Saturday, December 16, 2006

More Memphis TV Spoilers: Maclin/Lawler Shoot on the Coliseum!!!

----I was just told that the first 5 minutes of tonight’s Memphis Wrestling show is something that will interest a lot of area fans. Corey Maclin and Jerry Lawler sit down at the desk and talk about the Mid-South Coliseum. It is a total shoot on the Coliseum refusing to do the last wrestling show there. Apparently they were asking way too much for the building and Maclin/Lawler make a point – if it wasn’t for wrestling, the Coliseum may not have lasted as long as it did.

----The FOP vs R&R Express match has the stip of the winner getting a tag title shot next week. R&R Express then wrestle White/Starr in the next show. That match was not reported when I first posted a bit ago. I have added it now.

RassleBits: Seth, Seth, Seth and TCW

----Seth Knight continues to be in the news this week. The new NBW web site had some things to say about him and ‘Lil Tim Alfonzo. I am all about “freedom of speech” but calling TCLW a “shotgun promotion” when they are drawing like 3 times as many fans. Well, that’s just not good. My advice to NBW is just to forget about TLCW and just worry about them selves. And that is not a knock on them, because their core guys [Tank/Kilo/Mo/Steele] are some of the best in this area. They have some good pics on their page that I stole including the one of Mo to the right.

----Dustin Starr has his own take on the Seth Knight incident from last Saturday night @ TLCW on this web site. Is Dustin just ribbing or is he shooting?? You be the judge.

----Seth Knight’s DVD “"Dynamite" Seth Knight : The Explosion of Innovation V1” is going to released this Tuesday with orders being taken on that day. I made this commercial below that will start playing on the main page of the site on Tuesday, but thought I would show it here first. I know it is a bit cheesy, but I am new with the software. If everything goes as planned Seth will have DVDs for sale at the TLCW show on the 23rd or at the latest on 12.30.06. I also will be at TLCW on January 6, 2007 for 2007’s first big show and will have more DVDs there if needed.

----TCW TV started again today on Comcast 17 at
11:30 AM in on Memphis cable. They are building for a benefit show on December 30, 2006, so the TV should be good. If anyone gets this show and wants to do a review, please drop me an e-mail. I am also still looking for CWA’s TV show?? Anybody get that??

Memphis Wrestling Spoilers & Charlie Parker show tonight!!

---- Hour I: Clowns beat Posse;Jethro beat Tatt2 [pic to right]; Starr/Dundee/White beat Reggie/King/Flanagan; BH Brown came out and turned heel and popped White in the mouth; Lawler special ref – R& R Express beat Family of Pain

----Hour II - airs Christmas Eve night: Clowns vs Fine/Flanagan vs Too Cool- No contest; Fire/Flame/Jethro beat Dundee/Tatt2/Chris O’Neal; King beat Drew Donavon; Starr/White vs R&R Express and Lawler sang songs and Nate got hit with a guitar.

----IWA Charlie Parker show – National Guard Armory Memphis, TN – Lawler vs Koko Ware, Rock N’ Roll Express, Reggie B. Fine and more.

----Looking at the two shows tapings, the show look pretty good. It looks like no angles were furthered as Cowboys are not even on the tapings and no angle with Fire/Flame vs White/Brown. There is something with Lawler being special ref with FOP. Full report of the first show tonight around midnight!!! I also had no idea of the IWA show??

Friday, December 15, 2006

RassleRiot Awards Race 2006

----I would like to thank my committee from last week. I had a response of over 90%, which surprised me, but thanks a lot. And for those that did not read this last week, here is how this is going to work. I will be sending out e-mails to a committee of workers/promoters/writers from this area each week. They will be asked to nominate 5 candidates in each category. They can not nominate themselves. I will narrow it down to 3 candidates per category. Starting on January 1st to midnight on January 10th will be “10 TO VOTE” where all 14 categories – each with 3 candidates - will be presented on one page where everyone will be able to vote. January 14th will be considered the site’s SUPER SUNDAY as I will release all the winners along with a “Yearbook” of facts & figures of 2006 from this area.

--Horizon Star of the Year – This is the guy or team or manager or lady that you think deserves a TNA or WWE contract. The one that stands out above everyone else.

--Manager of the Year – The guy or gal that does the best job around the ring. The best manager/valet in the area.

--Gimmick of the Year – This doesn’t have anything to do about work rate, but they could be a good worker. It has to be about the gimmick. Who works their gimmick the best?? Who do you believe the most when you see them??

--Announcer of the Year – This can be the ring announcer or play by play. We have only one major TV program with Cory Maclin, so this also includes all the guys/gals that work every week doing live play by play.

--Booker of the Year-This has been kayfabe very much in this area until I started reporting different bookers for promotions. Which guy or group of guys has presented the best storylines and finishes all year long??

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Shows For The Weekend 12.15 to 12.16.06

ATTENTION: If you are a promoter, please send me the address of the wrestling building. I will then be able to Google map your show, just like I have done to a few of the shows below. I have fans that write this site wanting to know directions to different buildings every week. If I get a street address, then may apply it to Google Maps.


Shows for the Weekend

----Friday night in Humboldt, TN for NWA Mid-South with “Picture Perfect” V2 [Jon Michael/Chris O’Neal], “The Cowboys” [Ricky Murdoch/Big Bill Nasty], Christian Jacobs [maybe], Gaylon Ray, Pat McGuinness, Eric Hayes, Jazz and more.

----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes The Hambones, Loose Cannon, Chris Hollywood, Big Daddy LaFonce, Derrick King, Flash Flanagan, “The Posse” [Simon Reed/’Lil Chris] and more.

----Friday night in Tupelo, MS for TFW has Tony Dabbs, “Pure Destruction” [Brody & Cody Hawk],The Gold Diggers, POPULAR [Shawn Reed/Ryan Williams]with Anita Page, Scott Porteau and more.

----Friday night for USWF in Corinth, MS with Kross, Keylo Green, Izzy Rotten, Nick Grymes, Psycho, Buzz Harley, Danny Morris, “Concrete Cowboy” Johnnie Reno, Neil Taylor, Tysin Starr and more.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 7:30 PM in Dyersburg, TN –Jeremy Moore, Sir MO, Tim Alfonzo, Tank , "All That" Alan Steele, the Dyersburg return of LOOSE CANNON !!!! and more.

----Saturday night in Jumpertown, MS for JWS with Chris Styles, Little Stevie Davis, Homeless Joe, Mario, Devon Raynes, Dalton Storm, Kage, Cyrus, Chaz, “Cruzin’ 4 Pain” [Motley Cruz/187/Tasha Simone] and more.

----Saturday night in New Albany, MS 107 McGill ST [right off the square] with XWO will have Storm, Scott Porteau, "Pure Destruction"[Brody & Cody Hawk],Thomas Knox, " Danny B, and more.

----Saturday night for ASWF in Walnut Ridge, AR with “Christmas on The Ridge” at the National Guard Armory for “The Lawrence County Angel Tree Foster Care Program” with “Family of Pain” [Sarge O’Riley/Mickey Ray], “The Posse” [Simon Reed/’Lil Chris], Austin Lane, Chris Rocker, Giant Hillbilly, Don Bass, Al Smith, Morgan Lane, Tommy Wayne, Anton Leveigh, Brandon Barbwire and more. The DeadMan The will be appearing at Inklinations Body Art Studio in Newport, AR. Fri Jan 15th from 6 PM til 9 PM. then Sat Jan 16th At Car Today In Jonesboro AR on 2612 Stadium Blvd from 10AM til 5PM.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington Street – Christian Jacobs, Derrick King, Stan Lee, Flash Flanagan, Chris O’Neal, Jon Michael , Dustin Starr, Oz, Bishop, Kevin White, Big Steve, Pokerface. Bill Dundee and more.

---- Saturday night Batesville, AR at the Old Miller Gym for Main Event Wrestling. Admission is free Crazy Luke Graham Jr. & Gerry "Chubby" Graham Casino Kid, Scott Fury, Ray Ray, Tommy Lane, The Danger Zone ( Hotrod Ellison & Danger Dave Foxx) and many more.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

RassleTube, RassleChronicle, 10 Years Ago in Memphis and 30 Years Ago in Memphis!!!

----I have added three videos to RassleTube this week. PP/Tatt2 vs Flash/Cowboys, White/Starr vs Fire/Flame and a video of Loose Cannon added to My Favorites. The Cannon video is from Deadly Dale’s site and Cannon is promoting Dale’s new CD coming out. I have no idea what Cannon is saying as my sound has been messed up on [only on that site??] for the last week or so. But, Cannon’s expressions and hand gestures crack me up without even knowing what he is saying.

----RassleChronicle covers the results of RAW/Nitro 10 years ago. This week is posted.I have also added a Herb Kunze Wrestling Tidbits column that was published at this time.

----10 Years Ago in Memphis from the Meltz: USWA: In this week’s USWA news, the infamous Larry Burton got his first mention in the Observer. It was noted that he was now getting involved in running aspects of the promotion, and was already getting major heat with some of those involved….. The Saturday morning tv show on December 7th was said to be the hottest show in a long time. PG-13 challenged USWA Tag Team Champions, Steven Dunn & Flash Flanagan to a title match, which took place there and then. PG-13 initially won the titles after Randy X (Randy Hales) had interfered, but Brian Christopher came out and told referee Downtown Bruno (Harvey Wippleman) what had happened, so the decision was reversed….. Several promo segments took place, with Randy X asked Cory Maclin to join the Nation of Domination, nicknaming him ‘Malcolm Maclin’. Also, Kareem Olajuwou (formerly Reggie B Fine) asked Brickhouse Brown to join the NOD, but he refused, so Olajuwou whipped him with a belt. Later in the show, Randy X hit Cory Maclin with a briefcase, after Maclin had turned down his NOD offer. Fellow announcer Dave Brown got physically involved in the angle, pulling Randy X off Maclin. This was the first time in 20 years of announcing the show that Brown had gotten physically involved in an angle……… The major superstar who joined the Nation of Domination this week (promised last week) turned out to be Miss Texas (Jacqueline).

----Click HERE for all the results, posters and news articles from 30 Years Ago in Memphis Wrestling!! This is the whole month of December.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

FEATURE ARTICLE: Setting the Record Straight: Mistakes In My Media

----I just wanted to spend a moment to let everyone know how I collect info and to clear up a few things on three items that I posted info on. I have people that call and e-mail me results, news or gossip. I have to at the time of getting that info decide two things – it is newsworthy [visitors want to read about it] and #2 – is it true?? Newsworthy is hard to decide at times, because I have to make a decision whether it is either anyone’s business or if it is interesting to the point of “if I was reading a web site, would I want to read about it” sort of thing. It is no secret to anyone that I do try to push the envelope at times. That is what always made my fanzine different and I think that is what makes the visitors like my site. As for gossip or “scoops”, I will not put anything up from a source that says, “Don’t put this on your site” unless I hear it from someone else that could care less. I also try at times to be the first at getting news out. And, either getting the news out quick or just depending on others to tell me the truth, I sometimes still will make mistakes. Three cases in point this past weekend was with Joni, Hulk Hogan and Seth Knight.

----On Saturday, I reported that Joni [Lawler’s ex-gf] was causing problems in the Jumpertown, MS locker room. I then got the following e-mail “It was posted yesterday I believe about the incident that happened with Neil Taylor, Rocker, and Joni in Jumpertown. I just want to clear that up by letting you know that it was Taylor and another worker that had an argument over something and Joni had nothing to do with it." It looks like this was the actual story and I made the mistake posting the first one.

----Saturday, I posted the article about the Hogans Walmart signing being in Southaven, MS. That was wrong and I corrected it. It was in Cordova, TN at the Germantown Walmart. The interview that was conducted on TV was also not in Southaven, but conducted in Tunica, MS at “Sam’s Town”, which I guess was the Hogans next stop on their tour. I was also told by more than three sources that there were probably 500 people there to see them. I also got this e-mail that I found interesting and made it clear out you had to get an autograph..

“My brother and I went to the Hulk/Brooke Hogan appearance this Saturday, and found out about the "gimmick" once we got there. First of all, it was being promoted as a Brooke Hogan CD signing, not a Hulk Hogan wrestling-related appearance. Secondly, we were told that you had to buy either the Hogan DVD or Brooke CD to get an autograph. My brother had no problem with this since he's a big Hogan mark, so he bought the DVD to be signed. However, we were later told that in order to have ANY Hogan memorabilia signed, you HAD to buy the Brooke CD. So it wasn't an either/or thing, it was both. Also, you had to have the CD to get a ticket for the signing, and only those who had a ticket could be in the area. Wal-Mart made several announcements over the P.A. system saying that "Daddy is backing his little girl 100%." There was about an even number of Brooke fans and Hulk/wrestling fans there, and obviously the Brooke fans already had the CD, so it only caused a problem with the wrestling fans.”

----And, finally it brings me to Seth Knight. On Sunday, during the TCLW report I posted that Knight refused to do a job for Foley and Dundee bitched him out. Well, Dundee had nothing to say about it and he was just probably doing his usual “that’s what is wrong with the business” gripe and my sources thought he was talking about Knight. Now this is the actual story and it was confirmed by an e-mail and phone call from two other sources…….

Tim Grind was giving Seth the finish of the match and before he even got finished, Seth interrupted and told Tim that he couldn't lose because he was making his big comeback. He said it in his interview last week and he can't lose. So, Tim was like you gonna let me finish motherfucker. Anyway, he finished and the damage was done. Seth was going over anyway!”

----The dressing room ribbed Knight all night long about “making his big comeback”. The few sources that I talked to first thought Knight had refused to do the job, which was not the case.

----I hope that clears up a few things and let’s the visitors of this site know that I try to make everything that you read to be 100% true. It is not going to happen every time, but I think I have had a pretty good record so far. And, I will correct mistakes when they happen.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Ratings Are In!!!

----The Memphis Wrestling TV show scored a 3.7 [61,424] overall this week. As noted last week, this is an average number, but is not the numbers they have been doing the last two months.

----The show started real slow with a 2.8 [47,108 viewers] for the “Insane Clowns” match, Nate the Rat interview and the match with White/Starr jumping in followed by their interview. The second quarter jumped a whopping 24,636 viewers scoring a 4.3 [71,744 viewers]. The second quarter featured the “Opening the Vault” with Dundee and the Hogans interview. The third quarter only lost 1,331 viewers for scoring 4.2 [70413 viewers] for the Dundee interview, Dundee vs Flash and Lawler vs Dream Machine. The forth quarter took a big dip of 14,150 viewers scoring a 3.4 [56,263 viewers] for the DK interview [pic above] and “Too Cool 2” vs “The Posse”, which was probably the best segment of the whole show.

----It could be just the 4th quarter and have nothing to do with Lawler being on the show?? This is the only show that has aired that this holds up that theory though. In theory people are turning off the TV after they have seen what they want to see and think there is nothing interesting coming up. And, being that the 4th quarter is at 10:45 PM might have something to do with it also. The good news is that the show did finish with more viewers than it started with 9,155 viewers more.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

RassleResults: CWA Selmer, TN 12.09.06

---- Big Ace w/Reno Diamond beat The Crime by pinfall after using a chain;“Cruz'n 4 Pain” [Motley Cruz /187] w/Tasha Simone beat J.J.Fuller/"Prime Time" Nick Grymes by pinfall; “The Posse” [Simon Reed and ‘Lil Chris] beat “Perfect Strangers” [Teco Murdoch and C.L. Smuve] by pinfall; "The Outlaw" Don Bass w/"Gentleman" Jim Casey and Destiny beat Doink the Clown after using Casey's cane;"The Magnificent" Reno Diamond w/Big Ace beat Chris Lexx by pinfall; “Megaman” Rodney Grimes beat Hollywood Jimmy’s Mystery Man by COR; "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore beat Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor w/Jim Casey by pinfall in a "No Time Limit/No DQ" match; Mr. Wrestling III beat "The Fabulous" Chris Rocker to win the CWA TV Title;"The Hotstepper" Danny B. Good beat Reno Diamond by pinfall; Brickhouse Brown w/Jim Casey beat Bill Nasty by pinfall to retain the CWA Heavyweight Title; “The Posse” and “The Family of Pain” [Sarge O'Riley/Mickey Ray] [above in pic]w/Jim Casey went to a NO CONTEST and the CWA Tag Team Titles were held up.

----185 in attendance with a gate close to $1665…I was told the Ace/Crime and Diamond/Lexx bouts were real good. Kilgore vs Taylor was a good brawl also…Less than half of what they had in attendance at the last show, but it was solid crowd. Lots of people left because the show did not end until 11:45 PM. The ring had to be repaired a couple of times and the show started about 20 minutes late…Hollywood Jimmy was not there, but his Mystery man was. LOL Mystery man got his mask pulled off and ran to the dressing room. WTF??...CWA held up titles will be defended in ASWF in Walnut Ridge, AR this coming Saturday night…CWA will return to Selmer for “New Year’s Knockout” on January 13, 2007 with Lawler vs Brick for the belt, Danny B vs Taylor, Rocker vs III, “The Diamond Deck” [Reno Diamond/Big Ace] vs “201 Boys” [Lexx/Crime] and more.

RassleResults: All Pro Productions Grenada, MS APP WITH BIG CROWD!!

----APP put their second Top 10 Grossing show in the books for 2006 with the show last night selling 485 tickets with an average of $8 a head with a gate of $3880. This puts Kenny Valiant’s group at #4 for his Legends show and #8 for this show knocking CWA’s 11.04.06 show to #9. This effort also pushed CCW’s Parsons, TN February show out of the top 10.

----Anton Leveigh vs Phoenix X – 10 min draw; Austin Lane [pic to right] vs Trent Shultz – no contest; Brandon Barbwire vs Baron Malkavain – no contest; Mad Dog Butch beat Lord Humongous; “The Hillbillies” [Giant Hillbilly/Pappy] with Uncle Felton by DQ over Psycho/Lord Humongous with Hollywood Jimmy and in the Main Event: Leveigh/Shultz/Barbwire beat Lane/Malkavain/Phoenix X.

----First time Lord Humongous and Psycho had teamed…I was told the main event stole the show and the fans loved it…There were over 500 people in the building with standing room only.

RassleResults: MCW Luxora, AR 12.09.06

----Shawn Williams/Thunder beat “Epidemic”; “The Universal Lover” Chris Hollywood with Sam Dollar/Frankie Tucker beat Mr. Excitement; The Hambones with Sam Dollar [pic to left] beat Gary The Medic/Big Jim Wade; TLC Match for MCW Cruiserweight Title: The Luchadore beat Serpent after slamming Serpent thru a table to win the belt and in the Main Event: Hollywood/Tucker beat Big Daddy LaFonce/Gary The Medic.

----103 in the crowd with 75 paid with a gate close to $450…Luchadore [not sure who is under the mask, but could they have come up with a better name??] spits green mist like Muta…Not sure the members of the team “Epidemic”…Hollywood has turned heel since my last MCW report…Gary The Medic subbed for White Lighting in the main, because Lighting was injured Friday night in Osceola…Hollywood/Tucker kept beating up Medic/Big Daddy after the match with local Luxora wrestler Herman “Tojo” Williams jumping in out of the crowd, but got beat down also. Hillbilly Nate finally made the save for them…No showed and advertised for the card were Derrick King, Tatt2 and Blackout Squad who all worked TLCW.

RassleResults: Arkansas Championship Wrestling Paragould, AR 12.09.06 New Champions!!

----Arkansas Title Match: Loose Cannon with Rottn Randy beat Masked Menace; Next Division Title Match: Big Indian by DQ over Idol Bane with Bate Masterson [Biscuit’s new gimmick]; Deadly Dale/Idol Bane with Bate beat Shakedown/Big Indian to win the Arkansas Tag Team Titles; Arkansas Title Match: Cannon with Randy beat Blakster and in the Main Event: Cody Daniels/Cujo by DQ over Bate Masterson/Loose Cannon.

----Crowd was at 85 paid with about 115 in the building with a gate around $575…Jamie Jay is done with the group after no-showing again…3 full boxes of can goods were collected for the Mission Outreach in Paragould…Good money made on concessions again…Big Cal had a previous engagement, so Big Buster had to do announcing…If Bate got pinned in the main event, then Cannon would have lost his belt…Deadly Dale/Bane/Arnez jumped Daniels/Cujo/Buster laying after the main event. Arnez wasn’t even booked on the show, but due to car problems could not work the APP show. So, he got to work this show closer to his home…A big thanks to all the fans – I am glad you stayed for the show, but sorry you had to watch three Loose Cannon bouts. LOL

RassleResults: PLW Springdale, AR 12.08.06

----Battle Royal won by Virgil; Koko B Ware beat Tatt2; Jon Michael beat Derrick King with The Big Cheese; Buff Bagwell beat Flash Flanagan; Fire/Flame with The Big Cheese beat “Insane Clowns” [Bobo/Giggles]; Scott Steiner beat Virgil and in Main Event: Jake “the Snake” beat Alex Krisis [pic to the right].

----I usually don’t cover results from this far away from our area, but this showed feature tons of area workers. In other words, the gate not be included in the year end figures for this area…I have got three different attendance figures, but it looks like just over a 1000 people there with a gate close to $25,000 with an average ticket price of $25… Fire/Flame got a good push starting with the Battle Royal – they were about to throw Virgil out with Clowns help, but Virgil ended up throwing all four out. Steiner and Virgil brawled all over the place in their match and after the match Fire/Flame jumped Steiner. Bagwell made the save and challenged them for January 12th, 2007 return…Jake used the DDT on Krisis to win…This was considered a TV tapings and I assume you will be able to watch it on their web site, as they have other stuff on it now.

RassleResults: USWF Corinth, MS 12.08.06

----LSD beat Danny Morris; “Prime Time” Nick Grymes [pic to the right] beat Psycho;USWF Champion Neil Taylor beat NWA MS Champion Izzy Rotten in a Title Unification match by DQ so the titles stayed with the rightful champions and in the Main Event: Neil Taylor/Psycho/LSD beat “Prime Time” Nick Grymes/Danny Morris/Izzy Rotten w/ Leslie Jones when Psycho pinned Nick.

----There was no heat in the building, so they drew about 15 paid. Why have the show with no heat?? Well, there are a lot of shows that have no heat in this area. LOL Get it??...They should have done better with that big crowd from last week, but it was also cold. Gate was close to a whopping $75!!

RassleResults NBW Dyersburg, TN 12.09.06

----Jeremy Moore beat Jerry Weezy; Kilo over AC Havoc; Gaylon Ray vs Gryffon X – DCO; Tim Edwards/Tank beat Slim Pickens/The Kid and in the Main Event: Alan Steele over Sir MO using a chain.

----The usual mid 65 paid with around 80 in the building. Gate would be around $325…The roster here has got a little slim and looks like they lost Tim Alfonzo also. The crowd also has not improved since Mo took over as booker.

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 12.09.06

----Rockin Randy beat Tim Alfonzo; “Picture Perfect” [Jon Michael/Christian Jacobs] beat “Blackout Squad” [Oz/Bishop] in a short match; “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony beat Shannon Lee with Goldilock [million dollar dream into Russian leg sweep into a crossface]; Bill Dundee/Kevin White beat “Naughty By Nature” [Rude/Pokerface]; Seth Knight beat Matt Foley with Tim Grind’s [pic to right] help; King/O’Neal vs Flash/Starr – heat on O’Neal – hot tag of DK, but Rockin Randy pulls him out – DK goes to back fighting with Tatt2 joining in – O’Neal gets beat down by both Flash/Starr and Grind makes save. Starr & O’Neal battle again for a pull apart at the end!!

----Crowd was 130 paid with 150 in the building with a gate of around $650…The “Five Starr Showcase” set up the main event. Starr had O’Neal’s bloody shirt from last week and said how eliminated O’Neal. Flash Flanagan came out and Starr told him he had done something that he was unable to do – eliminate O’Neal – Flash & Starr started shoving – O’Neal jumps in and gets the beatdown from Flash/Starr - Derrick King makes save and challenges them to the main event…Dundee/White tag had a neat finish – they did the “dose doe” with White hitting a crossbody out of it for the pin and Dundee doing a drop toe hold...I was told to look for Fire/Flame to be in here in the near future. Apparently they were booked on the show last night, but no word on why they didn’t show??...Apparently Seth Knight was originally booked to do the job for Foley, but felt it would hurt him. Dundee seem to not agree and gave Knight a bitching…Even though I have been enjoying the booking of these shows, I was scared they may “shoot their wad” too soon with so much going on. This show seem to slow down a bit with only 6 matches, but good continuing of the storylines.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 12.09.06

----Show opens promising a segment from Jerry Lawler and Jimmy
Hart/Hulk Hogan.

----“Insane Clowns” [Giggles/Bobo] with Rashard beat Tatt2/Drew Donavon. Heat on Tatt2 with hot tag from Donavon. Bobo tried to use a cane, but ref Jerry Calhoun caught him. Calhoun’s head was turned, so Rashard hit Donavon with their bucket. Good opening match.

----Nate the Rat comes out with Fire/Flame, “Hillybilly” Assassin Jethro and “Cowboys” [Ricky Murdoch/Bill Nasty]. Nate tells “Cowboys” they have disappointed him. Fire/Flame/Jethro vs “Picture Perfect” [Jon Michael/Chris O’Neal]/K Hill ended in No Contest when Dustin Starr/Kevin White jumped in with chairs to go after Fire/Flame for burning Starr last week. “Cowboys” then run out to go after Fire/Flame. “Cowboys” have stare down with Fire/Flame, and then finally Maclin talks with White/Starr.

----“Opening the Vault” with Lance Russell. Bill Dundee is featured this week. Dundee vs Lawler with a kewl finish. Dundee is using a chain and after a ref bump, Lawler grabs the chain. He takes it away from Lawler and as Lawler turns around, Dundee hits him with brass knuckles for the win. Dundee video also airs, which had clips of Dundee vs Dutch Mantel in a scaffold match.

----Hulk and Brooke Hogan interview from today at Walmart in Southaven, MS. There was nothing mentioned of Hogan working the Coliseum show. Brooke came off real good. Hogan was challenging Lawler for a match saying how Lawler could come out of his home in Hendersonville, TN. Sorry Hogan, but that was the Jarretts. Hogan went right into character doing a promo, and then Hart showed up. It made Maclin/Memphis Wrestling look good. I don’t see Hogan being at the Coliseum show though.

----Dundee interview. He said he was going to bring one of PG13 in for the Coliseum show. Dundee beat by DQ Flash Flanagan after a ref bump and “Too Cool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] jumped Dundee with Kevin White making save.

----Lawler vs Dream Machine classic match aired next for the Unified Title. This was just a brawl with both guys bleeding and lots of punches. There was tons of heat for the bout. Stips on the match was the only way someone would win is if the other person went back to the dressing room. [sort of “I Quit”] Lawler threw a fireball, which made Machine run to the back.

----Derrick King interview wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses with JR Title. A very good interview building for the return of Johnny Dotson. Dotson video interview aired next. It was also a good interview.

----“Too Cool 2” [Flex/Grind] interview. Grind did a good job here. Grind/Flex beat “The Posse” [Simon Reed/’Lil Chris]. Heat on Chris with a false hot tag to Reed. Ref Bill Rush made Reed go back to the corner as Flex/Grind did an awesome finisher on Chris. Flex put Chris on his shoulder as Grind came off the ropes grabbing Chris’ head for a RKO as Flex sit down in a driver. A good match and probably the best I have seen Chris so far.

RassleNotes: There was only about 30 left in the crowd for this second hour of tapings…Maclin was pushing the Coliseum show for December 30, 2006 but he would not confirm it…K Hill is Ramsey Cahill who is a Bill Dundee/Kevin White trainee. I assume Maclin did not understand him when he told him his name. LOL…OMG!! I have no idea why they put the “Cowboys” in on a feud for no reason!! Great heat for Fire/Flame vs Starr/White and then they mess the angle up by adding the “Cowboys”. Only good thing is that if they do the Coliseum show it will be a Triple Threat - Titles [Starr/White] vs Masks vs Loser Leaves Town with Fire/Flame winning belts and “Cowboys” leaving town…”Opening the Vault” was good this week. Some good clips involving Dundee…I have no idea why they aired Lawler vs Machine. I loved the bout though – wished they would show some current stars though…Dotson will make a good cocky babyface vs King…Not any great wrestling until the final match and old clips, but I enjoyed the show.

----This Memphis Wrestling TV report is also posted every week on,, and