Sunday, September 09, 2007

RassleResults: NBW. Dyersburg, TN. 9.8.07

Jackhammer defeated Bonecrusher when Damage Inc. interfered

Void defeated The Sicilian Kid

Co-Commissioner Allen Walker & Tank came to the ring. Walker gave Tank the night off so he could recover his eye in time for Legacy.
"Real Deal" Tim Edwards came out as he was declared the interim co-commissioner in Jimmy Tidwell's absence. Edwards made Tank to commentary for the night and continued to set up matches for the night with Walker.
Crazy Train was called out by Walker and was given a last chance title opportunity against Edwards.
J.R. Manson called out Jeremy Moore telling him that he wanted him in the ring one more time because of what he did to him last week.(cut some of his hair).
Moore agreed only if it was a Hair vs Hair match at Legacy. Edwards agreed to the match and Walker and Edwards shook hands.

Walker told Manson to hang around for a moment because he needed to talk to him and sent the rest of Damage Inc. on their way. Walker told Manson that he was tired of him, and he knows the people are tired of him. Walker told Manson that he had a special match for him to make sure that he was ready for Legacy. Out come Kilo.

"Southern Outlaw" Kilo defeated "Pure Sex" J.R. Manson after Manson hit Kilo with a low blow in front of the ref. after the match Mark Justice ran in behind Kilo and nailed him 4 times with his cowboy boot leaving Kilo out in the middle of the ring. Security, referees and even Auburn(Kilo's wife) tried to help him to the back but Kilo refused and was determined to walk on his own.

"Hott Boy" John "Biscuit" Roberts defeated Baron Malkavain, "Pretty Sexy" Gaylon Ray & High Risk Champion Lil' Tim Alfonzo in a non title 4 Corners match when he pinned Alfonzo after a "Rude Awakening".
after the match Baron chased Alfonzo out of the building

NBW Heavyweight Champion "Real Deal" Tim Edwards defeated "Proud Warrior" Crazy Train to retain the title.
Crazy Train had Edwards caught in the "Cherokee Crossface" and Edwards was tapping again but the referee was distracted by Gaylon Ray on the outside. Crazy Train knocked Manson and Ray off the aprons and turned around into Edwards' REDRUM and was pinned.

"The Enforcer" Mark Justice defeated "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore by DQ in a "Fans Participation Strap Match" after Kilo interfered.
Kilo took off Justice' boot and left him laying this time. Allen Walker, Jeremy Moore, Rob Thomspon and Tank ran in to pull Kilo off of Justice as Gaylon Ray, J.R. Manson & John Roberts all tried to pull Justice out of the ring. Walker decided to let Kilo go and give Justice a taste of his own medicine so they kept the rest of Damage Inc. out of the ring. Walker told Tank and Thompson to get Justice out the ring, so as they were picking him up, Kilo delivered a superkick to Justice leaving him laying and Kilo standing over his body to end the show.

Notes: Crowd of around 50 with a gate close to $300.
Damage Inc. is the name of Tidwells group and consists of "Real Deal" Tim Edwards, "The Enforcer" Mark Justice, "Pretty Sexy" Gaylon Ray, "Pure Sex" J.R. Manson & "Hott Boy" John Roberts.
John Roberts is the "Illegitimate Nephew" of "Ravishing" Rick Rude. He does the same kind of entrance with the flashy robe, the whole "cut the music" deal to Rude's old music, the catchphrase about "Dyersburg Sweathogs", the whole bit and is over as a heel big time.
Malkavain's entrance is one of collest around with him coming out of a casket.
Alfonzo is scared of Baron because he keeps trying to bite him.
The title match between Edwards & Crazy Train was Trains last chance as long as Edwards holds the title.
During intermission, Mark Justice came from the back and grabbed Auburn Thunder, drug her in the ring and proceeded to spank her with a belt until the faces who were in the crowd made the save.
The strap match with Moore & Justice had about 20 fans around the ring that paid $3 a belt. Justice was thrown from the ring several times and had blood blisters coming up on his back as well as numerous welts and bruises. Moore was hit with a belt a few times by some heel fans as well.
Biggest pop of the night had to be for Kilo when he ran out and attacked Justice during the main event.
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