Monday, August 27, 2007

RassleTube: Classic Interview!! "Waste of Sperm"

----This interview will probably go down as one of funniest in Memphis Wrestling history and infamous because of the things that were said. And, guess what?? Along with all of that, I actually missed Kevin’s punch line and posted that he said, “waste of birth.” Kevin actually said, “A waste of SPERM” talking about Jamie Dundee. I guess that happens when you are watching wrestling with four other people in the room and three of them are kids. I would like to thank Mike Needham for giving me the “head’s up” this morning about it. I had to go back and watch it to see that he actually said that. LOL And, Mr. White is priceless here. His “goofy ass” comment about Jamie got him in some trouble and it seems it surprised some people that he was on the next show at the tapings. Mr. White also says something about “Dundee owing him money”..LOL I think the “infamous” part of the interview is that some of this is true when it comes to the Whites/Dundees, who just might have little bit of REAL heat.

----My apologies to Charlie Chaplin also, because I referred to the imitator as a “Charlie Chan” imitator in the DK angle. I slipped and did a “Maclin” on that one. LOL Thanks to Tim Cousar for pointing that out!!

----My apologies also to the Midnight Express. My only comment about them was “Midnight” looked old. As one of my friends pointed out – “No shit..we all look old!! They won the NWA Tag Team Titles for the first time on February 2, 1986!!!” I guess that did put that statement in prospective.