Monday, June 25, 2007

Arena Report: XOW Ecru, MS 6.23.07 - DAY AND NIGHT SHOW!!


----Chris Lexx beat Derrick King and Tatt2. Tatt2 continues to improve and should have been put over here. I think DK tried to change the finish in the middle of the match, but ref didn’t count to three. Tatt2 was most over here, as someone behind be said, “Who is that?” when DK came out, but knew who Tatt2 was. [**1/2]

---- Devon Raynes and Dirty Sanchez beat Loose Cannon/San Francisco Treat. Match was good until the very end where it just went to a clusterfuck. Treat is better than Cannon and Cannon was better here than I remember. Raynes is a good solid worker, but didn’t think much of Sanchez. Only in wrestling could you have a babyface with a name such as “Dirty Sanchez”. [**]

----BB beat Damion Rage with Dustin Burcham. BB has good solid moves. Rage is just not believable. Burcham got on my nerves, so I have not idea if that good or not. LOL No psychology. [*]

----Brett Michaels/Tommy Knox beat “The Pink Flamingos” [Brian & Ryan So Fine]. Good match. Good psychology with heat on Michaels and hot tag to Knox. Both Brian and Ryan still are good workers. T-Byrd was at ringside and was good with them. Knox is real small. [**]

----Colton Anderson with Jay Webster/Uncle Felton beat LSD with Dustin Burcham. LSD needs to be fed. This kid is so skinny – you can’t believe he could hurt a fly. Nothing good about this match, but maybe the Anderson’s legdrop from the second rope to finish the match. [DUD]

---Chazz defeated Chris Chaos. Not a good match. Chaos is not ready to be in the ring. [DUD]

----Cassanova Kid defeated “Prime Time” Nick Grymes. Kid came out to “Barbie Girl” which got a laugh out of me. These two guys did some good spots that were not seen anywhere else on the card. Grymes is bigger and more solid than most of the other younger guys. Psychology was needed bad in this match and could have been good with it. [*1/2]

----Buzz Harley beat Jay Webster. Another bad match. No psychology. Both of these guys were doing moves and they didn’t look horrible, but the crowd was sitting on their hands. [DUD]

----“The Studd” Scott Porteau, “Bad Attitude” Tony Dabbs, & “The Future” Chris Styles w/T-Byrd defeated “The Perfectionist” Josh Matthews, “DC” David Cross, & “Southern Thunder” Chris Kilgore. The best match of both nights. All the guys were over and worked real good together. Styles has improved A LOT since the last time I saw him. DC was the weak link here. Did some good moves, but seem to be lost at times. Porteau and Dabbs are two of the best in this area. [***1/2]

----Dirty Sanchez defeated Max Steele with Hollywood Jimmy by DQ. This match was all wrong in many ways. At no time did I think Sanchez could come close to even hurting Steele. Steele used a chain and got caught. A guy this size would never have to use a chain. Steele has raw talent and I was told was trained by Motley Cruz. Even though I believe you couldn’t pick him out of the usual crowd of bald muscle heads in the WWE, he should be pushed in areas like this. If he was a better worker, then you could turn him into someone the fans might want to come see. He looks like a wrestler, he just can’t wrestle like one yet. [*]

---- Pure Destruction (Cody & Brody Hawk) vs. Kross & Jeremy Blanchard ended in a double DQ when Bonecrusher & JR Mauler interfered. Kross is damn good on the mic and has tons of charisma. Not great in the ring, but sells everything good and not horrible. The “24/7” team was officially split because of this match and a 6 man tag was set up for later in the night. Blanchard has good raw talent and bumped good. He needs wrestling gear though – shirt and shorts don’t get it. Good psychology. [**]

---- Neil “the Real Deal” Taylor & Izzy Rotten w/Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock vs. Psycho & Pappy w/Grady Watson. Not a good match. It started out good, but then fell apart. Rotten seem lost in some spots. This was the 12th bout on the first show and the crowd was dead. I couldn’t stop laughing at Grady Watson being out there with Psycho/Pappy. [*1/2]


---- BB & Chazz Stone defeated Damion Rage & Dustin Burcham. Burcham had no business being in the ring. BB was best worker here. Rage took two nut shots – running feet to nuts which would have killed a normal man. Rage is just not normal. [*]

----Buzz Harley & Cassanova Kid defeated Devon Raynes & Dirty Sanchez. No psychology. All four guys probably could have a decent match, if they knew how to put one together. [*1/2]

---- Jay Webster defeated “The Studd” Scott Porteau in the most entertaining bout of the two shows. Webster got no offense. Even though this wasn’t a structured match like I put up earlier on the site, it was done perfect. Porteau got the mic away from Axeman and worked putting heat on Webster with big move after big move doing his own commentary. In the end, Porteau put down the mic, missed a move and Webster rolled him up for the pin. Crowd was actually laughing at all of Porteau’s jokes, even though he was a heel, but popped huge when Webster won. [**]

----They ran angle with Kross saying all day that he had some news about Cindy Hawk [Cody Hawk’s wife] and him. He brought her over to him and he had a sealed envelope. She opened it and it was a large pair of panties. Cindy slapped Kross and Kross went to grab her when Cody came out of the curtain and next match started. A really good angle. This is the kind of angle that should make them some money. Cindy and Kross were both real good here.

---- Kross, Bonecrusher, & Jeremy Blanchard defeated Cody Hawk, Brody Hawk, & JR Mauler. Good match. Crowd was into it big and psychology was perfect. Heat on Brody. He came out of heat with a superplex, which rocked the whole ring. Hot tag to Cody and everyone go into the ring. Blanchard held Cody’s feet while Kross got the pin on him. Didn’t get to see much of Mauler. Bonecrusher was better than I had been told. [**3/4]

---- Psycho & Pappy defeated Neil Taylor & Izzy Rotten in a no DQ, falls count anywhere match. This was just a wild brawl with triple juice and some really stiff stuff. Taylor/Psycho was trading punches at one point and they were stiff!! The crowd was moving at all times trying to stay away from them. Crowd was into it as all four guys are over here. Finish had Psycho use the “Dreamcatcher” on Taylor for the win. Why end a falls count anywhere in the ring?? [***1/2]

NOTES: The night was like any other regular XOW show and was a real solid show…There was about 75 people at the day show and right at 100 at the night show. Auction and everything brought in $1,500…Izzy Rotten has lost like 60 pounds and is trying for some more. He said he felt better and seems to be able to move around better. Good luck bro…Would it bother you if a worker ask your daughter how old she was, if he had just got thru talking about spending the week at church camp with a bunch of underage girls???....Speaking of, my daughter Kayte did give away a replica of the Katye doll that Psycho carries with him. There were at least 50 chances bout for just that doll…I did not do commentary and it had nothing to do with Axeman or Nathan Lee. I commentated with Kimble Winstead on Friday night and did not feel confident enough after that to join the XOW crew. Winstead carried my ass. LOL I also don’t like actually the setup with the mic being heard in the crowd…Thanks to everyone!! I had a great time and it was fun seeing a lot of you guys that I haven’t seen in a long time.