Thursday, September 13, 2007

RassleResults: Tennessee State Fair 9.12.07 - 400 In The Crowd!!

Chris Rocker over Dr. Doom
“The Hurricanes” over “Southern Sensation” Cody Melton/Tatt2.
Stan Lee over “Trendsetter” Jon Michaels
Derrick King over Chris Lexx.
Kevin White over Bill Dundee

----This was the largest crowd thus far over the past 3 years that they have worked the fair. Over 400 people watched, every seat was full and people was standing anywhere they could find a place. They spread all the way out in the midway. This was dollar night, so that explained all the wrestling fans…The Derrick King vs Chris Lexx match was good. Lexx continues to improve..The main event had Miss Vanna handcuffed to George B. 101.5 talk radio DJ. He's a big celebrity in Jackson. The sheriff was on hand to do the honors. Mr. White was at ringside , just to make sure she was treated with respect. He even offered to bribe the Sherriff for the key. 20 of Jackson's finest, the sheriff’s and his deputies was all on hand and did an outstanding job…The finish to the main event was Mr. White distracted Dundee when he had Kevin covered for the pin. Derrick King came from the Midway and gave Kevin a chain for the win. Kevin and Derrick doubles team Dundee and Stan Lee made the save to set up tonight's main event's handicap match. Miss Vanna/Kevin White/Derrick King with Mr. White vs. Stan Lee and Bill Dundee…The crowd was into every match and without a doubt was the best night they ever had at a fair show,