Friday, June 08, 2007

Nashville Bits

----In doing some research on the Nashville scene I was reading on Trent Van Drisse’s message board various things. This is “the” message board when it comes to that area of Tennessee. I found a few news items that I found interesting and funny. We will have at times crossover items presented for both blogs. Here are a couple…

*This came from some results from ATL show on Wednesday night. CLICK HERE to read the complete report, but I loved this!!

7. Chase Stevens & Shane Williams beat Chris Michaels & Shawn Shultz
Wow...I'm cross eyed after this match. There was definite heat between some people in this match, and it was a really weird combination of being stiff, and yet a comedy match at the same time. Before the match Shutlz told Chase he didn't think he could ever find a gayer partner than Andy Douglas, but he managed to do just that by teaming with Shane Williams. Chase took the mic and told a story of when Shawn Shultz showed up wearing jeans and a wife beater, cuz he couldn't afford wrestling gear, begging Bert Prentice to let him wrestle on a show. Chase said one week later Shultz showed up in new gear Bert had purchased for him, and Chase wondered what Shutlz had to do to get that gear....I think the name "Bert" was mentioned 20 times in this match easily. Shane Williams kept walking around the ring and switching corners to tag in. It was kinda funny, but it just got stupid the 10th time he did it. Chase was very stiff with Shultz early, riding him amateur style. Chase mentioned something about UFC, and I wondered what he'd bee watching to wrestle like that. Shutlz seemed to legit not like it. Later on Chase held Michaels up in an inverted Mexican surfboard. Williams is obviously a big Jerry Lawler mark. He has some charisma, not a lot of size though. Chase pinned Shultz after a DVD to win it, but right before that was one of the more confused sequences I've seen in awhile. Wasn't sure where it was going next, or how it was going to end up. Very bizarre match. Post match saw Michaels superkick his partner Shultz. The end of the show saw Shultz take the mic and tell Shane Williams to "Say hello to my ex-girlfriend", which apparently was a shoot, but which one was he talking about? After the show there were several highly pissed off women in the lobby yelling at each other over the comment Shultz made. Hell, if they're hopping from bed to bed they're all idiots anyhow. Perversely entertaining no doubt though. Had me laughing anyhow. Hard show to rate. Thumbs in the middle I guess, bizarro world though. Trent

*An odd post here talking bout Dukesfest and Adventurecon, which featured Jerry Lawler and Bobby Eaton respectively. It makes you wonder how close wrestling marks are to actually comic book/sci-fi geeks?? Don’t mean to offend; I would probably fit in both categories.

----Finally, I also seen that “East Coast Bad Boys” and “Picture Perfect” are both double booked Saturday night. Both are scheduled to be in Dyersburg. ECBB are also on the NWA Top Rope show and PP is on the Springfield, TN show. I am almost 100% sure PP will be in Dyersburg. I can not tell you about ECBB.