Friday, August 10, 2007

RassleReview: Guest Booker w/Kevin Sullivan by Gene Jackson

I'm currently watching an interesting new concept in wrestling dvds, it's called Guest Booker. In this series they sit down with a well known booker and have him book a full year in a different territory or time period than where they are known for. In this the first of the series the guest booker is none other than Kevin Sullivan whose task is to book WWE in their expansion year of 1984 WITHOUT Hulk Hogan.

Sullivan sits down and picks who he would get rid off the '84 roster as well as who he would pick away from the other territories. This is a very insightful dvd that shows the psychology of booking a territory and building a card from the bottom up. This is a must see for anyone who has an interest in booking or currently is a booker on a show. Sullivan picks who to put the belts on, why he chooses them and the angles that will revolve around them, and who can draw on top with no Hogan to fall back on. I'm not gonna spoil it by telling who he uses but I recommend everyone check this out. If your interested in getting this you can email me at or you can find it at For a sample, check out this youtube trailor of the dvd.