Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ratings Are In!!

----I don’t have the show broke down with what happened in what quarter, because I actually recorded over Saturday’s show on mistake. The show overall did a 3.6 [60,273 viewers] in the show’s best rating since 1.27.07 show.

1st Quarter: 2.9 [47,849 viewers]
2cnd Quarter: 3.4 [56,914 viewers] [+9,065 viewers]
3rd Quarter: 4.1 [69,163 viewers] [+12,249 viewers]
4th Quarter: 4.1 [69,163 viewers]

----This show is something that you like to see as a company. Even though it started slow, it ended with 21,314 more viewers. The show went up for two quarters straight and just stayed for the last thirty minutes being seen by almost 70,000 people. The show was not really that good, but the viewers did get to see the best match of the show – Johnny Dotson vs Nick Bondage and the most entertaining match of the show – DK vs Cujo in the last 30 minutes.

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