Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Scoop On Sammy

----I got the following e-mailed to me yesterday and thought I would share it with everyone. I had asked in the past on my site about Sammy Hall’s power. There were people saying he had NO POWER whatsoever. Then, if he did not have any power why were people still paying him money?? The below is from a legit source that would rather stay anonymous.

Scoop on Commish

I know you had asked in the past about how much power
Sammy Hall actually had as far as really being the wrestling commissioner in the state of Mississippi. Well, I picked up my license the other day from him, and I believe its completely legit. Some of the stupid people on Hollywood Jimmy's board has made comments that he didn't truly have any power, so I took it upon my self to seek out the truth my self. So, I e-mailed the athletic commission of the state of Mississippi. Here's what I wrote:

"I picked up my wrestling license today from Sammy Hall in Tupelo, and I wrote the money order out to the Mississippi Athletic Commission. I trust completely that this is all completely legit, but I was just writing to see if I can just get confirmation from someone that Sammy is the commissioner of wrestling in Mississippi. There are some people who say he has no power at all, and I was just checking with the main people to get the truth. Thanks for whatever help you can give me."

Here's what I got in return:

"Sammy Hall is the wrestling commissioner.

-Jon Lewis"

----And we were also talking how the workers that wrestle on the Casino shows are not license, including the promotion. So…..


"The actual casino gaming space must be located on water to meet the States gaming regulations for "Riverboat Casinos". Instead of boats they are actually huge barges that are moored in the water. Most of these seem to consist of big ponds filled with Mississippi River water. You can't tell when you cross over from the land-based hotel onto the "floating" casino floor."

" The Commission is responsible for licensing, administering discipline to licensees, and adopting regulations. A full-time executive director administers the gaming laws and regulations, and makes recommendations on licensing and other matters to the Commission. The Attorney General must approve the appointment of all legal staff."

"Local governments cannot issue licenses, and have limited ability to regulate gaming. The Mississippi Attorney General has issued an opinion stating that a local government can adopt zoning ordinances restricting gaming to certain areas within its city or county limits. However, a local government may not prohibit gaming completely."

In other words, the casino isn't technically on land and is therefore regulated by the Gambling Commission and no one else. So, technically
wrestling shows held at Sam's Town aren't under the jurisdiction of
the Mississippi State Athletic Commission, but only the Gambling Commission.