Sunday, September 09, 2007

RassleResults: MEWA Batesville, AR - Kid Nickels Wins Big and Big Al In A Dress!!

The show started with a mic spot from General Manager Johnny Hawk. Hawk announced the Casino Kid had been suspended for 30 days and there for the M.E.W.A Heavy Title and the M.E.W.A Tag Team Titles were now vacated. So tonight it would be a night tournament for the M.E.W.A Title.

The First Match in the tournament was Kid Nickels VS. “The Suicide King” Ray Ray. The match started off with Ray Ray using his High-Flying style against Kid. Nickels was ready for him and used to ground and pound style to control most of the match. Ray and Kid came 110% in this match. After a time of 14:09 Kid Nickels got the win, with a Back Slide with his feet on the ropes, the Ref. Did not see his feet and therefore Kid was able to advance in the tournament.

The Second Match in the tournament was “Hot Rod” John Ellison taking on Eric Wayne. There was no love loss here with both men wanting to beat the hell out of each other. The fought on the floor and inside the ring. Wayne put up a heck of a fight, but with Ellison hitting not 1 but 3 Super Kicks. In a time of 11:13, “Hot Rod” John Ellison got the victory and he advanced in the tournament.

As the Third Match of the was to get started “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne came to the ring and called out General Manager Johnny Hawk and said he wanted one more match against Big Al. Hawk said he would grant the match, but it was going to a special match to where the loser has to wear a DRESS until he wins. So then Hawk called Big Al out to the ring for the match. Both men wasted no time, with each one trying to make sure he would not be wearing a dress. They went outside the ring using the steps and the crowd barrier to the advantage. After a time of 13:14, “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne was able to score the win, therefore making sure Big Al would be wearing a dress until he gets win again.

As the Semi-Main Event was to get started Big Al came to the ring and demanded a match{ wanting to get rid of the dress A.S.A.P}. Al was in for a huge shock when his opponent was none other than “Crazy” Luke Graham Jr. Al wanted to use his High-Impact style to control the match, but Graham being the veteran he is made Al wrestle his style of ground and pound. Graham made short work of Big Al getting the win in 2:57, insuring that Al would continue to wear the dress @ one more week.

The Main Event of the night was for the M.E.W.A Title. It was Kid Nickels taking on “Hot Rod” John Ellison for the title. Nickels wasted no time going to work on the Left Shoulder of Ellison{ he has had a lot of trouble with in the past}. Ellison return the favor by trying to take out Kid’s Left Arm. These men though each other in the ring poles trying to get the upper hand in the match. They fought outside the ring, almost getting counted out @ one point. After a long hard fought battle Kid Nickels, in a time of 13:51, Kid used his patented Back Slide with his feet on the rope’s to get the victory and become the New M.E.W.A Champion.

Before Kid Nickels could celebrate his victory Eric Wayne ran into the ring and said in two weeks he is coming for the title, he is going to use his open title shot that he earn @ the One Year Anniversary Show.

Even with all the storm action and flooding going on in the are 302 fans filled the stands.