Sunday, September 09, 2007

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 9.08.07

----Wrestling opened with Corey Maclin and Jerry Lawler. Lawler plugs WWE "Unforgiven" PPV. Lawler also talks about the Delta Fair. "Too Kool 2" [Tim Grind/Flex] walk out. Grind/Flex complain about being robbed of the Southern Tag Team titles and that Brian C had stole Grind’s underwear. Very funny. Brian Christopher came out and pulled Tim's underwear up in a wedgie ripping his underwear. TK2 then totally squashed the "Hurricanes" [Ax/Max]. Max got pinned with TK2’s double team move.

----Kevin White with Mr. White interview. Kevin White beats Dustin Starr with help from Mr. White. After a ref bump, Garry White got in the ring and hit Starr with a chain. White then pins Starr. Not as good as expected. They slipped during one series of moves. Starr came out of heat perfect with fire - White should have been bumping more.

----Koko Ware interview - Koko brings out Gospel singers that are going to be at the gospel singing tomorrow night. [9.09.07] This is one of Maclin's side projects. It has NOTHING to do with wrestling!! Koko then introduces the return of "Eli"...what?? Then Maclin corrects him - "Ali" Ali beats Chris Lexx. Ali did a dive to the outside. Ali looks to be about 260 or bigger. Ali looked a little rusty, but not bad. Ali used the jackhammer as his finisher.

----Brian C interview. Brian C mentions his local appearances coming up [Ripley, TN this Friday [TLCW] tagging with Rikishi and Dyersburg on the 22cnd [NBW] tagging with Jerry Lawler]. Brian had both Southern Tag Team Titles around his waist. Brian C vs Giggles with Rashard Devon - TK2 jump Brian C. TK2 stuff piledrive Brian C and leave him laying. They leave with their belts.

----Clips of Johnny Dotson vs Derrick King from the Delta Fair. Result was double DQ. Derrick King - interview. Dotson comes out. Dotson vs DK went 17 minutes on TV with expiration of time. Good match with a great storyline. The storyline was that Dotson could not pin DK and DK could not beat Dotson without using a chain or anything. So, neither guy can beat each other. Lots of near falls at the end. DK used his finisher - superkick, but could not beat Dotson. Dotson did a frogsplash and could not get the three count. Maclin called for the bell for time expiration.

----After commercial break, Dotson/DK have an interview. Dotson suggest that DK/him become a team since they can't beat each other. Maclin did a good job getting over the fact "how could these two guys tag??" Dotson/DK walk off together as the show goes off.


----Great way to get a big team like the "Hurricanes" - squash them!!. TK2's finisher has Flex go down with the person like a driver and Grind hitting a RKO at the same time...Ali is a big man. He looks to be totally natural - not fat - just solid...Maclin never tried to give over the storyline of the tag straps. Brian C/Koko beat them at the Delta Fair show on Thursday in a non-title match. But, Koko/Brian left with the belts. They were not champs. After TK2 jumped Brian, they took their belts back, but Maclin acted like they were not their belts??...The Dotson vs DK bout was real good and excellent way of getting over a storyline. They are given over 15 minutes to establish something and it helps to be given time. These guys have been feuding for a LONG TIME, so it is good to see the end of the DK vs Dotson feud...A real good show with them coming off the Fair show and following some of the storylines off that show.