Sunday, June 03, 2007

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 6.02.07

----Rocky The Redbird opens the show with Corey Maclin. Redbird is from Memphis Redbirds to promote the June 15, 2007. Buy one get one free ticket from their sponsors. You have to pick up one of the vouchers from a local car lot. Father's Day wrestling promotion.

----Kevin White/Derrick King interview. White says he does not want to wrestle the Spellbinder. Spellbinder's music starts and DK tries to hide under White's robe. Funny. White/King beat Dustin Starr/Johnny Dotson. Heat on Starr with hot tag from Dotson. Dotson went to the floor with DK. White used a chain on Starr for the win. After they win, Spellbinder's music plays again and DK/White go hide behind the curtain. Good, but too short. Crowd was hot for Starr and Dotson.

----Reggie B Fine interview. Fine/Mascot vs Bill Dundee/Rocky The Redbird for “Sam's Town”. This was horrible. Reggie said he was going to have a mascot from the hood. Reggie B Fine beat Chris Neil. Fine was horrible in the match. Neil looked good. My first time to see him. Redbird came out to try to distract Fine, so Neil could pin him. Fine used a chain to beat Neil.

----The Assassins with "Big Cheese" Sal Corrente vs Corey Maclin/Koko Ware with Jimmy Hart from Sam's Town clip. Hart chases Corrente away. The match was all over the place. It looked entertaining. Assassins with Corrente video interview from “Sam’s Town”. Assassin I says he had mustard sprayed in his eye, so he can't see. The dreaded evil mustard!! LOL I loved that!! A rep from "Sam's Town" comes out for them to sign a Cage match contract.

----Mr. Hughes interview. He tried to call Renee "nappy headed hoe", but Corey would not let him. Hughes beat Cameron Valentine. An old Lawler video aired.

----Maclin shows these matches for the “Sam's Town” June 15 lineup - Diva Title Match: Jazz vs Ms Passion, Mr. Hughes vs Renee/Jerry Lawler and Cage Match: Koko Ware/Corey Maclin/Jimmy Hart vs Assassins/Sal Corrente. 4 more bouts will be added next week. Jimmy Hart is on the phone. Koko Ware brings out Corey's dad. Corey says he has a gift for his dad next weekend. This was bad!!

----"Too Cool 2" [Flex/Tim Grind] interview. They did a rap and it was hilarious. TC2 beat Tatt2/Shawn Shultz. Heat on Shultz. Flex threw him over the top rope to the concrete. Flex pinned Tatt2 with help from Grind after hot tag.

----"Sam's Town" clip of Hughes vs Jerry Lawler. Lawler throws fire for DQ. Lawler piledrives Hughes. Hughes says he is sorry to Renee. Hughes then does a nut shot and then slugs Renee. Lawler/Renee video interview. Lawler was good, Renee was not.

----Notes: Why spend so much time to get a Redbird over, instead of some of the talent??...They need to continue to team White/DK and add some more guys for a good heel group..I think Corrente cut his hair for the show to get over the fact that he had lost his hair last time -- it looked like it was growing too quick...Why do they continue and not learn from their mistakes?? Corey Maclin is not a draw!! I have nothing against The Assassins/Corrente and they are getting put in the main event program, but why is the main event program vs Koko Ware/Maclin??...Not a good show. Highlights was the DK/White interview with them hiding and the TC2 tag match.