Tuesday, March 20, 2007

RassleBits: Shelbyville, Central States and TNA Fan!!!

----Just a few bits that I wanted to direct the readers of this site to:

*Nashville Wrestling has the results featuring local talent on their site, but they put “Picture Perfect” as Jon Michael and Matt Boyce. I bet this made Christian Jacobs happy. LOL They also have news on Mike Bucci's return to Nashville. Anyone in this area that is serious about becoming a wrestler needs to be at the camp!!

*Results are posted HERE for the Central States show Saturday night featuring Seth Knight beating “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony for the NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Title. Mark Sterling lost his belt that night to Dingo. Sterling wrestled in the area for LAW and credits his “learning of the business” to Derrick King and Ken Wayne and is very respectable of Tennessee wrestling as a whole. Sterling use to drive 8 hours one way to just work in this area.

*You got to read this – CLICK HERE – about how a fan was treated at the most recent TNA PPV. This is crazy stuff!!