Wednesday, June 27, 2007

An Introduction from Gene Jackson

First off I just want to thank Brian for asking me to join the site, I've been a loyal reader since it's inception and look forward to contributing. I thought I would introduce myself and tell everyone what to expect from me. Some of you may be familiar with me and my writing from my 'Cheap Heat' column on and my blog. For those of you who aren't most of my writing will be editorial in nature rather than results cause I don't make it to many shows these days other than the occasional WrestleBirmingham show to sell tapes and dvds. I also will be posting reviews of dvds, past wrestling shows, and other stuff of that nature. Also, look for video clips of old matches and interviews. As for my credentials to write about wrestling (not that you need any on the internet) I wrestled independent shows for several years which really doesn't mean shit, most all of my knowledge of wrestling comes from my lifelong obsession with it and YEARS of reading about it, studying it, and watching it every chance I get. I hope everyone will enjoy my writing but I'm sure it's not for everyone, so just take the good with the bad and bare with me, if you have any comments or suggestions feel free to email me at My first column will be up soon which will probably consist of two or three parts and it will be focusing on the reactions to the Benoit tragedy, from the WWE, wrestling fans, and the media. I'm also working on one about the Sal Corrente/Jerry Lawler situation. I know this topics have been covered here pretty thoroughly but I'm still gonna throw my two cents in for the hell of it.