Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Ratings Are In!! The News is Good...and Bad!!!

----The Memphis Wrestling TV show scored a 4.1 [ 68163 viewers], which is the best rating they have scored since the 12.23.06 show, which was also a 4.1 rating, but had just a few more viewers.

----The show had its biggest quarter since the 11.18.07 show scoring 4.8 [81,091 viewers] for White/Dundee vs BO Squad and White turning on Dundee. The second quarter had a monster drop of 20,147 viewers scoring 3.6 [60944 viewers] for Grind/Flash vs Picture Perfect, Corey at Sam’s Town and the start of “Opening the Vault”. The third quarter jumped up 3,861 viewers for a 3.9 [64,805 viewers] rating for more about Sam’s Town and the start of the Battle Royal. The 4th quarter finished with a 3.9 [65,981 viewers] rating adding 1,176 viewers. The show finished with 15,110 viewers less than it started with.

----Why did so many people turn off the TV from the first quarter to the second quarter?? Do they not like White?? BO Squad?? That is not it. After the viewers got done seeing Bill Dundee in an angle he should have not even been involved in, then they turned it off. I actually heard a woman at work say, “I was watching wrestling Saturday night and Dundee is still on there!! He must be 70!!” Best of my knowledge Dundee will turn 64 years old this year. He has a great body and still moves well for a 63 year old man. But, wrestling fans are not going to continue to buy the older guys like Dundee and Lawler on TV. They might come out to see them at the shows, but they could care less about watching them on TV. When you can turn TNA or the new WSX on and see the younger more exciting stars, then Dundee or Lawler is not going give you ratings in 2007.

----The story of the rest of the show is that it stayed pretty much the same between 60,000 to 65,000 viewers. So, you can look at it this way – almost 15,000 viewers were lost because they thought the first quarter was crap and the other 60,000 + thought it was good. Although I personally hate Battle Royals it seem to be something that people wanted to see the outcome of. Will they tune in now to see who wins the TV Title with Derrick King vs Jerry Lawler this upcoming week?? The last time these two guys met in a singles match on TV was on10.07.06 - “The final quarter lost 22,639 viewers dropping to a 4.4 rating [73,575 viewers], which included the Derrick King interview and King vs Lawler.”