Friday, August 31, 2007

Bret Hart To Help The New Hart Foundation??

----"The Big Cheese" just made comments earlier today about the new Hart Foundation. It would be interesting to see if they can get Bret to participate in the angle. If so, it might be something I would want to see. TJ Wilson was also signed during the same time Teddy/Harry/Nattie were signed; right?? What are they doing with him?? Wilson/Smith were teaming as the "Stampede Bulldogs" even in DSW and OVW; right?? I added a youtube video of the new Hart Foundation in OVW. It makes me wonder after seeing Nattie whether they will make her get a boob job or not??

For months we have been covering the story of the new "Hart Foundation" that's headed to WWE. The group consists of Teddy Hart (Bret's nephew), Harry Smith (Davey Boy's son) and Nattie Neidhart (the Anvil's daughter). The trio has been under WWE developmental contract for quite some time and is expected to be brought up to the WWE roster in the next several months.

Despite early reports that Teddy Hart was already causing trouble behind the scenes (he is notorious for being hard to work with), the group has been getting rave reviews for their behavior in and out of the ring.

The current plan is for the new Hart Foundation will begin working house shows some time this fall. SmackDown writer Michael Hayes proposed bringing the group in as heels, but almost everybody else (including Stephanie McMahon) thinks the Hart family is too famous and beloved to be brought in as "bad guys".

WWE is interested in using Bret Hart in an angle to introduce the new group. While this may seem like a real long shot, the chances of Bret Hart being involved in a WWE storyline are better now then they've been since Montreal 10 years ago. Bret was last seen on WWE television back in June, when he taped a brief promo talking about Mr. McMahon's exploded limosine.

Years ago the idea of Bret Hart participating in a WWE storyline sounded impossible. Since then, Bret Hart has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, participated in his "best of" DVD and more. This month, WWE is airing a Bret Hart tribute PPV special. With Bret's new book coming out this fall, we could see him participate in this angle in exchange for WWE promoting the book.

Credit: and The Wrestling Observer Newsletter