Wednesday, September 12, 2007

RassleResults: Tennessee State Fair Jackson, TN 9.11.07

----“The Hurricanes” [Ax/Max] beat Chris Lexx and “The Southern Sensation” Cody…Jon Michaels over Chris Rocker…Tatt2 over Dr. Doom…Derrick King beat Stan Lee in a good solid match. Kevin White with Miss Vanna beat Bill Dundee.

----Cody is one of Kevin White’s new students. He has talent and look for him to do well…Dr. Doom was Timmy Hine – Eddie Marlin’s ring man for years…King vs Lane was a real good solid bout…Miss Vanna is also one of Kevin’s student and I am told she looks fantastic. Look forward to seeing photos of her. Her outfit probably stole the show. In the main, after a ref bump, Miss Vanna jumped in a hit Dundee with a DDT and Kevin used a chain on Dundee for pin and win…Rain was coming down for the first night and maybe around 100 people were watching…Shows tonight and Thursday night for those in the Jackson area!!