Sunday, September 09, 2007

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 9.08.07

Opening the show was Kid Krazy against Justin the Juice Smart, but since our Commissioner was out, Brian Edwards proclaimed himself acting Commissioner and changed the match from Justin to Austin Lane so that Austin could have a warm up match for the Main Event. Despite outside interference of the Entourage, Nikki tried to throw a gimmick to Austin but Portia Perez snuck in and removed it from the ring, so Nikki and Portia get into it which brings out a whole slew of people including Jazz and Redd Dogg[Rodney Mack]. While Austin was distracted Kid Krazy rolled him up and got the win.

Aaron then came out and declared to all the there was a new Commissioner, none other than JOHNNY HARPER. Johnny then informed Austin and Nikki that they were now a part of the Mixed Tag Main Event scheduled for later in the show.

Our second match featured Justin "the Juice Smart" vs. Cujo winning with a sit down power bomb.

Third match was a triple threat tag team title match featuring Morgan Lane and Xcalibur as the "American Degenerates", Zack & Timmy Hanson, and the Tag Team Title Holders the “Crazed Country Rebels”[Cody Murduch/Wild Bill] . Confusion reigned for most of the match with CCR retaining the titles with a double roll up on the AD's when the Entourage made an appearance distracting the referee and the Hansons.

The Semi-Main Event featured "The Irish Dragon" Scott Fury and Chuck Daddy, with the ASWF belt on the line. Chuck Daddy put up a valiant fight for the title, with Scott Fury keeping the title when Chuck Daddy wanted to do a double bull dog, but Scott reversed it and finished Chuck Daddy off.

Our main event was was a TRIPLE MIXED TAG MATCH featuring JAZZ & REDD DOGG [Rodney Mack], Portia Perez & Zack Storm, and Austin Lane & Nikki. A scary moment happened during the introductions when Austin pushed a LOYAL ASWF fan away from ringside into his seat. Austin claims that "Bobby" the fan put his hands on him and wanted him ejected from the building. Security quickly got the real information, and because Austin did this, Commissioner Harper declared in order to make this up to our fan he would be made a standby referee in case John Wayne, the referee for the match, was unable to count a pin fall, then Bobby could step in as referee and count the pin fall. Nikki was first in the ring with Jazz, but chicken that she is, she tagged Portia in and quickly went to her corner. Jazz and Portia stood looking at each other and Nikki tried to rush them and got a double hip toss that put her on the floor. The crowd went wild. Portia then tagged Nikki back in and then Austin tagged himself in by tagging Nikki on the back. Austin jumps in the ring with that grin on his face and Jazz quickly got the crowd wanting Redd Dogg in the ring with Austin. Redd Dogg and Austin face off with several good exchanges. Zack Storm was tagged in and Austin did a number on his left knee. Zack tagged Redd and Austin continued to go after Zack's knee. Everyone was out of the ring except Jazz and Nikki and Nikki attacked Jazz from behind, but Jazz got the upper hand and did a sit down power bomb on Nikki and had her pinned, but no referee in the ring. Bobby jumped just as the Commissioner told him too and counted the pin, causing Jazz and Redd Dogg to win.

----130 in the building...Aaron Polston sent in these results that were posted on and he stated, "It was an absolutely AMAZING night of wrestling in Tuckerman, AR."...As of the Wednesday I was told that they had not cleared everything yet with Jazz/Redd Dogg, but I am glad it worked out for them.