Saturday, April 21, 2007

LAW: Boot Burning and Name Calling!!!

----LAW last night featured two different big events wrapped around the actual show. The return of James Arnez to team with Psycho as “The Asylum” during an angle was a big surprise to everyone. A boot burning ceremony was held after the matches. LOL And, Chris O’Neal and Erik Hayes fought backstage over name calling.

----James Arnez stated in October, 2006 that “I will burn my boots before I work for LAW again!!” As Arnez entered the LAW arena last night his boot were wrapped in flames. LOL Ok, they were not, but that is funny; right?? Arnez had left unhappy with a finish of a match in Rector, AR. After statements on this site and statements from Del McKie, Arenz severed ties with LAW. It was apparent that there was legit heat here from things other than wrestling.

----Arnez returned after a 5 month hiatus last night to save his long time partner and friend Psycho during an angle where Rockin Randy/ Dell Tucker were beating up Psycho. A match was set up for next week with Randy/Tucker vs “The Asylum” [Arnez/Psycho] with Kayte.

----Backstage was just fun and games as usual as Erik Hayes was scheduled to be involved in the Psycho angle, but was pulled from the show by booker Derrick King after fighting backstage with Chris O’Neal. Hayes was “name-calling” and O’Neal pushed him and everyone just jumped in and broke them up. It was not an actual fight, but more like O’Neal got tired of listening to Hayes. Results of the actual show will be posted later.