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RassleResults: SUW McKenzie, TN 12.01.06

----Wildman beat JR Rich; Bonecrusher w/Little Hippie beat Wildman by hit a legdrop on a sign over Wildmans face; The Big Boys beat Jason Koresh & Twiztid- very hardcore match - The BOB powerbombed Twiztid thru a road sign set up on two chairs for the win and in the Main Event: RL Brimstone w/Tara St.Cloud beat Extreme Neal Dream-Brimstone hit Neal with a piledriver then Tara come off the top rope with a leg drop and Brimstone pinned Neal. ----Crowd was around 65 with a gate of over $300 with all proceeds going to the Lions Club of McKenzie…I was told it was real cold, but the crowd was loud and rowdy…This group does mainly a hardcore show [as you can see], but it seems to get over with the people that are there.

RassleResults TIWF Brownsville, TN 12.01.06

----Overkill def Exodus/AC Havoc/Blaze in a four corners match to become the new #1 contender to the TIWF TV TITLE; Wildside & Steven Rampage def. The Crime & Encore; PK Ripper over Weasel to win the TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title;Chris Lexx /Kaut!on over Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino to become the new #1 Contenders to the TIWF Tag Team Titles and in the Main Event: Team Jawbreaker Jesse Dee [Jesse Dee, Lawman, & Hardknocks Hooligan[pic to left]] over Team Randy [ Ravishing Randy, Bodacious Brent, Blonde Bomber, Haywood Hustler, & Luscious Llana].

RassleBits: "OPP", RassleTalk, Awards, Starr/Psycho and first DVD release

----Just to let everyone know the “Original Picture Perfect” article was a total parody of not only this area of wrestling fandom, but wrestling as a whole. I thought it was so funny that Billy Gunn/Road Dogg [who I actually like] try to hold on to the past so much, just like the WWE. I thought up this parody at 2:30 AM in the morning and it was all written by me. Brian Thompson didn’t even know I was posting it until it was posted. For those that have written about it – thanks for all the good comments. I am glad I got you to laugh. The original fanzine [Rasslin Riot] probably had more comedy in one issue than the site for the last 6 months.

----As you probably noticed we have not had a “RassleTalk” segment the last two Fridays. My bad for not posting anything, but Axeman wrote “I regret that I cannot get another segment out of what I have. There is simply too much background noise to get anything of substance off the rest of the tape. I have done all I can to filter out the noise, but it's just no use. I am sorry.” I do plan to wrap up the interview with a few things that Jason Koresh and I commented on via I will post that sometime this week.

----Next Friday on December 8, 2006, I will start the countdown to the first annual RassleRiot Awards. I will give out at least 11 major awards voted on by the visitors of this site and a few fandom awards also. I also will be posting a “Yearbook” on January 14th, 2007 weekend with all the winners along with the top 10 grossing shows, and few other things.

----The parody feature had a stab at Starr/Psycho at the current controversy that came out of the LAW Thanksgiving show. Is that all that Kelly Warner is good for or what?? The Psycho’s match was supposed to be hardcore [vs Big Steve – no show] and then with Starr/Tatt2 coming in late, everything was thrown together as a 3 Way Dance. As I wrote in the Arena Report of the show, the match was bad. Starr had a few comments on his site.

----I am working final details for the release of the first DVD release of Seth Knight. If all goes well, we will be releasing in on December 12, 2006 and it will be available on this site for purchase. I have also been contacted by 3 or 4 more guys, so hopefully 2007 will be a good year for DVD releases.

Memphis Wrestling Spoilers For Next Two Weeks...

---Not sure what show these matches are unless I note it.

----There is finally a house show as they announced December 30, 2006 at the Mid-South Coliseum as this will be the last show there, since they are tearing the Coliseum down…Fire/Flame vs Starr/Kevin White burn Dustin Starr on first show; PP/Tatt2 vs Flash/Cowboys – Flash pinned Tatt2. PP/Ramsey Cahill vs Jethro/Fire/Flame—Starr/White came out with chairs, but then the Cowboys came out doing a possible face turn and screwing all the heat that they had on Starr/White…Simon Reed vs Derrick King [photo above with a mark]…Flash vs Bill Dundee…Johnny Dotson did a phone interview about his return and then everyone is praising the King interview on the second show on Dotson…Lots of yelling and screaming backstage over the Cowboys...These two shows were booked and written by Cory Maclin as Jerry Lawler was not there.

Friday, December 01, 2006

World AIDS Day

RassleBits: McKenzie Tonight!!, ECW and Raven

----Shows for The Weekend add: Tonight Friday night!! In McKenzie, TN for SUW at the square in McKenzie with RL Brimstone, Buckwild Bill, “Hostile” Brian Michaels, The BIG BOYS, Twiztid, Jason Koresh [aka Void], Extreme Neal Dream, Bonecrusher, Tara St Cloud, JR Rich [yes he still wrestles] and more.

----This has been a slow news week, so I watched some ECW from 11.21.06, because I am a Hardys mark. Jeff looks a lot better than he did with TNA. Powerbomb neckbreaker from turnbuckle looked nasty!! Rob Van Dam still sucks on the mic and his acting is horrible. CM Punk has done something that no one thought he could do – make an impact in the WWE. Kevin Thorn vs Punk was ok. I have always liked Thorn. Kelly Kelly is hot and I like Ariel[pic to the left taken by Brian Graddis]. For shoot, Kelly Kelly is dating Test and Punk is dating Maria. One of my guilty pleasures has always been the Big Show. I loved it when he was smoking in WCW. The ECW crowd doing “What??” was stupid. Big Show was hilarious, “Leave it to Nassau being 5 years behind.” Lashley looked so small against Big Show. Holly really comes off as a total prick – which he is – but he is a damn good worker. Has been for a long time. Van Dam vs Holly was good.

----Raven was on “Between The Ropes” ESPN 720 AM this past Wednesday to promote MAW. Very strange interview. Raven in the end said, “A free click in the hang up game.” And hung up on them. I could not listen to the whole show as the hosts acted like a couple of high school kids that still think wrestling is a shoot. Raven was making fun of them and I am not even sure they knew it or not. I hate to say bad things about a site that actually plugs my site, but if you are on EPSN radio, why would you treat wrestling like a shoot?? KC Gold did get some air time, but I am not even
sure if it helped him or not.

"Original Picture Perfect" Answer Open Challenge by Brian Thompson

I was fortunate enough to witness wrestling history this morning as Christian Jacobs and Brian Tramel accepted the challenge of The Hardy Boys open challenge. As we waited for Jacobs/Tramel to come into the crowded press room, I took the time to look at my fellow collogues. Loose Cannon was there to cover for his site and was yelling, “kayfade, kayfade” as he walked thru the door. Scotty C was there for his www.prowrestlingnetwork. “Aren’t you RanSting?” I ask, and Scotty said, “Shhh. That is just one my many gimmicks.” "Axeman" Randall Lewis [there for Hollywood Jimmy's board] walked in with Jason Koresh aka Void. Koresh was carrying all of Lewis’ stuff and he dropped something. “Fuck..” he said. Lewis shook his finger at him and then I swear I heard Koresh say, “Yes, sensei.” Trent Van Drisse walked in with Scott Hudson as they were covering for TVD’s board. Drisse was praising something Tony Falk did and saying that TNA sucked. Hudson was just shaking his head. Dustin Starr walked in to cover the event for his web site, but I knew that all Starr wanted was to put his head on Tramel’s body. Another sad joke for his site. The final two people that walked in I could not get a good look at them. One was saying how he thought Brian Tramel was just a mark and the other one was talking about the concession stand at TFW. I could not see their faces, but I am 100% sure they had no balls.

www. reported On November 27, 2006 “The Hardys kicked off the ECW December to Dismember press conference in Augusta, Ga. After a brief introduction by Joey Styles, Matt & Jeff Hardy issued an open challenge for any team in the world. The match will take place at the pay-per-view this Sunday. Which team will step up to take on one of the most extreme teams in sports-entertainment history?” That question was answered as Brian Tramel/Christian Jacobs walked thru the curtains and made their way to the podium. [photo to the right of them obviously standing behind the podium at the press conference.]

Jacobs was the first to speak, “Although the open challenge was answered on their Monday night program by another tag team, BT and I would like to also accept the challenge to make it a three-way match.” The flash bulbs were popping on all the cameras.

Loose Cannon jumped up for a question and ask, “Can I say just one more thing about Ron Spence??” Tramel responded, “This is about the Hardys!! Kayfade!!” Tramel went on to say, “Jacobs and me, the Original Picture Perfect [?? I thought Jacobs & Michael were the original with Jim Casey??] accept the challenge of the Hardy Boys.”

Starr raised his hand to ask a question, “Since, I, Dustin “Five” Starr am here I got a..” and this is all I could hear as the fans started chanting “You got rolled up!! You got rolled up!!!” referring to his recent LAW match.

Scott Hudson then stood up and said, “What are your thoughts on the Brittney Spears photos??” Tramel responded by saying, “You can go to and look at them yourself. Nice shots.” As he smiled Jacobs nudged him in the arm. “Oh Ok..” Tramel said and added, ““You know Vince – a funny thing happened on Monday afternoon on your website when we were watching your little online press conference. When the Hardys made the open challenge, I couldn’t help but hear the fans chanting "PP". Some other tag team may have accepted it, but it’s still an open challenge and the Original Picture Perfect want in the match – so let’s make it a three-way!!!” The crowd clapped loudly.

Jacobs finally added, “I want all you PP heads to be watching December to Dismember this Sunday as “The Original Picture Perfect” will defeated The Hardy Boys!!” Axeman jumped up and ask Jacobs, “Wasn’t your first gimmick Viper and just a rip off of the Hardy Boys??” Jacobs responded, “Shut the fuck up!!” Axeman got mad as Koresh laughed at him. I heard one of the faceless no balls guys say, “You know that tag team “Total Kaos” was good in the Mid-South days.” The other faceless no balls guy responded, “TFW is making $1,000 just on Snicker bars every week. Wait until the FDA come to their show!!”

As Tramel/Jacobs were ending the press conference, we heard a big commotion in the back of the room. It was Corey Maclin!! Maclin walked in with Kevin White and rambling on, “I don’t know this Brian Tramel fellow. He has the right to talk bad about my wrestling, but my wrestling is good.” He looked at White and said, “Go get them” and yelled “Bigggggggggggggggg MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOvvee!!” as White walked back to the next room.

The room went to a total silence as two big guys in white suits with a straight jacket walked in. Behind them was Bill Dundee!! “That mother fucker right there!!” he pointed at Tramel. “He killed the wrestling business!!! All these damn kayfabe writers!!!” One attendant walked into the crowd and brought out this big guy in an orange suit carrying a baby doll – Psycho. [I had not even noticed him in the crowd??] Dustin Starr jumped up again and said, “Take him away also because he always tries to change the finish!!” Starr was then drowned out again by “You got rolled up!!!”

Jacobs stepped away from the podium as the guys grabbed Tramel. Jacobs told the crowd, “Typical BT – promise me something and never deliever – just like in CCW.” As they carried Tramel off, he was shouting, “I know Dave Meltzer!! I had my picture taken with the original Midnight Express!!! I am the King of Kayfabe!!! I like black guys with blond hair, but only on Saturday nights!!!!”

I would like to say, that I am just in awe and totally disappointed at this farce that Brian Tramel tried to work on the readers of and the fans of “The Original Picture Perfect”. As I walked out the door, I stopped to talk to Kevin White who just shrugged his shoulders and said, “Man..I don’t know. I am just here to wrestle.”

I was walking towards my car when Derrick King and Seth Knight were walking towards me. “You missed the press conference guys. It’s over!!” DK then said in a slurred voice, “Do you not know who I am?? I am Derrick King dammitt!!!!” And Knight, with a beer can in this hand, said, “Don’t tell BT you seen me drinking or he will put it up on his damn site.” I laughed as Knight did not know that it would be a long time before anyone seen Brian Tramel again. “That stupid mark.” I thought.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shows for The Weekend 12.01 to 12.03.06

ATTENTION: If you are a promoter, please send me the address of the wrestling building. I will then be able to Google map your show, just like I have done to a few of the shows below. I have fans that write this site wanting to know directions to different buildings every week. If I get a street address, then may apply it to Google Maps.


Shows for the Weekend

----Friday night in Brownsville, TN for TIWF @ the old National Guard Armory 7:30 PM bell time with Team Jawbreaker Jesse Dee vs Team Ravishing Randy, PK Ripper vs Weasel, Maxx Corbin vs Chris Lexx, Tank Tuner, Hotrod, Hardknocks Hooligan, Carnage Antwone and more.

----Friday night in Humboldt, TN for NWA Mid-South with “Picture Perfect” V2 [Jon Michael/Chris O’Neal], “The Cowboys” [Ricky Murdoch/Big Bill Nasty], Christian Jacobs [maybe], Gaylon Ray, Pat McGuinness, Eric Hayes, Jazz and more.

----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes The Hambones, Loose Cannon, Chris Hollywood, Big Daddy LaFonce, Derrick King, Flash Flanagan, “The Posse” [Simon Reed/’Lil Chris] and more.

----Friday night in Tupelo, MS for TFW has Tony Dabbs, “Pure Destruction” [Brody & Cody Hawk],The Gold Diggers, POPULAR [Shawn Reed/Ryan Williams]with Anita Page, Scott Porteau and more.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 7:30 PM in Dyersburg, TN – QuikSilver,Jeremy Moore, Sir MO, Tim Alfonzo, Tank, “All That” Alan Steele and more.

----Saturday night in Jumpertown, MS for JWS with Chris Styles, Little Stevie Davis, Homeless Joe, Mario, Devon Raynes, Dalton Storm, Kage, Cyrus, Chaz, “Cruzin’ 4 Pain” and more.

----Saturday night in New Albany, MS 107 McGill ST [right off the square] with XWO will have Storm, Scott Porteau, "Pure Destruction"[Brody & Cody Hawk],Thomas Knox, "Asylum" [Psycho/Wraith],Danny B, and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN 207 Washington Street with TLCW – Christian Jacobs, Derrick King, Stan Lee, Flash Flanagan, Chris O’Neal, Jon Michael , Dustin Starr, Oz, Bishop, Kevin White, Pokerface. Bill Dundee and more.

---- Saturday night Batesville, AR at the Old Miller Gym for Main Event Wrestling. Admission is free Crazy Luke Graham Jr. & Gerry "Chubby" Graham Casino Kid, Scott Fury, Austin Lane, Ray Ray, Tommy Lane, The Danger Zone ( Hotrod Ellison & Danger Dave Foxx) and many more.

----Sunday afternoon @ 3:00 PM in Memphis, TN at the New Daisy Theatre with MAW with RAVEN vs Big Country, Reno Diamond, Big Ace, The Crime, Chris Lexx, High Society, Precious, Gabrial Stalker, Johnny Morton, Jason Skyler, New Blood, KC Gold, Scotty C and more.


November 2006 may be the month remembered as when TLCW became the breakthrough promotion in the area. The shows have seen a slow increase from the first week of November drawing about 80 fans in the building to last Saturday night with 180 in the building. There was close to 500 people seeing the show in November. If the streak continues, then they could put close to 800 in the seats in the month of December. I have been told that TCLW puts on a real good show and the building has been re-done. “You got to come see the show!!” is what I have been hearing for the last few weeks. I said in the results earlier this week, “This group’s success can be contributed to a few factors with DCWF shutting down, some good booking [a lot of the boys are giving Flash’s help as props here] and some improvements of the building. Take a look at the roster – best local talent in the area” I ask the question “Why is Ripley drawing??” to the workers and fans of TLCW. I got the following, as I give TLCW a HIGH FIVE!!

“We do have the best cast of characters and gimmicks from the fun guys like me and “Lil” Chris, the assholes like Flash and Dustin Starr, the young guys that can bump like Tucker and Rockin Randy, the traditional baby faces like Girl Candy, Jon and Chris, extreme aerial artists like Stan, Tatt2 and Reno, the two best black wrestlers in the area hands down in PKO and Rude, the best refs in Bill Rush and Will Gibson and the best manager in Rashard. Something for everyone’s taste. Kevin White and Bill Dundee it can only help us as a company. I personally have put in a ton of work on the building not to mention Derrick, Tim Cummings, Tucker, Big Jerry, the boys themselves, the security guards, the families and people of the community have helped in getting the building ready. The owner, JC White, has been a great help in our transformation from a outlaw wrestling show into a business. He wants everything right no matter what costs. This is the best group of wrestlers and talent. I don’t care what anyone says we have always drawn and we always will. You know what I’m talkin about. We made the entertainment center, everyone wanted to work there. Now we just changed locations, dropped the dead weight and drama queens. The core of guys are solid more than any other I would even say WWE because we build it once and they took it away, we built it again and we lost it, now we did everything right. It’s our time and no one can stop us.” Simon Reed of “The Posse” [photo above posed with a mark]

“One of wrestling's oldest sayings.. right place, right time. A town that hasn't been ran into the ground plus the best roster in the area. Flash, Dk, Stan, Jon Michael, CJ, Chris, Seth.” “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony

"The TLCW fans have an energy about them that make the boys work harder, week in and week out. You've got Flash Flanagan, Derrick King, Stan Lee, Picture Perfect, Chris O'Neal, The Posse, Tatt2, The Black Out Squad, Kevin White, Bill Dundee and of course me (Dustin Starr). Who has a better group of talent working for them every week? No one. It's an amazing roster." Dustin “Five” Starr [pic to right]

Ripley,Tennessee is drawing because Derrick King works hard to keep continuing storylines and because this young man loves the wrestling business so much he goes the extra mile to make sure he keeps his fanbase satisfied. The owners of the promotion have given Derrick King a free hand to run the company. Bottom line is there is not many guys in the business like Derrick, this promotion would not be as successful with anyone else. I have been there for the past 3 weeks and I see the hard work that goes into making this show work, plus the talent isn't bad either.” Garry White

“I think the reason Ripley has become such a good show is the passion everyone has for wrestling from the workers to security to the owners, top to bottom it has been a group effort. Countless hours have been spent improving the building. It is the hard work and dedication shown by so many that has helped our show become as successful as it has become. We are not yet where we want to be, but if we keep workin, our goal is attainable.” “Lil” Chris of “The Posse” [pic to the left with the same mark]

----Thanks to everyone that responded to this question. I apologize for not using everyone’s comments, but I picked the top 5 – I didn’t want to mess up the HIGH FIVE gimmick. LOL

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

RassleChronicle: 11.25.06

----RassleChronicle covers the results of RAW/Nitro 10 years ago. This week is posted.I have also added a Herb Kunze Wrestling Tidbits column that was published at this time. This week's Kunze Tidbits has some interesting comments from Dave Meltzer about the 11/18/96 ECW November to Remember show.

RassleTube is Up and Running..TWO FREAKIN DAYS LATE!!!

----I am still having problems with It is ok when I add videos, but when I go and try the playlists, then I have problems. I am in the process of doing things a bit different with RassleTube, so just hang in there.

----RassleTube this week features one of my favorite bouts of all time along with Memphis Wrestling. Chigusa Nagayo vs Dump Matsumoto–look at how many people were there!! I was around 20 years old when I first saw this match and I fell in love with Japanese wrestling. The girls juiced!! The scissors come into play with both women getting some hair cut. And, this is a perfect example of how you push the underdog. Chigusa gets very little in this bout. Watch the girls cry after the finish!! Freakin crazy stuff!!

----From 11.18.06 Memphis Wrestling: Grind/Flex take over Memphis Wrestling; Battle Royal for Southern Tag Team Titles; “Opening The Vault” with Lance Rusell – Jackie Fargo – please watch the second part as Corey talks to Fargo – so funny!!; Lawler vs Flash Flanagan; Lawler/White/Starr interview to promote next week.

Get My Point by Randy Cresswell

No break down this week, just calling it like I see it. I am in a very pissed off mood at the moment, so don’t look for to much for what is right with the “Sports Entertainment” world. Survivor Series was a JOKE this year. They officially made their Cruiserweight and Tag Team Champions look like jokes. Hell, the savage beatdown of Ric Flair couldn’t even get their heat back they had going into the PPV. The ECW PPV this weekend will more than likely be a joke as well and if they keep running ECW the way they are, a lot of people will be out of work and soon. The only reason you see an ECW is the fact that McMahon wants to keep Heyman around and OVW Booker wasn’t going to stretch that far.

By the way, end the damn draft now please, it no longer makes sense. For those tuning back in for the Hardy Boyz reunion have no clue what brand they are for now. Matt Hardy is a Smackdown guy on RAW and ECW, even going for a RAW Tag Team Title. They need to take the IC Title from Jeff now that they are together, just making it look like nothing after making it look awesome in the ladder match. When you don’t even have the talent or interest to spread through a 3 hour PPV, you need to re-think PPV’s until your TV show is decent.

I read somewhere they Vince wants better ratings…that’s all I can say, no line or comeback can amount to the line itself.

If TNA has the chance to make a statement and move up in the world, no is the time to do it. Will they? I cannot say that to be so. Let’s face it, they NEED two hours every week and they NEED to get some more angles in order that doesn’t involve who they have signed this week or next week. Build with who has been loyal to you, I can give Russo that much credit, loyalty is a big thing to him and he has an eye for what works…most times.

I can honestly say, with major hurt in my heart, that ECW was about the only good program I watched this entire week (might I add, I didn’t watch TNA), but for what I have seen this week, ECW was the only thing decent. 4 decent to great matches yet I think that it is sad this PPV is only being sold on two matches. I said it before and I say it again, re-tool your TV before you bother with a PPV.

Thanks and email me when you can,

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Ratings Are In!! Lawler continues streak!! A Closer Look at the Lawler Streak...

----Jerry Lawler continues his streak of losing viewers and the show does a horrible holiday number of 2.8 [45,777 viewers] overall. I try not to bring up any other show numbers, because I believe that wrestling is a niche program, so wrestling fans watch wrestling. But, with it being the holiday and one of the biggest football games of the year on TV, I would believe that the ratings were affected because of it.

----The show actually started strong at a 3.5 [57,595 viewers] with the Derrick King vs Foley bout and ended in the middle of the 10-Man tag. 10,986 viewers turned off the show after the first quarter and the next two quarters both scored a 2.8 [46,609 viewers] as the viewers watched for 30 minutes. Those two quarters featured the finish of the 10-man tag, the horrible Jethro bout and “Opening the Vault” on Lawler. The 4th quarter scored a 1.9 [32,127 viewers] with the Lawler/White/Starr vs Flanagan/Flex/Grind dropping 14,482 viewers. The 6th week in a row that Lawler’s live match has lost viewers and they also lost a disturbing 25,468 viewers total turning off the show from start to finish.

----The show was not good this week and then combined with this horrible numbers probably does not set well with the Memphis crew. I believe the fans turned on the show and watch the first quarter and said, “I am tired of watching TV and they are not putting anything on I want to see..”, so they turned it off. Numbers do not lie and the Lawler streak continuing along with them just losing viewers overall is not good. I think the overall number will bounce back next week, but it will be interesting to see if Lawler continues his streak.

A closer look at the Lawler streak…..

*9.30. 06 –“The third quarter dropped to 4.2 [70,579 viewers] decreasing 13,317 viewers. That quarter had the finish of the “Opening the Vault” segment and ended with the Brown/White/Lawler vs Cowboys/Foley bout.”

*10.07.06 – “The final quarter lost 22,639 viewers dropping to a 4.4 rating [73,575 viewers], which included the Derrick King interview and King vs Lawler.”

----Lawler was gone from 10.14.06 to 10.28.06 - a total of three shows. The biggest drop of any of those shows was from the 10.14.06 show – “The 4th quarter dropped 4660 viewers with a 4.4 [73,076 viewers] rating. That last quarter featured the “Opening the Vault” segment and the tag team title match.[ “Too Cool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] interview. $5,000 vs Southern Tag Team Titles: Kevin White/Brickhouse Brown vs Flex/Grind ended No Contest.]”

*11.04.06 – “In the final quarter, which started with the finish of the Ford interview and ended with the 6 man tag featuring Jerry Lawler [Lawler/White/Starr beat by DQ Grind/Flex/Flash] dropped a whopping 11,153 viewers to a 3.9 [64,919 viewers].”

*11.11.06 – “The final quarter then dropped to 3.7 [61,091 viewers] for the Flex/Grind/Flash vs Lawler/Dustin Starr/Kevin White bout. That quarter dropped a surprising 18,507 viewers…..”

*11.18.06 – “The last quarter scored a 3.5 [58,427 viewers] dropping 23,138 viewers for rest of the King vs Tatt2 bout and Lawler vs Flanagan.”

----103,236 viewers have turned off the show for the last 6 times that Lawler has stepped in the ring LIVE on TV. That is an average of 17,206 viewers turning off the show. The sad thing is that the matches and storylines that they have turned off have been good. They have tried to get over some of the younger guys, but if the numbers drop like this it does not help them. Those most affected by these numbers along with Lawler have been Flex, Tim Grind, Flash Flanagan, Dustin Starr and Kevin White. Lawler could say that the fans do not want to see these guys, but as noted when he was gone for three weeks none of the matches dropped that many viewers. I have also been saying to put Lawler in another quarter [which I was reminded is not the thing to do with your #1 star], but Lawler did wrestle in the 3rd quarter on 9.30.06 when this streak started.

Monday, November 27, 2006

RassleResults TLCW Ripley, TN 11.25.06

----Pokerface beat Reno Diamond; Kevin White over Rude; Dustin Starr over Tucker by DQ, when Chris O’Neal jumped in; Derrick King beat Tatt2; Matt Foley over Seth Knight with Foley’s foot on the rope; Stan Lee by DQ over Flash Flanagan when Flash used a kendo stick. “The Posse” [‘Lil Chris/Simon Reed] beat “Cruzin 4 Pain” [187/Motley Cruz] with Tasha Simone in a “Graffiti Match” and “Picture Perfect” V1 [Jon Michael/Christian Jacobs] beat “Black Out Squad” [Oz/Bishop] [photo to the right] in a non-title match.

----These matches are probably not in any order as they happened, because I just wrote them down as I was given the results…Gate was in the $900 range with close to 180 people in the crowd. My gate from last week with this group was a bit off also, as I was told there were 150 paid last week -- $750 gate. This group’s success can be contributed to a few factors with DCWF shutting down, some good booking [a lot of the boys are giving Flash’s help as props here] and some improvements of the building. Take a look at the roster – best local talent in the area…”Graffiti Match” has four poles in all four corners. One pole has a paint can and the others do not. If you get the paint can, you win and can paint your opponent. Love that idea…Starr/O’Neal had another heated pull-a-part. Crowd was hot for this. Looks like they might be trying to build for Starr/O’Neal Cage match…PP got beat up and handcuffed by BO Squad after match.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ronnie Spence Responds to Loose Cannon

This is a response to Loose Cannon’s attack on me. I talked to him and told him that I had called Pedro of the Hambones about the ring. He said he had heard that my show was cancelled and I told him it was not. On Saturday, November 11, Cannon leaves me a note telling me to call him at 8:30 PM. When I got the note, I called Tony Stone and Aaron Polston and ask them both if they knew why Cannon wanted me to call. Well a few days later Aaron Polston called me and told me that he thought that the reason Cannon wanted me to call is that they were going to tell me that I had no ring for the 11.18.06 show. I called Hambone and he said that he would rent the ring to me, but the more I thought about it the more I knew I had to get another ring.

Speaking of paying for the ring, I have always paid Hambones the amount we agreed on and if a show was cancelled it was because of a conflict in schedule – one show was cancelled and rescheduled because the ring didn’t show up. Yes, Cannon did help promote with NWF, but he did more damage than good. I would have a sponsor and he would say something like “we can get Jeff Jarrett in here” so far and so on – not for a $25 sponsor. I don’t think he meant to do damage. Cannon loves wrestling so much he wanted whatever promotion he was working for to be big. Funny thing I am so bad about paying workers, but yet I can get workers to work for me. So, I don’t guess I am too bad about paying workers. Workers know when they come to my shows there is no guarantee of pay. I wish there was.

I plan on doing 4 shows a year. When NWF was packing out Armories and Community Centers drawing crowds in attendance of 150 to 400 it was done because we put on good quality shows and didn’t run a town to death. We ran a circuit of about 6 to 7 towns and we had a good following that would follow us from one show to the next. We hit each town about every 2 to 3 months. That is what I plan to do later, but about 4 shows a year is all that can be a success. I am not here to get into any federation wars, but I am going to promote to the best of my ability and to bring good quality shows to the area. It really does not matter what other promoters do, because I don’t care. The fans will decide.

Ronnie Spence
NWF Wrestling

----This is will be all that is said about the NWF vs Cannon thing. I thought it was only fair to let Spence to reply since things had been said about him here. A few things I would like to add and don’t think I am taking sides here. I know that promoting is a very hard job and I will write stories on the actually events & such. The Hambones took the date with Spence before they were running regular ACW shows. I feel the ACW promotion was upset that they were working the NWF show and put pressure on them. Or made Spence think that Hambones were not bringing the ring. I was told as of Tuesday of that week, by Leroy Hambone – “I have not heard from Spence.” When someone leaves you a message – call them, not other people. The deal where Cannon may have told people about Jarrett. Well, that is normal for promoters to say that and is the truth if you can get enough sponsors. I am not telling Spence or anybody else probably reading this anything – but no matter what your pay record is – you will get people to work for you. And, finally, if the NWF runs another show with legends are guys like Austin Lane, they will get my ticket money.

RassleResults Arkansas Championship Wrestling Paragould, AR 11.25.06 New Champion!!

----Mini “Round Robin” Tournament for a chance at “Next Division” title – Deadly Dale beat Cody Daniels – Cujo beat Idol Bane –Dale beat Cujo to get title shot; Arnez beat Masked Menace; Hambones beat Blakster in a handicap match; Next Division Title Match: Big Indian by DQ over Deadly Dale and in the Main Event: Loose Cannon [photo to the right] won a Three Way Dance over Buster Johnson and Ed Love to win the ACW Title.

-----Crowd was around 60 with a $400 gate. A little down from previous shows, but can be contributed to the fact they had a show in Paragould last weekend and Thanksgiving weekend...Next show is December 9, 2006 with a can drive for the local Mission Outreach. If you bring a can of food, you will get a $1 off your ticket. They are suppose to be doing a bit with the local TV station, so this should draw a good crowd…Cannon has won the Next Division Title and the Heavyweight Title now with this group – what makes you think he is part of the booking??

RassleResults NBW Dyersburg, TN 11.25.06 New Champion!!!

----Real Deal Tim Edwards def. Gunner Thompson; Battle royal 2 crown new High Risk Champ - Last 2 were Phoenix X and Gaylon Ray both eliminated at the same time, match set for later on; ‘Lil Tim Alfonzo over AW James; Tank def. Kilo to win the vacant heavyweight title, but Kilo lasted more than 5 minutes meaning he beat the triple 5 challenge; Sir Mo vs. “All That” Allen Steele - ended in a time limit draw and in the Main Event: Gaylon Ray def. Phoenix X to win the NBW High Risk title.

----Allen Walker is doing the Commish gimmick now and opened the show announcing Seth Knight was stripped of the belt and Tank vs Kilo later for the belt…’Lil Tim Alfonzo, Slim Pickens, Gaylon Ray, The Kid, “Playboy” Jamie Lee, Gryffon X, D. Baron Malklavain and Pheonix X were all in the High Risk battle royal...After Tank beat Kilo, “Cash Flow” was celebrating calling for champagne to be brought 2 them, it was brought by Slim Pickens in a dress – “Cash Flow” claimed it was Jeremy Moore and pulled the wig off – Moore run in from the front door and cleared the ring of Cash Flow, and Jeremy took Bigg Moneys Hat!!!...Rematch with Sir MO vs Allan Steele next week as Steele came out for an interview to say he was best in NBW. [for shoot he is..LOL]…63 paid with around 80 in the building with a gate of around $315…I love the idea of Tank having the belt, but lost no heat for Kilo, since Kilo got a big pop for winning the challenge…I don’t believe Moore in the role of chasing all of “Cash Flow” away. I was told he got a big pop, but him vs Tank – not believeable…I have no idea why Steele vs MO would even happen. They should be wrestling some of the younger guys to help them get over.