don Harris won the USWA Tag Team titles, defeating feuding tag team champions, Christopher & D, when D refused to tag in and Christopher was pinned….. Also on the show, Randy Hales and Bert Prentice started a feud, with Hales calling Prentice ‘fat’, and Prentice saying that when his ‘210 pounds’ landed on Hales, he’d squash him. Jerry Lawler, who was holding the mic as the interviewer, started laughing at the idea that Prentice only weighed 210 pounds….. WMC-TV had banned the use of blood on the TV show at this point.

----I got this from

Sputnik Monroe Obituary


Best known as professional wrestler “Sputnik Monroe”, passed away peacefully in his sleep on November 3, 2006.

Born in Dodge City, Kansas, he began his career boxing while serving in the United States Navy during the Korean War as a “Frogman”.

He went to become a well known figure in the wrestling profession. Wrestling with Mid-South Wrestling and achieving numerous titles during his 30 year career.

His early wrestling career was spent in Memphis, Tennessee, where he became involved in desegregation and was actually involved with the desegregation of Memphis through the sport of wrestling. Also, among his achievements was being inducted into Memphis’s Hall Of Wrestling in 1994.

He survived by his wife, Joann Brumbaugh; two sons, Alan Hill of Modesto, California and Quentin “The Cajun Brawler” Bell Of Huston, Texas; his daughter, Natalie Bell of Tucson, Arizona ; his brother Gary Brumbaugh of Guadalajara, Mexico; his sister Sue Hoffman of Scottsdale, Arizona; 9 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.

In lieu of flowers, please make donations to St. Jude’s Children Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

Memorial Services will be held November 18, 2006, at 11:00 a.m., at the Veterans National Cemetery in Pineville, Louisiana, under the direction of Hixson Brothers Funeral Home in Alexandria, Louisiana,

To extend online condolences to the Brumbaugh family, please visit us at

----I would like to thank Natalie Bell for faxing me this and giving the site the permission to publish it. I think this will also be in the Commercial Appeal tomorrow. Natalie also ask me to tell everyone if someone REALLY wants to send flowers the family is using JR’s Florist in Pineville, LA – 318-640-6790.

RassleResults USWF Corinth, MS 11.10.06

----Alex Krisis [photo to the right] beat Danny Morris and Concrete Cowboy in a handicap match. After the match Chris Rocker made the save and set up a match with Alex later in the night;Cassanova Kidd beat Psycho by countout when Nick Grymes ran out, Psycho started beating down Nick, then Izzy ran out, and grabbed Kayte from a fan at ringside, and Psycho stopped started staring down Izzy, and got counted out;Little Steve Davis/Dalton Storm beat “Prime Time” Nick Grymes/Izzy Rotten w/ Cassanova Kidd by pinfall when LSD dove off the top rope and landed on Izzy's shoulders and got dropped with a death valley driver, Psycho ran out and attacked Izzy while the referee was on the outside with Nick and Dalton and put LSD on Izzy when he was finished and the referee counted the 3;Chris Rocker beat Alex Krisis by pinfall after a frogsplash; Bonecrusher beat Buzz Harley by dq when Buzz used a chain and in the Main Event: USWF Championship Match ---- Dustin Starr and Neil Taylor went to a no contest when they fought into the crowd and the referee stoppd the match.

----Crowd was 35 with a gate around $175…Next week: USWF Championship Match: Dustin Starr vs. Neil Taylor Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight; Buzz Harley vs. Bonecrusher;Psycho/Little Steve Davis/Dalton Storm vs.Izzy Rotten/Nick Grymes/Cassanova Kidd and more.

Friday, November 10, 2006

RassleBits: Shooter, Eric Wayne, Midnight Express, MAW Flyers, Fire/Flame, Memphis Backstage and more!!

----Are you tough?? You weigh about 155 lbs?? I got a friend that needs a few shoot fighters. Contact me if this sounds like something that would interest you. Payoff is much better than local wrestling shows.

----West Memphis, AR had the debut of Eric Wayne last night. I was told his match with Kevin Nikels, who was also making his pro debut, was very good. It was said that you could not tell it was their first bout. Both guys were trained by Eric’s dad Ken Wayne @ 'Nightmare' Ken Wayne's School of Professional Wrestling. The only result that I got was that “Picture Perfect” V1 [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael] vs “The Cowboys” [Ricky Murdoch/Bill Nasty] went to a No Contest. Pokerface wrestled Mr. America and Wayne did go over on Nikels.

----“The Midnight Express” [Bobby Eaton/Dennis Condrey] have been confirmed for a show in Paragould, AR next Saturday night.I would like to invite any visitors of the site to join me to see the greatest tag team of all time. If I could get Ken and Eric to don some masks --- Nightmares vs Midnight?? Damn, you could just bury me after that. LOL Also on the show will be Lord Humongous, Hambones, Brad Thomas and others.

----MAW Flyers were put on cars this past Saturday again at the TV studios. MAW issued a statement saying a fan was doing this on his own and they can not be blamed. Apparently Reno Diamond did not want this to hurt him doing Memphis TV in the future. If I was MAW, I would try my best to put as many posters up as possible. Diamond is probably done with Memphis TV for awhile because he has worked MAW. Speaking of, MAW has a new look to their website courtesy of the same guy that helped shine up mine.

----It has been questioned on other sites about Don Bass and the new team of Fire/Flame. Bass has approved the new team and I was told he was happy about their first performance. As I said before, it is sort of like watching the same team in a different time period because the new team [Jake Dalton/Billy Ray Hickerson] are shaped just like the old team of Bass/Roger Smith. Speaking of Fire/Flame, I got results from a show that had them in Indiana last Saturday night for Jerry Wilson [long time photographer] Crowd was over 200 and they were throwing fire.

----Some updates on past items: TIWF last Saturday in Jackson, TN drew about 65 with a gate close to $325. I was also told that Motley Cruz did not inform anyone not to work NBW shows. That would be silly on Cruz’ part anyway. If they are not working anywhere, then his crew will just get rusty.

----Memphis backstage at the tapings had Lawler going over future plans. He was upset that the show has been doing such good ratings, but they have not been following storylines. He also didn’t seem too happy with the house that Nat the Rat picked in the skit he went to Lawler’s Mammy’s house. I actually thought that was the funny part---it looked real bad and fans would know that Lawler’s mom would not live in something like that. Nate is on the show this weekend.

----I came across this site – By the Bookings. I thought some of you the local guys may want to be added. If you have a good promo photo, you might find work outside of the Memphis area with a site like this. Speaking of sites, Dustin Starr has updated his site and there is one photo on there that cracks me up. It was taken from RAW in Memphis and it looks like Lillian Garcia is looking at Starr’s junk!!!

RassleTalk with “The Black Label Society – Chapter 4 : Word Association II ” with "Axeman" Randall Lewis

This segment is composed of bits & pieces of an interview with AJ Bradley & Void, also known as Black Label Society. The interview date was Saturday, June 24, 2006, at the XOW Building in New Albany, MS. There was a great deal of background noise during the entire interview. Parts of what Void & AJ said were drowned out by the noise, but I have done my best to get it right. If there are errors, I apologize.

The comments and opinions expressed herein are those of Black Label Society (Void & AJ) only, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of myself or anyone else.


What do you think of The Stud, Scott Porteau?

Void: Man, I swear, that’s one of the smoothest workers I know. I mean, when he is in the ring, he is just… fluid, fluid. Everything he does is smooth. I don’t know if he’ll remember this, I hope he catches this when he reads the interview. I was training in Corinth. Doug Gilbert was booking. We get there early, and he and Tony were a tag team, this was almost five years ago. I didn’t know anything from anything, and I was ready to help with anything. I mean, the quicker the ring got set up, the quicker I was able to train. I would train for two or three hours. It was dead ass fun, and I didn’t care. So, I see this trailer pull up, and I see the person I now know as Stud, and Tony, sitting on the back of this trailer. It’s got this ring sitting up in there, and I walked out there, I’m still rook, I barely have any ring time at all. So I walk out there, and I said, uh, is this the ring, um, can I go ahead and start taking stuff in, and Stud looks at me, he was sitting down, and he says, “yes, sir.” And I went, oh shit, man, don’t call me sir, and I dropped my head and had to walk back in the bathroom, that embarrassed the hell out of me. But as far as in ring stuff goes, man he is smooth, damn smooth. I think I’ve been in the ring with him maybe once or twice. He’s one of those guys that just flows.

How about “Bad Attitude” Tony Dabbs?

Void: Same thing, pretty much the same answer. Something Tony does not get a lot of credit for, Tony is one of the toughest sombitches in the ring. I’ve been his tag team partner. When I first got brought into Booneville, before AJ & I were able to be tag team partners on a full time basis, I was brought into SGWA as Tony’s tag team partner. When I first walked in, I hadn’t seen him in a couple of years, and he had a little makeup on, he was all kinda dark and stuff, and I said sombitch, you went and stole my gimmick, I don’t know what the hell you are borrowing from, and I kinda jabbed at him a little bit about that. Me and Tony were in the ring one time as tag team partners, and Tony’s shoulder pops, as it is notorious for doing, it popped out of socket. Tony gets his ass up out of the floor, and I’m freaking out, I don’t know what to do, he gets up and pulls his ass into the dressing room, pops it back into place, brings his ass back out and finishes the match. A lot of guys, if they fucking split a nail or get their brains scrambled a little bit, they’re ready to go home, take it home, take it home. Tony Dabbs has his shoulder pop out, goes and pops it back in, comes back and finishes the match. That’s why I don’t bitch when I get hurt. Tony Dabbs is tough as hell.

What can you tell me about Anita Page?

Void: Nita, man, her trainer ain’t worth a shit, I’ll tell you that right now (laughing). Naw, man, that girl, I’m so proud of her.

So, did you train her?

Void: Yes, sir. That’s what I said, the guy ain’t worth a shit. I trained her to be a wrestler, but the only thing she ever wanted to be is a manager. I trained her as a wrestler, and I guarantee she’s got a better scientific knowledge about wrestling than 75 or 80% of the guys that I’ve worked. She busted her ass, she has… I’ve said it to her face, and I’ll say it again to her face, she has no athletic ability whatsoever. Everything she can do, she busted her ass and made herself do. We’re damn good friends, all of us are, we’re damn good friends, she was at first Black Label. We were The Un-Naturals, then she comes in and we became Black Label Society. She brought something into our clique that we needed. She’s on time, she knows when she is supposed to be somewhere, and to be honest, we’ve put her into positions where we knew what she would do. If I needed her in a certain spot, then that’s where she would be. Now you can get her to do damn near anything, to be anywhere, to slip you something, jump in and rake somebody’s eyes, come in and hit somebody with something, anything. I mean, I dragged her skinny little ass in the ring and wrestled three matches with her, back to back to back, right there in that very ring. T-Byrd, Dirty Sanchez, Pappy, all these guys were sitting there watching. I had her work as a heel, as a baby, and a straight up scientific match. She worked all three of them, did what she was supposed to do, we just gotta get her to start bumping. You know, straight back bumps.

AJ: I hate when people say this, it’s not because of Anita[photo to left with Void/Marcus O'Neal], I mean, I love Anita to death. I don’t claim to have any part in training her, but I was there when she trained, and I was quick to get in the ring and help her, you know, kinda like, watch this, see how to do this….

Void: Yeah, AJ was kinda like the spot dummy, every time I would want her to do something, I would get him to do it first. Like arm drags, hip tosses, clotheslines, you know, I would do that to AJ, she would turn around and do it to me.

AJ: One thing in particular, I mean there’s a lot of things I could say about her, but one thing in particular, going back to her training, was when she was learning to take a belly to back suplex. I picked her straight up in the air and brought her straight down. She hit, she rocked her head, she hurt her elbows, her upper and lower back, and she was really hurting, but she got right back up and said, “What do I do next?”

Void: She wanted to know what we were going to do next, and I said, No, you sorta got your bell rung there, and she says, “Are you sure?” She had this thing where she did not want to disappoint me. So she goes out of the back of the dressing room and she cries. I think she threw up, too, didn’t she?

AJ: I don’t really remember for sure.

Void: But she cried about, by God, she wanted to be respected. She knows she’s gonna have the tit & ass aspect covered, you know, just look at her, you know she’s hot. But if she has no substance, all she has got is style, and that’s sure to wear thin. And that girl busts her ass, every time she’s asked to do something she busts her ass.

What is your opinion of Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock?

Void: That guy… That’s about the funniest, I can’t keep a straight face anywhere around him. I almost hate working anything with him because, even if it’s just the expression on his face, when he’s yelling at the people, I don’t know what it is, he’s not always the brighten up the room with a smile kind of guy, but damn, he does something that just cracks you every stinking time. Especially (laughing) the thing we did where we kidnapped him and took him to the asylum, his facial expressions are priceless. A lot of the stuff we do is his idea, and it is funny as hell it gets over so good. He’s a damn funny guy. I really wish I could have seen him in something like the WWE back in the 80’s, when that kind of talent would have been appreciated more.

AJ: Yeah, male managers were appreciated back then. Not so today in WWE or TNA.

Void: Now if you don’t have a Melina coming out with you and doing the splits getting in the ring, you can’t get over. Which is cool, I like to look at that, too, but I don’t want to see Jimmy Blaylock[above pic with DeathWish] doing the splits and getting in the ring in a thong, you know what I mean? (Laughter).

Let’s talk about Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Void: Oh God bless, I’ve never personally met Jerry Lawler, but I remember , he was just the guy, man, I grew up from age 2 to 13 in West Memphis. Jerry Lawler was the king of Memphis. I mean, he was just the guy that, for some reason, was why I watched wrestling. He wasn’t Lex Lugared up, he didn’t stick a needle in his ass in order to entertain. Jerry Lawler approached it in a way that made you believe. You didn’t see Jerry Lawler going pole to pole with Nick Bockwinkle, you saw Jerry Lawler beating Nick Bockwinkle’s ass. Jerry Lawler is just that guy, man. Good Lord, what his mind is to the business, a lot of the angles that you see in the WWE now, and even in ECW, Paul Heyman even had a reference to Jerry Lawler, he said, “Lawler, you sit here and talk about extreme wrestling, you were doing barb wire matches long before ECW.” And that’s the truth. I remember the first no fans match, in the Mid-South Coliseum, Jerry Lawler & Terry Funk. I remember that. I remember Terry Funk getting stabbed in the eye with a damn piece of wood. Lawler innovated so much stuff, and he’s just the king who watches puppies with a lot of these idiots now. People now don’t appreciate that old school stuff.

AJ: One thing about Lawler, he has been a big influence on this business. You watch him, and it’s some of the little things, small details that he’s influenced on this business. I would say at least 95% of the guys who have been through Memphis, or wrestling in the Mid-South, at one point or another, and have been around Lawler at any time whatsoever, they had the same kind of under-handed jab punch. Derrick King….

Void: Oh yeah, Derrick King has the prettiest right hand in the business. He has the prettiest punch I have ever seen in my life.

AJ: Even Sid Vicious, he does it, Jeff Jarrett, all those guys, Lawler’s influence is everywhere.

Speaking of influential people, how about Jimmy Valiant?

Void: Either Handsome Jimmy or The Boogie Woogie Man, it didn’t matter, he’s a dude that could finish off a match with an elbow. Jimmy Valiant was the man, the only person in history that could make the Manhattan Transfer a cool band. The boy from New York City, now who doesn’t know that? You know, I’m bringing in a tag team partner, and we’ll be all jacked up, here he is, show the video, and Jimmy Valiant’s video plays, and you’re like, yeah! It’s the Boogie Woogie Man! His music plays, and you’re like, yeah, man, I gotta get that! Manhattan Transfer, I wouldn’t mention listening to them now. I’ve met him one time. Well, two times really. The first time was in one of my first matches as Void on a show in Columbus, Mississippi. And I walked in, and I had contacts, the white out contacts, I was doing the Marilyn Manson, kind of a Satanic Void gimmick, Jimmy Valiant shook my hand and said, “Brother, I like them.” And I was like, shit, I can go home now, Jimmy Valiant said he liked my gimmick! And I met him again, and there was a long space of time in between these times, and Jimmy Valiant is not sitting at home, he meets new people every day. I walked in with a different pair of contacts and the same goofy look I always had, makeup and all, and he says, “Hey brother, I remember you, I like that.” And I’m like, that’s it, I don’t want to do anything else, Tracy Smothers put me over, and Jimmy Valiant remembers my gimmick. I can retire now.

AJ: I got a call to work in Gibson, Tennessee, and it was supposed to be one of Jimmy Valiant, you know, one of his 500 or so farewell matches, and I was privileged enough to be in an eight man tag match that he was in. I can’t remember everybody who was in the match, but I was on the heel team going against his baby team. As soon as the match started, Jimmy starts out the match for his team, the guy who started for my team was in the ring, Jimmy grabbed a quick full nelson. What I didn’t know was that Jimmy had overheard me talking to someone else about how big a fan of his my mother was. My grandmother used to take my mother to shows at the Oman Arena in Jackson when it was called the coliseum, and the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, all the time, and she was such a big fan of his. Jimmy knew that it would just make her night if I could interact with him, you know, make sure there was some real interaction with him. So, of course, my interaction with Jimmy consisted of me jumping in the ring when he had that full nelson on the guy, he moved out of the way, I hit my own partner, and as soon as I turn around he leans me back and plants a huge kiss on me. I jumped out of the ring going crazy and acting like it’s my worst nightmare that had come true, well it actually wasn’t acting, but I happened to look over at my mom, and I swear to God she had that red face, leaned back in her chair, laughing so hard! It was probably just another thing to Jimmy, but to me, it made my night.

MORE Shows for the Weekend

----TONIGHT!!!! in Humboldt, TN for NWA Mid-South with Jon Michael, Christian Jacobs, Chris O’Neal, Gaylon Ray, Pat McGuinness, Eric Hayes, Jazz and more.

----IWF RETURNS!! Saturday Night in Fulton, MS @ 7:00 PM with Nick Grymes, Chris Kilgore, Gene Jackson, Lord Humongous, Neil Taylor, Chris Rocker, Leslie Jones and many more.

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Sputnik Monroe's Memorial Service

----I talked with Sputnik Monroe’s daughter this morning, Natalie Bell, and I wanted to pass along the memorial service info to everyone. The Hixson Brothers Funeral Home in Alexandria, LA is handling the services. Monroe is being cremated and they will have a graveside service in Pineville, LA [just a few miles from Alexandria] at 11:00 AM on Saturday November 18, 2006. Natalie asks me to inform everyone that wanted to send flowers or a gift, that she would appreciate you just sending a donation to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 501 St. Jude Place Memphis, TN 38105.

----Natalie told a funny story this morning when talking with her about her dad. She said he had been on & off a breathing machine a few times. During one of his good times and he did not need it, the nurse was asking him if he was ok and how did he feel. Sputnik looked up at her and responded, “I am tough, I am a wrestler!!”

Shows For The Weekend 11.09 to 11.11.06

ATTENTION: If you are a promoter, please send me the address of the wrestling building. I will then be able to Google map your show, just like I have done to a few of the shows below. I have fans that write this site wanting to know directions to different buildings every week. If I get a street address, then may apply it to Google Maps.


Shows for the Weekend

----THURSDAY – TONIGHT!! - VFW Building in West Memphis, AR with a show put on by Don Bass and Jim Casey. I do know they will be there and two guys making their pro wrestling debuts out of the Nightmare Ken Wayne Wrestling School. One is a kid named Kevin Nikels and the other one is third generation wrestler Eric Wayne.

----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes The Hambones, Loose Cannon, Chris Hollywood, Big Daddy LaFonce, Derrick King, Flash Flanagan, “The Posse” [Simon Reed/’Lil Chris] and more.

----Friday night in Tupelo, MS for TFW has Tony Dabbs, “Pure Destruction” [Brody & Cody Hawk],The Gold Diggers, POPULAR [Shawn Reed/Ryan Williams]with Anita Page, Tony Dabbs, Scott Porteau and more.

----Friday night in
Corinth, MS for USWF has Keith Haynes Jr, Neil Taylor, Chris Rocker, Nick Grymes, Rocker, Psycho, Dustin Starr, Leslie Jones and more.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 7:30 PM in Dyersburg, TN –“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Quicksilver,Jeremy Moore, Sir MO, Tim Alfonzo, Tank , Seth Knight “East Coast Bad Boys” and more.

----Saturday night in Booneville, MS for SGWA with “Prime Time” Nick Grymes, Buzz Harly, Izzy Rotten, Homeless Joe, Soultaker, “24/7” [Kross/JR Mauler], “Phat Foundation” and more.

----Saturday night in New Albany, MS 107 McGill ST [right off the square] with XWO will have Storm, Scott Porteau, "Pure Destruction"[Brody & Cody Hawk],Thomas Knox, "Asylum" [Psycho/Wraith],Danny B, and more.

----Saturday night in Paragould, AR for Arkansas Championship Wrestling with #1 Contender for Tag Titles: Idol Bane/Deadly Dale vs “Prime Time Players” [Zane Richards/Shawn Brody]; Hamhock with Rottn’ Randy vs Blakester/Farmer Tucker; Next Division Title Match: Big Indian defends vs Loose Cannon; ACW Title Match: “Big” Buster Johnson vs Ed Love and in the Main Event: ACW Tag Team Title Match: The Hambone Express vs Shakedown /Jamie Jay.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW – Christian Jacobs, Derrick King, Stan Lee, Alex Krisis, Flash Flanagan, Chris O’Neal, Jon Michael , Dustin Starr, Oz, Bishop, Big Steve, Pokerface and more.

---- Saturday night Batesville, AR at the Old Miller Gym for Main Event Wrestling. Admission is free Crazy Luke Graham Jr. & Gerry "Chubby" Graham Casino Kid, Scott Fury, Austin Lane, Ray Ray, Tommy Lane, The Danger Zone ( Hotrod Ellison & Danger Dave Foxx) and many more.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


On Sunday Seth Knight born as Jacob Lynn Bevis will celebrate his 24th birthday. He is celebrating his 6th year in the business with being the first NBW Champion, first DVD release on 11.28.06 and getting involved in a drinking controversy keeping him from being the first IPC Title holder. I don’t give the HIGH FIVE for just doing everything right; I give it this week for him doing it his way. HIGH FIVE to Seth Knight!!!

BEST & WORST: "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony, Chris Oneal,Christian Jacobs,Sonny Siaki, Jason Reed,Derrick King,Stan Lee.” “The Golden Boy and I worked a tag team in Osceola Once...Two Masked black guys....I’ve never been involved...I’ve never SEEN a match that bad before.”

SEX, DRUGS AND WRESTLING: “Probably about 50 sex partners because of wrestling. I’ve never done drugs....Unless you count sex as a drug. I tried marijuana before but it doesn’t really make me feel that good. I’ve never seen any other drugs. But I know a lot of people who do or have done them.”

ALL IN THE FAMILY: “It never bothered me to have my sister around it. She ended up liking, at one time or another, the other wrestlers but that’s just because that’s who she was around. I dated tons of her friends,they just happened to not be wrestlers. People date who they see most,and she saw wrestlers...and she even ended up married to one :)”

I WANT TO BE A SUPERSTAR: “Originally I wanted to be Well-Known...Famous...Loved...Kinda like a rock star...Make a little money...Have fun doing it. But now I do it because I love the business. I respect it. I want it to survive and for fans to see the best matches they can see. Anytime I’m in the ring I want the fans to go home remembering my match over all others. I want them to see what they came to see and leave with a smile on their face...Whether it was because they saw the good guy beat my butt or the other way around. I just do it for the fans, and I can honestly say that.”

MASTER OF PAIN: “When I was younger I had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. It gave me a lot of pain and trouble most of my childhood. I used to think I had broken bones and things when all it was is the arthritis. I took meds for years and then I got on a new thing they had out at the time. It was supposed to stop it from getting worse and put it into remission until I was older. It ended up working and making the pain go away but the doctor told me if I kept wrestling it would come back much sooner. I even thought of quitting one time but I couldn’t stay away.”

RassleChronicle: 11.04.96

----RassleChronicle covers the results of RAW/Nitro 10 years ago. This week is the infamous Pillman/Austin gun angle. I have also added a Herb Kunze Wrestling Tidbits column that was published at this time.

Get My Point? by Randy Cresswell

I didn’t pay much attention to all the shows this week, so I’ll highlight what I do know and go from there and I am going to start on whatever it was that played where RAW has been airing was because whatever it was sucked. Ok, I can understand the Bischoff angle where he needed to do some shake up matches, I am fine with it, but they went off the damn deep end with it. Oh, and I have to say it, rather you like him or not, they make an ass out of Lawler…again.

Now, I thought Smackdown was bad, but if I had to rate, SmackDown was actually better than RAW this week and that is a scary, scary thought. Also, this “we only announce Survivor Series matches on” is even worse. You have a live television show to do that with. I will say though the first match announced was a GREAT choice and great mixture of talent from all three brands. Also, the marks should love the Hardy Boyz reunion as well as CM Punk being involved in his first big PPV spin.

Am I the only who thinks that an Edge/Orton team under the nWo banner would be a good idea? Maybe so, but it’s just a thought.

I have nothing to say about TNA other than obvious winner for the fight for your right match. Now Sting can go ahead and take out a giant to cement his title reign. Hell, if things go the way I think they will “haven’t read spoilers this time around”, Angle will win the match against Abyss and just make the title match that much more of a joke. But on the same hand, they aren’t counting entirely on Sting/Abyss to draw the PPV, it’s the Angle/Joe match they want as the seller. I do not understand why you push LAX as the focal point of your ad when, to my knowledge, they are still without a match. True, it looks as though it will be AMW filling that void, but you would figure they would put more attention on LAX. Don’t know, I still think LAX is one of the hotter angles going on right now and they could really do more with it than they are already doing.

I think Russo has a deathwish for the X-Title, from what I am told, once again, I don’t read spoilers, but that Daniels may pick up the title as soon as next week…three changes in 4 weeks…give me a break. While no one liked it, HHH held his title for quite awhile to build to him losing it. Same for JBL, he held his for quite awhile, why? Because the longer the heel holds it, the more people will buy the PPV to see him lose it live, especially if they are huge heels.

ECW continues to be what has been, I am very glad to see they weren’t forcing the women down my throat again. I am sorry, I like women like any other guy, what I hate? Seemingly stupid women because lets face it, the general public only sees Divas as airheads and nothing more and I have had it up to here with Diva Contests. Women in wrestling are good for two things, use in small doses and the occasional match if they can actually work. When Lita leaves WWE, it is going to be a very bad Women’s Division simply because, while not the best, she can at least work. This would leave Victoria and Mickie as the top two and then…well, not much after that.

My Point? God, help us, us in our business of wrestling because the rate it went this week…Jebus Crisco, help us all., keep sending that feedback!
Take Care

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

RassleTube is Up and Running!!

----I have decided to start giving “best of Memphis Wrestling” to start out the RassleTube hour every week. It will be two week old stuff and then with the remaining time I will try to add things that I want to share.

----This week’s edition starts out with Memphis Wrestling from 10.28.06Tatt2/Dustin Starr vs “Too Cool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex]; : “Opening The Vault” on Jim Cornette; Lawler interview at his mother’s house; “Picture Perfect” [Chris O’Neal/Jon Michael] vs Flash Flanagan/Pokerface; Chris Rocker vs Derrick King; Nate the Rat goes to Lawler’s mother’s house skit; old USWA match with Jerry Lawler vs Master of Pain; another classic: Lawler vs Bill Dundee and finally from UWF: “Fantastics” [Tommy Rogers/Bobby Fulton]/Missing Link with Dark Journey vs EddieGilbert/Sting/John Tatum with Missy Hyatt.

The Ratings Are In!!!

----Memphis Wrestling continues to surprise me in this time slot scoring 4.7 [78, 402 viewers] overall for this past Saturday’s show. This was the second highest show of our time span of 5.13.06 to the current show. The only show that ranked higher is the 10.7.06 show, which had a 5.0 rating.

----This show opened huge with the Sputnik Monroe story and clips of last week’s Rocker vs King match with a 5.5 [90,887 viewers]. The show dropped to 4.9 [81,898 viewers] for King vs Rocker this week and “Opening the Vault”. That quarter lost 8989 viewers. The next quarter dropped just slightly to 4.6 [76,072 viewers] with rest of the vault, the 10 man tag and the start of the Harold Ford Jr interview. This quarter lost 5826 viewers. In the final quarter, which started with the finish of the Ford interview and ended with the 6 man tag featuring Jerry Lawler dropped a whopping 11,153 viewers to a 3.9 [64,919 viewers].

----The first quarter hour being so high can be contributed to there was mention of Monroe's death all over the news in this area and Maclin was saying Memphis Wrestling would have a special on him. The show continued good numbers until the last quarter, when it dropped over 11,000 viewers. The last three shows that Lawler has appeared in a match at the studio has had the most lost for each show. The 9.30 show had over 13,000 viewers shut off and on 10.07.06 over 22,000 viewers shut off a Lawler vs King bout. No explanation other than people just do not care to see Lawler wrestle on TV?? But, it could be they were turned off by the Harold Ford piece?? The only negativity of the show was that they did lose 25,968 viewers from the start to the finish. This also is the 6th week in a row that the promotion has delivered a good show.

Monday, November 06, 2006

RassleBits: RassleTube, Kastle, Knight responds and Drinking/Drugs

----YouTube is having some technical difficulties, so RassleTube will be up and running as soon as possible. I have been having the same problems for the last three hours. I have some Memphis Wrestling from 10.28.06 and some classic stuff I think you are going to enjoy this week.

----I did get a call from Kaleb Kastle today. He informed me that he is not working Memphis Wrestling right now due to his current job. He is “on call” during the day on Saturdays, so it will permit him to travel from Florence, AL to Memphis. He also told me that yes, he was upset the other night because they had called him “Kidd Kastle” and that he did not quit CWA. I feel a few things would have to change, but I do expect him back with CWA if he works anything around here and look for him to return to Memphis as soon as he can.

----Seth Knight sent this via yahoo messenger “Untrue comments made of me about the show in Humboldt. I was the same condition, if not more sober, then I was the night I had a 4 star match with Rude. I wasn’t any "drunker" than any other wrestler/rock singer who has had a few before they go out to the ring/stage. If I was in no condition to wrestle then why did I go out and wrestle the match before the battle royal? And if Chris O’Neal and Trendsetter [Jon Michael] are such good "Bookers" why didn’t they have the balls to tell me they didn’t want me to win the battle royal. I have better things to do than be somewhere they don’t like drinking at the show. Looks like they can’t have half the other workers in TN at their show if they don’t like a guy to drink before hand. Screw them - I’m sure they won’t be the bookers for long.”

----Ok my feelings on the drinking or any drugs before a show was this --- do what you want after the show, but please stay sober so no one gets hurt. Changing the finish without telling Knight was unprofessional, but coming to a show drunk or drinking is unprofessional also. As Knight said though, and this is really sad, but a lot of the workers will drink or smoke a joint before a match and not think anything about it. I am not here to judge you, as I am NOT an innocent soul when it comes to things like this. But, always remember when you are out there wrestling, you are not only trying not to get hurt, but you are trying not to hurt your opponent.

RassleResults: MAW New Daisy Theatre Memphis, TN 11.04.06

----Precious beat “New Blood” David Anthony by pinfall at 4:44 following a powerslam/roll-up combo; “High Society” [“God’s Gift” Jason Richards/“Pimp Hand Strong” Jeremy Killz] w/The Movement beat “Big CA” Carnage Antwane & Showstopper at 12:16 to retain the MAW Tag Team Championship – at the finish,“Punisher” Dre Black, came to the announce table and took the MAW Heavyweight title. Carnage went after Punisher, but was taken out with the belt, then Jason Richards knocks out Showstopper with the tag title belt, followed by a double leg drop/frog splash from opposite corners; Gabriel Stalker w/The Movement beat “The Poison” Jason Skyler at 8:01 to retain the MAW Junior Heavyweight Championship; Pimpin’ Antoin Smooth beat Senior Official Will Blanton at 2:37 by pinfall after a drop-down chinbuster in a “Loser Leaves Wrestling” match;The Crime beat “Magnificent” Reno Diamond at 12:41 in a special challenge match for the TCW Heavyweight Championship – after the match though TCW commish said that the TCW could not be defended there and in Main Event: “The Sharpest Card in the Deck” Big Ace beat Chris Lexx to retain the MAW Southern Championship. Ace scored the winning pinfall after an ACE of Spades at 10:56.

----I am going with 25 paid and a $250 gate…MAW Commish KC Gold did a worked/shoot angle in the middle of the show. KC Gold came out with three lovely front office assistants, and placed four chairs in each corner of the ring. He says that over the past few months there have been several critics talking trash on the Internet about MAW, most of them being workers from other promotions in the area. He says that he has invited anyone who has something to say about MAW to sit in any of these chairs and speak their mind. As he figured, no one showed up. He then says that these critics can say what they want; MAW will have been around for four years this month, surviving in an industry where several promotions start up and shut down within 18 months. Gold says that MAW has survived not because of him, but because of the guys in the back who bust their asses in the ring, and they aren’t going anywhere. This lead to him bringing out some of the guys in the back challenging them to “step it up” and get ready for the next phase of MAW. I like this angle… During the tag team title match, a crowd member nearly came after the Movement with a chair after Tyler Jade threw water at the front row…This group returns to the New Daisy Theatre on Sunday, December 3rd, and will feature former ECW and NWA World Heavyweight Champion Raven.

RassleBits: Del McKie responds to Arnez, TLCW Results, Kastle quits, Knight finish changed, $10 Tickets, IPC Title, NBW, PWN, PCW and MAW

----Del McKie sent the following about the benefit show and the James Arnez incident: “I just wanted to give u a little bit of the story than just James’ side. I will say the ref did fuck up but the so call 20 people that were there to see him a lot of them were there for me and my kids. Let me clear something else up - DK did not call the shots. I thought Kelly did a hell of a job with this show and my hat goes off to him. And to the rest of the boys and every body that showed up. This has been a hard time for me and my family. As far as James being mad who cares? What makes him think the show should stop because he got mad over his match? Do you think if he worked for WWE and got mad over a match and sent some one to tell Vince that if he didn't come and talk to him he was leaving Vince would have done the same thing Kelly did?? We all know that's not the way it works so grow up! And as far as James burning his boots let them burn once again. I want to thank you Brian and every body that showed up for the show. And thanks to all the boys that worked the show. Finally, thanks to my good friends Brian Thompson and Bobby Eaton who could not be there but sent Brian down to sell pictures for my kids.”

----Did not get full TLCW results, but here is what I got: Hardcore Match Big Steve beat Jack The Jack Hammer: “Black Out Squad” [Oz/Bishop] beat ‘Hot Topic” [Stan Lee/Derrick King] – Gryffon X [Biscuit] interfered…Pokerface beat Dustin Starr…”Picture Perfect” interview,which was a worked shoot with them complaining about not getting to work last weekend and getting looked over. Maybe a heel turn for them??…Cruiserweight match: Tatt2 beat Jerry Wade…Main event sounded real good: TLCW Title: Chris O’Neal vs Flash Flanagan – Rashard guest ref – [Flash’s manager] – Rashard will not count – Flash uses his feet – Bill Rush pulls Rashard out and posts him – O’Neal roles him 1..2..Flash kicks out of finisher - Flash hits Rush - O’Neal then got Flash in the walls of Jericho – Flash had chair given to him by the heel Commish [who had been fired earlier in the night] and Dustin Starr makes save, but uses chair on O’Neal. Starr beats the hell out of everybody. Hot Topic/Picture Perfect finally make save…Crowd was up at bit around 65 with a gate of about $325. Looks like TLCW and NBW both benefited from the DCWF closing.

----I got word this morning after I posted the Selmer show results that Kaleb Kastle quit CWA after his first match the other night. He ask them to not refer to him as Kidd Kastle [the Memphis Wresting gimmick] and when they announced him they called him “Kidd Kastle.” He was scheduled to work Alex Krisis later in the night, but took his stuff off and left after that.

----Seth Knight was slated to win the battle royal for the bye, instead of Christian Jacobs, in NWA Mid-South Friday night. Knight showed up in no condition to wrestle – alcohol induced intoxication. The building owners had ask for Knight to not be ask back to the show, so the crew felt it was best to eliminate Knight from the battle royal. The catcher – Knight did not know anything about the booking change of Jacobs going over. He was totally pissed after the show.

----I read some complaints about the price of MAW tickets @ $10. I got to be on the side of the promotion here. LAW’s Kelly Warner was way ahead of the curve for this as when LAW first started running shows, they always charged more than other promotions. Warner always said, “If you charge more, then they perceive you as first class” or something like that. It is very important to always run a tight good show at those prices as a $10 fan does not come back as often as a $5 fan would come back. CWA charges $10 for advance and $12 for at the door. I have heard no one say that CWA show was not worth it. LAW charges $8 and $10 respectively and they usually have a good show also. One thing I am trying to say here is this – if MAW is going to run the New Daisy on Beale Street and you get in for $10 – you are getting in for cheap. For all those promoters that still charge $5 and draw less than 100 people every week – get with the times –charge them $10 and put on a better show. You will have more fans show up.

----The Inter-Promotion Championship Title that has been talked about here is looking to be recognized by all the small promotions in this area. The idea is to bring the champion in about every 3 months and have him defend the belt vs a top contender. This was always a big deal with belts that were brought in for Jerry Lawler to try to win. It will not tarnish your current champ and it is not something that would hurt your promotion. If enough of the smaller promotions could agree to something as small as this idea, then the IPC Title would mean something that bookers could use in their storylines. If you are a local promoter and this idea interests you, then please contact me and I will send you in the right direction.

----Some more NBW notes from Saturday night: Tim Edwards did not work and was pissed about it…No shows were Gryffon X [worked for TLCW] and Jerry Weezy...I was told the show as a whole was one of the best in a long while in Dyersburg......The dressing room was told that there were a few other guys from the Pond that were wanting to come to NBW but was told "No Way" by Motley Cruz...I also was told that “Team X”, which was scheduled to start here has been ask to work TLCW for Derrick King.

---Pro Wrestling Network web site is still up and running. This site was almost a prelude to what I have done with my site. Randall Cresswell has joined my site with a column every week, but still maintains some on his site. His “InsideScoop” column is interesting. Thanks to him on the help with the new graphics for this site also.

----I talked with a friend [Brad] via yahoo messenger last night that went to both the MAW show and PCW show this past weekend. “I can tell you the Riverboat was nowhere near 50 fans. It was more like 15.” He went on to say, “But, the boat was pretty cool due to the upper deck and having a bar; and you could smoke. And, they had the lights and announcers, and all, and being right downtown on the river, it was unique, but I really wasn’t impressed by the talent. Well, Arnez and Jamie Jay were good, but rest did not impress me. He went on to say, “It really has potential” and I have to agree with him there. Sounds like a fun place to have wrestling. And, my source gave me 50 must have been counting the workers. LOL 15 paid with a gate of just a little over $100.

----Brad had this to say about the MAW show, “Now wrestling-wise, I saw the best local wrestling I’ve seen of the ones I’ve to – XOW/Riverboat/TLCW – at the MAW show. Due to the venue, and the style of wrestling with the less family-oriented style, it reminded me more of promotions like JAPW, IWS, ROH, etc. Even though the size of the crowd [20-30 people] wasn’t much bigger than the Riverboat, they were so much more into it. Reno Diamond and Crime put on the best match of the night. Big Ace and Chris Lexx were great too. They put on a hell of a better show than any I’ve seen.”

RassleResults: CWA Selmer, TN 11.04.06 Full Results

----Jay Popular & Blake Roswell vs. “Prime Time” Nick Grymes & Kaleb Kastle went to a no contest when Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock brought the “Hollywood Clique” in and beat all four wrestlers down; Mr. Wrestling III defeated Morgan Lane; Chris Rocker [TV Champion] defeated Reno Diamond; Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock then came to the ring and called out Rodney Grimes, who was attacked from behind by a masked man and beaten down; Don Bass w/Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock defeated J. J. Fuller; “The Family of Pain”[Mickey Ray/Sarge O’Riley] with Hollywood Jimmy [photo above] defeated Danny Morris & Alan Storm; Neil Taylor defeated Chris Kilgore by DQ; Anton Leveigh defeated Brandon Barbwire; Don Bass w/Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock vs. a mystery opponent -- Dutch Mantell brought out the mystery opponent who turned out to be Big Nasty Bill; Bass vs Big Nasty Bill – No Contest; Mantell then told Bass that Big Nasty Bill was not the surprise - “The Dead Man” then came in and cleared the ring; Alex Krisis & Hardknocks Hooligan defeated “Prime Time” Nick Grymes & Morgan Lane ; CWA Champion Brickhouse Brown defeated Doink the Clown and in the Main Event: “Family of Pain” [CWA Tag Champs] defeated “The Posse” [‘Lil Chris/Simon Reed].

----I am going with a 350 crowd and a $3850 gate. This will place them #8 in top grossing gates of the year. The May Henderson show will drop to #9 and they have #7 being their last CWA show in Savannah, TN. This group now has 3 shows in the top 10 and this being the first without Jerry Lawler. This is the only show in the top 10 now without Lawler, because it helped knock the July Southaven show out of the top 10…I will have a full report about all of this at the end of the year, but looking at the top 10 gates not only do you have the drawing power of Lawler, but guys like FOP, Taylor and Hollywood Jimmy need to be looked at…I was told that Diamond vs Rocker was probably the best bout along with both Brick vs Doink and FOP vs “Posse” being real good…Big rumor coming out of this show is that CWA Champion Brickhouse Brown is done with Memphis Wrestling and will now stay on TV for CWA only. I was also told that Kastle may also be done with Memphis TV…And, I do have my thoughts on “The DeadMan” – I think it is horrible to steal a gimmick like that, but two factors are keeping my mouth shut. #1: He is getting over and #2: If Dutch Mantell feels it is ok to bring him out in this gimmick, and then who am I to say anything bad?? Mantell was a big part of the Undertaker’s early career and must feel this guy has some potential. Mantell also helped guys like Kane and Brian Lee with the gimmick.

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 11.03.06

----Josh Matthews beat Dirty Sanchez. Cody Hawk beat Mason. “Parental Advisory” ["Stud" Scott Porteau [photo to right]and Tony Dabbs] beat “The Freakshow” [Vinnie & Chop] and Leelee; Pappy beat Jay Webster;S.W.A.T. [DC & Jonathon Douglas] beat POPULAR [Shawn Reed & Ryan Williams] and in the Main Event: Vega/Judas Thorn defeated Chris Styles.

----Attendance again strong for this group at around 155 with a gate close to $775…Not sure what this group is doing that the other small groups are not, but they are drawing almost as many on Friday nights than all the Saturday night groups combined.

Sunday, November 05, 2006 reaches 100,000 HITS!!!

----Sometime in the last hour, this site went over 100,000 hits!!! Thanks to all for reading and contributing. The site will be celebrating its 6th month Anniversary on 11.13.06 and I have had a great time working on it. Please keep reading and thanks again!!!

RassleResults: PCW Riverboat Memphis, TN 10.04.06

----Loose Cannon beat Shakedown; “Hellraiser” Buster Johonson beat Masked Inferno; Deadly Dale/Idol Bane beat “Top Notch” [Teco Murdoch/Johnny Gunn]; Big Indian beat James Arnez and Main Event: Johnny Morton beat Jamie Jay.

----The crowd was down a bit at 50 with a gate around $350…No shows were Neil Taylor, who was double booked for here and CWA and Chris Austin…I have not been able to confirm this, but I was told the boat was having problems with the Coast Guard and they are going to do some repair to the boat. It was said that there would not be another Riverboat show until March, 2007.

Another Big Crowd for CWA in Selmer, TN last night!!!

----I got just a few details on the show last night. There were 13 matches for a month’s worth of TV tapings. I do know they drew between 300 to 400 fans. I should get a better estimate by the end of the day, but this show should put them in either 6th, 7th or 8th biggest gate of the year. I have a $3850 guess right now, but it might come out more.

----Results that we have: Neil Taylor with Jim Casey beat Chris Kilgore; “Prime Time” Nick Grymes/Kaleb Kastle [Kidd Kastle from Memphis TV] vs Jay Popular/Blake Roswell was no contest when “Family of Pain” [Sarge O’Riley/Mickey Ray]/Don Bass/Brickhouse Brown/Hollywood Jimmy jumped everybody and did a promo; The DeadMan cleared the ring during an angle; Alex Krisis/Hardknox Hooligan beat Morgan Lane/Nick Grymes and in the Main Event: “Family of Pain” with Hollywood Jimmy beat “The Posse” [‘Lil Chris/Simon Reed] to retain the CWA Tag Team Titles.

----I was told that the “Posse” was so over last night. Biggest pop of the night…DeadMan is doing a total Undertaker ripoff, but seems to be getting over. I don’t know if that is good or bad?? He is said to have looked a lot like Mark…I am looking for someone to supply their TV to me or to do weekly reports on it?? Contact me!!

RassleResults: TIWF Jackson, TN 11.04.06

----Wildside beat Anthony Crime via pinfall to retain his Cruiserweight Championship;PK Ripper [photo to the left]beat "The Main Event" Steven Rampage via DQ;An Interview with Genocide/Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino. They introduced the special referee for the Main Event -- the Principal of the Middle school TIWF was at that night. He said he was going to call it right down the middle, Rhino told Rodney Howard it’s in the bag;The Big Boys beat Original Boogeyman/Dr. Feel Good via pinfall after Boogeyman and Feel Good's manager, The Enforcer, turned on Feel Good; Weasel beat Lawman Williams to retain his TIWF Regional Championship; Albino Rhino beat Carnage Antwane' with the help of Ravishing Randy/Maxx Corbin and in Main Event: Chris Lexx beat Maxx Corbin via pinfall after the Principal, whom Corbin and Rhino were both former members of this Middle School, kept Albino Rhino and Ravishing Randy from getting in and helping Corbin. Lexx got off a roll up pin for the 3 count. Crowd loved it.

----No attendance figure was given…I was being told this group starts full time in January weekly in Jackson, TN…They will be in Brownsville, TN on 11.18.06.