Monday, August 06, 2007

Pacman Signs with TNA!!

----I heard that Russo wanted to do an angle where he has a gun in a strip club...wait...that would be a shoot. LOL I am still having a hard time believing this.

--TNA announced Pacman Jones' signing late last night and announced his debut on Impact on Thursday. The story was in, among other places, USA Today and the front page of Yahoo. Jones will be in a taped inset on the show where he'll announce being at the Hard Justice PPV on Sunday. He will announce more during an interview on the PPV. They announced he will be wrestling, even though the Titans have claimed it would violate his contract, and Jeff Jarrett is training him in a ring TNA has set up in Jones' backyard . We had heard all along TNA expects him to wrestle at least twice, if not more. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was asked about Jones wrestling and said it's up to Jones to decide what he wants to do. It's said the Titans don't want him actually wrestling saying it's a contract violation.