Thursday, August 30, 2007

More On Nick Accident

The family of crash victim and friend of Nick Hogan, John Graziano, remains in critical care as reported earlier. The 22 year old who returned from duty in Iraq has many loved ones grinding it out praying he will make a safe recovery as they are gathered at Glen Oak Parks near the crash sight to show support.. Tampa Bay's 10 News has an article with photos from the crash scene as well as John and his girlfriend.

Ashley Berry, Graziano's girlfriend is praying that he can once fight through another battle. The first one being Iraq.

Here is what Ashley Berry, Graziano's Girlfriend had to say:

"He's too strong not to. He's been to war and back. He's too strong of a guy not to, he doesn't give up, and he's too persistent."

Here is what Graziano's Sister, Cristin Carson, had to say about her brother:

"Right now he'd be upset at all the fuss being made over him because he doesn't like a fuss in any way, he's an independent, strong, healthy man."

The nurses say that's what's going to get him really rehabilitated and back to normal in no time.

According to Graziano's sister he was supposed to return to fight the war on Iraq this upcoming October. However it is quite obvious that will not be happening anytime soon.

Tampa Bay's 10 is reporting that his parents and brothers are at the hospital with him at this hour. The Hogan family has dropped by to pay respect by bringing food and has called a special doctor to ensure John is receiving the best care possible.