Sunday, May 13, 2007

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 5.12.07

----Corey Maclin opens with band-aid on his head from the Assassins beating him up last week. I didn't even notice he juiced. LOL

----"Total Protection" Mr. Hughes. He talks about Jerry Lawler pulling a no show at the FedEx Forum. He said that Lawler was scared of Hulk Hogan. He says that Lawler let the people down. Hughes beat Sam Shaw in a squash.

----"New Nature Boy" Kevin White comes out for a short interview with "The Insane Clowns" [Bobo/Giggles] with Rashard. Clowns/White vs Jerry Lawler with Renee/Bill Dundee/Spellbinder. Rashard threw in a baseball bat,which Spell caught and used on Giggles as Lawler stuns Bobo. Lawler then pins Giggles. Not good - match was a clusterfuck.

----Lawler interview with Renee. Hughes walks out and says "I can't believe my eyes!!" Hughes says that Lawler was scared to step into the FedEx Forum. He told him he needed to pack his things and move out of Memphis. Renee got into Hughes' face, so he pushed her down. Lawler/Hughes had a pull-a-part that came off real good.

----Lawler/Renee come out after the commerical. "I am not afraid of Hulk Hogan and I am damn sure not scared of you." to Hughes.

----Clip from last week of Assassins jumping Maclin and Koko making the save. Maclin did juice - not much, but bled from a loaded headbutt from one of the Assassins. Interview filmed from Corey Maclin's house with Corey's dad - Jerry Maclin and Koko Ware. Koko was in "Birdman" gimmick. Koko says that he talked with Jerry Maclin at the FedEx Forum and he helped clear up their problems. It was not as good as it could have been. Koko was singing. It would have been better if Koko would have been more serious about the situation. Jimmy Hart will be in Koko/Maclin's corner. Hart interview with Hulk Hogan jacket hanging up behind him. Hart talks about FedEx Forum with Sal getting his hair cut. He also talked to the jacket. LOL It was a real good interview from Hart. This segment lasted 12 minutes!!

----“Big Cheese” Sal Corrente with The Assassins come out. Sal is good on the mic. Assassin #1 [Billy Ray Hickerson] talks and is good also. Assassins squash Mike Black/K Hill.

----"Too Cool 2" [Tim Grind/Flex] come out to a big babyface pop, but they are heels. Tatt2/Johnny Dotson beat by DQ Flex/Grind. TC2 gave them good shine. Heat on Tatt2. This was a real good bout. One of the best TV bouts of the year. Finish had Dotson hit Grind with a frogsplash [Maclin called it a "leapfrog", I am not kidding]. Flex then hit Dotson with a notebook binder for the DQ.

----Notes: Spellbinder used the web on the Clowns/White...I love the Lawler angle!!...I could not quit laughing at Koko sitting in Corey's house in the "Birdman" gimmick. LOL...Do I really have to say anything?? Why spend 12 minutes getting over Corey Maclin?? If they spent as much time trying to get over some of the young talent as they do their owner they would have more "stars" to promote. Hell, I would even be "sold" if they would have had Assassins vs Koko/Bobby Eaton with Corey Maclin as their manager...Corrente's hair was cut real close to his head. It didn't look bad from his "Beefcake" haircut...Another good show - not as good as last week - but good. They continue to build for Sam's Town with follow up to the angles from last week. Good final match.