Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cheap Heat RasslePod #1- 9.27.07 w/Gene Jackson

I've finally gotten around to recording a podcast where I address a number of topics including: Chikara Pro Wrestling, WWE 24/7, TFW, Nick Dinsmore, save_us_222, Axeman's In the Spotlight w/Scott 'the Stud' Porteau, Memphis Wrestling and the Sue Young Angle, My response to 'Vic' from the Hollywood Jimmy message board and the reason I didn't stay with the stand up comedy, plus much more. Check it out at the link below, you can play it on the page or download it. (the picture of Gordon Solie is totally unrelated, I just think it's cool, Solie is a pimp!)

Cheap Heat RasslePod #1