Sunday, September 09, 2007

RassleResults: SCW Tuscaloosa, AL 9.07 - 9.08.07

Friday Night - 9.07.07

Reno Diamond won over Blalock The Blazer

Jon Steel over Jack Lord

Bambi over on Peggy Lee

Fire and Flame beat Brad & Bob Armstrong

Adrian Street beat Bull Buchanan

The Posse vs Neil Taylor and Chris Rocker Referee threw out the match - they set up a strap match for the next night.

Buff Bagwell beat Pat Petera

Saturday Night results - 9.08.07

Eric Jones over One Man Kru

Lash LeRoux beat Bulldog Raines

The Brad & Bob Armstrong beat Fire and Flame ( They tore Hollywood clothes off in the middle of the ring after the match)

The Exotic Adrian Street w/ Ms. Linda & Reno Diamond beat Jack Lord & Blalock The Blazer The match had action from start to finish

Bambi beat Peggy Lee Loser of the match eats dog food but Peggy Lee refused and Bambi opens the can and pours in in her mouth.

The Posse beat Neil Taylor and Chris Rocker in a strap match I heard this match was one of the best matches of the night. They said that Chris Rocker and Neil got a beating from the fans with belts.

Buff Bagwell beat Jon Steel w/ Hollywood

----These results where from They had about 150 posted and the 2nd night had about 200. $1,600 and $2,200 respectively were close to the the gates...As Axeman said, it is good to see Bulldog Raines' name on an event...These shows were booked by Hollywood Jimmy.