Friday, August 31, 2007

TIWF TV Report 8.30.07 by the Rambling Critic

TIWF TV Report

HOLY CRAP!!! They fixed the technical difficulties. No bars, no shaking, and the sound is lined up. Well....its about time.

Show start with 4 straight interviews...yes 4.

Interview # 1
Lawman Williams

States that he knows who attacked him. Convicts from his past. The lights go dim and the convicts come out to attack again. Lockerroom makes the save. Convicts are Wyked and a masked man who I am 99% sure it is TIWF referee Tim Sadler. His outfit was completely prison stripes, including the mask.

Interview # 2
Way Cool

Way Cool can't talk. Only interesting point is that he insinuates that "the company down the road" offered him a better contract. So NBW or TLCW.... Strange. I'm pretty sure he ain't talking about Memphis...but I could be not on that one.

Interview # 3

The Empire is preparring for their match. Basic comedy promo, but it was not funny.

Interview # 4

Team TIWF preparring for their match. All were sitting around playing cards and checkers. They were laughing at their opponents and saying that was all the training they needed. Why do I want to see this match now? They basically don't care about the match enough to train.

Why 4 interviews? And bad ones at that.

Show goes back to studio with Jon Seymore asking Wildside why he was wearing his gear? I nearly lost it on that one....seems like someone has been reading this review. Well, Wildside attacks him and gets rid of Seymore (wow, they have been reading it). Ravishing Randy is the new co-host. He did ok but seemed stiff....better than Seymore....not as good as Wildside. Crowd is in the 35-40 range. A lot of little kids again.

Match # 1
J.R. Rich vs Johnny Thunder

Thunder wins with a running power slam. This was not a good match up. No one there to lead the match. 1/2 Star.

Match # 2
Overkill vs Wyked

Overkill still needs gear and training. He's gonna end up breaking his arms or his wrists if he keeps bumping the way he is (putting his arms back). Wyked wins with a chain shot. Not a good match...not a bad match. No psychology and all of Wyked's heat was edited out. 1 Star.

Match # 3
Women's Hardcore Match
Brianna Starr vs Jennifer Justice

I'm not a fan of hardcore matches. Anyone can get hit with random objects. Wrestling is wrestling, not cookie sheets. My problem with this match was that if a person were to get hit in the head repeatedly with metal...wouldn't they bleed? Most of the shots given in this match were head shots and yet no blood. Jennifer wins after a trash can shot off the 2nd rope. 2/3 Star.

Match # 4
TV Title Match
Spyder (c) vs Chico Mendoza

I think Chico brought half the crowd. He is by far the most over person so far with this crowd. I really can't see why. He wrestles lazy and doesn't seem to care at points. Spyder wins with a belt shot. Spyder needs a promo video, I wouldn't let him talk yet. How about film him getting into fights in local "pubs" as training. 1 1/2 Stars.

Match # 5
Team TIWF (Weasel, PK Ripper, Moondog Rex, Lawman Williams, & Jon Seymore) vs Team Empire (Steven Rampage, Big Boy Bob, Dre Black, Wildside, & Ravishing Randy)

Order of Elimination: Moondog Rex by Wildside, Wildside by PK RIpper, PK Ripper by Steven Rampage, Ravishing Randy by Jon Seymore, Weasel by Big Boy Bob, Big Boy Bob by Lawman Williams, Lawman Williams by Steven Rampage, Steven Rampage by Jon Seymore, and Dre Black by Jon Seymore.

Basic spotfest with no psychology. Huge amounts of scew-ups and blown spots in the match. Hotrod gives away the finish during the middle of the match. Finish had Dre Black turning on Rampage and then laying down for the pin. This was a crappy ending to a storyline thats been running for 7-8 months. Way to put over Jon Seymore.... 1 Star. If someone had to turn I would have used Bob...and not told Hotrod. Crowd would have eaten that up.


People complain about Corey Maclin's lack of wrestling lingo, but listen to a Hotrod called match and Corey seems like good ole JR. He gave away the finish in the main. I thought he used to be good, I don't know what happened.

Tim Sadler is the slowest counting referee I've ever seen. He's not a bad ref, but way too slow. He blew probably 4 pins in the main. Just stopped counting. Also, what is up with one week your a wrestler and the next your a ref. J.R. Rich first and now Sadler (I'm 99.99% sure it was him under the mask).

But I do give kudos for the bookers and writers over at TIWF for reading this report. It’s obvious. Maybe they will listen even more, it can only help. Also, thank you for fixing the technical stuff. Not getting a seizure from watching the program was a plus. NBW, the report is coming soon. Until next week...