Monday, June 04, 2007

RassleChat with Alex Krisis

----I had the privilege of talking with Alex Krisis via e-mail last week and wanted to share a short interview for those wondering what’s up with Alex??

So what’s up with you and TLCW??

I've more or less put TLCW on hiatus as other options have come my way.

What kind of options??

First a little history that I'm sure u don't know about as I've told only a few people. You already know about my matches with Jake Roberts and Rick Steiner in Arkansas. I also wrestled Lance Hoyt twice in Cleveland,TN. While you know about the two WWE camps I attended I was also invited to participate in the OVW school for the weekend, which was 4 hours of nonstop training Friday night and another 4 hours Saturday afternoon, it killed me but I learned more in those two days from Rip Rogers then two years anywhere else.

Great news Alex!! I hope that works out for you. 4 freakin hours?? And so, where can we catch some of your matches now??

Now for my present and future, I've mostly been wrestling in Nashville for Bert Prentice, who gave me my first break on the old Nashville TV shows a few years back, so I've always stayed loyal to him when he needed me. I don't know if you've heard rumors but there is something big in the works this time around. Check out for updates since u never seem to care to write about it.

Well, full coverage of the Nashville scene is in the works Alex. I will be lining up some reporters for that area very soon.

Anything else you got in the works??

Also I'm heading to Texas this weekend [this past weekend 6.2.07] for PCW. I'm taking on the giant “Angel of Death” Colossus for their TV title, check out for more details. Their TV setup is awesome! Finally I might have some even bigger news in the near future, I'll keep u updated when I feel the time is right.

----Alex Krisis is scheduled to be on the “Summer Jam 2007” show for NBW this Saturday night in Dyersburg, TN. I will also be there with all my current DVD releases!! There is a GIF on the PCW home page that shows Alex and his opponent. It also shows a worker named “Action Jackson” that I rode to a few towns with “back in the day.”