Saturday, January 27, 2007

Arena Report: LAW Rector, AR 1.27.07

----“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony beat “Rockin” Randy with the “Goldi-lock” submission. Good opening bout. Randy has got to be the most improved worker in the last year. He does not have the body or “look” of a wrestler, but he is turning into a good worker. [**]

----Seth Knight/Stan Lee beat Tim Alfonzo/Matt Boyce. Typical tag team match. Good psychology. Boyce [rookie of the year candidate] has lots of potential. He is just very thin and needs to add pounds. [**]

----Psycho beat Erik Hayes vs “Luscious” Jesse Lee. This was a trash wrestling gore feast match at its worst. Trashcans, kendo sticks, a playstation and much more stuff. The crowd popped good for Psycho’s entrance and the finish, [“dreamcatcher” onto a trashcan] but it was a bit too long and everyone was bleeding. I love blood, but this was excessive. Even though they did do an angle with Hayes saying Alex Krisis sent him, it was just not believable when Psycho/Hayes have no history. Lee was part of the finish from the last show [as he was one of the beat up refs], so he jumped in the middle of the match. Lee also made a huge mistake by taking Hayes throwing him into the crowd as both of them were juicing people. [*]

----LAW Tag Team Title Match: “The Posse” [Lil Chris/Simon] beat “Blackout Squad” [Oz/Bishop]. The best match of the show. BOS are turning into good workers. They are learning less is more. Great facial expressions and interaction with the crowd. Chris also does not stand out as a rookie. Heat was on Chris with hot tag to Simon, and then Simon tags back to Chris for double heat. Good psychology. 2cnd hot tag to Simon ends up with “Posse” doing their double team finisher [Simon picks up Chris as both go down for a Bubba bomb with Chris doing a legdrop]. Chris actually kicked Bishop down and then got the pin on Oz. [**3/4]

----LAW Title Match: Brian Christopher pins Dustin Starr to win the LAW Title. Christopher is not in the shape he was during the WWE days, but who is after they leave??...This match also proves the less is more psychology that I mentioned above. This is the kind of match that 15 years ago I would have probably shit on. But, maturity of knowing that if the moves look good and the crowd is hot - you are doing nothing wrong. Brian got more heat with throwing a bandana out to the crowd than most of rest of the crew combined. They also did a spot where Brian brought a kid into the ring and stomped Starr’s’ sunglasses - crowd loved it and it was over. Starr started getting heat on Brian after Starr ducked a move and Brian went flying over the top rope doing a face first flip on to the concrete and it looked nasty!! They fought outside the ring and then back in. Ref bump had Starr ready to hit Brian with a chair, but Kelly Warner grabs the chair. Starr just kicks Warner and takes the chair away. [nice touch] Starr hits Brian with the chair and goes to get the ref. When he turns around Brian hits Starr with a nut shot and pins him. Chairshot was for shoot as Brian got hardway bad. Starr hit him with the inner part of the chair where it folds. As soon as Starr hit him, I seen blood splatter on Starr’s chest and I knew he had fucked up. Brian was bleeding bad and I had thought he might have ko’ed him at first. Brian challenged Starr for a “Loser Leave Town” match for next month’s show. [**1/2]

RassleNotes: Looked like close to 80 paid with around 100 in the building. I would say a gate of around $720. Don’t know what kind of promotion they did, but it just is sad they can’t draw more with Brian Christopher…Another note on Boyce: He comes in the dressing room dressed well and carries himself very well. He was trained by Alan Steele and Dustin Starr…Lee/Knight/Anthony/Randy “stand out” like a sore thumb when it comes to be actually workers….Tim Alfonzo needs LOTS of work!!!... Krisis/Psycho had a similar hardcore match last month, but they know how to work this kind of match where you build for a big spot and such…The blood in the hardcore match almost made my middle child puke…Posse had a huge pop!! By the reaction of the whole card, they came to see Posse/Psycho/Christopher. I noticed that during some of the first matches that kids were talking among themselves and not even watching the matches…I have heard horror stories about the way Christopher acts backstage. Some of them are legendary. Starr and he arrived late and when he was getting ready for his match, he didn’t say much to the other boys in the dressing room. After the match, he was just one of the boys joking around about “Five” Starr giving Starr hell for the chairshot. He could have been a raving lunatic yelling and screaming after that chairshot and it might have been ok. LOL But, he was a first class act…Thanks to the LAW crew for their hospitality. Good time was had by all.