Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ross & Lawler Will Stay A Team

----I had only seen this mentioned on one other site, which was credit to Ryan Clark [who was an original subscriber to the zine RASSLIN RIOT] at Since I never seen it on any of the other major sites, then I just didn't comment it on it. But, after Tazz was with Jim Ross, it was rumored that he would be replacing Jerry Lawler and Lawler would be going to ECW. Not the case. Here is the comment that Ross had on his Blog.

"We got a fair amount of feedback about the rumor that King and I will be split up in the near future. I can only say that no one has spoken to me about it, whatsoever, and I seriously doubt the validity of the rumor."

----The news center over at Jimmy's site even has a poll up with "Should JR and Jerry Lawler be split up as an announcing team??" There are only 12 more hours to vote, but it looks like the answer is going to be NO winning at this point at 48% of the vote.