Monday, June 18, 2007

Maclin Meeting About This Site...

----I had thought this was just a major rib on me, but after talking with over 6 people involved, then I am pretty sure it is the truth. Corey Maclin had a meeting at Memphis Wrestling about people giving results and stuff to this site. Maclin is not happy with me posting spoilers and was surprised about the coverage of the Sal Corrente story. Maclin said something about going into the crowd and throwing me out of the studio. Or he thought some of the boys were reporting the results. I want to get something to clear to all involved in this matter – I have people that sit in the studio crowd that send me results – not workers. The other shows - I have people in the crowd that send me results. I was told about this meeting by 4 guys that were NOT EVEN AT the meeting. Then 2 other guys just confirmed it by saying, “Who told you that??” Maclin told the boys that he did not book Memphis Wrestling for the internet and all I do is talk bad things about his promotion. Well, he is not reading all of it or not reading it AT ALL! Memphis Wrestling is the only wrestling that I do watch on a regular basis and when I like it – I say I like it. When I don’t like – well you know it. Maybe it is just because I don’t like Maclin involved in all the top storylines??

----For those that know Corey Maclin, please pass along the following – I am free at anytime of the day to sit down and talk – one on one – about Memphis Wrestling and his feelings. I will respect his position and listen to him. He only has to do the same for me. I give that TV show more publicity than he has had in a long time. Whether it is good or bad – at least someone is talking about it.