Sunday, August 05, 2007

TNA Drug Testing??

----Nice thought that TNA would start drug testing without be forced to, but a test is only as good as the punishments that follow. I have been told by more than one guy that they would rather work TNA, so they can stay on the juice.

It is being discussed right now in TNA to begin Random Drug Testing Effective in September. It is believed that the wrestlers will be notified of this new policy at the Hard Justice PPV to give the wrestlers 30 days notice. There are concerns how this will effect the talent. Some believe that while TNA is not under investigation at this time, it would present them in a good light despite no allegations of substance abuse in there company specifically.

While the recent news of WWE's Wellness Policy has been being accused of being to relaxed and not as stringent as it could be, TNA is making this move because it affects the Wrestling Business as a whole.

Others share concerns with how the drug testing will effect big name talent within TNA. WWE has been accused of favoring talent such as Triple H and Batista while rumors run rampant about the possibility of similar actions being taken on stars such as Kurt Angle.

While it's abundantly clear many within TNA's roster are not taking anabolic steroids given the size and stature of many of it's talent, there are still concerns of recreational drug use among those in the locker room.

Looking at the bigger picture of TNA, Dixie Carter herself stated months back that there is no problems with Drugs in TNA. She did however state that the only problem or run she had with substance abuse was with Raven but she later stated that the situation was under control.

Is TNA planning to do right by the wrestlers with this Drug plan or will it be used to cast out a few black sheep from the locker room?

Only Time will tell.