Thursday, May 17, 2007

SEW Debuts on Memphis Cable!!

----I got the following in an e-mail this morning. If anyone gets this channel and plans to watch it, please record it for me. I will exchange something with you for it.

This Saturday, May 19, Southern Extreme Wrestling will present "The Finisher" with Jason Hall on Comcast Memphis Cable Channel 17 at 11:30am.

The debut show will feature Sid Vicious vs. "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert, The Snowman in action, highlights from our "Dead End" event, plus the SEW camera crew follows GM Tim Williams to the Honey Island Swamps in search of the legendary Moondogs!

Our second show will air the following Saturday, May 26, and will feature more SEW action, as well as a preview of our upcoming event, "There Goes the Neighborhood!"

Mark your calendars and don't miss the action on Channel 17 at 11:30am, and don't forget to catch "There Goes the Neighborhood!" on Friday, June 1st at the Fire & Ice club in Memphis!