Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sal Corrente/Jerry Lawler Update!!

----The Sal Corrente/Jerry Lawler story has been good for the site. Sunday was one of the biggest days of hits since the start of the site. If you exclude the Hogan weekend coverage, the last two days have been in the top 5 for hits. We had over 1200 new visitors and over 10,000 hits overall. Thanks to all the sites that have help plug the site and story. And, welcome to all the new visitors – hope you enjoy the ride.

----Three things I know about the story that I know are 100% true - #1: Jerry Lawler slugged Sal Corrente. #2: Koko Ware and Corey Maclin – neither one of these guys were stiff with Corrente. #3: Sal Corrente is gone from Memphis Wrestling and will not be back.

----I have talked with various people within the company about this incident. No one wants to go “on the record”, because all are in fear of a lawsuit. It is really funny how people that were there seen the incident in two different ways.

----On one side you have the group of people that are saying that Sal was hit by a fan and that Sal hit the fan back. Sal was then running from Koko Ware/Corey Maclin as he was supposed to be doing and Lawler just stepped out to help Ware/Maclin. He motioned for Sal to come over to give Sal a punch, but then slugged him real hard. Sal was supposed to take the hit and just go on with business as usual. Sal did not take the hit and he overacted and wouldn’t get off the stage when Koko/Maclin came after him and those two guys had no idea what was going on. Sal should have sucked it up and just went on with the show.

----On the other side, you have a group of guys who were shocked at what happened. They told me that Sal did not hit the fan [“I was right there” – as I have been told]. They believe that Lawler handled the situation wrong – very wrong for him being someone that represents the company. They knew that Lawler did not like Sal, but they did not expect something like this.

----Here is something else that has been reported to me by 3 different sources – Lawler was going to get Sal after he had already punched him. He was still pissed. He actually chased him out of the building. Others said he was just trying to talk to him, but that was not the case – Lawler was making sure that Sal never stepped foot here again.

----So you have to ask yourself, why would Lawler do this?? I have been told that he had broken Jimmy Hart’s jaw one time. I was also a witness one night in Hayti, MO, when after a bout, Lawler said to me, “I think I just broke Paul’s jaw.” He was talking about Paul Heyman, who later told me, that Lawler broke his jaw because he wasn’t doing exactly what Lawler wanted him to do.

----The funny thing is that a lot of the workers – and I am talking about 90% of the guys here said something like, “It couldn’t have happened to a better man.” I heard things like “Sal was an asshole…Sal was “stuck up”…Sal was from the North and he just didn’t fit in…Sal was a goof…Sal was horrible…Sal got on my nerves…” If Sal was all of these things, then why did they not get rid of him?? Was it because he was viewed as Jimmy Hart’s buddy or what?

----I also know that Lawler never liked anything that Sal did. He never said a nice word to him or gave him a compliment. Could this have been Lawler’s way of trying to “teach” Sal and The Assassins? “You sometimes have to slap their hands and tell them how to do it right.” said one of the workers. Did Lawler think Sal had hit the fan?? Was that the last straw?? Was he finally done with Sal, when he felt like Sal had hit one of the fans and it was going to hurt their “Sam’s Town” shows??

----“Lawler handled the situation all wrong. You don’t sucker punch someone,” said another worker. “If you have beef with someone then you wait until you get backstage to settle the differences – one on one.” I have to agree with that. You can be stiff in the ring on mistake, but when you get backstage, and then you can settle your differences if you have any. Have you ever heard the phrase “He hit me like I owed him money”?? It does happen – people do get hit and hurt. But, I still don’t think it is ok to sucker punch someone. The main point should be that Lawler broke the “cardinal rule” – you are suppose to be taking care of your “brother”, not hurting him.

----The controversy also sparked some comments on http://www.hollywoodjimmy.com/ board. I really hate printing comments from people, when I have no idea who wrote it, but these were some strong and interesting comments.

If I was Corrente like he said fuck this I am out of here and I totally agree with him. I wouldn't work for that hell hole that is out of control. So it all boils down to Lawler seen someone being pushed and he didn't like it so he wanted out of the territory, and people gets pissed at the guy because he said he had money but that gave Lawler the right to get rough with the guy. I would have loved if Corrente would have picked up something and beat the hell out of Lawler because Lawler would have deserved every bit of it. You can just go around chastising people because you think you’re a big shot or you think your better then someone else because it will come back on you one day and bite you in the ass. So the best thing Maclin could ever do is fire Lawler but he will not - he marks out on Lawler so that's why he does the stupid shit he does. Just goes to show what Memphis has became. SAD! SAD!

Sal was an A-hole in the dressing room. He deserved it and now he talks about how he going to sue Memphis Wrestling. That will be laughed at in the court room. Oh, I got beat up in a wrestling match. So What? Who Cares Sal?

It's like Maclin has no control because if he did he would suspend Lawler….All Lawler seen was someone was in the main event and getting a little of "heat" and he didn't like it. It's all and will always be about Lawler until Maclin does something about it and tell him to hit the road. Its proven Lawler is only drawing around 250 for Memphis if that so why put up with his nonsense? And let him do what ever he pleases ? Why because he is the King? BIG DEAL! He is the main reason why talent will not come to Memphis, and he is the cause of running talent away. If I was Maclin I was tell his sorry ass to hit the road and repackage someone else because Memphis doesn’t need Lawler its 2007 not 1907 so it's not all about Lawler now but apparently to Memphis and Maclin it is.

----I think I will be writing about this subject for months to come. Will Sal Corrente surface to tell all of his story?? Will he have a lawsuit against Memphis Wrestling?? Will Lawler comment to anyone about it?? Or does he just consider it “part” of the business??