Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cheap Heat 9/11/07 by Gene Jackson

So I decided that one thing that might help me write more is if I bring back my old 'Cheap Heat' format for at least one column a week. Since coming here I've only been posting news stories or columns devoted to one topic so when something doesn't move me to write a whole column on the subject I just don't talk about it rather than when I wrote the column at hollywoodjimmy.com where I would cover a variety of topics. So now simular to what Sal is doing (and doing well I might add) I will write a weekly (or so) 'Cheap Heat' and post news stories, results, etc. as I see fit. So I guess this is a return of sorts or the 'debut' of Cheap Heat here at rasslinriotonline, so let's get started.


Goldberg echoes the sentiments of the large marjority of wrestling fans nowadays. When asked about the possibility of going there Goldberg said they didn't "deserve" him on their roster. Well that can be taken different ways and I agree after his last run in WWE, I don't know if anyone "deserves" him on their show, even Vince. He does have a point. Despite all the talent on the roster and all the potential the show just sucks. I really want to like it but I just can't, so many things are being done wrong and not many right For instance, Kurt Angle puts Jay Lethal over clean, which is great. It should have been a huge night in the career of Jay Lethal, however they follow this up with making him look like a chump in the gauntlet match LATER IN THE SAME DAMN SHOW. Then you've got the 'Pac-Man' Jones bullshit. The Dudleys/The Steiners already shit all over the tag belts by having an angle based strictly on the noteiriety of EVERY OTHER promotion's tag belts they've ever held BESIDES TNA. Then you put the tag belts on singles guys with this convoluted bullshit with Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle, then you put the belts on a guy who the majority of the fans know is not legally allowed to wrestle. Cause if people are watching strictly for Pacman Jones then they are following all the hype and coverage of it and they know he can't actually wrestle a match, and if they don't then who gives a shit cause then they are like all the rest of us who could care less about watching an NFL thug play 'rassler' for extra income during his suspension.

Not to mention the endless parade of WWE castoffs they bring in. Vince McMahon the supposed "genius" of wrestling couldn't find a way to get Andrew Martin over since '98, his biggest claim to fame in the business is banging Stacy Keibler (not to say that's not impressive) and TNA trots him in as a main event player looking like the poster child for steroids at the worst possible time. So now he's forced to fade back into obscurity and watch his old girlfriend on whatever ABC sitcom she's guest starring on this week. Now they bring in Rikishi to do the 'stink face' crap that was played out when he left WWE, he's barely a draw on indies at this point.

But hey, Jeff Jarrett will be back soon so that should be awesome,,,,,,,,,,,, moving on.


Sure, why the hell wouldn't he be, He's got a lot going for him in his career right now and the last thing he needs is the stinch that being a "professional wrestler" has these days. Can't say I blame him for distancing himself right now but make no mistake, if the movie career ever fades away, don't think he won't go the route of the Hulkster and trot his ass out for a Wrestlemania payday a few years down the road if need be.


I know Vince is kinda in a holding patern right now waiting for the suspensions and investigations and all the bullshit to blow over but I think he has dropped the ball on a money angle that's right under his nose. Even though Cody Rhodes has a long way to go before he's truly ready to step up, the fact is they've already brought him up and put him on tv and there's a lot of potential stories to be told with him. Had it been me, with nostalgia being big business for WWE with their 24/7 channel and old school dvds raking in lots of money, instead of feeding Cody and Dusty to Orton I would have ran an angle with the McMahons/the Rhodes. Have Dusty bring Cody into the WWE to "get him in the business" and have a confrontation between Vince and Dusty where they air a lot of their past "heat" from over the years ('Virgil, the polka dots, etc) then have Vince tell Dusty that he would see to it that Cody would never make it in the wrestling business. So week after week Vince puts Cody in the ring in situations with different people trying to take him out, he doesn't always have to win, just coming back every week for more would get the crowd behind him, all the while Dusty is coaching him. Now bare in mind this wouldn't be one of those 4 weeks, pay per view, move on deals, Build this over time, Bring Flair into it, bring out his heat with Dusty and have Cody have a series of matches with him, pair them up at shows for a couple of months, that experience alone would be invaluble to his development in the ring. Then have Cody vs, Shane and you eventually build to Cody/Dusty vs. Shane/Vince and that could play out in a few different matches on pay per view.

Another direction they could have went is say Cody was the "bastard son" and start the fued that way with Dusty saying it was a lie and in the end it turns out to be a hoax by Vince to piss off Dusty or have Cody embrace it and turn heel. Anything would have been better than what they've been doing.

Hell, I guess I had more to write than I thought, but I'll save the rest for a future column. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave feedback, good or bad on the message board.

ALSO... I didn't have any pictures of me with anyone famous on my laptop so instead enjoy this picture of Neil "the Real Deal" Taylor and Peggy Lee Leather, I hope you find it as entertaining as I did.