Monday, September 10, 2007

My lack of participation....... by Gene Jackson

I just wanted to let everyone know (well, those who care at least) that I'm sorry for my lack of participation here lately and wanted to explain what's up. After five years at my company(my real job) I finally broke the glass ceiling so to speak and got a promotion that resulted in a substantial pay increase (about double what I was making before) but also a lot more hours and a lot more headaches and I just haven't had ANY free time to devote to the site or watching any wrestling for that matter. It's gonna be pretty busy for a while with the holiday season coming up so bear with me. I know most don't care but there's about 3 people out there that enjoy my writing and they keep asking me when I'm gonna get with it. The other big problem is wrestling is so fucked up right now there's not much to write about. Sure you can beat the dead horse with all the steroid/drug issues going on in WWE but there are a thousand sites on the net you can read that shit at without hearing my take on it. Locally, things aren't too exciting right now either, Memphis Wrestling is sooo bad right now to bash it is almost like picking on a retarded kid on the playground, it's not even fun they suck to the point it's not even worth writing about. But I promise I will contribute more to the site real soon, so to the three Gene Jackson fans out there, take that gun out of your mouth, I'll be back soon. For those of you who were glad I was gone (and I'm guessing that's a lot) sorry to bust your bubble, the fat boy is still here. I hope I'm not coming off to arrogant....oh wait that's someone else's line.